Monday, June 29, 2015


 I have so much hate in me Siths routinely come to me to offer counseling.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nestle Water

Nestle Purelife water in the 16.9 0z plastic bottle, the bottle is so thin trying to save money in packaging and appear all holy and sanctified to the dyke brigade of environmentalist marxist commies, the plastic is so flimsy that when you finally manage to unscrew the impossible-to-unscrew top off, the hand that has been not turning the cap, the fingers all come together and push the contents of the bottle out onto you and onto everything under and around you. And then when you throw the bottle at the wall in a fit of rage the more water gets onto stuff. None of the things the water ends up on being the interior lining of your stomach. This is what happens when CEO's want to make friends more than they want to make customers.


   Antman looks like the dumbest fucking pile of shit I've ever seen.

Two Escaped Billion Dollar Americans

   Two Americans apparently outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution managed to escape their imprisonment for having done things people who never knew them arrested them for and people who never knew them paid for their room and board, well, they escaped and the people paying their room and board then had to pay 1,000 (one thousand) bureaucrats and their dogs to go look for them for three weeks. All of them on salary and eventual pensions. Of course just letting them go and sealing up the hole they made...that was absolutely out of the question.
   Well, they killed one. So they quit looking for him, they had him back. He was dead, but he was back. They didn't just leave him where he lay, they carted him away. Dead. They went looking for him and they killed him. If you escape I guess the deal is they hunt you down and kill you to teach you a lesson. You are not supposed to try and escape. You are supposed to behave. You were put in prison for apparently not behaving, why they expect them to behave when suddenly thrust unto conditions rivaling the subterranean hellholes of Ancient Rome, I dunno. Why they expect a turnaround in a misbehaving nature by poking sticks into their hides, I dunno.
   Anyway they found the second guy today and shot him too. So far he ain't dead. They are going to try to keep him alive so that they can put him back into prison only under worse conditions since he escaped. Which you are not only not supposed to do you are not even supposed to make an effort.
   Since both those guys were born up until today, nothing they have done or have had done to them has affected my life. And yet I am suppose to pay for all this retribution the State needs to take upon them, up to and including hunting them down and killing them. Why not just shoot them while they are in jail? Save all that hunting time and man-hours, since I'm paying for this. Assholes.


Chris Squire died.

Christians and Muslims, Second Attempt

   If you are a Christian and you find that you are sounding anything like a Muslim or doing anything a Muslim does, then you are doing something wrong as a Christian. Chief among these crimes being the Christian need to threaten someone they are arguing with with eternal hellfire if they don't start agreeing with the Christian who is doing all the threatening. Muslims do this too. And better than you, they have the Koran to guide them which is a pretty thick pamphlet of descriptions of hell and torture. If you want to really threaten someone with punishments and do it with some verve and pizzass after they have started turning back into dust, you might want to become a Muslim.
   Another thing Muslims do is ritualistic repetition of meaningless and useless tasks that accomplish nothing other than exhaustion and fear to the performer of them. Catholics are the Christians that most resemble the Muslims in this regard,  in fact, except for the Jesus Thing, Christians and Muslims are almost identical in the fruits which they impart to their devotees: which is fear and a ruthless need to punish "wrongdoers;" the wrong-doing here usually being the commission of a victimless crime or the omission of a meaningless ritual.
   Both Muslims and Christians regard a single book as "holy," one being a history book, the other being the crazed demands and hallucinations of a deranged lunatic. One group call their book "the word of God" even though the God in it does the least amount of talking of all the people who actually do talk in it.
   To most non-Catholic Christians the Bible is the fourth person of the trinity.
   To Catholics, maybe to their credit, maybe not, the Bible is basically an unknown quantity, something that is "used by the Protestants."
   Christians and Muslims both hate the Jews. They both claim different reasons but the real reason is because the Jews, A: don't really care how you behave as long as they get the discount or other unearned bonus they feel they are for some reason entitled-to at the checkstand..... B: they don't give a shit about the afterlife, and, C: they don't try and convert you.
   These three attributes are hateful to Christians and Muslims.
   Christians and Muslims are very preoccupied with their own and everyone else's genitals. This is because they deny themselves genital experiences that they are tempted by. Unlike the bonobos who just give in to them in a spirit of cooperation and mutual orgasmic bliss. Therefore, unlike bonobos they become fixated on sex out of crazed frustration, self-inflicted, and usually expel these compulsions by killing someone. Ot maybe by killing a lot of people over a long period of time.
   Thus has been created the word and concept of "taboo." Fucking your mother is taboo but aborting your offspring or tossing it alive into the fires of the statue of Moloch....that's a holy act designed to please the deity. Fucking your mom is a heinous damnnable offense. Even if she's smokin' hot. Fucking your sister?.....let's not even go there. Abortion? Child-rape and child murder as an offering to Ikstactelxetl, the Bird-God of Gay Plumage and Throat-Slitting?..... that's a noble and holy act of love.

