Friday, July 4, 2014

The Aging Rebel

   The Aging Rebel is a blog devoted to waving the flag of "outlaw biker" sovereignty. And by outlaw biker I mean the groups called bike gangs by the FBI -  the Federal Bureau of Idiots -  and listed in their Most Wanted catalogues. Unlike Islam. Which is not. I told you they were idiots.
   Where was I.
   Oh, yeah. So The Aging Rebel blog is owned by a man named Donald Charles Davis. He's a pro-Mongols, pro-Hells Angels, etc, journalist, essayist, philosopher, reporter, etc devoted to defending what we will call bike gangs. Bike gangs are on a public relations mission lately to "not be called gangs." Because gangs are apparently illegal. Or the name gang is illegal. Or something. According to law enforcement, apparently, "gang" is something only a negro or a Mexican can be a part of apparently and get away with it. "Street gangs" are looked upon with a kind of quiet reverence and tolerance by law enforcement whereas "bike gangs"  are apparently targeted Enemies of the State working on domestic soil for the overthrow of the American way of life. Even though most bike gangs are inhabited by combat veterans who killed foreigners for a low pay rate for several years. Whereas the street gangs never left their filthy squalid neighborhoods and only fought with their girlfriends, and usually - the Mexican slash Aztec slash Central American aborigines certainly - detest America.
   So anyway on this blog there are a lot of followers and commenters who are law enforcement officers and psychopaths who were just too fucking crazy or lazy to become law enforcement officers and people who wish they were cops and people who are not cops but think they are or are free lance law enforcement officers…..anyway there are a lot of childish, psychotic, sadistic bullies who comment because - like most cops - they want to be "outlaw bikers in the Hells Angles." Because they see in these groups they are arresting but want to be a part of…….well, frankly it's complicated. The mind of a law enforcer and wannabe law enforcer is a writhing morass of seething contradictory frustrations. Ten thousand Freuds and ten hundred thousand L Ron Hubbards could not unravel it. So anyway these moronic mental patients want to be a part of this blog. Because the owner of the blog apparently mixes freely with these people -  these biker gangs wanted by the FBI -  and apparently these biker gangs are convinced he has their back. I myself have never seen an occasion that would contradict this conclusion. He does apparently from what I can see does have their back. In fact, if anything, from what i can see, they are the ones that should have his back. And for all i know they might. I dunno. It ain't my universe. I just observe it.
   So this blog is followed by tons and tons of law enforcement types and wannabe law enforcement types and the most preposterous of these are also frustrated writers. Bad frustrated writers. They are also - having cop brains - convinced that this blog is actually theirs. Not the blog owner's. They make great pronouncements on things the blog owner himself never pays any attention to. They relentlessly write long - badly written - treatises on whatever the post is that they are commenting about. They also unerringly drive off anyone who should actually be there who they think is not "manly" enough. To them "not manly" means not insane with mommy and daddy issues. The owner of the blog does not interfere or interact with comment items unless they are aimed at him personally or unless there is some huge disruptive nightmare in progress. Usually there are no huge disruptive nightmares in progress because the cadre of self-proclaimed blog cops patrol the area and dont allow innocent - to them completely alien - thoughts or observations or theories or sentiments….unless they are genuinely vapid, stupid, idiotic, have the word "bro" in them, and are filled with the word "respect." One of these blogger security agents actually has the hilariously ghastly pomposity and This Is My Dominion delusional narcissistic ridiculousness to close all of his remarks with "long may you ride. (those that deserve to)" His kids have to either all be in straight jackets or all on death row or all living under bridges in soul-sucked-dry despair. He is not only the blog's rent-a-cop he is the arbiter of worthiness to have or use a motorcycle. This is not only a cop, this might actually be a chief of police somewhere or perhaps even a congressman.
   There are also real Federal assholes who comment who make no pretense about being anything other than real Federal assholes. They dont pretend to be bikers. They make it clear that they dont like bikers and they dont like the blog. They are as delusional as the blog security guards but at least they have actual jobs in law enforcement and they do not pretend to like bikers - unlike the blog security guards who actually detest bikers but want to be one (remember i said it was convoluted?) At least the bonifide agents of the Feds admit they hate bikers - which they do - so on the sanity level at least they are closer to normal than "long may you ride those that deserve to." 'Cause in "those that deserve to"'s mind nobody actually deserves to. Other than him. Only he deserves to. For some odd reason. One probably having to do with his father.