Monday, August 31, 2009

The Missing Ship

About a month ago a Russian ship "disappeared." The story was it got hijacked. Nobody could make any sense out of that story. Then it reappeared. The Russians said the hijackers released the ship and its crew and took a load of lumber. Nobody could make any sense out of that either. Here's the latest story that people are able to actually make sense out of: the Israelis intercepted the ship; took all the missles that Russia was transporting to Iran and told the Russians "Quit doing this now or we'll tell everyone what really happened: which would be - A - that you are arming the Iranians and that - B- the smallest country in the world is still big enough to kick your stupid Bolshevik asses." That blowhard Putin apparently saw the wisdom of this and agreed to keep quiet about it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Japs Voted For Change

The Japs, the people who live in the most successful country on earth, have decided that Nigger Change is best. So they voted out the party that has been in office since the end of WW2 and voted in the Democrats, headed by Nigbama and Nancy Pelosi and all the other Marxists running America. They voted for the Jap versions of course. But Jap Marxists or Round Eye Marxsist, they all look alike. HAHAHA fuckin' nips: they always gotta copy us. But they fucked uP this TIME.

Ugly Chicks

This is why you should never be rude to ugly chicks. Because they might look like this without clothes.
If they're ugly
don't be rude.
They just might not be
ugly nude.
burma shave.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Congress Jumps When White People React

You may have noticed that all the shitheads in Congress are freaking out over this vocal tremor of White Rebellion that sometimes slinks into these "town meetings" where some lazyass fuck with a potbelly and a red face and Evangelically Coiffed hair
takes off his coat and parades around in shirtsleeves and a mike to look like "he's-a gettin' down to some harrrrrd work right now my friends, right here in River City." You may have noticed that the Republicans have noticed this and have gotten some measurable size to their testicles, while the Democrats, being even more evil, are digging their heels in but are "leaving a door open" for compromise." Yeah: depending on how rowdy and raucous and rude these White Rebels get. Here's the real reason these Congress People fear White Awareness: they are all terrified that the white people will wake up enough to notice that Congress is not even really necessary. For anything. This is their fear. That white Americans will reazlize that thir "representatives" have never actually represented them and that they never will because they don't actually DO anything except either slow things down or bring things to a halt. They fix nothing. They destroy everything and then say they are going to fix what WE broke. Then they destroy it more. It's always YOU that has to sacrifice. Not them. Why should they? You're sacrificing enough for all of them. God bless you. Pass me the butter, Senator Kennedy, quit hoggin' it all, fatso. BELLLLLLCH. Thanks, Teddy. Pretty good shit.

The Dead Kennedy

I can't believe how many people - people I actually know: and think I like - who actually believe that Ted Kennedy is all that the AP says he is. These people I know think it's great that he introduced "THOUSANDS" of pieces of legislation to take Bob's money and give it to Leroy. He LOVED illegal aliens. You COULD NOT GET enough fucking Mexicans into the Country to suit this drunken driver. I guess he saw in them a lot of himself: fat; irresponsible; thieves. He was the biggest Marxist in the Senate. He taught the philosophy to all the others. He was the guiding light of Socialism in America. And white people love the guy. I have relatives in Boston. The whole State back there is in a trance of sadness. All my relatives back there are Irish. It's easy to see why the Italians think the Irish are idiots. It's because the Irish are idiots.

Michael Jackson's Birthday

Today is Michael Jackson's birthday. But he's dead so you don't have to get him anything. You can put a dead little boy on his grave if you like. Um, does he even HAVE a fucking grave yet? I think he wanted to just have his skeleton up on display. He'll never have to bleach his bones.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Liar Of The Century

The big news here is that there is a man wearing a sign saying "I cheated. This is my punishment." This is BIG news. He looks all sad. i would be sad too if i cheated and fucked a 300 pound cross dresser. But if it was a 16 year old cheerleader, i'd feel pretty good about it. No man is REALLY sad about cheating. Fucking a new pussy is what makes life meaningful to a man. It's like killing a game animals or a feared enemy. i feel like going up to this guy and asking if the chick he fucked was ugly or not. I bet NOT ONE "reporter" will even think about asking that question. Even the first time you make-out with a new chick fills you with hormones you never knew existed in Nature. You feel like life has a meaning after all. These guys that are all depressed?....they need to go find some woman to make out with. They dont even have to fuck her. Kissing for an hour will do it. You feel like Alexander the Great. This guy with the sign needs to be arrested, not for cheating but for being the world's worst actor and the galaxy's biggest douche.