Christians and Muslims


There needs to be a new word for the kind of Christian I am. One that clearly expresses the vast Grand Canyon that separates me from all the rest of Christianity. I am a Jesus Defender. I am not a "follower of Jesus." I am a defender of Jesus. I am about as interested in following in Jesus' footsteps as I am in getting my dick sucked by a piranha. I am about as interested in the "afterlife" as I am in becoming a Scientologist. I am monitoring mine and my neighbors' genitals about as much as I am monitoring the cat five blocks away. I give a shit about who marries who as I care about Jane Goodall's mother fucking chimpanzees. I defend Jesus. I do not "live a good life." I defend Jesus. I don't give a shit what you do if it doesnt affect me. What I do, if it doesn't affect you, is none of your business. Christianity is not about me. It's not about you. It's not about your balls. It's not about your daughter's pussy. Which I have seen. And licked. Christianity is about Jesus. Period. Who he is. What he did. Why he did it. And how he apparently failed miserably at it. And how you can use that to your immeasurable advantage. I defend Jesus and I preach the good news. which no one wants to hear. Because they have a lifelong investment in lies and misunderstanding and erroneous notions of behavior and a belief that only by policing their neighbors can peace on earth be achieved. Hey, fuck these assholes. I defend Jesus. Not you. In fact, I don't even like you. I am more satanic than I am Jesus-like. Jesus wants you to live and live abundantly. I want you to die a horrible death, preferably while I watch and eat hot dogs and drink beer and get a handjob from Jaime Pressly.
   It turns out this posting has nothing to do with Muslims. I apologize.

The American Government-Worshippers

   I don't discuss political "theory" or politics in general with "my fellow Americans," most of whom are now illegal aliens from Persia or from the Mexican nations of Central and South America. I might make a political utterance or statement but I do not debate. I'll give you a perfect example of why.
        Americans are very staunchly concerned about their "elected representatives." This is all veddy veddy veddy important to them. Oh, yes. Doan chu see. Even though they never actually encounter or interact with their elected representatives. Ever. Nope: the only government officials they are ever likely to see are the cops who arrest them and the judges who sentence them and the prison guards who will keep them from escaping. And all of these people are unelected. Yes, that's right, citizen: the people you are voting for you will never interact with. The bureaucrats that you actually will be interacting with will never have run for office.
     Now, were I to say this to an actual white American Christian - you know, the bulwark of our American Society of which we hail?.....he would just stare at me like I was a bit deranged, all the while feeling some vague sense of unease and then shake his head and get on with his life, muttering a bit. And if it was a woman American Christian she would do the same, only angrier and insisting she was going to pray that I come to my senses, although this prayer would never actually get said. It would be just a threat of prayer.
   You see, these harsh realities of American Government are not anything white American children citizens ever hear from their white American citizen parents. They just hear arguing among the relatives and neighbors who come over about Republicans and Democrats: two political parties who will never arrest you or sentence you or keep you from escaping. Only cops and judges and guards will do that. But you see? are not suppose to put actual flesh and blood people into political discussion. you are only supposed to talk about the higher, almost mystical life forms known as Presidents and Senators and congressmen and City councilmen and Mayors and Governors. You know, the elected people. Who you will never meet or have contact with.
   the "average American" prefers this. It's less energy-consuming. It takes less mental and physical effort to deal with a phantom they will never meet than with an actual individual who will come pounding on the door. Or cell.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Fucking Goddamn Pope

   This new pope is a real piece of unfumigated shit. The Jesuits have always been a bunch of wiseass
bookworms who are convinced that they are fountainheads of wisdom and insight. 99% of them are Marxist hacks. I don't know what the other one percent are. Probably boy fuckers like all the other priests.
   You would think that the dude elected Pope would be the guy who can give the best sermons and homilies about Jesus. Wouldnt you? Especially if the fucker is a Jesuit, right? I mean they're named after Jesus. They hardly ever talk about the dude. They talk about socialism. They ought to start a political party in the United States and join the Republicans and the Democrats and the Libertarians and all the other socialist parties we gut infesting the fucking Country.
   While all Popes go on and on about the poor, even though Jesus basically dismissed them from the discussion altogether when Judas brought them up, this Pope in particular has a boner for the fuckers. Not only that he want people who ain't poor to feel guilty about it. He has the imagination of a college freshman: he's interested in the same things: Marxism, the environment, global warming, about the only thing he ain't latched onto yet is atheism. However he is knocking at the door with his loving kindnesses toward fags. Most priests - being fags themselves - should be particularly relieved to know the boss actually likes them.
   Being Pope, like being Christian, is all about what you reading this are doing and whether its permitted in the eyes of God. Popes and Christians all seem to know what God wants you to do and makes sure you hear about it. When God gives these instructions to these people they never explain. You would think that would be an interesting topic in itself. It never is, though. I guess when you are on speaking terms with Yahweh and Jesus that you just take it for granted.

