Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DC Fights Danger To America By Arresting Tweeters


This has to be my favorite news story for all the wrong reasons of all time. And it just came in today! Two British non Muslims with white skin and probably breath reeking of tea and crumpets were arrest at LAX for tweeting that they were anxious to start partying in America. This tells me that the Feds not only monitor all electronic communication in the USA.....they have no idea how to interpret it. I blame the schools and compulsory education. It is a good bet that the interceptors were Negroes. However the people responsible for actually making the call and the arrests will never be of any interest to a news-writing journalist on a major media payroll. That would indicate actual curiosity rather than stenographic ability.

Rush Limbaugh

I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh all morning for some reason. For a sold three hours he has been talking about himself and making it look like he's talking about other people. He calls Obama a narcissist. Obama could learn a few things about self-absorbtion from Limbaugh. I thought back on previous shows and realized the only actual real topic of conversation on the Rush Limbaugh show is himself! Today he is talking about himself under the guise of talking about Gingrich, Romney and some as yet unidentified third "republican" candidate. But it is really about how RUSH will be voting not about any other specif individual. How RUSH will be portrayed if he says this or if he says that. What tomorrow's newspapers are going to say about RUSH'S alleged or unalleged support or lack of support for this or that candidate. It always spirals out from Limbaugh under the guise of some other topic. But if you pay attention you look at the other person in the room and kind of wince and suggest aloud..."He's actually talking about himself!" turns out, yes, he is. It makes for a kind of fun game if you can stand the stentorian sound level of his involvement with himself - to examine the topic and see how it really centers around himself while appearing to be about someone other than himself. This is the secret of how he can talk extemporaneously for hours at a time, which he himself is quick to boast on, he can do it in front of a mikle and he can do it in front of an audience. I know now that he can do this because he himself is always the kernel, the core, the actual subject matter of any speech or presentation. If he was to talk about George Washington it would revolve around how he affected Rush's life, and how Rush and he see eye to eye and how Rush would have reacted to the during that Story About The Cold that has something to do with George Washington "Could I have handled that winter at valley forge, hmmmm, i dont think so, i requirte a minimum of creature comforts, i need my cigars for one thing and i need to have my computer, and i would have not been a good soldier in the Revolutiionary War because I don't hear so good I have this cochlear implant that would prevent me even from being good on guard duty....." lbahblahblahblahblahblahit'sallaboutmeblahblahblah.....

Monday, January 30, 2012

Kelly Fucking Osbourne

I've about had a fucking bellyful of Kelly Osbourne. Oh dear!...I must not say a bad word about REE AHH NAHHHH!! I must not criticize her green shoe and her red shoe on the Fashion Police. "Oh, don't say that about Riannah!! I went to school with her CAT, you see!!" Jesus, she JUST KNOWS EVERYONE DON'T YOU KNOW! Well yeah, bitch, the whole free world idolizes your fucking FATHER! No wonder everyone was over at the house. "OH DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT KATIE HOLMES' DRESS!! SHE WAS HOLDING ME WHEN I WAS BAPTIZED!!" Fuck you. She should have swung you into a marble abutment. "OH DEAH!! DONT CRITICIZE THE QUEENS ATTIAH!! SHE PAINTED MY BEDROOM WHEN I WAS A BABY!!" Nobody on the Fashion Police can say anything about anyone because, oh dear, Kelly knows them personally, they were very instrumental in her growing up. "Why are you even watching the Fashion Police anyway, faggot?" Hey, it doesn't matter, don't change the subject. Kelly Osbourne has done nothing in her life except become famous for dropping 100 pounds on a dance show. Oh look! - the hundred pounds is back on her fat ass again!! Never mind!! She has no useful talents, she has no skills, she has no work history, she has no knowledge of anything except who she knows but OH FUCKING DEAR DONT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT DEH-MEE!! Fuck Demi. And fuck Kelly Osbourne. And what the fuck, fuck you.

