Saturday, February 28, 2009


The New Nigger is daring all the lobbysists to duke it out with him in a face to face yelling match. I wish that nigger would offer that challenge to me. I'd have that nigger running back to Syria as fast as he could go. I hear niggers run pretty fast too. All the fucking white dudes are quaking in their piss-drenched socks, they're so fucking scared of that ignorqant little moolie coon commie bastard. They're afraid he's gonna call them racists. Hey, Nigger: try that with me you nigger fuck!!!

The Mickey Mouse Club

As many of you millions of readers know, I used to be a Mouseketeer. Mouseketeer Jay-Jay. Yes, I know, that's gay. Yeah, well so is taking nigger cock up the ass, that's gay too, but nobody ever says squat to me about THAT. We'll return to my life as a raging flaming homosexual a bit later perhaps. Right now I would like to talk about the Mickey Mouse Club. Something I rarely do. There's a Mouseketeer who has a site that i never visit. I have a female cousin in Massachusets who told me that some woman was asking about me on that site, that the letter was sent in 2001. Naturally I zoomed to the site to find her and tell her that yes I would be happy to hump her right into the hospital. I mean, how much time do I have left? Who the fuck ELSE with a twat is looking for me? Nobody. So I'm scrolling through the archives of letters on this site and there's fucking TONS of them. TONS of emails that people have sent this Mouseketeer dude going on and on and on about the Mickey Mouse Club and how much it meant to them then and how much it means to them now and I'm going - all the while scrolling for this broad, ya understand - I'm goin' "Jesus Fucking Christ, how the fuck retarded are these mother fuckers, let it go fa crise sakes, get a fucking life, Jesus Christ, it's a tv show, the only ones who should be reminiscing about it should be the sponsors who made billions advertising on it 'cause every doofus in America was watching it." and I'm all sarcastic and talking to the computer screen, ya know? I mean I talking to the screen out loud, ya know? I mean, what you see here on this blog is what I actually am: a fucking mental patient. So I'm rattling on and on out loud to these people who have sent letters to this site, "Oh, it meant so much to me....Oh I remember this and how wonderful that....Oh i cannot tell you what that show meant....." and on and on and on and on and I mean, it was fucking relentless, ya know? Slowly a little bit of light starts to illuminate a fucking corner portion of the wet drippy dungeon of algae and Lovecraft menace of filth and debauchery and vile unholiness that is my mind and the light keeps getting a bit more bright and a bit more bright....and I finally go "Holy fucking crap. Now I get it. The Mickey Mouse Club was the last gasping moment and island of escape in American history that was WHITE!!!!" No fucking niggers all over the screen. No fucking Public Service Messages about unwanted pregnancies and what to do about them. No messages coming out of nowhere into your living room to stop smoking crack. No fucking messages from some moolie communist looter telling you he deserves what you have because he is a fucking Negro. No fucking Jesse fucking Jackson telling you that he's the voice of the American Nigger and that white people better bow down and pay damamges for oppression. No fucking Al Sharpton being "very concerned" that a white person dared to have a negative opinion about a negro. No fucking Negro College Fund racist-nagging about impossible scenarios about negroes wanting to ha ha ATTEND class and not burn down the building, which is a lot easier and more to their actual liking and talents. No fucking "film at eleven" of the latest black rampage involving fire and monkey-rage and ape-man flailing against stores and neighborhoods and private property like in fucking Swaziland. And no fucking Obama screaming at white America and saying God damn America and cutting the heads off babies emerging from the birth canal, and spitting on the flag, and declaring Islam the Voice of the People and the Will of Allah and oggling every faggot on earth and dreaming of having a mouthful of cocks 24 hours a day and dreaming faggot queerbait Caligula-dreams of jizz and power and a hatred of Christianity. Nope. There was none of that. Not even a speck of it. It was nowhere to be found. None of that stone-age screeching and voodoo nightmare of hell-on-earth and death-to-whitey to be found on that show anywhere, not even for one second, at all. There was just Ipana toothpaste. Which was also white. And which is also gone. And that's the secret of this unending, just-will-not-die nostalgia for that ridiculous, unwatchable show: it was fulll of white people. White kids having white, wholesome, creative, respect for private property, knowing right from wrong, optimistic and hopeful for a bright happy future, fun that was simply and plainly and happily WHITE. Now I know. The light finally went on. I would like to formally apologize to all Mickey Mouse Club fans who I have been sneeering at and berating all my life. Now I get it. Now I understand. Fuckin' finally. I hope you'll all cut me some slack for my stupidity. Sincerely, J.J. Solari... Mouseketeer Jay-Jay.


I like Costco. I like just being in there. Just make sure if YOU go in there that you leave your wallet at home. Unfortunately you have to flash a credit card at the entrance in order to get in. They've thought of everything. Because Costco knows if you are in the building and you have some means of making purchases on your person - you WILL walk out with $500 worth of stuff. A lot of it stuff you can actually eat. But if you have no means of making a purchase on your person, there's not much you can do in the way of moving toward personal bankruptcy, and then your Costco experience will be even more enjoyable. It's just pleasant being in there. Everything everywhere is cool. you can explore the store when you have no money on you. It's like being in a new land. Without the distraction of actually selecting things you can get an idea pretty much of what's going on everywhere on earth. What's new in electronics, packaging, food, meat, meals. And speaking of meals, me and Cecily BOTH had lunch outside the place for under 5 dollars. I even had a Diet Coke besides. But if you're inside and wisely bring no money with you - somehow - you can eat for free all over the place. Every time I go I see some tall skinny man about 60 in slacks and a white shirt and a fake cell phone who eats his entire noon meal in there for free. He goes the entire product-handout circuit, over and over and over. Nobody has caught on to the guy yet, and the employees are there every day eight hours a day at least. I'm there 40 minutes every two weeks and I see the fucker every time. Me and him are apparently the ones ones in there who knows what he's up to. He know I know too. Because he has seen me watching him out of those eyes that thieves have in the backs of their heads. I piss the hell out of him. He hates seeing me. Because he knows I like to watch him steal stuff and make believe he's just a businessman in there for a quick emergency purchase. But he's really just there to eat for free. I'm sure he's a retired accountant. I love tormenting the guy. When he pulls out his fake phone that's not connected to any service i go near him to heear the "conversation." There never is one. He just has the phone to his face. When he sees me "listening" to him not saying anything he gets pissed and walks off to a new location. I watch him for as long as I can see him and every time he turns back to see if I'm still looking at him, I am. Llove it. Cecily says I'm as fucked up as he is. She's wrong. I'm not stealing. He's more fucked up than me. It's easy to take advantage of the give-aways. The women "preparing" the stuff are so vacuous and demented and dullwitted they never even remember who is who. You can just stand there rock solid in-place picking up Dixie Cup after Dixie Cup of chow and they never notice. Most of them give a limpid sales speil the whole time, whether anyone is in earshot or not. And they do it almost at a whisper. They're totally zobified. It's great. You can eat till you puke and for free. With each serving made to order. It's great. Costco's fantastic.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The New Orleans Niggers

The National guard is leaving New Orleans. 3 and a half years after the hurricane moved all the shit that was layin' around the streets and moved it to DIFFERENT LOCATIONS, the armed forces of America are leaving the city and the residents are not happy about it. Only the military apparently can keep order in niggerworld. And American niggers aint even Muslims! HAHA,. they don't need orders from Allah to create chaos and misery and messes and murder and the beating of women and stealing everything in sight. American niggers just come by it naturally. New Orleans for the past 3 and a half years has been an occupied country, just like Iraq, with American troops keeping the crime and death to a minumum. Now they're leaving because Louisianna is broke, like every other government agency in America and the niggers without guns are scared to death that the niggers with guns are going to massacre them, like the Hutu vs. the Tutsirolls, which is what the niggers do when left alone. They kill each other. Like Sunnis and Shiites. They do it in Africa and they do it here. Becuse they can't be civilized. It has no meaning for them. It does not compute. They have absolutely no conception of how things SHOULD be, so things just sort of stay at Savagery Level. It's all they know. Niggers are immune to domestication. How come everyone insists that this is not the case? Even the niggers will admit that I know exactly what I'm talking about. "You right, bro, we fucked up." But the fucking whites, on the other hand, they tell me, "Now now, let's not throw hate and bigotry and intolerance and racist rhetoric into this discussion." Yeah, ok, let's throw fairy tales into it. That will fix things. Hey, works for bureaucrats.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why White People Are Funny

It's really funny when white people want to criticize President Hussein but they have to make it clear "I'm not against him because he's black. But because of..." and then they say whatever it is that ain't his blackness that's pissing them off. It's ok, white people, you can say "I can't stand the fucker because he's a nigger." That should just about do it for the discussion. They leave. You win every time. No one can seem to come up with a counter to this remark. There's no need to. Discussion's over! Nothing more to say! He's a nigger! Reason enough he shouldn't be there! Well, ya know, like I always say: "If it's a job a nigger can do, it could be it's a job that ain't really necessary." Put that on a t-shirt if you like, I won't sue ya.

Another Good Thing About Nigger Hussein

Another good thing about our new nigger president is that he has white people who never gave a rat's ass about what the fuck is going on in politics and Washington - they now think about what's going on in politics and Washington 24 hours a day. Every time they see that black nigger bastard on tv and hear from the commentators over and over the name Obama preceeded by the word President - they fuckiing come alive. And not with love. The new nigger has turned lackluster right wingers into marching angry infuriated fanatics like the hippies were. Except right wingers ain't hippes. Right wingers know how to get things done. So that's one good thing: Obama is on intelligent peoples' mind all the time wondering how the fuck we get outa this before the fucking bomb goes off. And you gotta know that Obama IS going to attack his enemies. And his enemies are White American Christians. Wake up white People: the nigger is preparing to attack. And he aint takin' prisoners. That would be too much work, And this is a nigger we're talkin' about here after all, so you know what i'm sayin'. Yeah, that's right: just ain't compatible.

President Hussein's Index Finger

Every picture I see of that fucking nigger commander in chief he's pointing his finger at someone or wagging it as though he's telling someone what the deal is gonna be. And it's always a white man he's layin down the nigger law to. So far no one yet has grabbed that nigger's shit-covered fag ass-insertion finger and snapped it off. This really IS a nation of white douchebag men. On the other hand maybe the finger's too slippery from boy-ass shit and jizz.