The Pope Will Explain Reality To You

   This latest Pope, the one with the chin you could land jets on, he fancies himself quite the thinker. In fact his thinking is so accurate and precise and so aligned with reality that Marxists and atheists and collectivists and socialists and yes, even Muslims, Muslims themselves, have come to gather at his feet in praise and thanksgiving that the Catholics at last have a Pope every bit as dimwitted as they are themselves.
   He has won an especially even more wondrous and sublime and cherished position in the hearts of the destructors of Mankind and the rational processes by declaring that humans can actually change the weather. There have to be enough of them, of course. One human cannot do this on his own, he has to have help.
   Of perplexing vexation to those of us who would like to prevent these people from altering the weather is that no one can point to anyone in particular responsible nor can they explain what in particular he is doing that is creating the change in particular that is being talked about. It's all very vague at this point but no one - in this camp - has any doubt that they are making-chase in the right direction and that it is only a matter of time before the exactitudes of all this are codified and articulated.
   And now leading the chase at the head of this barking and howling pack of fox hounds is Pope Francis. Yes, a man who is convinced that he, even if he were to have just fucked a little boy in the ass, can install Jesus of Nazareth, body and soul and blood and flesh into a wafer of bread-dough simply by uttering a certain sequence of words and as a result can get obedience from God Himself to fly headfirst into the cup of small wavers and redistribute himself, like a massive Coca-Cola delivery into America's Wal-Marts, into these disks of glutenous goodness, there to be devoured like the leg of an eland down the gullet of a hyena, and slide down the throats of millions of properly-prepared devotees, later to be excreted into the toilet and sent down through the sewer systems and out into the sea, to be again devoured by properly instructed and dutifully sanctified plankton.
   It's all really quite beautiful.
   So it is not at all surprising, or at least shouldn't be, that a man who can order the Creator of the Universe into a wafer of Wonder Bread can certainly ascertain and divulge the vississitudes and vagaries of meteorology. Earth science would be nothing at all mysterious or confusing to a man who can dip into and out of the quantum world of the supernatural and change the structure of matter from insensate carbohydrates into the flesh and blood and muscle and sinew of the Divinity Itself.
   So, anyway, this guy says that humans are changing the weather. Humans are causing the earth to "warm." Why a warm earth would be bad since you can fuck a lot more often in a warm environment than you can in a cold one, creating more Catholics for the Pope to teach the mysteries of transubstantiation a mystery to me. But Catholics thrive on mysteries so if one reads this previous sentence he will doubtless welcome me into the fold after a proper period of instruction into some of the other mind-shredding truths of the faith.
   He has not stopped at declaring the hidden truth of weather and declaring the mighty powers of mankind over it, no, he has made a pronouncement or two about private property also, taking the 7th and 10th Commandments and tossing them into the sea. Which is rising, you may remember, thus sinking these two Commandments deeper each day. Which cannot fail to provide the Frankster with an added bit of delight, over and above the tossing.
   Yes, he has declared that your stuff belongs to people who don't have it, and that you even having the stuff has caused the people who don't have the stuff to not have the stuff. No one said this was understandable.  They are only saying it is insightful and wise and the truth. Oh, not me, I am not saying this. Everyone else is. I'm just the messenger.

The Uncitizen Soldier

   Obama - a muslim enemy operative and commander in chief of ISIS as well as of the US military - good idea, floundering Fathers - is very hot to have illegal mexicans become soldiers in the American army and "earn their citizenship." At least that's the story he's telling you because he knows you're an idiot, since you elected him and proved it.
   American cops have no problem attacking and killing Americans, and Americans have no problem letting them do it. American soldiers however would never think of doing such a thing. American soldiers love American citizens. They die for them in fact.
   Obama knows this. However a military filled with illegal Mexicans - who detest Americans because "we stole their land" - would not hesitate to attack and kill American citizens. And since Obama is disbanding municipal, county and State police forces "because they are racist" - he is going to put his illegal alien military in charge of attacking and killing Americans.
   Of course no one sees this but me. Because no one but me has their eyes open. Now some might say "No, you don't have you're eyes open, you're just paranoid."
   If I was paranoid I would actually be all panicky and giving a shit. And I'm not and I don't.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fags Getting Married