Why There's No Heaven

This is why there is no heaven. Because it's just not necessary.

Dr. Ousley Is In. With His Pants Down.

My mother often spanks me when I do something bad. Is it wrong to like it?

2 hours ago
- 4 days left to answer.
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My mom spanks me then has me spank her.
2 minutes ago

Question Of The Day

Ousley just asked me if white people could now apply for money from the United Negro College Fund. I said good question. He also said that the United Negro College Fund was the most racist organization on earth. I said that wasn't exactly true; the United Germanic College Fund would be considered a lot more racist. Or the United Aryan College Fund. Or the United Anglo-Saxon College Fund. Or the United Hitler Youth College Fund. Or the United Children of the Vikings College Fund. Not to change the subject but The Fuehrer always took a good picture, no? I guess he always destroyed the bad ones and then had the photographer shot. This would eventually result in only good pictures and only good photographers. Leni Reifenstahl comes to mind. Oh to lick her Viking twat!! Salvador Dali said that the thought of Hitler shirtless and the straps of his suspenders pressing against his pink nipples was the most erotic thing he could imagine. Just sharing. Oh, here's some more non-racist government news from Dennis.

"The American Indian College Fund provides scholarship support to each tribal college. We also administer several scholarship programs offered to American Indian students attending tribal colleges and state and private universities.Rain dance 101.Special fund for AA class. War paint 101. Pow wow singing and dancing. and all things Indian.
No money has ever been used by an Indian for college. lol"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Dead Kennedy

The AP is referring to Ted The Drunken Murderer's death-parade as his "final poignant tour." Jesus Fucking Christ, talk about spin. This guy is a Category 5 on the Creep scale, 5 being highest. He's in the Manson category. Only Michael Jackson ever broke through the 5-is-highest barrier and went to 6. There is NOTHING good to say about this fucker. I was born in Boston. It's a damn good bet every idiot Bostonian Irishman is drinking double and triple portions of their usual two-quarts-of-gin-a-day ration in drunken, slobbering blather about the death of this "swell fellow." Keeping his alcohol-fueled carcass on view for two days is a pretty short time for a body that could be left dead in the sun in Borneo for two months without rotting. He was like a walking formaldehyde bottle. Of all the dumbass Kennedy kids, he was at least the smartest. He stayed alive while the others went out of their way to get killed. I guess he deserves something for that.

Ass Press Makes Interesting Story Dull

Some kid who was kidnapped in California showed up at a police station 20 years later and said she was the one kidnapped. You would think there would be a lot of interesting news in this item, wouldn't you. Not when it's reported by the Associated Press. I am now going to leave you with as many questions unaswered as the Associated Press left me. Or you can just read the Associated Press's version. They say what I just said only drag it out for 500 words. You will still have a million questions when you are done reading their version. So might as well just read my version. You'll be every bit as frustrated and you will have saved a lot of reading time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ass Press Strikes Again

The Ass Press's big story today is the recall of ten zillian venetian blinds are being recalled because three kids - probably Mexican - died - probably murdered. Naturally there were no details at all as to how a defect in the blinds is causing the deaths of three children. Or any speculation why this recall is underway. Or whether its justified. Because it's the Ass Press: the news source America trusts. And also the only one America hears any news from because it's the Government Press. Obama will now probably outlaw venetian blinds. THIS is something he will come down on hard and with assurance. Not the Muslims. Venetian blinds. Fuckin' nigger: I'm already pissed off about it and it hasn't even happened yet.

The Shadow Wolves

I just watched a show about a dozen "American" Indians who comprise the government snooze enterprise called the Shadow Wolves. You are safe if the Shadow Wolves come searching for you. If you are bringing Mexicans or dope across the Arizona border from Spixico and you cross into the territory of the Shadow Wolves' perimeter of attention - it's a pretty good bet you'll get your product to market in Phoenix with no interference. This is probably the most boring program ever on National Geographic, and they once did a show about burlap.