Not Saying Nigger

Not saying nigger is like not saying the earth moves around the sun during the days when it was against the law to say or think or suggest or imagine that the earth moves around the sun. Now you can say that the earth moves around the sun. It's nigger you cant say now. Times change. Only not being able to say things stays the same. We've come so far, haven't we? Fuck you. Every day I expect the No Nigger police to come crashing through the door to arrest me for saying nigger. They would all be white too, I imagine. White people go fuckin' apefire when they hear another white person say nigger. I expect the day will come there's be a bunch of niggers hangin' around somewhere, sayin' nigger to each other, like they do, since nigger is the word niggers use most in conversation, and some white imbecile will hear all these niggers saying nigger and go over and say something to them about it. You see, most white people don't actually KNOW what a nigger actually IS. It's just something they are afraid of. So this white guy will hear the word nigger and he'll see niggers using the word a hundred times a second but it won't really register on his empty conciousness that niggers are actually PEOPLE. Now, don't get me wrong; bein' people ain't much in my universe. Niggers, whitey, they're ALL fucked up. It's just that niggers tend to go overboard. I mean, really. They just don't know when to call a fuckin' halt. I mean even a Mexican will eventually say "Okay, das, eenawff, ming; we ga-toe kleen up thees place, ju know?" A nigger? They never see a mess. I mean, I wasn't there, but do you really think NIGGERS cleaned up New Orleans after the flood? I want to see the videos. Except for the fact that the checks got interrupted they probly didnt even notice anythiing was different. I seem to have lost my place. Oh yeah; you can't say nigger anymore. It upsets the nigger gods. HAHAHAHAHAHA "Nigger gods." That's funny. What the fuck would THOSE be. HAHA pro'bly zombies with bling. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fukkin' niggers. They're wacky.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flat-Sided Houses in Tornado Country

You would think, if you could think, that people who live in areas that year after year have 300 tornadoes a day that someone would build for themselves a round structure to live in that would tend to, ya know, CHANNEL THE MACH-TEN WINDS AROUND THEM. Instead of giving the storms four flat walls to have lots of fun pushing against and knocking down and turning into wood powder. But I guess that hasn't ever occured to anyone in those parts. Just ain't thought of it yet. I can understand that. What with all the philosophical speculation and dabbling in higher levels of math that occur around Tornado Alley in Oklahoma and Texas and Arkansas and Tennessee and places like that. There just ain't room inside their heads for thoughts about round houses in the wind tunnels they call their neighborhoods. Their brain itinerary is just too full already. There's equations to solve! Formulas to decipher! Let's get our slide rules, gentlemen, it's tabulatin' time!! I understand. Oh, excuse me, guys, someone who just bought a house in the middle of a dry arroyo wants me to look at his new den! Gotta go!! Oh, never mind. He just called me. It rained. His house is gone. I guess he didn't know what a dry arroyo signified.


How come everything's a fucking tragedy with newspeople except the election of a muslim nigger to the Presidency. THAT'S something fucking GREAT. How come I don't see it that way. A fucking cat dies in a tornado, it's a goddamn tragedy. Islamic boy lovers steal two planes and 600 passengers and drive them into two skyscrapers and kill everyone in sight and that's a tragedy. It ain't an attack. It's a tragedy. Like losing your wedding ring down the sink. That's also a tragedy. The earth's getting warmer and more comfortable. That's a tragedy. This blog's a tragedy. Well that one i agree with.

The Nigger

The nigger said he's gonna tax the wealthy. And give free medical care to everyone. Look for the wealthy to leave the country. Especially if they're wealthy white people. White people, especially wealthy white ones don't like being ordered around by niggers. Especially when the nigger's tellin' 'em to hand over their wallet to him. Most white people have already been through this experience on the way to their car at night, We never get over it. So they don't want to hand their money over to a nigger ever again. Especially a sandnigger nigger. And the wealthy black ones are gonna tell their nigger brother to go fuck himself he tries to take their dough. Look for the doctors to leave the day after the medical practice gets socialized.. If they're allowed to leave. The nigger will probably pull their licenses if they leave. All the good doctors will be the first to want to leave so they'll be the ones who will get their licenses pulled. And their passports. That will leave the Muslim doctors to work on you. Which, if the healing profession is socialized, you will have to go to that muslim doctor. And you know he ain't gonna be too anxious to keep you alive, Christian.

The Nigger Spoke Last Night

Last night the new nigger spoke. He said we have problems. He said we have to sacrifice. Then he went home and had a big nigger fuck him in the ass. I'm optimistic.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Civil War

The Civil War was not about slavery or "states rights." The Civil War was about Washington retaining real estate. Washington "owns" the country. The Country includes the people, the plants, the animals, and the terrain. A great deal of geography was removed from Washington's control when the South decided Washington's laws needed to be ignored. Not to mention the tax dollars from the folks living on it. To Washington the Southern Government took the "property" of the Northern Government. The ten billion Americans who killed each other, none of them owned slaves. None of them had "States Rights." They just had rifles and a lot of gullibillity. Washington got its property back and declared the slaves "free." Free from the Confederate government. And slaves of the Northern one. Just like the white people. We were now all equal. Equal slaves under Washington. Washington got all its terrain and all its taxes back. The 2 million Americans who killed each other so Washington could get its land and taxes back all got buried. The fighters for the winning side who lived through it all got nothing. The fighters for the losing side who lived through it all got spared execution by the winning side, and in addition, also got nothing. The American Civil War. An exciting period in our history.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My First Fight

My first fight happened in the first grade. On the first day of school. when I started school I could already read on a 4th grade level. I learned to read at 4. Actually I was taught. By my mother. So they had these big cards with our names on them on top of the desks and we were supposed to sit at the desk with our name on it. I was the only one who could read but I didn't know that. There was a Mexican in the class. A boy named Ulysses. I have to tell you I wasn't a PERFECT reader. A new word, especially a Greek name, was something I just assumed I was saying right. Hey: I was six; back off. So nobody knew that the signs on their desk was their name but i could see they were so i found my name on a desk and I sat down. Everyone else was assembling in the front. So I got up and I go past the Ulysses card again and take note of it that that seemed like an odd name. I wondered who had that name. So when we all got shown to our desks i saw the kid at the Ulysses desk and when we had a break I went outside to ask him about his name and I see him and I go over and say to him "Hey, Useless!" Like the joke says, that's when the trouble started.

Eaten By Horses

People are not aware that horses will sometimes eat a fallen rider. It's a form of revenge. The Indians say it used to happen to them a LOT. During the buffalo chases it wasn't uncommon for one reason or another for the whole hunting party of 5 or 6 men to get upended during a chase, because, let's face it, riding into a buffalo herd with a goal of killing one of them is not something the buffalo will just stand still for. They try and resist. The Indians were never surprised to get tossed off their horses during a chase but it was a problem whenever they ALL got dumped because it was likely the freed horses would take the opportunity to quickly gather aaround one of the riders on the ground, usually one who was unconcious, and begin eating him. This was a sight that never failed to terrify the Indians because horses are herbivores. They do not eat meat. They eat plants. Exclusively. The Indians make it clear that the horses did not just bite and yank. They swallowed. They feasted. They ate. They ate their riders. Once in a while, in modern times, you can find the occasional Indian who will tell you that the Indian "ponies" detested their Indian masters. Apparently Indians treated horses even worse than they treated each other. I have never been able to get an Indian to tell me exactly why. They all clearly don't like to even talk about it. Whatever Indians did to horses it fucked up the entire horse psychology so bad that it was not uncommon for groups of horses to take a weird, almost hellish, freaky sort of revenge. By eating their keepers. A very PRACTICAL bad aspect of these flesh feasts at the jaws of horses was that the remaining hunting party was bound by Indian law and custom to abandon the horses forever, those who ate human flesh. Nor were they to kill them. They had to just let them go. Horses who did this were considered to be inhabited by entities from another dimension. Sort of like demonic possession. White people who work with horses don't like to talk about it either. I found that out the hard way when after learning about the Indians and their sometimes being eaten by their horses, I asked a ranch hand if he ever heard of a horse eating meat. He, like, went all frozen for just a split second, like I had just told him about the first time he ever jacked off, like I knew something there was no way I could know and he might have to kill me. Then he was all real normal again and "laughed." He said horses don't eat meat. I said "You ever hear of a horse eating its rider?" He got mad and said horses don't eat meat! I said I heard that once in a while a pack of horses will
ravenously eat a fallen rider if he's alone, or lays down on the ground inside a corral full of horses. The Indians told me about that happening too. He went all blue in the face and ordered me off the property. He was at full cowboy-level wrath. I left immediately. Cowboys are amazingly strong for skinny guys. They all have chimpanzee strength. And they don't tire. I'd rather tangle with a fucking Hells Angel. If you're on your feet after 30 seconds he's usually bent over with his hands on his knees, breathing like a 90 year old with TB. A cowboy will beat the crap out of you for hours if he feels like it.

Weights In Prison

Hey, you fuckers in prison: I know they took all the weights away because you fuckers were all getting too strong. the cops were having a tough time ganging up on you to take you down and haul you in. so the fat cops complained because a healthy opponent was too muich for them. so they arranged to have the weight equipment removed from prison. But, you know what? Now you can get even healthier and give the cops even more mroblems. Because piling-on the muscle doesn't create endurance. It lessens endurance. Only aerobic exercize increases endurance. you don't waht to muscle the cop to the ground, you want to give him a heart attack. This is done by getting him winded. And if you think those buff pythons are attractive to women, theyh ain't women don't give a shiot about anything a man does except how well does he dance and how much money does he have to spend on me. Period. So forget about them gay weights. Jump rope. Do Marine exercizes. Prepare for war, not Wrestlemania. And while resting in your cell between exercize workouts read When Bikers Meet Humans, by me. Eventually you will become perfect, in body and mind.