Republicans Creating Jobs By Eliminating Jobs

The Republicans in Washington - which is not part of the United States but part of Saudi Arabia and Europe and Africa - is submitting a "plan" that will involve 300 billion of your childrens' tax dollars to reduce the trucking industry to something that Mexican drivers can handle. Why the myth persists that Republicans are capitalists and not socialists I suppose has the same answer as why the myth of flying saucers and Atlantis persist. Because it takes no effort to trust in mythology and also incurs no ridicule. Only belief and trust in Jesus incites ridicule. And lots of it. And sometimes a fucking beating. This has not escaped my notice.



the g o p wants to eliminate State income taxes. This is because the g o p is a Federalist group of lifers living off federal taxes. If the g o p was actually connected in any way to an American Principle they would be screaming about getting rid of federal taxes since the federal government is not a part of the United States. On a scale of good and evil the republicans are all down at the same end of the seesaw as the democrats. And there is no one at the other end. Except MAYBE Thomas Paine.

The Constitution

I do not know even one "patriotic American" who thinks the Constitution is a pile of shit except me. I am all alone in this boat. I will probably die all alone in this boat assuming America outlives me. Which if the nigger in chief gets a second term i can assure you will not happen. CLEARLY no patriotic American who "wants a return to the Constitution" has ever read it. And we don't need a "return to the Constitution." The Constitution is still running your life, you don;t need to fucking "return" to it, you never wandered away from it.

The Constitution is a sargasso morass of verbal sludge that would fell a rhino in his tracks if he ran into it. The first word IN it is "we" and not "you." The underlying assumption of the Constitution is that something (and if you are a liberal "interpreter" of it make that everything) is more important than you; namely the Constitution. So from the getgo you are secondary. The Constitution exceeds you in importance. ALLEGEDLY the Constitution "protects" your rights. Well, how is that protection working out for you. Been to jail lately? Been arrested lately? Paid a fine lately? Been subpoenaed lately? Gone to jury duty lately? Paid any taxes lately? Been drafted lately? Are 4 governments in your daily life enough for you? Skipped school lately if you are of mandatory school age? Then under the Constitution that you think is protecting you you are being fucked with day and night, from your birth to your death. You are no more free than a fucking Apache born ten thousand years ago under tribal savagery.

For 11 years after the defeat of King George Americans were free. Being free is apparently very uncomfortable for humans. As soon as possible they try to install someone or something to "govern" them. Whatever the fuck that means. I guess it means to make all their decisions for them. So a few people, acting under the alleged authority of EVERYONE got right to work figuring out how best to subject you and everyone else to its edicts and declarations. They then created a Constitution to guide the new government's creation. Jesus Christ, it's more complicated than Washer-dryer instructions in english written by a fucking Chinaman. The most instantaneous assumption declared by the Constitution is that you are SUBSERVIENT to it!! Even if it was being interpreted by people more conservative than William Buckley and Rush Limbaugh combined, you would still be on a daily basis handed your ass on a plate. It enslaves you from word one. You are just hauled-in. You cannot "protect someone rights" by creating a government - which by its nature tramples everyone's rights. You dont voluntarily pay for something that you dont use and that is of no personal use to you. No one would use the government if they werent forced to. And the Constitution forces you to use it. Even in its most benign interpretation possible you are screwed through the ass. Try and tell that to a "patriot American." You will FAIL, and the patriotic American will call you a communist. Or something. He'll think of something to call you.

Santorum Plays The Sick Child Card

I notice that Santorum is finally starting to act as weasely as he looks. Things were getting dark for his political attempt at living the high life in the Negro House courtesy of the idiot tax payer and he dragged his kid into his murky world of sludge and goop. And then?....after hearing that she was at death's door?....A Miracle!!...She is well!!. Well, of course she's well, there was nothing wrong with her. My guess is he will drag Jesus into this to let people know that jesus holds Santorum in such high regard that he personally fixed Santorum's daughter. This is like what the other guy did while his wife was dying of cancer he was fucking half the town and dangling the dying wife in front of everyone as his personal cross to bear, not him hers. HAHAHAHAHAHA office holders; making ordinary sociopaths look good for ten thousand years.

