Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Nigger In Chief And the Tea Party "Lunatics"

Today the nigger in chief called the Tea Party people the lunatic fringe. Well, the ones "at the core." As far as I know the people "at the core" of the Tea Party are exactly like the ones that just showed up yesterday. The entire Tea Party is the core. There are no "differences of opinion or points for debate" in the Tea Party. The Tea Party is united in an unwritten unifying energy: Obama is a muslim lying commie prick. That's basically it. Now, since I am in more or less agreement with the Tea Party goals that means the nigger in chief is calling me a lunatic. Fair enough, i have been calling him a nigger since he won the election. However now I am going to call him a nigger all over the place. Not just here. Because he is a nigger all over the place. Not just here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bidding Adios To The Vagos

Let's talk about the Vagos, shall we? We might as well talk about them, we won't be actually seeing many of them for much longer. In fact we probably won't be seeing ANY of them for much longer. Because, you see, the Vagos have done something very very...I don't want to say stupid. I'll say foolish. Foolishness is something even the most intelligent can fall prey to. Foolishness does not imply stupidity or low intellect. Satan is foolish and he is a genius. He is the most intelligent created being. And every being is a created being except Yahweh. Yahweh is uncreated. No, I do now know how the fuck this can be so don't ask me I don't know. Well: we've gone from the Vagos, to God. Let's go back down to Vagos level, shall we? Follow me. Ok, this will take a while. Ok, here we are. Now, the Vagos have done something very foolish: they have declared war on a police DEPARTMENT. An American police department. This is different from declaring war on a - or on several - specific police OFFICERS. When you go to war against a particular cop, every government agency in the United States does not get immediately, and with great urgency - involved. The thinking is, well, maybe he has it coming, or maybe he's a problem child, or maybe he is "dirty" or maybe it's just normal job threats from people pissed off at the System and it's nothing personal or it's random. Or something. The attitude is, well, let's see what shakes outa this bag before we all go apeshit over it. Now, after 9-11 we all heard a ton of crap and nonsense and exhausting name-calling about how this agency had no idea of the data compiled by that agency on this individual and how that agency was not aware that this other agency over here had a file ten miles long on that guy over there, and I mean, it went on and on and on. And it was all true! The FBI didn't share information with the CIA and the War Department didnt tell anything to NASA and the Army didn't tell anything to the Navy and the Air Force laughed at everyone, and on and on and on. And the reason all the departments of government "peace keeping and security" were all doing their own thing and not working together you ask???......Because the Muslim attack was on CIVILIANS WHO HAD NON-BUREAUCRATIC GOVERNMENT-PAYROLL JOBS!!!! In other words the attack was on THE ENEMY!!....TAX PAYERS!!! Unlike this Vagos thing. The Vagos are targeting the entire Hemet police department. The job of a policeman is to protect other policemen first, other bureaucrats second and you not at all. You?...you go to jail. These other guys?...they don't go to jail unless it gets all out of control and the tax-payers start screaming. Then a few cops and a few bureaucrats get thrown under the bus. That's the way it is, everyone "gets it," no big deal. The Vagos, however, having targeted an entire police DEPARTMENT.....THIS comes under the heading of red-flag emergency of the highest order. Cops are the only barrier tax-supported "employees" have between themselves and the tax-payers. Every government agency, from the Secret Service to the first grade teacher sticking his dick into little bobby's ass, has a direct stake in seeing to it that the American Police Force not be compromised and that all direct attacks upon it be exterminated immediately, no matter where, no matter from whom, and no matter how small the police department or "law enforcement agency.". Panic would be a very mild word to describe the reaction to this Vagos strategy of insanity. The FBI and the CIA and the National Security Council and the Teachers Union and the Bus Drivers Workers Association and the the fucking Janitors Union at PS 96 are focused as One Ferocious Entity toward one solitary goal: making the Vagos disappear forever. And it WILL happen. Learn from the Vagos' mistake, one and all. Now, IT COULD BE that the Vagos assumed that the American police departments are like, say, for example, just to throw a country out-there at random, let's just say, maybe like, for instance MEXICO!!!!! A lot of people with a Spanish-language word on the back of their clothing might make this mistake. American police departments are not like Mexican police departments. American police departments run from trouble ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS. Then when every other department of government, including the United States Air Force is ready to launch a unified attack - these cops return to the fight. They don't just stay in the cantina and wait until the monsoon season and then slip into Central America with their wife and 20 kids. They come back and eradicate the threat. Attacking an entire Department of the Government is more urgent than "attacking the government." Because nobody really knows what the fuck the government is or where it's really located. The idiots in college who riot think the government is Washington or Fort Dix or Annapolis, or who the fuck knows where they think it is. The government is, in reality, THE COPS!!!! Without police there is no "law enforcement." Without "law enforcement" nobody pays their taxes or their fees or their fines, and those "who have no respect for the law" cannot be arrested and kept separate from the sheep who pay their taxes and fines and fees because they think that is their "duty." Everyone who is in jail in America except for a handful of muslim outside-attackers who attack citizens and not government employees and who are being systematically released by the muslim-in-chief - WAS ARRESTED BY A COP!!!! So therefore it is very important to everyone in every branch of government that police departments are not targeted for destruction. It cannot be allowed otherwise bureaucracy would collapse overnight and you would have prosperity and peace. Now I have said all I need to say on this subject. All that remains for YOU to do is follow the Vagos story and see how long - and for once not very - it will take for the slowly-rolling wheel of bureaucracy to - very swiftly all of a sudden - roll over the Vagos and make them disappear. Hopefully you will learn some lessons.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Michael Moore Offers To Tell The Nigger What To Do