Sean Delonas

Sean Delonas drew the cartoon of the cops shooting the face-eating chimp and then one of them panicking and wondering who now would write the next stimulus package. The niggers are saying the cartoonist is calling the New Nigger a monkey. If the niggers could read a cartoon the cartoonist is calling the Democrats monkeys. Not the New Nigger. But niggers cant read cartoons Or anything else. Niggers are stupid. This pretty much proves it. The Muslims don't like cartoons either. They threaten death if a cartoon bothers them. Cartoons are dangerous to Muslims. Muslims are very skittish about their place in the grand scheme of things and recognize that even a cartoon could upend their entire universe and their life-investment in the belief of a lie made up by a hallucinagenic Jew. Niggers and Muslims have a kind of unspoken bond of stupidity that they share with each other. Nigggers have three spokemen: Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, and Jesse mouth-fulla-balls Jackson. Two of these three racist Voices For The Kneegrow have declared the cartoon racist. Because they personally can't SEE any difference between a chimpanzee and a nigger. They consider niggers to be chimpanzees themselves. So far no journalist has noticed this. It ain't an accident journalists relate so well to niggers and Muslims and sympathize with them in all the destruction they create. It's the Stupidity Bond. Even the New Nigger's most dedicated enemy - WHICH WOULD BE ME - knows that Obama did not write or create or have anything to do with the new Monkey Package. That trillion dollar laugh factory was a combined effort by 500 monkeys in Congress, all typing simultaneously and producing something less than the works of Shakespeare. Only journalists and Al Sharpton and Spike Lee think that the the cops in the cartoon are saying that the dead chimp is Obama and that Obama wrote the Ass-Reamer Stimulus Package O' My Dick Up Yo' Ass Currency-Devaluation Act. He didn't. It would not have occured to him. There is not a lot going on inside that ugly coconut he carries on his geek, boy-hungering neck. It isn't likely Obama can spell economy, much less "save" it. The cartoon was calling Congress monkeys. Which if anything is an insult to monkeys.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

White Guilt Explained

White Guilt is what prompts many white people to adopt niggers as pets. Obama is basically an adopted pet. He was elected by white people. Every nigger in America voted for him, sure, and more than once, but there aren't enough niggers to outvote whites; and Mexicans - probably the actual majority in the US - don't vote. They can't be bothered. Who could blame them. They know it's a joke. They come from Mexico and Central America for christ sake. They know what government really is. It's a con. They know that. Just ask one. I ain't lyin'. The Mexicans will all back me up on this. So the new nigger was voted into office by white people. It was like they were absolving themselves of the guilt they accepted that was put on them by journalists. Journalists are basically wise-ass literature majors. People who are not journalists revere them. Why? Even the journalists don't know why but they ain't havin' a problem with it. I, J.J. Solari, am not a Journalist. I have no degrees from anywhere in anything. But I am a better writer than any journalist I ever read. I know it and they know it. But that don't mean I am a good writer. I'm just a better writer than a bonifide journalist. Because there is not a journalist in the english language who can write beyond the grocery-list level. And then they'd lie about THAT. They'd put oranges on it when they really needed butter. Just to be lying. No journailst will ever take me on in print. And certainly not in an alley because jouranlists are all afraid of EVERYTHING. They all have confrontation issues. There ain't many Italian journalists, I don't know if you've noticed. Italians do not have confrontational issues. Avoiding a yelling match just ain't in 'em. Where was I. so while journalists have confrontational issues they do like to cause fights and chaos among others. Which is easy for them because everyone thinks journalists are, I don't know, seers. Wise men. Journalists know this and take full advantage of it. I can't say I blame 'em, if nobody can see that you are clearly an idiot you might as well take advantage of their stupidity: you must be smarter then THEM! HAHAHA. So white people are convinced that they are supposed to like niggers. Even though they don't. And niggers know this. a nigger talking to a white person always immediately knows if the white person hates niggers, no matter how much the white person pretends he don't. Niggers have hate radar. You can't fool the fuckers here. So the more white people bow down to niggers the more contempt the niggers have for them. Who wouldn't. so that's why today, now that he's president, the new higger, every time he sees a white person he hates them more than ever. Because he knows they voted him into office because he's a nigger. Crazy, ain't it? It sure is. All over the place. And the ride's just starting, folks.

Where is Osama Bin Laden?

I told you we don't like questions here. Osama Bin Laden is in Saudi Arabia, the only country that has never been, and will never be, hit by suicide bombers, living comfortably with his family and being rewarded for a job well done. He is not in the mountains of Pakistan suffering a miserable life in the rocks. He's at home. Mission accomplished. He gets to have his cock sucked by the 72 boy virgins early.

Associated Press

The AP has a dictionary for it's employees. Illegal Aliens is always supposed to be substituted with the word "Americans." Thus the new nigger's mortgage bailout to keep "Americans" from losing their homes, which is the way the AP zombie reetards always write it, really means keeping Mexican citizens from losing their clown-house homes in the US. Thank you. And fuck you.
ps: clown house is defined as a house inhabited by 300 unrelated illegals who all contribute to the mortgage in the name of a single illegal alien who was granted the loan under the assumption that more illegals would be pouring in to raise house prices even higher. Thus even if he reneged the house could still be resold at an even higher price, on to eternity since 500 illegals living in a house can, and will, pay more than 300, and since the tide of illegals was at storm surge hurricane 5 levels. The bubble burst when" Illegal Alien" started to become a dirty word and the clowns started running back to Mexico for a while, leaving the sole proprietor of the debt fucked in the ass. So the new nigger wants to take the corncob out of the Mexican's ass and put it in the ass of the white people. White people, being stupid, and thinking niggers are smarter than them anyway, like this idea.

Rick Santelli "Fuck You Assholes" rant

here's the screaming dago heard round the world

ICK SANTELLI: The government is promoting bad behavior. Because we certainly don’t want to put stimulus forth and give people a whopping $8 or $10 in their check, and think that they ought to save it, and in terms of modifications… I’ll tell you what, I have an idea.

You know, the new administration’s big on computers and technology– How about this, President and new administration? Why don’t you put up a website to have people vote on the Internet as a referendum to see if we really want to subsidize the losers’ mortgages; or would we like to at least buy cars and buy houses in foreclosure and give them to people that might have a chance to actually prosper down the road, and reward people that could carry the water instead of drink the water?

TRADER ON FLOOR: That’s a novel idea.

(Applause, cheering)

JOE KERNEN: Hey, Rick… Oh, boy. They’re like putty in your hands. Did you hear…?

SANTELLI: No they’re not, Joe. They’re not like putty in our hands. This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills? Raise their hand.


President Obama, are you listening?

TRADER: How ’bout we all stop paying our mortgage? It’s a moral hazard.

KERNEN: It’s like mob rule here. I’m getting scared. I’m glad I’m…

CARL QUINTANILLA: Get some bricks and bats…

SANTELLI: Don’t get scared, Joe. They’re already scaring you. You know, Cuba used to have mansions and a relatively decent economny. They moved from the individual to the collective. Now, they’re driving ‘54 Chevys, maybe the last great car to come out of Detroit.

KERNEN: They’re driving them on water, too, which is a little strange to watch.

SANTELLI: There you go.

KERNEN: Hey Rick, how about the notion that, Wilbur pointed out, you can go down to 2% on the mortgage…

SANTELLI: You could go down to -2%. They can’t afford the house.

KERNEN: …and still have 40%, and still have 40% not be able to do it. So why are they in the house? Why are we trying to keep them in the house?

SANTELLI: I know Mr. Summers is a great economist, but boy, I’d love the answer to that one.

REBECCA QUICK: Wow. Wilbur, you get people fired up.

SANTELLI: We’re thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July. All you capitalists that want to show up to Lake Michigan, I’m gonna start organizing.

(Whistling, cheering)

QUICK: What are you dumping in, what are you dumping in this time? Housing…?

SANTELLI: We’re going to be dumping in some derivative securities. What do you think about that?

QUINTANILLA: Mayor Daley is marshalling the police right now.

KERNEN: Rabble-rouser.

QUINTANILLA: The National Guard.

After Jason Roney of Sharmac Capital makes some comments, it’s back to Santelli.

QUINTANILLA: You know, Rick, one of our producers says if Roland Burris steps down, man, "Senator Santelli," the junior senator from Illinois. It’s a possibility. I’m just saying…

SANTELLI: Do you think I want to take a shower every hour? The last place I’m ever gonna live or work is D.C.

KERNEN: Have you raised any money for Blago?

SANTELLI: No, but I think that somebody’s gonna have to start raising money for us.

QUICK: Hey, Rick? Can you do that one more time, just get the mob behind you again?

QUINATILLA: Have the camera pull way out.

QUICK: Yeah, pull way out. Everybody listen to Rick Santelli.

KERNEN: He can’t… I don’t think… You can’t just do it at will, can you Rick? I mean, you have to say something.

QUICK: No, do it at will. Let’s see.

SANTELLI: Listen, all’s I know is, is that there’s only about 5% of the floor population here right now, and I talk loud enough they can all hear me. So if you want to ask ‘em anything, let me know. These guys are pretty straight forward, and my guess is, a pretty good statistical cross-section of America, the silent majority.

QUICK: Not so silent majority today. So Rick, are they opposed to the housing thing, to the stimulus package, to everything out there?

SANTELLI: You know, they’re pretty much of the notion that you can’t buy your way into prosperity, and if the multiplier that all of these Washington economists are selling us is over… that we never have to worry about the economy again. The government should spend a trillion dollars an hour because we’ll get 1.5 trillion back.

WILBUR ROSS: Rick, I congratulate you on your new incarnation as a revolutionary leader.

SANTELLI: Somebody needs one. I’ll tell you what, if you read our founding fathers, people like Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson,… What we’re doing in this country now is making them roll over in their graves.

Rick Santelli

Rick Santelli is a commentator on CNBC, whatever the fuck that is, who is probably going to lose his job and maybe his life because he loudly told America that Obama has his head up his ass. It was great. The people at the other end of the conversation in the studio were scared shitless that someone was violating propaganda policy and yelling that Socialism sucks. HAHAHA there's nuthin' more soul-stirring than a pissed off Italian who decides it's time to mouth-off. HAHAHAHAHAHA it was fuckin great.