Why I Am A Christian

I think if you are a Christian you should tell why. I do NOT think you should try and make other people Christians. Or at least I do not think EYE should. I don't give a fuck what you do, you want to fucking convert the stupid go right ahead and good luck with that, asshole. Where was I before you fucked me all up with your interruptions. Oh, yeah: I'm a Christian because I am one of those people who needs a religion. First of all. Is that good? - is that bad?....who gives a fuck. If you need a religion why not get one that requires you to do NOTHING. Christianity requires you to do nothing. Christianity says Jesus did it all you just suck up the juice. Picking up other peoples' leavings is very easy for me, I'm a born trash picker. Christianity is God's trash. To me the mystery of Christianity is why anyone would NOT want to be a Christian. You have this guy who's a Jew who goes to the other Jews to tell them he is going to turn them into the super race and create a new social order based on capitalism and free enterprise and where there are no laws and there is no government and that as a bonus not only are there no laws but even if they do things wrong they are not going to be held responsible by the deity because Jesus has proclaimed it and in fact is going to take all the punishment actually due Mankind and take the hit himself. Now.......who the fuck would say no to that. Apparently a LOT of people. What word would you use to CALL such people? Well, I would use the word stupid.

Now there are a lot of people who do not need a religion. You're in luck!... Jesus did not come to save the Just! So you're cool, Nonreligioners. YOU GO, GIRLS!!

Now someone might say If Jesus came to the Jews and the Jews killed his ass....why ain't that the end of it. For the same reason Pontius Pilate LIKED Jesus even though the Jews didn't. Because Jesus was interesting. The Jews brought this everyday Jew blasphemer to Pilate in the middle of the fucking night, interrupting his blowjob with the towns male and female teenagers, his wife is nagging at him to stay clear of the fucker - Pilate talks to Jesus for five minutes and he takes a liking to the guy. And he takes an even stronger DISliking to the Jews who brought him there. Not that he liked the Jews anyway, Italians are Italians, we don't like them now and we didn't like them then. And it's the same with other non Jews; Jesus is likeable, he makes no demands, he has offered to fix things, he is filled with sound advice, he has a window to the future that he invites you to try and look through, to throw your preconceived notions about how things should be aside and take a look at how things eventually WILL be, you can make it happen now or you decendants a million years from now can make it happen, sooner or later it's gonna happen, want to take a look? Who would say no to that. Who would say no to taking a look. I took a look. I got it. Fuck you. AND your mom.

Banned From Facebook Up More Date

In a few hours my 24 hours of punishment will be over and I will be permitted back onto Facebook. I have spent a small amount of time pondering which memeber of which group i got pissed off enough to actually file a complaint with Facebook or which Facebook employee got pissed off enough to censure me. I decided it was a Jew. Not a Christian, not a Klansman, not a Negro, not a Muslim, not the Feds, not even Obama - the only reason I am even ON a communication arm of the net. I mean he's the reason. Everyone else I verbally attack, that's just extra credit, a free short-subject, a bonus in between Obama attacks. So I decided it was a Jew. I can hit pretty hard when it comes to Jews. I have those fuckers figured out almost as good as Jesus did. In fact I even have more ammo than Jesus had because I can go on and on about them KILLING Jesus whereas Jesus couldnt, or didnt, because he had been killed. I on the other hand can take it from there. Jews get angrier at me that they even did with Hitler, and what am I saying, they rolled right over for Hitler. Also Hitler was annoyed with what I consider the Jews virtues. I am annoyed by what are their pain in the ass annoying problem areas. So there is a difference between me and Hitler. Also I don't care if the Jews live or die. No jews?....fine. Jews?......ok, whatdafuck, who gives a shit. You would think the Jews would be delighted with this attitude. Nope, they hate me more than they ever hated Hitler because I am a threat not to them but to their crutch: the State. Without the State - like Scientology - Jews are helpless. They need the State - as does Scientology - to keep them in existence. Otherwise they would gradually be absorbed into Christianity - like they are supposed to be - and they would just be Americans. Unfortunately America is now a State and not a personal attribute. So the Jews will remain a separate entity, they will all move to Israel and they will all along with everyone else be slaughtered in the final war. If I saw even one reason why this will NOT happen I would mention it. So it was likely one of my Jew remarks that did it. Zuckerberg is a Jew after all. He probably identifies with Jewness and Jewness means Petty Revenge. Still Facebook is his property and so, OK! Sure, I will cry some. But I cry when chihuahua killers are jailed so I could be just overly sensitive.