   Today the supreme court, an assembly of employees immune from getting fired forever for some insane reason known only to the Floundering Fathers, declared that fags and dykes can get married all over America and no State or county or city government can stop them.
   Much has been shown by this edict.
   For one thing it demonstrates that the idea of "States Rights" is a myth carried inside the heads of diehard lunatics -  bureaucrats and normal tax-paying lunatics alike.
   For another thing it demonstrates how angry most Americans get when something is allowed. Americans do not like liberty. In any form. If you can't go to jail for doing it then it ain't worth doing.
   Third it shows how ignorant American "Christians" are about Christianity. American Christians are convinced God instituted governmental, legalized marriage. They are also convinced marriage is "holy." They are also convinced marriage is something apart and separate from the two people getting married, such that, no matter who the two people are, when they get married they are doing something holy. Even if they are Muslims, probably the unholiest people there are or ever will be. Marriage is still holy. Regardless of the two parties involved. They also are convinced that a man cannot marry a man. Why? They never explain. Also a dog cannot marry a cow. Why? They never explain. Marriage is clearly an arbitrary pronouncement handed down from savages in the jungles and on the plains 500,000 years ago to today, up to and including the Assyrians and the Sumerians and the Egyptians and the Zulus and the Tlinkits and the Apaches and the Methodists and the Jehova's Witnesses and the Maori and the, did I say Apaches?.....handed down from them to us today right here in River City, in 2015, unchanged, and unabating, the misery and travail almost impossible to eradicate such is the human addiction to the jungle voodoo known as marriage. And only a man and a woman can perform this voodoo properly or else curses and bad luck and celestial events will scare us all to death.

Scientology Explained

   Scientology is an untested-scientifically instructional and training course that teaches you how to reclaim your "true nature" which is that of an all-powerful being. It is based on statements and assertions by one individual, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, who claims to have learned these facts by recalling all his past lives, going back trillions of years.
   So there you have it.
   These few facts are apparently enough to cause thousands upon thousands of people to become convinced converts to Mister Ronald enough to where they will disown and perhaps even injure any relative who tries to rescue them from what is clearly voluntary madness. I mean you don't just wake up one day and realize you are a Scientologist. No, you have to actually work at it. You have to want to make it happen. So I think it's safe to say that you can't blame Elron entirely for his followers' condition. They were right there cooperating with the fucker in their race toward madness. In fact it might be safe to say they had a good running start before Elron even caught up to them.

Donald Trump

   This blog was started because Caniggula was chosen as the democratic candidate. I knew he would win. He did. this blog will end when he is gone. And could there by in my mind a better person to replace him than his exact opposite, Donald Trump? No. No there could not. We will have gone from Marxist to Capitalist. God bless Donald Trump. Today he fought back against Univision, the wetback tv broadcasting network that declared they would not be carrying the Miss USA "contest." Trump said "Fuck you, none of your ceo's and executives can use my golf courses." HAHAHAHAHA now that's how Americans fight back.

Fag Marriage

   As you may remember, this blog was started during the days when blogs were all the rage, and this one was started when the Muslim negro communist homosexual simpleton with 300 different official names and passports and lands of birth became president. This was a public venue for me to rage against the machine of machinelessness, which is Marxism, and which is Obama's personal teat from which he sucks genius into his head.
   What does any of this have to do with fag marriage.
   Well, nothing. But today is big news all over America because the 9 homos on the Supreme Court have graciously decided that homos can get married. Since I myself am not a homo this news does not affect me in any imaginable way and I have a good imagination. If homos are that insistent about being hogtied into legalized misery and the heinous consequences therefrom, haha, it fucking serves them right. I gut no problem with it.
   It does, however, seem to have traumatized the Christians. Christians are obsessed with sex and with the afterlife: two topics Jesus never discussed. Jesus especially never mentioned faggotry. Never mentioned it, never referenced it, never commented on it, never did a sidebar on it, and if any incidents of homoness even ever occurred within viewing distance of Jesus and the decip and the various townspeople, none of it got written down. It got buried, apparently, and we're just not going to talk about it.
   Christians, however, talk about little else. If they can't talk about cock-sucking...they don't know what to say! It's like as though they think about nothing else other then orally nursing from an erect penis, not their own. I'm the only Christian on earth, apparently, who says to them, before they run away, "Fags ain't an issue. Christianity aint about cock sucking or not cock sucking."
   Christians apparently do not want to hear this. Especially if it's actually true, which of course they are convinced it is not. According to the Bible they are reading, as opposed to the one I am reading, semen-slurping by men is the total focal point of the Old and New Testaments. Dick-sucking, dick-sucking, and even more dick-sucking is what the Bible is all about and the message is pretty clear that it has to stop. No more dick-sucking. Ever.
   I don't know where they get this. Probably from Lucifer. Lucifer is fanatically obsessed with things that are not important. Christians must pick it up from him. It keeps the attention off of Jesus - the actual focus of Christianity - and puts it on us; the idiots that needed redeeming. From the effects of Lucifer.
   It's almost like Lucifer is still in charge.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Global Warming

   Global warming, if it's happening, is caused by the sun. Since I personally have not noticed any change in the planetary weather my entire life, then I can only assume global warming does not affect me personally. And so therefore I don't care if it's occurring. Because it doesn't affect me. If it affects you then you worry about it.

Banning The Confederate Flag

   Since the confederate flag is causing such a commotion I thought I would fly this one just because I'm me.