The Allstate Nigger

Dennis Haysbert, the Allstate nigger, has a new look: he got one o' them scanky, scraggly nigger beards now. He looks like some back-alley fucking crack-addict dope dealer comin' out of the shadows to scare the shit out of you and your wife walkin' by and askin for a match to see if he can smell fear from your pastey white ass and if he does, he pounces. I guess Allstate is convinced that since white people are already so terrified of niggers that they elected one their ruler, that they might as well take full advantage of this terror and have a fucking thug motherfucker tell them to buy Allstate Insurance. Well, Allstate, it's having the opposite effect on me: I wouldn't buy insurance from that dirty, unshaved, scraggly, flea-bit garbage can coon if the Insurance was free and a ten inch dick was thrown in extra. And I could really use that ten inch dick.

Kennedy Finally Dies

The piece of shit that the nigger in chief called "the greatest senator of our time," pictured here being injected into the arm with poison by Obama, died. I don't know what planet obama's on, kennedy was a fucking coward, a drunk, a murderer, a weasel, a looter of everyones' pocketbooks, a liar, and did i already say a piece of shit? No wonder the nigger likes him: he was practically a nigger.


"Muhomodens!" (just practicing)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Nigger Loves Muslims

That fucking coon bastard piece of shitskin fuck sure likes terrorists. He has spent 95% of his time in office making sure that they are treated better. We are going to get hit so hard by those fuckers that they'll feel the blast in Argentina. Fortunately, my knowledge of the Islamic mentality tells me they always kill the people they think are afraid of them. Which would be all of the tax supported personnel of Washington DC. The only one in Washington who wasn't afraid of the fuckers was George Bush. He's in texas now, laughing at what's comin'.

The Nigger Years

Well, here's what's new: the nigger in chief says the U.S. Govt. is in serious financial trouble and that he is gonna haffta take a lotta whitey's property. Usually niggers just take the shit and don't announce it first. This nigger don't even know how to be a nigger properly.

New Name For Islamist Fuckers

I'm gonna start calling Mohammedens "Mohomodens." Followers of Mohomod. Hope nobody minds.

Nigger Talks Like Corporate Dope To Sooth His Employees (Which Would Be You And Me)

"Ben approached a financial system on the verge of collapse with calm and wisdom; with bold action and out-of-the-box thinking that has helped put the brakes on our economic freefall," said Obama, with Bernanke standing by his side. "Almost none of the decisions he or any of us made have been easy." this is what the nigger in chief said about Ben Bernanke, the piece of shit in "charge" of the "economy," or in other words, one of the guys responsible. He didn't save anything. He just went to "work," came home, went to "work" again. There was no "out of the box" thinking. Or any other kind of thinking. There was just a Jew taking tax money. That's all. There was no "bold action." Or any other kind of action. Some more restrictive laws got passed and more freedoms and liberties came under government control and dictatorship. That's all. Bernanke didn't put the brakes on the economic freefall. It fell to the bottom and then fucking stopped. This nigger has no more regard for truth or facts than any other fucking nigger in America. He's aggressively stupid. And people can't get enough of the guy. this is the same kind of pablum meaningless blather that you get out of in-house corporate newsletters to the employees. "Out of the box." "bold" this and "bold" that, "creative" this and "innovative" that. It's the same fucking vocabulary, it's like hearing the instructions on the dryer being read aloud. Everybody buys into it though so I guess it's enough.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama's Book