Dissing The Masons

First of all I would like to apologize for using a nigger word in the title of this. Hopefully it won't happen again. Second of all The Masons are all-upset because their "holy and sacred apron" is being trivialized by college students who now have "sacred apron" parties instead of toga parties. A toga party is a party where everyone wears a sheet around them and nothing else. Everyone drinks and fixates on the fact that everyone there is naked under the sheet. Eventually they all masturbate each other. The idea is to have girls at the party. Girls will actually show up to a party wearing only a sheet around themselves. But they cant get girls to go to the sacred apron parties because all you wear at the sacred apron party is one of those large rubberized or quilted bibs that the Masons wear in front of their gonads. Like those bags of fur that bagpipers wear that seem very odd. The Masonic apron is sort of u-shaped and covers the upper thighs. It has designs on it that are supposed to be "myseterious." They're really just, well, gay. Masons are Unhappy Fags. They're not like, ya know, Show Tune fags, the ones that are all hyper and upset and giddy and extremely sensitive and critical of SIMPLY EVERYTHING MY GAWWWWD HOW CAN SHE WEAR THAT!!!! Ya know, that kind. The fun kind. Masons are not that kind. Masons are like the
clinically depressed variety of queer. They don't wear "the right clothes" they wear the sacred apron. Period. In real dark rooms. Lit by torches. Masons are not fun. They're real depressing. And creepy. And not the fun kind of creepy like monster movies and Halloween. A different kind of creepy. Serial murder creepy. So college drunken fratboys have taken to having sacred apron parties where they wear just these apronss and with their buttcheeks hangin' out in back. They can't get women to go to these because women have tits. Women don't like to show up at parties with their tits exposed and 90% or their skin exposed. This just ain't them. But the fratboys enjoy wearing just the sacred apron. MOST men are actually queer. They love grabbing their crotches in front of other men and bending back and yelling "I GUT YER ATTITUDE RIGHT HERE FUCKER!!".... "right here" being where their cock and balls are. Men in the workplace love grabbing large dowel-like objects and placing them against their zippers and waggling the object all around for other men to see. Any group of men will always laugh happily at this display when it happens. It happens a lot. Men are always telling other men to suck their cock in hostile tones of voice, the idea being it's not gay if you yell it. Men "humiliate" other men by forcing them to suck their dick. This is not gay according to them. This is dominance and power. Hey: It's gay. It's gay times ten. So while the drunken, marginally heterosexual frat boys are having sacred apron parties, the Masons are not happy about it. their attitude is sort of like Scientologists attitude toward Anonymous: they see it as a surprise assault in force that's knocking them a bit off balance and requiring strategy and war-room meetings to discuss the matter. They're not happy about it in other words. The frat boys have not yet started satirizing Skull and Bones. For some reason.

Roman Skull Chapel

Near Rome there's a famous chapel that is decorated in human skulls. The skulls of guys who joined this mens' group called Capuchin Monks consisting of men who were Roman Catholics whose job was to go around helping poor people, which was everyone. When the monks died they put their skulls on display. There are now 4,000 skulls of dead Capuchin Monks in a small chapel that you can visit. The skulls are all over the walls, decoratively placed in rows and rows, thick as Jews in a boxcar. They are piled up here, they are piled up there. There's a skeleton on the ceiling like spiderman, flat against it with a circle of human bones around it. There's entire skeletons in robes standing around guarding the place. In another part of the place the monks' pelvises are on display, in another section their arms and legs, over here their feet, over there their spinal columns. It looks like a mental patient's dream of a perfect universe ruled by vampires, sadists, ghouls, warlocks, demons, witches and zombies, with death on parade in about as hellish and garish a manner as possible. Oh!... you are not allowed to take pictures in there. It's unrespectful of the dead who are presently being utilized as interior decor, furniture, bric-a-brac, three piece sectionals, end tables,chandeliers, place settings, candle-holders, soap-on-a-rope, armoirs, chairs, shoe trees, eating utensils, goblets, flatware, hat-racks, cuckoo clocks, pipe cleaners, toilet scrubbers, and waste baskets. There is a place for proper behavior, courtesy, civility, dignity, pious reflection, mature introspection and lofty meditation and this is one of them. The barbarity of the camera casts a dark pall over the mood of the place which attempts to be festive and sprightly and yet mindful of our frailty and mortality. To photograph this regata of horror would be wrong, ignorant, and uncivil. It would demonstrate a kind of callous ignorance of propriety. There is nothing more contemptuous of piety and humility than a camera. It is a garish slap in the face at dignity, decorum and proper behavior. It trivializes death and makes light of it in a relentless insistence by way of clicks . It mocks all that is righteoous and is an artifact of savagery and voodoo that attempts to deceive us with indifferent technology and soulless science that we are not creatures of majesty, nobility, and natures higher than that of beasts. No cameras. We are going to have to insist. We are going to have to put our foot down and draw the line. This is a place of dignity.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Boss Nigger

It seems Fred Williamson filmed the Obama story 30 years ago!!

A Personal Message To The New Nigger

Hey, New Nigger Obama, you want to do something, lift the embargo against Cuba so I can get some cigars. Do the one sensible thing that I can suggest for you to do that you might actually do. Since it involves a favorable act towards a commie country, and you being a commie might actually do it. Plus, since it's sensible you won't think of it yourself. Cause you're a nigger. Well, not just a nigger. A nigger Muslim. Talk about two strikes. Actually it's three strikes. The Muslim part is two strikes right there. Maybe it's ten strikes. I notice a lot of your limited attention span is directed at Cuba anyway, freeing the enemy soldiers down there. Well, maybe you could free the enemy cigars too. Think of them as penises, if you're not a smoker. I realize that as a GAY nigger Muslim commie that turning anything possible into a potential penis is something you would be interested in. And remember, you can benefit too - you Presidents like to stick cigars into other peoples' body parts, don't forget. I don't suppose you'll want to stick cigars into twats, being a fag. And I suppose you, being President, are not affected by the embargo, come to think of it, you can pro'bly get all the Cuban cigars you want just by sticking your dick out the Black House window. but if you CAN'T get Cuban cigars, then you'll benefit by the embargo-drop too because you can use them to stick up Honduran boys asses. I know you well-to-do queers like to get Honduran boys for yourselves because....well, I don't KNOW the reason, come to think of it! Maybe you could TELL me. Is it big cocks? Special skin texture? Lots of jizz? Big testicles? By Golly, Hussein, you can tell me all about it when we talk. Ok, thanks, nigger. I mean Nigger President Sir.

One Good Aspect of Gay Marriage

Ya know, the Republicans are always all uppitty about fags getting married because Republicans think that getting your cock sucked by men should be restricted to the halls of Congress and the bushes outside Republican headquarters locations from town to town. But having a fag for a husband does have one big advantage over having a twat-owner for a husband - or a wife - and that is, when there is a problem to be solved regarding the storage of things or the streamlining of the way things are "gotten," or making access to various parts of the house easier, or improving the lighting, or just deciding on the furniture - or even getting RID of the furniture - doing these things with a man is a WHOPPING lot easier than doing them with a woman. Even if it's a fag man. Because men can - and you women might want to sit down for this - men can WORK together. Men and women cannot. Men can AGREE on what the problem is. Men and women can never find even the most basic common ground to even begin to agree on what the fundamental problem is. Having a man assisting you in the configuring of physical objects in your environment is a billion times easier with another man - even a dress-wearing transgenderized bleeding-butted aids infected sperm ingesting faggot - than it is with a woman. You cannot work with a woman in creating efficiency. Women have no conception of efficiency. Even the gayest of the most gay of the gaylordiest gay man - is still a man!! - this means that even a fag and a fucking backwoods mountain man who just eats raw grizzly meat he kills himself can work together in peace and harmony to COME TO A DECISION. With women this is impossible for a man to do. A woman considers the coming to a decision about anything to be a sad interruption of the discussion process. Women want to talk and discuss and laugh and be delighted and laugh some more over the PROCESS of coming to a decision. They have no use for the end product of this process, which would be the actual decision. When a decision is made the fun is over for them. For a man, when a decision is made THEN THE FUN BEGINS!! Which would be the PROCESS OF THE TASK!! And then when the task is COMPLETED there is another payoff - which would be THE ENJOYMENT OF THE NEW ARRANGEMENT. Women are only interested in the disussion phase prior to the actual beginning of the work, and the long drawn-out process of CHANGING THE PLANS constantly DURING the implementation of the task. So that the task will never be completed. Because the actual completion of the task is a sad and unhappy and unfulfilling moment for them. They know instinctively that the implementation of the task will result in the termination of the planning process. Which is their favorite part. This is why when men and women are working together in a task involving physical objects, there is constant frustration all over the place. So having a fag queerbait gay motherfucker for a wife or for a husband is great for solving space-arranging and object-location problems. Plus you get to buttfuck each other.

Name and Shame

Apparently the new nigger is employing a "name and shame" HAHAHAHAHA "policy." This is nigger shit. In nigger world, if you get CAUGHT stealing you get named and your name is spread around and you are shamed into being a better thief. I know my niggahs. I noze whut dey is tawkin bout when dey tawkin. The idiot white people of course think all this is an example and proof of how upright the new nigger is. It ain't. It's an example and proof of how nigger the new nigger is. You dumbass fucks.

That Goddamn Fucking Coon

Well, today the Yahoo headlines included the New Nigger "warning the mayors" that they should spend the trillions of dollars he's giving them "wisely" and not to "defraud" people. They all laughed. Including the New Nigger. He be layin' down de roolz. don't chyall fuck wif me." Jesus Fucking Christ. HAVE WE BEEN NUKED YET????

First Step In Fixing Congress

Stop electing lawyers. 44% of Congress has law degrees. If a candidate has a law degree draw a line through his name. Select the garage mechanic. Or the Mafia guy. You get straighter, more understandable answers. The whole field of law is devoted to preventing people from doing things. Why would you want a guy who has a degree in preventing people from doing things - meaning he is probably pretty good at it - why would you want a guy like that in charge of you. He's going to prevent you from doing things. This is pretty easy, basic stuff. That's right, you got it, I don't have a law degree.

Why The Democrats Won

This is an easy one. The Democrats are smarter than Republicans. And that ain't sayin' much. The democrats have an agenda. The Republicans have nothing. They're all over the place. They basically just want to get into office. The Democrats want to actually DO things: rob, steal, pillage, plunder. The Republicans just want to drink whiskey. A FEW of them want to fuck boys. The Democrats want to drink whiskey and fuck boys too. But not 24 hours a day. Republicans are lazy. Democrats are workers. They're like felons: always busy, always thinkin' o' some new con, some new scam, some new shell game, always getting int mischief. There's a TON of nigger Democrtats in office. That ain't an accident. "In Office" is where the graft is. The niggers, I'll give the fuckers this, they're startin' ta figure out what politics is really all about: collecting taxes from white people and spendin it on niggers. And the Republicans, most of them white, think this is a great idea. They do the same thing. Take it from white people and give it to niggers. The only thing dumber than the Democrats and the Republicans are the people who keep voting for them. Except the niggers. The niggers are voting in record numbers. I would too if I was a nigger. I'd vote all day long, 7 days a week. Too bad you can only vote for Republicnas or Democrats though. They ain't all that bright, folks. Read a fucking history book. Becoming a Democratic or Republican office holder makes you stupid. If it ain't involving stealing, they're lost as hell. Did I say read a history book? Yeah, you'll read all aabout it in there. They kept records of it. HAHAHAHAHA It's a long enduring parade of stupidity and incompetence. You'll find a history book on-line if you look hard enough.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I'd rather be President than White.;"_____ Hussein Obama

The Real Reason Jews Are Hated

Have I done this one before? The real reason Jews are hated is because they are the only people in history who do not believe in an afterlife and believe that whatever is going to happen to you is going to happen to you in this life. This attitude pisses everyone off. It's that simple. There's a billion OTHER reasons given why "Jews are bad." But the one i just mentioned - and the one never mentioned by anyone else - that's the REAL reason. Thank you. Fuck you.

