Thursday, April 2, 2015

If There Were No Negroes There Would Be No Racism

   Negroes - the only race claiming a free ride in life at the expense of all the other races - are the only reason racism even exists. If there were no negroes there would be no racism. Negroes are the only reason there's racism. Negroes are the only race all the other races agree don't really belong here. All the other races - and even ethnicities - are content to tough it out as best they can without blaming some other race for "keeping them down." The Chinese, the Hindu Indians, the Hispanics....all these cultures and races are content to roll up their sleeves and  try and get with the program: the program being live your life and try and extract some measure of enjoyment and satisfaction from your existence. The Chinese?....they come to America, they establish an enclave, they fill it with businesses and they slowly assimilate into the culture and they open up tutoring centers for SAT's. Negroes don't do this. They wreck their own community and then they demand to be moved into non negro communities to wreck those.
   The reason for all this "world against the negro" business is because negroes, of all the races, never had a civilization. Even the Mexicans come from a civilization. The lowly Peruvian indiginate, yes even he came from a civilization. One with buildings. One with thousand of people. One with order and facilities and a written language and STONE. Negroes only came from dirt and stick cultures. isolated tribes about as akin to a civilization as the Apaches. The Chinese came from a civilization. The fucking Cambodians had a civilization. The Japs, the Mexicans, the snake charmers of the Indian pesthole of monkeys and cattle in the streets.....they once had a civilization. Negroes only had at best stick huts. They cant adapt as a race to civilization because there was never one in their dna to draw from. Negroes fear civilization. It frightens them. If you give them one they destroy it.  They are more comfortable in junk and debris. They are why we have racism. And they have somehow managed to convince whitey that he is the problem.