Friday, November 7, 2014

The Screen Actors Guild

   The Screen Actors Guild - in which I am a member - has what can only be described as a bewitching, almost blackly magical power to render its card carrying members imbeciles. Now it could be that they are imbeciles to begin with since the members of the Screen Actors Guild have as their means of employment reading words and ideas composed by others. The witchery is so strong that when one of them - a member of the Screen Actors Guild - attempts to speak on his own……imbecility is the result.
   The most recent example of this is Keira Knightly who today announced that because photography - her means of employment - degrades women….she will pose for a naked picture and make it public.
   Now, I told you members of the Screen Actors guild are idiots. Read ten more times Keira Knightly's - who gets photographed for a living - read her  announcement and concern and her method of combating this - I guess crime - and tell me I am wrong about the Screen Actors Guild's members. She's just today's representative. There will be a new one tomorrow just as there were thousands in the days and years before today. Thank you.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Nigger In Chief After The Election of Nov. 2014

   It's now just a matter of days or months before Obama straps a ton of explosives to himself and runs into a Catholic school and blows everyone up while screaming allahu akbar. you heard it here first. navy log.