Our New Nigger: A Positive Aspect

One good thing about the New Nigger is that it SHOULD open the eyes of what few white people that are left that our political "system" is at the level of the Stone Age savage. Since a stone age savage has made it to chieftain of our tribe. HOPEFULLY this ugly reality will be what finally does the job of performing the miracle of "enlightenment." If it DOESN'T...then you deservee what we now have: a fucking African jungle warlord who sucks boycock and preens himself and virtually orderss 300 million Americans around. Is this what George Washington was fighting for? So that a Muslim Atheist semi-concious piece of street-shit could order YOU around? I don't think so. If this doesn't make it clear that a synonym for "democracy" is "suicide" you must be even more stupid than the nigger tribal chief we gut ordering you around.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something Funny Happened Today

A newspaper yesterday ran a cartoon of two cops shooting the Killer Chimp and the thing's all dead and everything, and one cop says, basically, oh shit, who the fuck we gonna get to sign the next stimulus package. Meaning, basically, Obama is a monkey. This is gonna create a lotta shit because NO one is gonna say "Well, Obama IS a monkey." If someone did then it would all disappear. But all the white people are gonna say "Well of course Obama is NOT a monkey, what reparations can we make to all you monkeys i mean niggers i mean quality Americans to just make this all go away?" Look for that cartoonist to be out of a job. He might want to think about running for President. I'll vote for 'im. He seems to have a clear picture of things.

Eric Holder, Nigger General

The nigger Atorney General, Eric Holder, said in a speech to his white underlings at the Justice Department that america was a "nation of cowards" because they just pretend to be non-racial when in reality they are still racisits. What he's saying is that whitey only pretends to like niggers. And he says this is cowardly. I disagree. I think it's just courtesy. Something a nigger wouldn't understand.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

9-11 And The Ugly Truth About Americans

Since 9-11 the ugly truth about Americans is that most of them are cowards. Including the guy that was running the Country when 9-11 happened, George "The ducker" Bush. He ducked shoes and he ducked all the other Muslims on earth and ran and hid instead of counter attacking. Then he decided to attack the country that kills the most Muslims and had nothing to do with 9-11: Iraq. Most of the other Americans got scared too and elected a Muslim to office to try and appease the angry religious followers of Mohammed. They don't appease. They keep on killing. They like it. It's what they do. It gets them to heaven. Now the chief Muslim is booking free passage to Palestinian "refugees" to America. So they can blow up our school busses instead of just Israeli school busses. You're gonna get something to be scared of now, you fucks, especially if you like your kids, cause Muslims ESPECIALLY like killing children. The trouble with democracy is that a coward's vote counts just as much as a brave guy's. And the ratio of cowards to brave people in America is about a hundred to one. It don't look good, assholes.

Death By Snuggie

If you buy a Snuggie you might want to increase your life insurance because you are probably going to radically increase your chance of dying sooner. Now, regarding death, you probably sometimes wonder how you are going to die. Will I die of disease?...or in a plane crash?....or in a war?...or in a car crash?....or in a lightning storm?....or by a snakebite?....Well, you will PROBABLY die in your living room! After hitting your head on the CORNER of something useless that you went OUT OF YOUR WAY TO PURCHASE AND PUT IN THERE in your living room, most likely a piece of needless - and dangerously designed - furniture. A Snugglie will greatly increase the likelihood of this happening - this "falling" that I am talking about - because you will be stepping on it - the bottom of the Snuggie - with every step you take, probably a few of those steps with some sort of boiling food. You will stumble, try not to scald yourself with the food, become even more violent in your movements because now you are trying to avoid a fall AND a scalding, and hit your head even HARDER on the corner of the table than you would in a normal fatal fall in your living room, which will probably happen. You also might burn to death in the living room because when the Snuggie CATCHES FIRE AT THE STOVE BECAUSE ITS SLEEVES ARE THE SIZE OF DAM-SPILLWAYS you will probably run into the living room, for some reason, and then fall and hit your head and then die of course and then burn up. Or you could just REFRAIN from getting a Snuggie and maybe extend your life inside the house before dying in the living room by, maybe years. Eventually of course the Snuggie will be banned. Why wait. Just don't get one now. Beat the rush to not get one later.

Why Actors Think They're Smarter Than You

Actors think they are smarter than you because you think they are super beings. You being the people who are not them. It is not all actors who think they are smarter than you. Just the ones who are recognized on a name basis or by sight. If you are someone who's only talent is being photogenic and people chase after you in order to touch your sleeve and then tell others sxcitedly that they touched your sleeve - you eventually come to believe that you are smart or wise or that you have superpowers, like an X-man. Even though you only photograph well, follow direction, and show up to work on time. For after all, you are not reading your own script. You are not working at your own studio. You are not paying the thousand employees who are all working on the same set that you are in order to make you look good through the lens on the camera - which you are not operating: of all the people involved in your job you are the only member of the staff being chased around by, well, reetard chimps. Reetard chimps seem to know instinctively that famous actors can't really do wnything and yet they are famous AND they are RICH. this is like a greed-magnet to reetard chimps. Since you, l as an actor, very likely have an idea that you yourself are not particularly bright - most actors at the start of their careeers are smart enough to know they don't know very much - since you as an actor probably know you are not particularly bright, if yoou start to become indentifiable and chased, you start to think your IQ is rising and your wisdom and knowledge are increasing. At some point you start to assume you are a "leader." Even though you are not. you are an employee of the entertainment empire. But you become what you THINK a leader is, and you usually leading a PARADE which has been started into motion by a lawyer. The guy at the front of the parade usually has not created the parade. He is just what everyone looks at because he is dressed the best. The high-stepping guy with the long baton and the tall feathered hat is not really smarter or wiser then the tuba player. In fact he is doing a lot less of a feat than the tuba playwer. But everyone looks at the front guy because he...I don't know, marches. He makes it appear as though the parade is FOLLOWING him. It isn't. He's just in front of it. So the actor is never a leader. He's more of a drum major. The drum major-actor did not create the parade or organizie it into existence. the parades actors lead are usually started by a lawyer who now holds office. These movements lawyers are usually childish ones or foolish ones or crooked ones: ecology; global warming; The United Way; Care; the fate of the whale; The American Cancer Society; Childrrens Hospital; the fate of the polar bear; the fate of plants such as forests ten million miles away on other planets; running out of things that are limitless, such as oil; water; air; dirt; things involving less war; things involving less personal opinions, especially personal opinions that might hamper THEIR OWN careers, such as "racism" whatever that is. Being against "racism" is unanimous with famous actors. Not one of them is FOR racism. Or even experiences any kind of negative emotion toward other persons at all. Except Republicans, for some reason. All famous actors detest Republicans. I have no idea why. I detest Muslims. But not Republicans. Though I would never vote for either of them. I got a little off the track but so what. Fuck you. Thank you.


I just found out that the new nigger is left handed. Left handed people are in habited by witches. That's a known fact. And, no, I am not left handed. If you are left handed you need to isolate yourself from the rest of society before your evil spreads like an occult version of aids. Judas was left handed. Rasputin was left handed. I rest my case.

Monday, February 16, 2009

JJ School, Lesson2: The Robber Barons

The Robber Barons is the name given to the people who turned America into the Number One Country in the history of the universe. They industrialized the nation and improved the standard of living above the Europeans. The Europeans used to bribe senators and congressmen before Russia and China and Persia did The Europeans paid American "leaders" to teach within the National School System the story that the people creating the wealth were actually robbing the wealth. The Government then robbed the wealth from these people and called it "redistributing" the wealth. Now you know.

JJ School, Lesson 1:Why Nixon Is Hated

Nixon is hated because he put bugs in Democratic headquarters because they were geetting payoffs from Castro, via Russia. This upset the Democrats so much that this would be discovered they began a successful propaganda campaign in concert with the Associated Press to instruct Americans that Nixon was bad. Americans, being extremely gullible, believed this. All bugging or "official suspcion" of the Democratic party was thus formally forbidden allowing the current nigger to recieve billions from China and Persia. Now you know!

First Prediction Regarding The Reign of the Nigger Chief

For the next four years you won't hear word-one from the press or politicians about global warming. Now that the nigger and his white nigger friends are in office the threat is over. They cured it just by being there. We are safe now.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why I Say Nigger A Lot

I say nigger a lot in order to save some poor unfortunate black man down the road. Let's say that someday a Negro kills a white woman I know. Let's say I was a witness and can get the Negro convicted. The defense attorney will discover that I say nigger all over the place, even in print and the Negro will be aquitted. Which was what happend with Mark Fuhrman and de OJ. Because if I say nigger, then the guilty party did not do the murder. And that's just plain and clear nigger-logic. Which is what the judicial system uses. So Negroes should be thanking me in advance. Ite.

More Internet Stuff

Hey, if it meets my standards it's ends up here. Your Homo blogger boy anal-love toy.

Missing from the news

You're a 19 year old kid, critically wounded, and dying in the
Jungle in the Ia Drang Valley , 11-14-1965, LZ Xray, Vietnam. Your
Infantry unit is outnumbered 8 to 1, and the enemy fire is so intense,
From 100 or 200 yards away, that your own Infantry Commander has
Ordered the MediVac helicopters to stop coming in.

You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns, and you
Know you're not getting out. Your family is half way around the world,
12,000 miles away, and you'll never see them again. As the world
Starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day.

Then, over the machine gun noise, you faintly hear that sound of a
Helicopter, and you look up to see an un-armed Huey, but it doesn't
Seem real, because there are no Medi-Vac markings on it.

Ed Freeman is coming for you. He's not Medi-Vac, so it's not his
Job, but he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire, after
The Medi-Vacs were told not to come. He's coming anyway.