I actually read Obama's - pictured here pissed off as hell that he is required to salute Marines - book, The Audacity Of Hope. i need to backpedal on me sayin' he's a muslim. he's not. he's a mason. He's also a nigger who is proud to be a nigger. He does not particularly like white people. I'm starting to not like them myself, so we're both on board with that one. Now, he doesn't actually say any of this in the book. He doesn't really say anything at all out of the ordinary for any Democrat writing a book about being a Democrat. He actually is a Democrat. To me that is exactly the same thing as a Communist, so whattaya gonna do. But he admits he's a Democrat, he has no problem with it, and his wish is for Republicans to become Democrats. My wish is for Republicans AND Democrats to disappear. Now, about him being a Muslim. He never actually SAYS what the fuck he IS in the book. He CLAIMS to be a "Christian," but no denomination of Christian is ever mentioned, and he doesn't seem to know anything ABOUT Christianity over and above the bland, pablum blather offered by the Masons regarding Jesus, which is Jesus is a sort of good man who wanted everyone to love everyone. To Democrats this means for the people who have things to give them to the people who don't have things. Just like Judas wanted. It's basically Judas Iscariot's version of Christianity. As books go it's extremely boring. Still, he probably can assemble a better book than anyone else in office. Why?....because he's one of those hard-headed, dedicated "black activist" types who make a point of learning the rudimentaries of journalism and rhetoric. He admits this himself. He says one of his gifts is an ability to debate and an enthusiasm for it. 99% of the assholes in office hate this part of their "jobs" the most. Obama loves this part of it. He can also out-talk any white man in Congress for two reasons: he's better at it since he focused on it and became a "candidate" for various offices through the efforts of others, not himself, kind of "political talent scouts" who recognized that here was a black radical who could win the hearts and "minds" of whitey. And the other reason he can out talk any white office holder is because white office holders are terrified of niggers. They absolutely refuse to stand up to a nigger for fear of being called a racist. Fear is fear and cowardice is cowardice, so white office holders are basically cowards. Also - and this is me talkin', not the nigger president - nigger radicals have to "be real" to other niggers. This means "willing to stand up to whitey." Obama has this quality in spades. Over and above his normal spade qualities. The book, as far as the writing goes, is EXTREMELY boring. He writes like a magazine editor. That is, he can make one sentence follow another and more or less give the impression of expressing wishes and desires as thoughts. He's literate, in other words. Which is another advantage he has over 99% of the people in office. Hey, it ain't that he's smart. It's just that he's smarter than everyone else on the public payroll. And that ain't saying anything. He is NOT an interesting writer and he is NOT an interesting guy. He is a deluded nigger who is half white. It's that white part that is able to function at all, otherwise he'd be selling crack on the corner like his pals. Speaking of niggers - and this ain't in the book - Obama is very comfortable with African niggers. But not with American niggers. He likes African niggers. Because he is an African nigger himself. He just ain't admitting it. American niggers, he can't stand them; I can "detective this out" by his saying in the book that he does not like bad manners in children. What he's saying is he doesn't like American niggers. If he has a religion at all it is Masonry. He speaks in bland, meaningless Mason Talk; talk about, oh, I don't know, being nice to people. The Masonic code of ethics is basically the same as Peter Cottontail's, except when it comes to defending a fellow Mason, then the sky is the limit on foul, despicable behavior, same as it is with Scientologists who feel they have been critiqued. Hey, it's a cult thing, they're all the same. Obama is not a Muslim but he considers them equal in virtue to any other religious practitioners, so this tells me he's stupid as a fucking waste basket when a cat can see that Islam is a safe, open-armed haven for psychotic murderers. IT'S WHAT THEY DO! So he's basically a dumbass nigger someone else spotted as a good debater and this person or persons made him president. He is a very boring writer and thinks that his life and his story is interesting to everyone. It is probably only interesting to above-average nigger kids who can halfway read, and see in Obama some sort of "success story." It's basically a book written for 11 year olds. A very LONG book written for 11 year olds. 11 year olds with long attention spans when it comes to Barak Obama. LIke, maybe, 11 year old stalkers. That's who would find this book fascinating or even remotely interesting: 11 year old stalkers. Ironically the book was purchased mostly by white adults. A breed of people Obama never even thinks about. He only thinks about African niggers. those are his people. I wish he would write a book asking his American brothers to join him in a re-locating to the homeland of his African brothers where they would all be together and could work together and as one to bring about the Black Dream. Whatever the fuck it is. Over there. And leave us white people alone. And give us a chance to try and get our brains back into working order. THAT would be a noble gesture, Baraky, muh bruvva. Word is born.

Loser Companies Fleeing Glen Beck

Here's a partial list of the companies who decided that niggers are too scary to disobey. GMAC, the financing company getting indemnified by the American taxpayers for being too shitty to remain in existence on their own, Best Buy, where fat Mexicans are only too happy to ignore you and where you are scrutinized by bulldogs before leaving, especially if you are white, CVS the drug store with two employees and a pharmacy line that streches out the door and into the parking lot and inside is as sterile and lonely as DEvils Island. Travelocity, a company nobody know s what they fuck they do, Geico, a company with great commercials but with no reputation for paying-up if you get fucked up, ConAgra, the makers of Banquet Razor-thin frozen dinners that taste like sand, Radio Shack, where you can get insulted by an Arab for nothing, or, if you buy something, for the price of the item. Electrical cord extra. Mens Warehouse where a drooling Jew tells you "You're gonna like how you look," when you walk out in a shitty suit made by Muslim children in Pakistan. State FArm, the company with the nigger spokesman who knows more than you do about everything and is really concerned about your white ass. Sargento, a shredded cheese company (whoa, they'll be missed) and Proctor and Gambel, makers of Tide, which costs 300 times more than it costs to produce and ship.

