Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year's End 2011

Oh, hi nobody!! As you know there is one more year to the end of the sock monkey's term of wreckage. On Jan 1 I will be gearing up for a return to this blogging adventure in an effort to do my small part to put as much negative energy into his life, enough that he will cease to exist along with all those who like the fellow. Of course this will leave his wife alive. but you know what? - you take whatever winnings have been pushed across the felt at you and you leave the table.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Los Angeles Shit-In

The mayor of los angeles, a man named....some mexican name, i dont know what it is, rodriguez or chico, does it matter?....he said, almost with tears in his eyes after he used half the police force to shoo some vagrants off city hall property - where they have been shitting for 2 months - he said this was the greatest accomplishment of the los angeles police department in the whole history of the los angeles police department. He is considered a fool even by illegal mexicans. The cops have to be pissed by this praise because ten grannies with canes a-swinging could have run them off. On the other hand they are punished when they use force to clobber assholes so why not praise them when they just say "shoo"? The cleanup crews are all in hazmat suits. I am not kidding. It is like Bangladesh there. None of this bothers the mayor. he keeps saying he is proud of the shitters as well as of the cops. they behaved themselves he says. Well, yeah, they are all dying of dysintery and TB, of course they behaved themselves. EVen the press has grown weary of them. I suspect Obama is, along with mayor sanchez, proud of them too, he made it clear they represented his party in all their filth and indigence and random acts of criminal activity. The area looks like Haiti.