Sunday, January 8, 2017


as you know, who has never read this blog, this blog was started the day - i think - when the monkey man, the upper canopy dweller, Muzzbama, the Islamic piece of shit commie pinko asshole homo fuckhead piece of shit piece of shit won the democratic election in nov 2007. i was in the same state then that the libs are in today: fear and despair. Such like I have never experienced as an American. I hated the flag for at least three years. I wanted to spit on it. I didn't of course, but I wanted to. i started this blog to express my hatred and wrath and to have an outlet for name-calling in a public venue against Muzzbama. Of course, in between attacks I had to write about other things, and so for a while this blog was going strong and then at some point Facebook came along and I could get instant gratification  there so this blog kind of dissipated into vapor and kind of ended. But not officially. But when Trump takes office it might. I will have considered the job over. And yes I take full credit for putting Trump into office. I saw a job that needed doing and I did it. You can thank me of course but fair to say I didn't do it for you. I did it for me. Just for the record.