American Companies Loyal To President Hussein Boycott Beck

I don't know who Glen Beck is but he pissed off a munch of companies who now refuse to advertise on Fox because Glen Beck is an American. As soon as I track down the entire list of copmpanies I will happily and with jizz oozing from my cock, list them here so that we can better know who the Enemy is. Apparently the Muslim Sympathizers are deep inside the fabric of America.nShouldn't be too hard to root them out, just look for companies that put in their qualifications-for-hire "must know underage boys willing to get buttfucked." Some nigger anti-white racist bunch of coons called "" is behind all this intimidation of white corporate America: which apparently is run by queers and fags and douchebags of all stripes and oil skin. Stay tuned, I'm gonna be all over this one for a while. HAHAHAHAHA "color of change" fuckin' nigger commie shitskin coonfuck mother fucking apes. if it was "change of color" i might support them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

President Hussein To Personally Supervise Muslim Prisoners Of War

The nigger in chief, shown here about to be attacked by a totally pissed-off Marine, has decided that "the White House" needs to personally be in charge of all matters pertaining to any future Muslim prisoners captured by American Forces. This is so that the nigger muslim president of Nigerica-Mexica can better interact with the enemy and pass from them any information to King Saud that might be helpful in creating the Muslim States of America, or MSA, as he plans to call it. I think we should nuke all the Muslims right now so that there won't BE any Muslim prisoners and that way the nigger will have more time to loot tv's from K-Mart.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"The Economist" Magazine Says You're Crazy

I wish I could get the item itself printed here but I don't know if I can. Hold on.

United States
Still crazy after all these years
Aug 20th 2009
From The Economist print edition

The perils of losing one's grip on reality

Illustration by KAL

NOT long after the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963, the Senate contemplated a bill to tighten federal control over the sale of guns through the post. Three gun-lovers drove 2,500 miles from Arizona to Washington, DC, to protest. One argued that the bill was part of “a further attempt by a subversive power to make us part of one world socialistic government” and that it could “create chaos” and help “our enemies” to seize power. Not much has changed since Richard Hofstadter described this incident in a hugely influential book, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”. Gun-lovers still argue that the slightest curb on their right to bear arms will make America vulnerable to tyranny. And in other areas, too, the paranoid style is alive and frothing.

Some of Barack Obama’s detractors content themselves with arguing that he is a bad president. Others go further. “Birthers” insist that he was not born in the United States and is therefore constitutionally barred from being president. Yet Mr Obama’s birth certificate says he was born in Hawaii, and there is not a shred of evidence to the contrary. There is even an announcement of his birth in the archive of the Honolulu Advertiser, a local newspaper. Yet the internet crackles with theories as to how all this was faked so that, 48 years later, Mr Obama could impose a socialist state on America. And a YouGov poll for The Economist found that 26% of Republicans think Mr Obama is probably foreign-born.

Other conspiracy theories about Mr Obama are even loopier. For example, some Americans think he is the Antichrist. The evidence for this, apparently, is that in the Bible Jesus is quoted as predicting that Satan will come down like lightning from heaven, and the words for “lightning” and “heaven” in Hebrew sound a bit like “Barack Obama”. Plus, his presidential limo is nicknamed “The Beast”. For those who think this is too far-fetched, there is the theory that Mr Obama is a closet Nazi. He thinks abortion should be legal. Historically, some abortion advocates have also been eugenicists. Therefore he must be one of them. Also, he wants to discourage smoking. So did Hitler!

Hofstadter, writing at the time of Barry Goldwater’s insurgency, argued that political paranoia—a mix of anger, heated exaggeration, suspiciousness and conspiratorial fantasy—was most evident on the extreme right. And there are plenty of examples of right-wingers peddling nutty tales. Isolationists in the 1940s accused Franklin Roosevelt of deliberately letting the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour to provide an excuse for war. Talk-radio crackpots in the 1990s accused the Clintons of having Vince Foster, a depressive friend of theirs who killed himself, murdered.