You would think the Nigger Public would be up in arms. Michael Moore, the blob of butterized human sewage that flops along the sidewalk like an elephant seal flopping after another piece of blubber to fuck, has written a "letter" to Kunta Kintay, basically ordering him to make fatso the new chief of staff and to fire the one he has. His letter must be being taken seriously by somebody, the Associated Press is reporting all this. Time magazine will likely make Moore a featured writer for their own
rag. Time magazine likes people who are so delusional they think they have the ear of Washington. Time magazine has the same delusion so Moore will fit right in and the two have the exact same agenda - the Fall of Western Civilization - so it should work out fine for both of them. Michael Moore has a whole agenda for Obama and it is not at all hidden. Moore is telling obama that he will move into the basement of the white house, or kraal, as it is now being called by the African Community, and he will get obama up at 5 every morning for calisthenics and his daily marching orders. It's really interesting reading if you like reading the ravings of someone who should be operating a comic book store. Moore, like all white people, thinks Obama gives a shit what white people think. He doesn't. He hates white people. He likes the Black Panthers. Period. Obama wants America to be an African tribe where black people have white slaves. So far he's on his way to getting it. He's got the next two generations of white people in bondage financially for the next 50 years. And Moore thinks it's just not going fast enough. White people: always telling the niggers to hurry. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Cleared For Takeoff" Oh Wait - Crash And Burn!!!