An Important Reminder

   Most news stories that you read on the internet, if you check the name, were written either by a Muslim, a Jew, a negro, a Mexican, or a woman. So the "news" item is actually just that questionable person's opinion. Which opinion is probably erroneous, stupid, an intentional lie, agenda-driven, or, like I say, just plain stupid. So remeber, it's not "the news." It's an opinion  being disguised as "righteousness." And probably a stupid opinion. Always check the name of the writer. It will never be "Smith."

Jesus' Mom

   The normal assumption by Catholics is that Mary, Jesus' mom, was a very pretty, attractive, shy, bashful, long-suffering little waif of a girl who endured in silence the humiliation of being an unwed mother.
    What if she was astoundingly ugly? That would certainly make her story of having been inseminated by God a lot easier to believe. "Holy shit, she's gotta be tellin' the truth, no human would fuck that. She's uglier than Moms Mabley. Even with teeth." It could be God actually does know what He's doing after all.

Da Knee Grows

   A lotta nigger "leaders" are going around these days gathering groups of fellow niggers together and ordering them to go kill whitey. You would think that a negro would have enough sense at least to know that negroes are not good at following orders or doing what they re told. Now a lotta white people are very worried about all this negro rabble rousing. For one reason white people are not that much smarter than negroes and do not have enough sense to know that a negro is nothing to be afraid of. They also don't seem to know - just like the nee grow "leaders" that negroes do not follow orders because for one thing they're negroes. And for another thing there is no other thing. Thewy are negroes. They do not obey. Anyone. They just do whatever the negroes around them are doing at the moment. And it usually is not reading, writing, or arithmetic.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sgt. Swine-ton

   A cop named Swanton has become the spin-doctor for the Waco-ambush on a bunch of motorcyclists, an incident that happened 30 days ago or so.
   He has a facebook page, of all things, so this alone should tell you that he is not anyone to be taken seriously as a human.
   On this page a while ago he posted this:

I have begun to realize there is a group of individuals who regardless of what we say will have a tainted picture of what actually happened at Twin Peaks. You will no doubt see that in the comments that follow this post.
My response to a post from a concerned citizen in reference to our ability to release everything at this point: (please also see the link to the Tribune Herald article that better explains how and when evidence is released to the public)
Donald....have to say thank you for actually being a sensible voice of reason here and maintaining some civility. Obviously what I release has to be approved by PD administration, investigating detectives and the District Attorney as this case will need to be tried in court, not on Facebook.
I said from the very first day we have several videos that captured the scene at Twin Peaks. That fact stands and is undeniable. The FBI is in possession of those videos to assist us in the investigation. It is not up to me as to when that gets released but rest assured it will. Unedited, unaltered and will show exactly what was started by bikers and how it led to officers having to use deadly force to stop their violence towards each other and Law Enforcement.
We have been and will maintain to be truthful, as transparent as possible without jeopardizing the case investigation and will reveal every aspect of this case in time. Some think we can release everything at this point but that is simply not the truth. This is real life and not a made for TV movie.
In the early hours of the incident we put out as much as possible in a very fluid situation to inform our public. We immediately corrected any information if need be as we learned more during the investigation. That is not any indication we misled anyone. It was simply an attempt to share what we believed had occurred during the start of the incident.
Thank you for your concern and as we can, information will be shared with all in as timely a manner as I can.___________Sgt. Swanton

   Since no one actually reads my blogs, especially this one, the incident this bureaucratic dunce is talking about is a horde of local police, state police, county police and federal police opening fire with .223 caliber varmint rounds from semi-automatic shoulder weapons against people not shooting at them and who were at a - basically - HOA meeting for motorcyclists and motorcycle social and riding clubs.
   That's the incident. As you can see I was able to present the incident briefly and cogently and simply and at no time needed to resort to sound-bite expressions, political bromides, cliches-of-the-day or anything else that does more to put one to sleep than to get their attention.
   Swine-ton, on the other hand.....jesus fucking almighty christ of god and the angels of the firmament on high; he's thanking people, he's expressing his personal emotional relief at things, he's itemizing bureaucratic procedures and other procedures, he's frowning at critics "who know nothing" - well, jesus christ, asshole, of course they know nothing, you've spent a fucking month earning another 5 grand in salary and benefits for specifically not saying anything and for not giving any information: of course your critics know nothing. He's cautioning against rushing to judgement, he's cautioning against coming to conclusions, he's cautioning against being impatient, he cautioning against not feeding the cat, he's cautioning against assuming something is something someone else might be assuming it isn't, he's cautioning against leaving the house without a coat, he's cautioning against thinking about anything until all the facts that are deemed acceptable to know are in, he's cautioning boiling a ten minute egg for five minutes, he's cautioning everyone about everything there is; meanwhile that's the only thing he's doing - cautioning others and saying how naughty everyone is who has a problem with his job performance. And, of course, the other thing he is doing is doing a poor job.
   You see, this is how it is with bureaucrats, of which Swanton is one: you are always the problem. They are never the problem. And on those occasions when it is clear even to a non bureaucrat that the bureaucrats are the problem, like, say, regarding an ambush in a restaurant parking lot orchestrated by cops from all 4 governments, city, county, state, and federal against restaurant customers....even in a case like that you are the problem: in this case for not being patient. It's always you. Just wait: we have to proceed slowly; this requires this and this requires that and we dont want to rush to judgement blah blah blah, blubber blubber blubber, transparency sustainability dialogue coming together unified environmental diversity debate compromise reaching across the aisle bipartisan thoughts and prayers go out. No; you dont want to rush to judgement, Sergeant, or rush to anything else. Except maybe to the next parking lot where an ambush is scheduled. You'll probly get up early, drink some extra coffee and pop a few pep pills for that.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Letter to Limbaugh