But the left is hardly immune to such fantasies. Some people, including Mr Obama’s own former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, believe that AIDS was cooked up by the government to kill blacks. A staggering 18% of Americans think that the government of George Bush probably knew in advance about the attacks of September 11th 2001 but allowed them to proceed anyway. Some even contend that Mr Bush orchestrated the attacks himself, to create an excuse for invading Iraq. To believe this, you have to believe that the Bushies were both wicked enough to murder thousands of Americans and brilliant enough to execute such a mind-bogglingly sophisticated plot without a single leak—in a culture where Richard Nixon could not even hush up a burglary.

Belief in conspiracy theories can be comforting. If everything that goes wrong is the fault of a secret cabal, that relieves you of the tedious necessity of trying to understand how a complex world really works. And you can feel smug that you are smart enough to “see through” the official version of events. But widespread paranoia has drawbacks. For a start, it makes calm, rational debate rather tricky. How can you discuss the trade-offs of health-care reform, for example, with someone who thinks the government is plotting to kill grandma? It does not help, either, that politicians on both sides are willing to fan the flames. Sarah Palin calls Mr Obama’s health-care proposals “evil”. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, calls the protesters who loudly oppose them “evil-mongers”. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, calls them “un-American”.

It’s serious
In his book “Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History”, David Aaronovitch argues that conspiratorial fantasy can have dangerous real-world consequences. Hitler read and believed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a bogus account of a global Jewish conspiracy. So did the founders of Hamas. Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people with a bomb in Oklahoma in 1995 because he thought the federal government was hatching various dastardly plots.

Some people watch the ferment at town-hall meetings in America today and worry that another Oklahoma-style atrocity is brewing. A few protesters are waving placards wishing for Mr Obama’s death. Others are ostentatiously wearing firearms outside his rallies. A recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Centre describes an uptick in the number of “Patriot” militia groups since Mr Obama’s election and frets that some could turn violent.

One should not exaggerate such threats. The Secret Service does not let gun-wielding protesters too near the president. And the vast majority of people who visit crazy websites will never hurt anyone. But there is no cause for complacency, either. Politicians should tone down the rhetoric. Protesters should read some history before making Hitler comparisons. Talk-show hosts should stop pretending that paranoid nitwits are asking reasonable questions. If people are continually told that their government is plotting against them, a few may decide to fight back. And as Lee Harvey Oswald showed, even one man with a violent sense of grievance can do a lot of harm.

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“The Paranoid Style in American Politics”, by Richard Hofstadter is an essay (originally published in Harpers) which preceded the book of the same title. David Aaronovitch writes about his book “Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History” in his column for the Times.


Ok, I'm back. The Economist is a pompous-ass British publication that has a policy of publishing articles with no "bylines." A byline is the name of who wrote it. They believe that putting names to their retarded snobby meaningless shit degrades it or lessens it's impact. Yeah, I would say that too if I made my living with s my head up my ass and didn't want anyone to know who I was because being a pompous ass British Snob I am too good to have to endure the jeers of commoners who DIDN'T have their heads up their asses. i gut a lot to say about this article and the Economist - a VERY "highly regarded" publication.
Highly regarded by reetards. The Economist for the first time, probably, regards the "paranoid" theories about Nigbama to be SO heinous that they need to drag out every "paranoid" political theory since WW2. They even had some defenses to make of the Bush Presidents. None of which they made at the time. It's not paranoid to suspect Nigbama was born in Africa when there has never been any corroboration of him being born in the US. If you are born in the US it ain't too hard to prove. If you are not, then it's impossible to prove that you were. And so far he has never proved that he was. So he wasn't. You dont have to be Monk or Columbo or Detective Goren to see this.

New Health Care Tactic By The Nigger And The Press

The nigger in chief, shown here demonstrating the size dick he likes to suck, is never gonna back-off on socialized medicine. It's his destiny. And he knows this. What he's doing now is saying the health care industry is a monopoly. The US Government is the biggest monopoly in human history but there is not a citizen in the country who can see this. To White America - or in other words to Nigger-Electing America - the government is not a monopoly. Free Enterprise is a monopoly. They also think South Dakota is the bottom half of a young actress. So the nigger will say that the government version of health care will provide competition for private industry. Actually it will cause private health care to disappear because free enterprise cannot compete with a coercive entity that forces you to finance the product under penalty of imprisonment and forfeiture of your property even if you don't utilize the product. I don't know why the nigger in chief is being so cautious. He should just order the Armed Forces to attack the citizenry and take everything and give it to him and Congress and get it over with. This piecemeal torture is driving me nuts. Let's just wreck the place now, today, and be done with it.