Jews, Muslims, Governments, And Scientoloigy

Jew, Muslims, all governments, and Scientology are the four groups on the planet who are convinced that they are immune from criticism. Which tells me that they are the four groups on the planet most deserving of criticism. Because they are the four groups on the planet in the most error. When you have an investment of time and money in a lie you fiercely defend the lie rather than admit you are a complete and total idiot. The problem with the Jews is Jews are a species. You dont choose to be a jew like you choose to be a Muslim or a Scientologist or a citizen. You cannot unJew yourself. So a Jew is in an even bigger mess than the other three groups of people. For a Jew to admit that he has invested his life in a lie he has to admit he was born an idiot. So Jews fight the hardest against criticism and fight the hardest to make other people defend them since they are totally incapable of defending themselves on their own because then they would have to rely on their Deity who they do not particularly like. Unlike the Muslims who submit to their deity the Jews want their deity to submit to them. And of course Jesus, their redeemer, they contrived to have him executed by Italians. I guess they thought no one would notice that they were still the instigators. When you execute your own Promised One you have to expect a lot of misery down the road. You also have to expect people to point out that you have your religious head WAY up your ass to kill your own god especially when he was actually god!! I mean that is fucked up.

If I was to make up a list of which of the four was worst of course Islam would be the worst, government would be next worst, Scientology would be the next worst and I hate to admit it but Jew would be the least worst. Jews never go out looking for new Jews. Jews - and me - know that being a Jew is a dna thing. Not a recruitment thing. And being Jew doesnt mean that you are a practitioner of Judaism. Whatever that even is. Jews have traditions more than they have an actual religion. Being a Jew is a cultural dead end that you grow up in rather than a roadmap to heaven. I dont think most Jews even consider the liklihood of an afterlife. Probably the main reason why the rest of the world detests the fuckers. But there are plenty of others so there's something for everyone to hate with the Jews. Have you ever noticed white Anglo Saxon Protestants NEVER get upset if you call them white Anglo Saxon Protestants? There is a very simple explanation for this: there is no REASON to get upset for being a white Anglo saxon Protestant. It's the best thing you can be. And, like being a Jew, you have to be born into it. If there was ever a chosen race it would have to be that one. The white Anglo Saxon Protestant one. But for some reason white Anglo Saxon Protestants think its very "christian" or something to hand over their birthright of advancing the global population to Mexicans living undernear donkey hides, Muslims living underneath camels' balls, Jew living in a 4,000 year old dust bowl in Israel, and Apaches, living in casinoes. Since I am an Italian I don't really GIVE a fuck what the anglo saxon white prostestants do, I have my own agenda I was born into and I'm comfortable with it. Still, it would be fun to see the white anglo saxon protestants claim what they already own: sovereignty.

Scientology is a bit of a mutant in the world of oppression, you have to pay to get oppressed - like with government - however unlike with government, you CAN get out from under them without having to move to another country. Also, unlike government, Scientology does everything it can to KEEP YOU IN A GOOD MOOD while it is taking charge of your money and property, and never puts you into a concrete cell if you dont hand over your stuff. Also unlike government, Scientology maneuvers you into a position of guilt to make good on your imprecise debts to Scientology by offering you things on credit. Sometimes people will fight AGAINST Scientology by employing a GOVERNMENT as an ally. Which is a very odd thing to do because if you look at the title of this posting you will see that governments AND Scientology are in the title. And you are not. Why would you engage one of the entities in the title to fight against one of the other entities in the title? They are both in the same business: fucking with YOU.

Scientology is very fierce in defending their terrain because their terrain is a PROCLAIMED terrain and not a proven one. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that Scientology does anything other than make you a Scientologist and reduce your personal income and liberty. Scientology can not be "taught" by anyone outside of Scientology, just like only an officially "ordained" priest can turn bread and wine into Jesus's body parts and only a proper "priest" can teach you the truths passed on by Moroni. to the Muslims' credit you dont have to go to school to be a muslim, you merely have to tell the guy who says "Be a Muslim now or die" that you are now a Muslim. then you don't die. Unless you are a Shiite and he is a Sunni. But he will take your stuff. They ALL take your stuff because that is what all four things in the title are all about: taking your stuff. If they can take YOU PERSONALLY in the process? - hey, that's just bonus points.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Banned From Facebook Update

I have been banned from Facebook for about 8 hours. I am almost forgetting Facebook ever existed. The first time this happened I hovered around the laptop for the entire 24 hours going through withdrawal. This time I am a lot more nonchalant about it. I call it "growing." I did other things for the past 8 hours. It was kinda weird but not unpleasant. Cecily noticed almost immediately although she doesnt know I have been banned. "Did you just say hello to me?" was I believe the way she phrased it.