   I hand wrote a letter to Rush Limbaugh on huge stationery that has a huge Mouseketeer picture of myself on it 'cause I decided to play the Disney card. It said the following:

Dear Rush;
   You know how you are always going-on about the Constitution?
   You ever read that thing? You ever read just the Bill of Rights, even? You have?? And you want to fight and die for them??
   Five of them - which would be half , since I believe you yourself are from Riolinda - half of them do not even come into play until you are arrested or are about to be! Wow: a bill of "rights" half of which you cant even use until you are arrested and one of those isn't even that generous, it merely gives others the right to take your belongings and also barge into your house and upend it. That's some largess of great gifts. What the hell kind of rights are those? Rights for dimwits and idiots? Did anyone vote on this? Were any of them even marginally sober at the time? Could any of them read?
   Two of the remaining 5 don't even concern people! They concern the Federal government and the State governments' obtuse and murky and pompously-meaningless relationships to each other.
   One of the remaining three concerns....huh?.....soldiers in your fucking house? We have the amazing right not to house soldiers? But then you read the next sentence. Which is, basically "...unless we order you to in time of war." It also doesnt specify whether you have to house friendlies or the enemy. That part is left for a later "interpretation" by the Supreme Court, and depending on whether or not they are Muslims. 'Cause if they are Muslims you can pretty much rest assured that you will be housing Jihadists if ordered.
   One of the two remaining fantastic rights is the right to complain!!! That's right, you can complain in a group, you can complain in a letter, you can complain in a note, and what will you be complaining about? will be complaining about how you are being fucked hard in the ass by the people employed courtesy of the Constitutionally created bureaucracy of politicians and law enforcement and civil servants. Attached to this right to complain is the hitch-hiking right to believe things that may or may not be true. You get to do this! It's your right.
   And finally, and last but not least, you have your final remaining right in the Bill of Rights, you have the right to own a firearm unless you are forbidden to own a firearm.
   Let's hear it for this noble and ground-breaking list that is so very very amazingly awesome. Who were these geniuses who thought of this? Wow. That is great, good job, you guys, you really burned the midnight oil and it shows.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Pope of Poop

This from a news item

   The pope opened the leaked draft of the encyclical by saying climate change is the Earth’s way of protesting “irresponsible use and abuse of the goods that God placed in her.”
    “We have grown up thinking that we were her owners and dominators, authorized to loot her,” the draft read, according to a translation by The Guardian. “The violence that exists in the human heart, wounded by sin, is also manifest in the symptoms of illness that we see in the Earth, the water, the air and in living things.”
     The statements led Fox's Gutfeld to suggest Pope Francis "doesn’t want to be your grandfather’s pope. He wants to be a modern pope," Gutfeld lamented. "All he needs is dreadlocks and a dog with a bandana and he could be on Occupy Wall Street."

    Juan Williams, another Fox News contributor, jumped in to challenge Gutfeld's statements and remind his colleague of the pope's spiritual interest in protecting the earth. "What about if the pope is simply saying… We should do all we can to support God’s green earth. Is that so radical?"

   In the actual world of actual Christianity this sort of crap dribbling out Mr Big Chin's yap would be called heathenism or paganism: attributing to the planet sentience. He also has not read the fucking Bible. God ordered man to "subdue the earth." He didnt say "nurse it back to health." This pope is a fucking monster. He'll be taking a dump out that upstairs window he stands at, waving, probably more sooner than later. 

The Cunt In Chief

   Well, the Kenyan ape that runs the country, a day after a white lad killed 9 negroes in a church, the Negro ape has gotten up, with sad sack joe biden by his side, wiping obama's saliva off his dick, standing there looking calculatedly grim and the negro ape fuck said "this sort of thing does not happen in the other advanced countries." meanwhile while he is saying this his fellow veldt critters in baltimore are being slaughtered, not by white people, but by each other. And this has been going on for a month. He aint said shit about it. a white guy kills some africans oh dear, let's call a meeting of the american people right now. fucking cunt faggot whore slut pussy faggot.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Big Paybacc: Gone From Us