Famous Plane Exploder

The motherfucker in the suit is the muslim boyfucker who blew up a passenger jet over Scotland a million years ago. Kadhaffi's son - who's father was scared shitless when Reagan bombed his family's house and killed his kids and sisters and some wives and almost killed Kadhaffi in the process and who you haven't heard squat from since - the guy in white is supposed to be dying. He will die in a bomb blast however, just as soon as a target is selected and the dynamite is attached up his ass. He claims he is innocent. He would not be being given a heroe's welcome in Libya if he was innocent. Muslims ain't like that. They don't praise and adulate the innocent. That is not Islam In Action. So, he did it.

Definition Of Happiness

"Rachel Ray and Kathy Griffin are talking to Oprah Winfrey and the next guest is a suicide bomber."_____Dennis Ousley

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Disputed Election

Now Afghanistan is having a disputed election. This shit happens in four countries: Iran; Iraq; Afghanistan; and here. How come nobody wants to look at this.

Sonja Schmidt

Sonja Schmidt is a nigger woman comedian conservative. I have never heard a nigger make a lick of sense before this woman. If she is a woman. She looks like a cross dressing dude. But I am not being critical. I do know that whatever it is, it's a nigger version of it, and it's the first sensible nigger, man, woman, or cross-dresser nigger in my experience ever, so that's all I'm sayin'.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ron Paul Is Retarded

Ron Paul is considered to be the "wise" candidate. He's a Libertarian. Libertarians are people who should not actually be running candidates for office based on their own philosophy of government. Which is "no government." Unfortunately you can't become a no government office holder unless you run for office. You can see the fundamental contradiction the Libertarians are trying to function under. They realize it too. They just can't figure out a way to resolve it. It's actually sad. You can see the strain in their entire physiognomy trying to deal with this problem. It can't be a comfortable burden to walk under. It actually makes them stupid. I don't mean it makes them "make mistakes." I mean it makes them stupid. In the movie Bruno, Sascha Barron Cohen, being as broadly-ridiculous as a human being can be, makes a complete ass out of Ron Paul before Ron Paul is forced to admit to himself that something is actually very very wrong and that if he doesn't run away he is going to be fucked in the ass by a naked man who is alone with him. Only someone so wrapped-up in themselves that Reality has no meaning whatsoever could fail to see that Sascha Cohen is a comedian or else a deranged mental patient. It turns out that only at the extreme ends of society are people this wrapped-up in themselves: the heads of State and those who wish to be..... and the dregs of inbred trailer and corrugated-shed society.

Nigger And Jew

Here's the nigger and Michael Smerconish, who appears to be a Muslim Jew. He's got those wet Muslim lips that Arafat had and that MOST of the boy-sucking Islamists do and he's got the Jew beard and the weak but beady eyes that have clouds of confusion in them. I have no idea who Michael Smerconish is but I THINK he is being touted by the gay press as a "right wing" er. This is not very likely, based on what I see. In the picture of him alone it's pretty clear, judging from the idiot fingers-grasping-chin pose that these dorks love, that he has his head up his ass, which is how he SHOULD have been posed because his ass has to look better than his face. It's a good thing that's only a picture of George Washington in the other photo and not the real George Washington otherwise these two assholes, Nigbama and Smersh would be 86'd for fouling up the rug with their jizz-covered shoes.

Lockerbie Disciple Of Mohammed Freed For Final Killing Spree

Here's how stupid everyone on the public payroll is, especially the Scots: as soon as that Muslim plane-exploder gets back to Boyfuckland they are going to strap dynamite onto him and have him live his last moment as a martyr. I mean, he ain't gonna die in bed. He's got two months to make his death meaningful. He's gonna die in an explosion. In a restaurant. Or a grammar school. HOPEFULLY IN SCOTLAND!!!!

Scots Release Lockerbie Bomber

A million years ago a Muslim - big surprise there - blew up a passenger jet. The Scots just released him from prison to go home to whatever Arab Buttfucker Country he comes from because he is dying of cancer. They claim "Scot Values" demand that he be released. That's like what the Muslim said when he blew up the plane. "Islamic Values" compelled him to do it. I guess if you add the word "values" to the end of something heinous beyond all belief, it makes it ok. "Murderous Values." "Kidnapping Values." "Child Molesting Values." "Fuck Your Mom In The Mouth And Then Kill Her And Then Stick Lit Dynamite Up Her Dead Ass Values." Naturally everyone said "Oh, ok, how virtuous" to this explanation from the TOTALLY FUCKED UP SCOTTISH PEOPLE WHO NEED TO BE FUCKING NUKED!!!!