Some kid cleared a plane for takeoff at an airport. You could tell he was totally happy about it. And the pilot talked back to him like he was a real controller, ya know? Probably the best day in the life of that kid and the envy of any other kid who heard the tapes of the incident. Like, I mean, how fucking cool is that to be 9 and be talking to the pilot from the control tower and the pilot's talking back to you like you're a normal person, not a 9 year old. And the kid's dad - the real controller - was right there. So it was all pretty fucking great, even if you were an adult you were envying the kid the fun and coolness of the whole thing. It was one of those moments when, if you were that kid, you would be totally excited about growing up. WELL!.....as you know, we do not live in a normal United States anymore where you can have fun and excitement and moments of happiness. We live in a Third World Sewer of ratty little assholes who swoop down on anyone enjoying life. So some little demon made sure the Parent Demons at the FAA - that's the federal department of fatass fucks who make sure American Aviation keeps going backward to the level of a Tanganyika airport of the 1930's with three DC 1's in the dirt, none of them having doors, and being operated by someone in jodphurs and a fucking pith helment and looking like Clark Gable and shouting at Jean Harlow in the driving rain. So the FAA pieces of useless, prehistoric shit are up in arms about this, and even the so called "real Americans at Fox" are all apeshit over this All-American Incident. Now: IF THIS KID HAD BEEN A FUCKING NIGGER OR A LITTLE MEXICAN PEON LAD FROM A DIRT VILLAGE IN GAWADDA LAFUKKING HADDA......why, that lad would now be sitting on the nigger-in-chief's lap in the press room and being hailed as a great up and coming genius of the minority persuasion and would have been given his own tax-purchased 747 to own and operate just as soon as the press conference was over. But alas it was some white kid and he is probably, along with his father, but in different States, going to GO TO PRISON!!!! YES!!!! And everyone - oh, including all the white people - are going to say "Serves them both right, endangering our national security in such a flagrant disregard for the safety and well being of the American Public." Meanwhile the fucking nigger that attempted to BLOW UP A PLANE FULL OF PEOPLE is going to likely be deported back to Iran or Niggerfuckhole, Somalia, wherever he came from, and be given a new fleet of Escalades to fill with dynamite and send rolling into a restaurant in Miami. After which the FAA and the nigger in chief will praise him as a god-loving holy man. Tell me we ain't in hell, fucker. Go ahead, tell me.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Nigger And The White Olympics

I don't usually ax questions here but does anyone know if the nigger in chief has congratulated the American Olympians yet on their winning performances? I know the fucker hates white people, and I have no problem with racism, believe me, I am right up there with Obama on that one, it's just that my racism ain't against white people, and I am sure even a dumbass stupid nigger like Obama can understand that. But just for the sake of appearances has the mother fucker even made a half-assed attept at a pretense of making believe he is happy about the fine showing of America in this global competition? You all keep me posted on this now, would you? I am very anxious to be proven wrong. I am anxious but not placing any bets on it. Just for the record.

Nigbama Wants Whitey To Help Nigger Schools

The nigger in chief has announced today that the niggers in school aren't doing well and that more money is needed from white taxpayers to be given to nigger schools so that the niggers will do better in school. I personally think that all tax-supported schools, nigger or otherwise, should be bulldozed. In a State-operated school The Preservation of the State is the only thing that is going to be taught there. Not freedom and liberty. You don't need to have had much schooling from even a nigger school to figure that out. What I find personally amazing about this announcement from the nigger is that he ain't picked up on the clear indicators that nobody gives a shit about niggers and Mexicans anymore. White people just don't care. Now that a nigger made it into the white house, it is like White Guilt is being washed away. White people are going back to being white people.White kids are finally realizing that walking around with your pants at your knees and having to push your legs sideways all the time in order that your pants won't just fall to the ground.....is stupid. White people are starting to see that places where there are only white people - like Canada and Finland and Australia, and maybe someday even Russia (though they might have had all the white bred out of them by 100 years of Communist policies of breeding-for-stupidity) - are places that are more pleasant and clean and more fun and with happier people who are not afraid to be Christians and would kick you in the nuts if you said anything bad about Jesus. And then graciously take you to the doctor so he could fix your nuts and hope that you had learned a valuable lesson. The nigger in chief's power is falling off of him like dust because he is not the Messiah. He's just a stupid street-level commie agitator black panther dumbass white-hating loser nigger. The White Olympics are over, obviously, and I'm back. Speakin' o' which, has the nigger in chief said anything about the Americans doing so well at the Olympics yet?? No, I didn't think so. fuckin' coon bastard commie mother fucking piece of muslim allah-fucking shit.