And he drops it in, and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they
Load 2 or 3 of you on board. Then he flies you up and out through the
Gunfire, to the waiting doctors and nurses.

And he kept coming back...... 13 more times..... And took over 30
Of you and your buddies out, who would never have gotten out.

Medal of Honor recipient Ed Freeman died in Boise,
Idaho on Sep 26th, 2008 at the age of 80.

Oh yeah, Paul Newman died that day too.

But I guess you knew that. He got a lot more press than Ed Freeman.

Now Here's A Good Internet-spread Idea

Your kind and gay and lovely blogger did not write this. But he does agree with it. And with Morrissey. If only he would drop by!!!

"The Proposal"
When a company falls on difficult times, one of the things that seems to happen is they reduce their staff and workers. The remaining workers need to find ways to continue to do a good job or risk that their job would be eliminated as well. Wall Street, and the media normally congratulate the CEO for making this type of "tough decision", and his board of directors gives him a big bonus.

Our government should not be immune from similar risks.

Therefore: Reduce the House of Representatives from the current 435 members to 218 members and Senate members from 100 to 50 (one per State). Also reduce remaining staff by 25%.

Accomplish this over the next 8 years. (two steps / two elections) and of course this would require some redistricting.

Some Yearly Monetary Gains Include:

$44,108,400 for elimination of base pay for congress. (267 members X $165,200 pay / member / yr.)

$97,175,000 for elimination of the above people's staff. (estimate $1.3 Million in staff per each member of the House, and $3 Million in staff per each member of the Senate every year)

$240,294 for the reduction in remaining staff by 25%.

$7,500,000,000 reduction in pork barrel ear-marks each year. (those members whose jobs are gone. Current estimates for total government pork earmarks are at $15 Billion / yr)

The remaining representatives would need to work smarter and would need to improve efficiencies. It might even be in their best interests to work together for the good of our country?

We may also expect that smaller committees might lead to a more efficient resolution of issues as well. It might even be easier to keep track of what your representative is doing.

Congress has more tools available to do their jobs than it had back in 1911 when the current number of representatives was established. (telephone, computers, cell phones to name a few)

Congress did not hesitate to head home when it was a holiday, when the nation needed a real fix to the economic problems. Also, we have 3 senators that have not been doing their jobs for the past 18+ months (on the campaign trail) and still they all have been accepting full pay. These facts alone support a reduction in senators & congress.

Summary of opportunity:

$ 44,108,400 reduction of congress members.

$282,100, 000 for elimination of the reduced house member staff.

$150,000,000 for elimination of reduced senate member staff.

$59,675,000 for 25% reduction of staff for remaining house members.

$37,500,000 for 25% reduction of staff for remaining senate members.

$7,500,000,000 reduction in pork added to bills by the reduction of congress members.

$8,073,383,400 per year estimated total savings. (that's 8-BILLION just to start!)

Big business does these types of cuts all the time.

If Congresspersons were required to serve 20, 25 or 30 years (like everyone else) in order to collect retirement benefits there is no telling how much we would save. Now they get full retirement after serving only ONE term.

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. Men do not know what Valentine's Day IS. Women on the other hand consider Valentine's Day the most important day of the year. And the importance is?..... Anyone?,,,,,,The importance IS that MEN are going to do something SPECTACULAR for someone who is convinced that THEY are THAT MAN'S VALENTINE!! Unfortunately for women, men have no idea what a valentine IS. And so for men Valentine's day is that day that is the most miserable of the year for them by the time it's over. The body count on Valentine's Day is never reported because it would cause mass hysteria. At the very mention of Valentine's Day men become tense. "Am I your valentine?" "I don't know. What is one." "What IS one?" "Yes. What is one." " BOO HOO HOO!! I HATE YOU!!!" "Fuck you bitch before I fucking put a fuckin bullet in your fucking head." That's what Valentine's Day conversations usually amount to. Men losing-it because some woman started calling them names for no reason. Men don't like this. We don't like being told we're hated when we have spent years trying to make someone comfortable. Here's two other people; with a guy who's a little less explosive. "Am I your Valentine?" "I don't know. What is one." "BOO HOO HOO!! I HATE YOU!!!" "I know that. I still don't know what a valentine is." "It's the one you love!" "Then why don't you just ask me if you're the one I love?" "Why don't you just say that I'm your valentine?" "BECAUSE I DONT KNOW WHAT A FUCKING VALENTINE IS YOU FUCKING REETARD FIRST GRADE FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!" As you can see this guy was only a little less explosive than the first guy. Women simply refuse to come to grips with the hard fact that men really do not have a clue what a fucking valentine is. We are supposed to know. Women insist that we know. But we dont know. We have no idea what a valentine is. To men valentines are candies with words on them that you had to GIVE TO OTHER BOYS IN SCHOOL!!! We didnt like it then, and we dont like it now. To men Valentine's Day is a celebrataion of homosexuality. Women refuse to see this. To men Valentine's day is a day when you give candies to everyone except the little girl you have a crush on. Because little girls don't get crushes on little boys. Little girls are interested in LEARNING things. So Valentine's Day calls up a lot of frustration from first grade. School destroys boys. You girls - most of whom actually LIKED school because school is basically for girls - are just gonna haffta figure this out someday: that we don't like Valentine's day. You girls are going to have to get it through your heads that we are all - us men - still badly traumatized by what the fucking fag or lesbian or idiot teacher in the first grade made us boys go through as part of some State Operated Emasculation Program. Valentine's Day is a fucking nightmare to us. Period. Learn it, you chicks all like to learn things so much. Learn that.

Baseball And Steroids

Time magazine is sad that baseball players use steroids. For some reason Time magazine considers baseball American. Everything else that's "American" Time magazine considers decadent and evil and unmindful of the poor. But baseball - the most boring, idiotic, stupid, dull, uninteresting, unathletic, un - did I say uninteresting? - game in history: oh dear; we must not do anything to baseball to make it watchable. Let's look at Babe Ruth, shall we? He had a fucking beer gut for crise sakes. He was hung over if not drunk for most of his games. He could barely get his alcohol-atrophied legs to move around the bases. He ran like an infant, he was so smashed. And yet - he was the BEST BASEBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME!!! What the fuck does that tell you. Does that tell you anything? Can you come to any sort of conclusion from that? Probably not. Let me help you. You should come to the conclusion from the preceeding that if a drunken fat slob was the best at the sport....maybe it's not much of a sport???? Maybe????? I know, I know, this is all hitting your head pretty hard. Time magazine also does not think that baseball should turn into the WWE. If you don't know what the WWE is you are either a muslim or a terrorist of some other kind and shouldn't be here. Why would Time magazine not want the dullest sport in history to become exciting like the WWE? Because Time magazine is published and staffed by very depressed people. Time magazine is like a sad psychopath who gets upset at laughter. Laughter makes them feel worse. Fun pisses them off. Happiness makes them angry. These people are called by psychiatrists - most psychiatrists: and all normal people - as insane. EVeryone at Time magazine is insane. Have you read one of their issues? You need a ton of Prozac when you're done. The only time they are HAPPY at Time magazine is when a queer wins a prize on Broadway. They then get all ditsy and fun!! WOO HOO!! Rocco Swah-vey was SCADS of fun as Mister Wangwaggler (I LOVE that NAME!!) in the Tony and Randy Award winning play "My Penis Is Itchy, George!!!" This sort of thing excites them no end. Baseball players attempting to make the most boring sport on earth a little less boring? this upsets them at Time. Time is like a soap opera for readers. You have to have a lot of things wrong with you to sit through a soap opera or to read Time magaziine. you will Notice that Time magazine is all over the tables in the doctor's office. Doesn't matter which doctor's office either. Time magazine is there. THAT will cheer you up. time gives it's magazines free to doctors so that the patients will read the contents while at a low ebb emotionally. It's a form of torture. If you're depressed - which you are in a doctor's office - you will be more receptive to hearing depressing statements. Like the ones inside Time magazine. that's why Time sends them feee to doctors' offices: to fuck people up even more. Nice folks at Time. the Muslims will never bomb the offices of Time. They consider them fellow terrorists.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Fucking Soup Plantation

I just came back from the Soup Plantation. I don't know why I ever go there. I always want to puke at what I see going on in there. It's scarier than the underside of a toilet seat in a Calcutta outhouse. It's like a mile-long saliva bowl. I used to work in a restaurant for ten years. I see things no one else sees. Because after ten years you realize that people will go out of their way to inflict harm on strangers and working in a restaurant is one of the best ways to do this and being a CUSTOMER in a restaurant where the customers have access to the food is another good way. I haven't decided yet which people are more vicious and pathological, the employees or the customers. In the Soup Planatation it is CLEARLY the customers who are the psychopaths. Jesus Fucking Bojangles Christ On Earth Lord And Savior of the Jews And Niggers Amen. I actually had to go up to some fucking dilapidated old Romanian whore from under a tent and tell her to quit the fuck eating out of the trough with her hands. I mean I had had just about enough with the filth and the spit flying everywhere, then this fucking fat stupid slavic fucking piece of shit from some troll dungeon in the Baltics is standing at the soup cauldrons and she's ladling some pasta into a bowl and then she sticks her fingers in the pasta and eats whatever she can grasp and slides her fingers halfway down her bug-infested tubercular gullet in the process and then she nods and goes oh that's nice and picks up a ladle to something else in her trenchmouth-coated fingers and ladles some more shit into her saliva bowl and then eats THAT with her fucking fiingers. I'm 65. She was pro'bly 55. I finally just said "Hey: Pig: quit eating with your fingers or I'll tell whatever Mexican thinks he's running this place to throw your peasant ass outa here." She gives me this really sickly smile like she wouldn't fucking hurt a fly, she's just a sweet old lady, could I really be talking to her? and she says in some sort of broken English accent that she just made up "I not." "The fuck you're not, you rancid petri dish." "Vot??" "Never mind vot, just quit eating with your filthy spit fingers." "I not!!" "Quit lyin' to me granma, I don't like it." "YOU CANT TALK TO ME LIKE DOT!" Her English was improving all the time. One of the dumbass Mexican men was walking by and I said "She keeps eating with her fingers. Tell her to stop or I'll call the Health Department." He looked at me in total befuddlement. You can just TELL when a Mexican really cannnot speak a word of English. After you talk to ten billion of the fuckers like I have you just know who's fuckin' with ya and who really doesn't know what you are saying to them. He had NO idea what I just said. Fortunately I now had enough other people glaring at this woman that she was totally outnumberd and she ran into the bathroom. I guess to scrape her fingers clean against her caustically filthy vulva before sticking them into the food again.It's my own fault for raisiing my eyes up higher than shoe level in there. Otherwise you are always going to see SOMETHING that will make you want to puke. And it's usually after you paid that you see it, whatever it is, so you cant just leave. You gotta eat SOMEthin'. But if you're lucky, while you're sliding your tray down the ten mile salad-and-weird-shit line you will see enough snot and ass-debris go from fingers to food to where you can just leave before you ever get to the cashier.