   I suppose you heard. Big Paybacc was shot dead in a Macdonalds. The thoughts and prayers are going out so fast that I have to keep ducking to keep from being hit in the head from some of them. I realize none of this is news to any of you. But there is always one among the thousands visiting this entry right now who for one reason or another might be in the dark. We should not ridicule such rare individuals. Sometimes there is a valid reason. So therefore I will say Big Paybacc is - was - a "rapper." A "rapper" is a negro who recites murder-related nursery rhymes to a rhythmical beat while making hand gestures, slouching, looking quickly sideways and then back at the camera, walking in a kind of remedial, sub-human, post-chimpanzee perambulation that validates Darwin and makes a complete mockery of Creationists. There is no way God would have created such creatures "on the spot." God is not that fucked up. Only the hit-or-miss randomness of mutational numbers-crunching, genetic opportunism, thousands of years of errant experimentation on a fluctuating planet, and the constant propping-up delivered by self-loathing white populations can have resulted in the species that now relentlessly "raps."
   Naturally the reporters who reported the news - reporters and news both being in quotations marks that I can't be bothered doing myself at the moment - naturally the reporters who reported the news only wrote down what the police department spokes-dolt iterated to them. They did no investigative reporting on their own. The just wrote down what the uniformed investigators told them.
   There also was no "personalized reporting" - that is reporting as though done by a real person.
   I will be doing some of thatright now just so that you can experience the experience of it. Keep in mind that this kind of reportage journalism will get you kicked out of journalism college.
   So here we have a negro named Big Payback who is killed via a big payback in a fast food restaurant traditionally worshipped as a church by Black Americans.
   This is, like, fucking hilarious.


   The New Yorker, America's most retarded publication ever, is very concerned that Donald Trump, with his logic and insight, will destrpy the Republ;ican Party. That's not the way Senyore Cassidy put it, no, Trump's clowning and retardation will destroy the Republican party according to the New Yorker asslicker journalist. This is the first time in recorded history the New Yorker has ever been concerned about the Republican Party being hurt by anything. So that's a bit puzzling. If you're stupid. What's really bothering the New Yorker is that Trump will actually become President and do something right and sensible. Of some kind. Any sensibleness coming from DC would frighten the entire New Yorker staff.


    I been mentioning for a month on Muslim-lover Book that Uber would any second be coming into the State Eradication radar and that it would take no time at all for the government to put this enterprise out of business, since that is what government does, because government cannot allow anything but itself to exist. And it has started. Uber has been proclaimed something that needs to pay all the things that the State insists business pay for even though it is not part of the business. Government wants all business to fail. The ones that exist at the moment are the ones that have managed to survive despite all the government obstacles to survival. Uber came out of nowhere and, like a narcotic, became outstandingly popular and in demand. Because it had no regulatiopns. It just had satisfied customers. Well, various courts and bureaucrats and other people incapable of surviving in a free market economy or universe and started to pull hard on the reins. Uber will last maybe until Christmas if even that long. It will go down under government control as fast as it went up under freedom.

Banned From Facebook

   Expect some activity on my blogs that no one reads for the next 30 days. I have been banned from posting on fagbook for calling the black panthers fags. i dont know if it was the black panthers who got upset or if it was the fags or if it was the originally mentioned fag black panthers. Since I have stared a fourth blog about cops this layoff with no pay will give me the opportunity to fill up my newest blog with anti cop delights and philosophies that one day will transform America from it's present day commie nazi police state to a no state. I was born not actually needed a State or a government . all i need is porn, food, drink, clothing and shelter and a way to purchase them. i dont need to be taxed or fined or jailed or executed. i just do not require those things, they are not a value item to me. thank you and fuck you.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christopher Lee Eulogy

