Friday, September 26, 2014

Rush Limbaugh

   Rush Limbaugh - who I listen to in short bursts - actually gives me the creeps. Especially lately since he has started his fixation on nigger football players beating up women and him now giving a side of the story that is soft and cuddling of the nigger football players. Now, true, so far the nigger men have only been beating up nigger women. So white people are not especially involved in all of this because who cares?….if you have a nigger boyfriend you're gonna get beat up and so are your kids, whether or not your nigger-boyfriend-for-today is the father.
   Sudden swerve in this essay, if I may?…. have you noticed that nigger men beating up little nigger male children is the only time in remembered history that other nigger men from all quarters of public life have quickly chimed in, almost in unison, to proclaim "Dis is whut we duz! Dis iz how we raze 'em!! Dat's whut mah daddy done! An' dat's what Ah duz!! All us niggahs do dis!! It's a good tang!!!" They all rose up in unison. Over this!! Beating up little boys!!
   Hey, in the African Homeland they eat dead ebola patients and get pissed at you if you try to stop them. So…….that's what we're dealing with here. That's the legacy our niggers come from. Cultural evolution dies hard. If at all. Usually you have to just exterminate the culture to make the behavior and the traditions and the beliefs and the voodoo disappear.
   I seem to have majorly lost my place here.
   Oh, yeah: Limbaugh.
    So he's rallying to the defense of these dopes in an effort to "save the NFL" which he - correctly -  sees as being targeted for extermination by Washington DC, the foreign Muslim nation on our shores that we call the Capitol for some reason when we should be calling it an invading enemy. Well, an invaded enemy, actually, they pretty much have the high ground all over America. Americans are more loyal to DC than they are to the United States. Which DC is not one-of.
   So Limbaugh is majorly defending these fuckheads because 1: he is trying to save the NFL since they are apparently incapable of saving themselves, and 2: because he is - I am convinced - a sexual predator. Any woman who can be around him at all without puking from disgust either is simpleminded, a total fame-whore, or else loves the feel of fatman feces slowly descending onto her face.
   There is absolutely nothing creepier than Rush getting coy and verbally touchy-feely with the enigmatic "Dawn" entity who apparently inhabits the radio "studio" where Rush's incessant ignorant, unlearned, unteachable, fat-bellied voice emanates from. It's like listening to a desperate, teeny-peepied psychopath breathing hard while peeping through the neighbor woman's bedroom window. Charles Manson is actually less creepy to listen to. At least when you listen to Charles Manson you get the feeling that he has had sex before and got no complaints. He talks to women like a calm seducer rather than a drooling, anticipatory chloroform attacker.
   Now, make no mistake, Rush Limbaugh is a complete and total and fervent and resolute idiot. On some level he knows this. But so far his only opposition is the Liberal Philosophy which, to some extent, even Rush Limbaugh can effortlessly ridicule and get no "pushback" - as we say now - from the Liberal Side because even though the Left knows Limbaugh is an idiot they also know he is their best ally since he does not actually have a problem with the Liberal Agenda in principle, he just has a problem with it taking-over at the pace it's taking over. He would much prefer things slow down a bit and that there be an occasional time-out for waving the flag and sining God Bless America. That's all he wants. I don't know why the Left is so fired-up against the idea. It won't slow down the Left's victory to have a flag waved once in a while. But, hey, the Left is even stupider than the Right, so I guess that's what ya get.
   So Rush is defending the NFL because he knows the NFL doucebags are too fucked up to ever say anything as sensible as "Hey, we're these nigger's employers: not their policemen. You have a problem with my nigger's behavior off the field?….call a fucking cop. And then go fuck yourself."
   But CEO's don't talk this way. because they know DC owns them. Look at the owner of a nigger basketball team: he made some remarks during a phone call that was being illegally recorded and he had his 2 billion dollar team taken from him. Washington owns everything. They just dont lay a claim to it until it becomes necessary. Then they do. Then they take it. And they are never stopped.
   So Rush is trying to save the NFL. And while he's doing it he is parading his indifference to women and children in the process. Because he's a fucking ape. The only reason he isnt beating up women and children himself is because if any of them fought back they would kick his ass. And he knows it. So he disguises his foul nature with stomach-turning remarks to his coworkers and the occasional hot-sounding female caller. He's the aural version of the visual experience of looking at maggots in the carcass crater of an exploded horse stomach.