What Is The Kyoto Protocol?

The Kyoto Protocol is a meaningless Associated Press mantra that allows idiots to use the word "protocol" AND a Japanese name in conversations where they would normally use words like "Drrrrr" and "No way" and "like, a-YAAA!" and "ya think?" But now they can insert "Kyoto Protocol" and create an actual sense of confusion in the listener since it actually sounds like something we should all be vaguely familiar with. But it isn't. Hearing someone you know to be an idiot use the word "protocol" in conjuction with an actual Japanese name willl make even an intelligent person wonder if the idiot they are talking to is actually an idiot. Relax, he is.

What The Bailout Means To You

What the bailout means to you is that you will now be paying the rent of what John & Ken call "clown houses." Houses where 300 illegal mexicans liviing in the same house, all working restaurant jobs, decided, for one reason or another, not to pay their mortgages. You will now be paying their mortgages. So that the illegal aliens can stay here rent free. It ain't all that complicated. It's all about the illegals. Illegals vote Democrat. On the other hand the Republicans like them too. THAT one I can't quite figure out. Bright as I am, that one has me scratachin'. Republicans could all be just as stupid as George Bush. Here's a scary thought, what if he's the SMART Republican?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Like Hitler

I like Hitler. The difference between me though and everybody else who likes Hitler is that I admit it. In truth MOST people like Hitler. Why? 'Cause Hitler was cool. I mean, at the same time that we had Hitler we had Stalin: Mao Tse Tung: Emperor Hirohito: Mussolini: Winston Churchill: And Franklin (HAHAHAHAHA! FRANKLIN!! WHAT A FUCKIN TIPOFF THAT SHOULDA BEEN RIGHT THERE!!! FRANKLIN!!) HAHA "DELANO"!!! ANOTHER FUCKIN' RED FLAG!! ROOSEVELT!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT, JEW??? HAHAHAHAHA! WHAT A FUCKIN NAME!!! FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT! HAHAHAHAHA BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA HAVE WE BEEN NUKED YET???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Except for Hitler, NONE of these other global heads of state were cool. Churchill was SOMETIMES cool. But at a lower level of coolness-intensity. Hitler on the other hand was a coolness machine. Hitler was cool 24 hours a day. I mean, Hitler was for one thing a worker. He was at it all the time. He had a fuckin' plan for everything and they were fuckin cool plans: bitchin roads; bitchin buildings; fuckin' skulls on everything - it just doesn't get cooler 'n that - bitchin weapons; bitchin clothes; a plan to make even bitchin people. He created the freeeway system. He created the VW Bug, the most sensible roadway car in history; he liked seeing hot white chicks naked and stuck pictures and posters of them all over the place. I mean Vegas could use this guy right now, I'm tellin' ya. Except Vegas is a fun place and Hitler was not a fun guy. Just a cool guy. But not a fun guy. However he was actually funny. Mein Kampf is written in a very funny sarcastic style. I know what I'm talkin' about. Mein Kampf is the most bad-mouthed book in the history of the world. And it was written by one guy. While in jail. And it's full of laughs. He was either laughing his ass of while writing it or gnawing at the bars. Mein Kampf is never assigned-reading in any school. Why?.....BECAUSE IT'S TOO FUCKING PERSUASIVE!!! Everyone who reads it becomes converted. That's pretty good writing if you ask me. He also had a plan for making Europe White. White people in America were convinced that this was just a bad idea. He also had a plan for getting rid of the Jews. Nobody likes Jews so there wasn't much opposition to this. The only being in recorded history who seems to give a shit what happens to the Jews is their own Creator: a being the Jews don't have much regard for. Pro'bly a bad move on the Jews' part. Judging from the fucking consequences. HAHAHAHA. I'll be damned if I know why people say Jews are smart. They give their own creator and deity nothing but grief. I don't know why the fuck he puts up with it. I guess that's why he's God and I ain't. The fact that the Jews still exist at all for all their fucking unbelievable annoying qualities is a pretty strong proof God exists to me. He is clearly behind their continued existence. Nothing else would explain it. If cockroaches WERE AS ANNOYING AS THE JEWS there'd be no more cockroaches on earth, i guarantee ya. At this instant an entire planet of nuclear-armed nations detests Israel. Israel is two feet wide. It takes up no space. It ain't quality real estate. Everybody hates Israel. They don't amount to shit and everyone wants them gone. They have no allies. But they are still there. God exists. There's the proof. Pretty fuckin clear to me. Ok, I'm convinced, God exists, can i get on with watching porn now??? I don't know what it fucking takes to convince people God, or someone claiming to be God exists. I can see it plain as day. Pick up a fuckin' paper. Oh, well, who cares. So anyway while he was in jail Hitler wrote out IN DETAIL AND SIGNED HIS NAME TO IT everything he intended to accomplish on earth, which was to turn the whole earth German. Which I think is cool! And I'm a fuckin wop! And why do I think it's cool? Because Germans are cool. They're clean; they're smart; they innovate; they like statues of hot naked women; they like forests; and they created Santa Claus and Christmas trees. They basically created the Hummer 60 years before there were Hummers. They made jets. They made rockets. They perfected beer; and they like to blow things up. Oh, and they like to go to other planets. Like the Borg. But, hey, that's just me. Maybe you don't like these things. ok, I don't give a shit. This is about Hitler, not you. So Hitler, while in jail, mind you, said what he was gonna do if he became the ruler of Germany. Did you hear what I said? HE'S IN JAIL AND WARNING THE JEWS WHAT HE'S GONNA DO WHEN HE'S THE RULER OF GERMANY!!!!! Everyone laughed at this. How can a guy in jail - a Jew at that - become the ruler of Germany - and then kill all the Jews except himself. It's crazy. So when he DID become the ruler of Germany, he got his fuckin' book out and then DEMANDED that everybody read it. There wasn't nuthin' SECRETIVE about this guy, He didn't have a fucking HIDDEN AGENDA. His agenda was right out there, plain to see, he vouched for it, he verified it was him what said it, he didn't want anyone unclear about who was calling the shots. If I had been there and I had been a Jew I would have said wait a minute: i gotta get the fuck outa here. This guy gets things done, and one o' the things he wants to be done with is me. I'da hightailed it outa there. But this ain't what Jews do. They don't take action. They wait for fucking RESCUE. Jews are all about BEING RESCUED. Cause they're fucking presumptuous, confused, annoying, thieving backstabbing lazyass "you do it FOR me, sucker" mother fuckers. Well the Jews didn't get rescued. And they're still pissed off about it by the way. They're still pissed off nobody did their work for them and rescued them from Hitler. Of course, though, they DID get rescued, just not fast enough to suit them, and they even got handed their own fucking country that someone else had to conquer first, and they haven't said thanks yet. They're still whining for more stuff; more help, more money, more sympathy, more cooperation, more more more more. They're like niggers on welfare. They're entitled. "We're useless: you need to take care of us; it's your duty." Some fucking priest the other day said Hitler never killed any Jews on a mass-assemblyline basis. The Jews went running to the fucking Pope. They wantrd the Pope to rescue them from this guy. He did. So anyway nobody rescued the Jews from the Germans. At least not quite quick enough to make them happy. They got incinerated and gassed. I suppose I'm supposed to blame HITLER for this. All he said was "Go do that." I say "Go do that" all day long to everyone on this earth and they all tell me to go fuck myself. Why would I blame a guy for telling people to do something no one in their right mind would do and they did it. I would tend to admire this sort of persuasional influence. I would say to myself "What's this fucker's secret?" And trying to unravel and unwind and unpeel the secret of Hitler has puzzled everyone else since. How could you not like a guy like that.

The Latest Peanut Shit

You know, as soon as Jimmy Carter comes out of the forest to do to Obama what somebody did to him - namely, make him president - peanuts are in the news again. Jimmy Carter owns all the peanut farms in America. He's the last plantation owner. He pro'bly has niggers working in the fields putting peanuts into sacks on their backs just so that boy-lovin' redneck can relive the old days of the south and feel important. So now his Boy is president and we gut peanut problems again. The last time this happened it was astoundingly-escalatiing peanut prices. Now its astoundingly-escalating peanut poison. I watched the fall-guy the fucking Honest Congressman was interrogating. The "CEO" of Peanut Incorporated. He looked scared shitless. And not of Congress. Of Jimmy Carter. Anyone want-in on the dead-pool on this guy? I say in under 60 days. "CEO"s of companies never make decisions on their own. They're just corporate shills like evryone else. They just AGREE to take the falls. That's the REAL reason they all get paid so much. It ain't for job performance. Half of them don't even know what their companies do. It's for taking falls. The question is, when Jimmy Carter might be the hooded sith at the end of this particular trail, can the opposition make a deal that might be very attractive to the "accused"? On the other hand, if both sides, Congress, and the hooded sith, are on the same side, this puts the "CEO" in a bit of an uncomfortable position. Kind of like the one Jack Ruby was in. I'm gonna up my dead-pool number to just 30 days, I think. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How To Tell 5-to10 Years In Advance When A Company's Going To Go Under

You can tell by their ad campaigns when they start promoting something OTHER than their own fucking product. Such as "the environment." Or your fucking family. Or making all nations love each other. Or doing their part to change the temperature of the fuckiing earth. Or telling you all about how they are monitoring the green-striped bat when their product is car transmissions and not fucking bat food. When a corporation starts selling "the idea of the day" in order to win your love rather than selling whatever the fuck it is they make, then you know that that corporation is running on empty. When they tell you "Here at FucktCo we believe that every yellow-anused thrush should live to be a hundred" you know that it's time for them to be disappeariing. They should not be trying to sell you on the idea of thrush-survival. They should be trying to sell you on the idea of how better YOUR survival can be through the use or enjoyment of their product. This is pretty easy stuff, really. Even for you. You dumbass fuck.


A horologist, or as idiots would say, "an" horologist, is "a master of antique clock restoration." Did you know that? Did you know Obama is a nigger? I just needed to work that in. Obama is really what this blog is all about after all. Ok, fuck you. Thank you.