Christopher Lee never had an instant of doubt at any time. If he decided you needed to die then you would die. He would never stop to maybe reconsider your fate. Because Christopher Lee knew there was no need: with you dead things could only improve. He never had any misgivings or remorse or ever tried to second guess himself. He knew he would find someone even worse than you to kill tomorrow or the next day so why not kill you as soon as possible before there was a backlog. Christopher Lee never listened to arguments designed to persuade him to let you live. You could say your piece but he never actually listened. Once you were done with your pathetic, meaningless little plea for mercy he would smile and proceed to kill you. One especially charming aspect of his monomania to end your life was that before he set-in to work on sending your soul to its eternal reward he would usually make a short statement to you regarding some aspects of your murder that you, alas, would not be able to witness and experience. Such as the deposition of your remains.     ".....and once I have ascertained that you are dead, i will take your empty, souless corpse and feed it to the thousands of starving and deranged cats that i have living beneath the castle. Which i have raised from kittenhoods for this very purpose: to devour your flesh. i tortured them and starved them as soon as they emerged from their mothers. They have extremely ravenous and unsympathetic dispositions and stomachs. they will make short work of you. No one will visit your grave. No one will lay flowers at your tomb. You will become cat feces, spilled upon a stone floor 100 feet beneath the surface of the earth. There will not be enough recognizable of you for Jesus and the angels to resurrect on the last day. I am denying you not only of this life but also of your life to come. My cats will enjoy a more real and substantial eternity than you will. Because there will be more of them intact when Jesus comes than will be the case with you." Yes, Christopher Lee not only would kill your body and your salvation, he did it without a lot of second-guessing of himself or pauses to reconsider. Nor did he lose himself in regret or remorse or guilt or anguish that maybe, perhaps, he should have not have done what he did to you. No. There was none of that. He knew you needed to be killed and that he needed to be the one to do the killing. It's what he did. In fact, while he was explaining to you why you needed to be executed, those who listened who were not you - which would be us - we would find ourselves slowly nodding to ourselves in agreement. "Yes: he does need to die. I see that now." Even the victims would often be swayed into agreement by the soft tones and reasoned logic of Christopher Lee standing close to them and explaining the facts of life and death to them with an expressionless expression. And when he was finished how could there be any doubt that he was right and you, the victim, were wrong? There could be no doubt, that is correct. Being killed by Christopher Lee was, if anything, not a punishment, but an opportunity. It meant that your life, even if unimportant, was going to have a decidedly flamboyant ending. It meant that finally someone had taken an interest in you. In fact enough of an interest to merit for you a closing statement; an explanation of how it is that you deserve what is about to happen to you. He gave you an appraisal of your entire existence. One you yourself might not have ever even considered. "You were brought to me so that I might become stronger through the absorption of your worthless marrow that will be transformed into nobility and purpose. It will be transformed into me. So do not think that this is a sad and unfortunate occasion. It is not. It is a chance for your life - worthless as it was - to take-on some meaning. Thanks in large part to me. In fact thanks exclusively to me." Reasoned rhetoric designed to persuade himself, if not you, of the necessary need for your earthly departure was what gave Christopher Lee most of his irresistible charm. Assuming the death stroke itself was not charm-filled enough for your liking. It was not enough that you be killed, it was very important that you be informed - with a courteous and calmly delivered preamble - why you were dying, how you would be dying, the justification for your being imminently murdered, the consequences of your death, assuming there were any, since your life was of no consequence apparently, otherwise you wouldnt be here, and a short homily on one of the sciences: perhaps philosophy. Perhaps the history of ethical standards among humans vs those of the so-called lesser species. Maybe an explanation of the nature of pain. "Pain isn't really real, you know. It is merely an interaction of electrons between, say, the site of the intrusion - in this case where i have jammed a shard of glass into your scrotum - and a rather etherial, non-substantial vapor of interpretive chemicals somewhere in your brain, perhaps near this exposed portion of your head where i have removed some of your skull." That sort of thing. Always ready to impart knowledge and wisdom to a victim, perhaps the first real informative lecture of their lives, Christopher Lee was more than a sociopathic engine of death, he was a teacher. Havent you all held in your memory the name and face of one particular teacher who made a difference? Yes i think we all have someone like that in our life. Well, to many facing an upcoming sentence of death via slow agonizing torture Christopher Lee was that teacher. "I think you should find the next few hours most instructive, considering the relentlessly uninformed existence you have plodded through so far on your boring path of emptiness that was your life until now. Your skin is going to be dissolved by muriatic acid: a chemical usually reserved for swimming pools. This batch here is being reserved for you. While you yourself are not a swimming pool, in a very short while you are going to take-on some of the appearances of one, if i am not being too liberal in interpretive definitions; you are going to become liquified. And while i do not think children will hurriedly run over to swim in you even if the weather gets hot enough, you will take on some of the aspects of a swimming pool; your flesh will gurgle like a pool filter gurgling air and water with a sound like a rutting walrus, as pools make because the level at the fill-line is too low." So often run of the mill murderers address you with nothing but gunfire, a garroting, or a stab to the midsection with a two edged knife. No lectures, no explanations, no moments of quiet dialogue and civilized verbal interaction between victim and perpetrator. This was never the case with Christopher Lee. There was always time for explanation and debate. Christopher Lee never lost one of these debates either. You almost wonder why he held them. But he did. he did, and we learned from them. We learned how to explain to a corpse-to-be how it is and why it is that he is, of the two people present, why it is that he is the one who is the criminal and why it is that the apparent murderer is actually the put-upon victim. These are valuable lessons to be learned if one is about to embark upon a life of life-taking or professional politics. Otherwise who could endure the guilt and remorse and regret? That is correct, no one could endure it. Why not turn things around so that it becomes the victim's problem? And that is what Christopher Lee did. He taught us how to kill with certainty and conviction. Perhaps the most valuable lesson any human being can learn. Christopher Lee, you will be missed. But you will still be with us in your films. And you will teach us and all future generations throughout eternity here on earth and throughout the galaxies way out there. Christopher Lee: the most important man who ever lived. Rest in guilt-free peace. We all owe everything to you. As you have so often reminded us as we stared into your eyes for the last time before you gave us what we deserved. Amen.