Why The Sock Monkey Will Lose

It's the end of January at the moment. On tuesday the Florida Republican primary will happen which Romney will win. Romney will then go on to defeat the nigger in chief. Because....the only reason the nigger in chief won was because he was running against the biggest dimwitted fool in American history. Romney is not a stupid asshole loser like Bush. So O'nigger cannot win. Because nobody really liked him to begin with. But EVERYONE detested George Bush. That's how fucked up he was. Romney is a GOP useful idiot but not an idiot in the traditional sense. Whereas George W. was an idiot in both senses. So the nigger will lose. No contest.

Chihuahua Golf Ball

Someone got arrested today for using a chihuahua as a golf ball and driving it with a driver all the way into a veterinarian facility. The dog golfer is being held on 5000 dollars bail. Hitting a chihuahua like a golf club is a bad way to hit a chihuahua because you lose some of the momentum on the swing by creating a divot. Hitting it like a baseball with a Louisville Slugger does a better job on the things. I can't believe they arrest you for something like that. Hitting a collie?...ok. A chihuahua? It's crazy.

Welcome Back To Me

I have been blocked from Facebook for saying something someone didnt like. Facebook said this is my last warning. What that means is that I will now be here instead. Unfortunately there is no one to talk to here. Blogger is a lonely place. No one interacts, no one says hi, no one talks about their dog. It's nothing like facebook. I am frankly surprised I lasted as long as I did on facebook. On the plus side, since they will be a public corporation soon that means the feds will basically own it and will likely start arresting people like me who call obama a stupid nigger. Which I wont be doing on facebook anymore it looks like. So this could keep me out of jail. In 24 hours after i am permitted back on i will download my facebook history and then resign. Obama is going to be defeated and he was the only reason i got onto the net at all. And a woman in Germany talked me into going onto facebook in the first place and I just did it because she's hot. Men are basically very shallow people. Me not being on facebook isnt going to upset HER one way or the other so everything should be fine. Not being on facebook will certainly give me more time to devote to not enduring people a lot stupider than me. which is most of the people on facebook. Here, I dont have that problem. Cause there's nobody here BUT me.

It's not exactly clear why i was banned, they never tell you, its just that you have violated some policy. Since i do not get paid to be on Facebook I don't really see a problem with them kicking me off of it. I was really only using it as a public notebook anyway. Periodically I download my entire Facebook history because I don't know if you realize it or not but everything I write is very important. To me. Not to anyone else. But their lack of class is not my concern. I am my only concern. I would like to THANK Facebook for being a perfect records-keeper for me, Facebook has been a fantastic notebook that I never have to actually keep track of. Wherever my computer is my Facebook notebook is right there too. I will be allowed one more chance on Facebook in 24 hours. I will then download everything I ever said on facebook and then ERADICATE my account. Sure, the nigger in chief will be able to access it, but not anyone else. And then I will be back here on Blogger. Until the sock nigger loses the election and then I will be nowhere on the net. Except trolling for porn. Which is REALLY the only reason God created it in the first place.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Romney Wrecking Ball

Well, whether you like Romney or not the energy is in the air that the asshole who made this blog possible in the first place, Our Muslim President, is heading for the trashcan where he should have been tossed at birth. Things didn't turn out that way, not only did he become President, he has bred offspring, two little Macdonalds customers who, unlike the Palin children, are given a complete free pass by the press against attack. What this means is that I am the only writer on earth attacking these two Hottentot, wide-assed Oprah fans of the future. At the moment, Romney is coming under attack from his fellow Republican candidates for being a Capitalist. Go figure that one out, meanwhile I will continue on here. Like him or not he is welcome to take over the White House as far as I am concerned. I even created a campaign cheer: MORMON OR MORON/ WHO WILL IT BE/ THE ALMOST-A-CHRISTIAN/ OR THE SOCK MON-KEY!! BURMA SHAVE!! Is catchy, no?