Is Obama REALLY A Muslim?

The fact is, if you want to know my actual gut opinion, I am pretty sure Obama isn't actually anything. He's just a fucking self-appointed diety. I don't think he believe there is a higher life form or being than himself. The reason I CALLhim a Muslim is because he sympathizes with them. Most of the MUSLIMS don't really believe their own religion. they just use it as an excuse to kill people. Persians are just killers. They always have been. For 10,000 years of recorded history they have been lowlife, fags, women-beaters, boy-fuckers and killers. Obama thinks they're ok folks. So he's the same as a Muslim. I mean, who REALLY cares if a fuckhead is a Muslim or not, the Muslims are niggers with no dancing ability. Which is what Obama is. So he's a Muslim! I KNOW he ain't a Chrstian. Christianity is a white religion and he hates anything incolving white people. He probably does voodoo shit with chickens or dolls and fire or some fucking jungle shit like that. I mean he looks and acts pretty primitive to me. Which is why he's where he is: because america is a jungle full of thugs and assholes now. So I guess he belongs in the chieftain's chair. He'll pro'bly start weaering a feathered headdress pretty soon. And shrunken heads in a necklace and start totin' a spear around. Hey, I ain't kiddin'. I'm serious. He'll think it's totally cute. He's a fucking gay pansey. they love costumes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When A Crisis Hits A White Community

Remember when Katrina hit Niggertown and all the niggers and all the white newsmen demanded to know what Bush was going to do about the poor niggers? And Bush got all freaked? When the next thing hits a white area Niggbama won't do shit. And you know what he's going to say when he's criticized for it? Assuming he IS criticized about it? He's going to say "They're white people. Fuck 'em." And nobody's gonna say shit. Fuck you.

More Good Stuff About The Nigger Presidency

Hopefully, as the new nigger starts fucking things up more and more there will be a gradual decrease in commercials where the white guy is the idiot and the nigger is the intelligent fellow who gets the idiot white man out of a jam. Eventually all the white men who have been watching these commercials for ten years and have not been at all bothered by them, hopefully after a few years of Niggbama a little light will go on in their backbones and they will notice that commercials where the white guy is being tutored by the nigger is not the way things really happen. What really happens is that it is the nigger who is tutored by the white guy and then he STILL gets it wrong and then he goes and steals whatever it was he needed in the first place..

Why Being In A Brick Shithouse Won't Save You In A Tornado

This is the kind of thing you will never learn on the news and weather reports. Because all the tv news and weather people are retarded and just read retarded teleprompters. Even in a brick house you are not safe in a tornado. Because it is not the wind that does the damage. It's the SHIT THAT'S IN THE WIND. In a tornado really heavy crap, and lots of it, starts to "swirl." It goes in a circle and since the circle is round there is a constant SIDEWAYS RAINFALL OF CRAP. It's usually very HEAVY and BULKY crap. Like cars. So what happens is that a fucking CAR hits the side of your house at 200 miles an hour. An instant later A FUCKING HORSE hits your house at 200 miles an hour. Then a fucking steel fencepost and then a fucking cement lawn jockey and then ten million other things flying in a tight little circle hitting your house like a huge machinegun from Mars. Meanwhile all the bricks that have been blown loose THEY START FLYING IN A CIRCLE TOO. And what's inside the circle? Why, your house of course. So your brick house is being pulverized by its own bricks. So you're fucked. Even in a brick shithouse. Maybe even MORE fucked than in a tent. Maybe. Fuck you.

The Australian Fires

These fires look totally bizarre and weird and beyond comprehension to me but apparently not to any newspeople. Not one fucking thing makes any sense about these fires. And not one reporter has a fucking word to say about how weird it all is. There is nothing more USELESS than news reporting. You learn nothing. You just become totally confused. It's like hearing reports from people who have no eyes, no ears, no thought processes in their heads, no observational powers....they just REPORT. Who the fuck NEEDS that. We don't need a fucking report. We can see the fucking mess. We need to hear some ideas. You will NEVER get an idea or an opinion out of a newsman. Anyway the fires seem like pretty Twilight Zonie fires to me. They melted metal. Turned it into liquid. Not one explanation from a newsfuck. People were burned up IN THEIR CARS WHILE FLEEING. Not one mention on how the fuck this can happen. Overhead pictures show buildings burned to powder surrounded by nice lush happy green trees, all shady and calm and serene. It was like either all the structures were made out of GASOLINE or else someone was hurling firebombs at them. I did manage to learn that the government and global warming and the policies of George Bush for the past eight years are to blame. The imbecile who rules Australia he made a speech. It went like this. He had his head down and was all ya know real morose and sad. Supposedly. I guess his house burned too. He said - and just insert a ten second space of time in between each word, would you please?....cause that's what hedid." hot....and... relentless...and... merciless...and... sometimes..... orange..... and...lives......and....friends...and.....relatives....and.....pets.....and.... bits of wood.... sometimes toilet paper....." I mean it was fucking idiotic. We all know what the fuck fire is, monkeybrains. And he went on for ten minutes describing fire. Fucking piece of shit idiot bureaucrat.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Got An Email From Dennis

"the white house meal staff was surprised when the obamas ate with their
hands and Mrs.Onigger said they would have to get used to it. the staff that
is.Won't the staff be surprised when they install vines so Barack Onigger
can get to the different places at the white house and a couple of elephants
to get into town." I dont think i can add anything to this. jjs

Ovaltine Office

The previous post about Vince McMahon is the first time the Oval Office has been referred to as the Ovaltine Office, since it is now full of useless brown crap. So when you hear it being used by someone else you can say to yourself I actually know who created that joke; that fantastic blogger fuck that nobody reads and anyone who does gets totally pissed. Fuck you.

Vince McMahon For President

Vince McMahon ought to just go into the ovaltine office where that brown faggot is sitting and throw him out the window he sometimes tries to enter in and just declare himself president of the United States. I don't think anyone would even try to remove him. Because everyone would instantly know that NOW eveerything was going to be run right. From top to bottom, inside and out, from back to front. It would be great: total exciting entertainment on a global level 24 hours a day and the best steroids available for everyone at a reasonable price. Plus lotsa hot chicks in bikinis rollin' on the ground pullin' hair and scissoring each other's crotches with their own. That fuckin coon in there now is just a goddamn fucking borefest with his Karl Marx ideas that even Karl Marx would be bored with by now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Good Thing About Our New Nigger

Another good thing about our new nigger is - it really makes you realize that America IS fucked up, and that Americans really do not have any control over their own destiny when you look at the fellow that has the highest office in the land and it's a fucking heathen muslim fucking wiseass funkyass fuckin' nigger. At that point you GOTTA realize if you have even one working brain cell in your head at all, you gotta realize "I deserve better than this." I know I do. Fuck this shit. Fuck this Country. And fuck you. I'll take my chances on my own without America's help. I know I sure ain't gonna lift a fuckin' finger to make that nigger's job any easier, that's for fuckin' sure. The two hundred year experiment in psuedo-liberty failed. We are now one step away from a fucking African Tribal Village Banshee Voodoo Nigger Zombie Cult. Good job representatives: you sure didn't represent me. What the fuck was I payin' all you assholes for; to hand me a nigger chief? Jesus christ, i coulda got one o' those in an apartheid city in South Africa. Now were gonna see why the Whites in South Africa tried so hard to keep the niggers behind a fence. And I'll just point out that there was a whole lot more room on the NIGGER side of that fence than there was on the white side. There was all of Africa and Europe and Asia on the nigger side. South of that fence was the bottom point of Africa and the rest is just ocean and ice. And the niggers, well they just HAD to have that southern part. Yassuh. And the rest of the world insisted that the niggers were the good guys. Jesus Christ, we deserve what we get with this idiot coon in office. I guess he bein' where he is just means that we have finally hit fucking bottom because I have to admit the white fucks that went before him weren't all that much more on the fucking ball. And unlike them, this nigger IS a fucking worker. He aint taken a vacation yet, so far as I know He's workin' 24 hours a day to fuck things up to the max, I'll give the fucking moolie that. He's already put in more time at the office than all the other Presidents before him combined except Washiington. From Washington to Obama: the long long increasingly fucked up road to the bottom. Welcome to the bottom, White America, wherever you are, whatever nigger rap song you're listeing to, you've gotten your wish, we're all wiggers now, ite.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Farm Kid Writes Home About The Marines

Your loving blogger did not compose this.

Dear Ma and Pa,
I am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother
Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a
mile. Tell them to join up quick before all of the places
are filled.
I was restless at first because you get to stay in bed till
nearly 6 a.m. But I am getting so I like to sleep late. Tell
Walt and Elmer all you do before breakfast is smooth your
cot, and shine some things. No hogs to slop, feed to pitch,
mash to mix, wood to split, fire to lay. Practically
Men got to shave but it is not so bad, there's warm
water. Breakfast is strong on trimmings like fruit juice,
cereal, eggs, bacon, etc., but kind of weak on chops,
potatoes, ham, steak, fried eggplant, pie and other regular food, but tell Walt and Elmer you can always sit by the two
city boys that live on coffee. Their food, plus yours,
holds you until noon when you get fed again. I t's no
wonder these city boys can't walk much.
We go on 'route marches,' which the platoon
sergeant says are long walks to harden us. If he thinks so,
it's not my place to tell him different. A 'route
march' is about as far as to our mailbox at home. Then
the city guys get sore feet and we all ride back in trucks.
The sergeant is like a school teacher. He nags a lot. The
Captain is like the school board. Majors and colonels just
ride around and frown. They don't bother you none.
This next will kill Walt and Elmer with laughing. I keep
getting medals for shooting. I don't know why. The
bulls-eye is near as big as a chipmunk head and don't
move, and it ain't shooting at you like the Higgett boys
at home. All you got to do is lie there all comfortable and
hit it. You don't even load your own cartridges They
come in boxes.
Then we have what they call hand-to-hand combat training.
You get to wrestle with them city boys. I have to be real
careful though, they break real easy. It ain't like
fighting with that ole bull at home. I'm about the best
they got in this except for that Tug Jordan from over in
Silver Lake . I only beat him once.. He joined up the same
time as me, but I'm only 5'6' and 130 pounds and
he's 6'8' and near 300 pounds dry.
Be sure to tell Walt and Elmer to hurry and join before
other fellers get onto this setup and come stampeding in.
Your loving daughter,