Nigger Ignores Whitey

The nigger in chief says his Kill Whitey Medical Plan will pass whether the Republicans or white America likes it or not. Well, you can't cite him for duplicity. He knows he's the emperor and that these "town meetings" are a waste of time. He's starting to just be emperor now rather than waste a lot of time and energy taking off his coat and talking nonsense to adulating white people. Now he's just saying "This is the way it's gonna be, fool." He is one arrogant fucking nigger. Just like those arrogant fuckers in Iran and North Korea and Venezuela, his three comrades in communism. And Americans can't get enough of the guy. Tell me we're not fucked. By the way, up there is supernigger shaking hands with the nephew of Harvey Milk, the faggot that Sean Penn Played in the movie "MILK" about a faggot mayor in frisco named MILK who got shot by a normal guy that MILK most likely got drunk and stuck his dick in his mouth and took pictures. That's just my theory. And a not too mysterious one. I have gotten off the point. Here's the nigger shaking the hand of the dead fag's relative because dead fags killed by non fags bring ALL fags together in fear. And Obama is a fag. Lest we forget.

The Nigger

The nigger is now telling "Christian leaders" that socialized medicine is a moral obligation. These commies love that word "moral." They are the most vile, vicious, creepy, deadly people in history and they call everything they do "moral." To a socialist moral means "I will take your property now." It's hard to believe socialism and communism and facism weren't actually created BY niggers. But let the record show that they were created by white people. Well, Jews. Are Jews white? I know the Hassidic Jews are. They're whiter than Norwegians. They're almost transparent, they're so fucking white. Where was I. Oh, yeah, the nigger and his health care "kill whitey, save blacky and browny" plan. If you're white, and you want to survive, this nigger and his white Democratic nigger-worshipping buddies have to go. Unfortunately the Republicans love niggers and Mexicans as much as the Democrats do, so it LOOKS like we're fucked. At least it looks that way to me.

NBC Daydreams About Obama's Cock

NBC wrote a totally serious article about the affect on the birthrate of the nigger in chief becoming the nigger in chief. As though niggers could breed any faster than they are doing. They're fucking to the absolute maximum, NBC. They can't fuck any faster. It's the only thing they do in a hurry besides leave the scene. This shows how queer journalists and "news" people are. Obama gives THEM all boners so they assume he is having the same effect on everyone. White people love the nigger in chief, but he doesn't give them boners. He makes them impotent. Only white women actually want to fuck the guy. Nigger women know he's a skinny little fag nigger with a teeny weeny who cant even dance. Nigger women like Michelle, though, because she's uglier than a bulldog and bulging-up faster than NASCAR tires at a pit stop.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nigger Medical Science

This is where the nigger in chief wants to take America. He wants to take it to Africa. This is the kind of medical service they have in the socialized African "nations." The nigger countries of Africa all became Marxist after the UN and the USA worked in harmony to de "colonialize" the nigger portions of the continent. That meant removing all White Influences. Look what happened. Now there's just Black Influences. As represented by the nigger ambulance rocketing down the freeway to save a life. You would THINK these African niggers would have had ENOUGH of the nigger life by now and would welcome a white man to come teach them Capitalism. But nope, they want Obama too. Just like White America does. Take a look at the medical situation in the above picture. The nigger in chief and his Democratic Commie friends can make this happen virtually overnight.

The First Victim Of Socialized Medicine

Above are two pictures from the recent "50 or over" beauty pageant in Las Vegas. These women were not born this way. That is, they did not age naturally into these configurations. Doctors made this happen. The Democrats, being all faggots, are going to get rid of this aspect of private medicine FIRST! THAT'S RIGHT, it ain't grandma in the oxygen tent that's gonna get the plugs pulled first, it's the ARTIFICIAL CHICK INDUSTRY that's gonna get shut down first. Think about that if your penis works at all the way God wants it to, by bein' activated by pussy, not man-ass, and gaze at these 50-and-over artificial beauties. A hard cock has no eyes and no silicon detectors. Enjoy, Democrat Haters.

Where Great Ideas Come From

Dennis recently asked me "Do you think all the women in Ellen Degeneres' audience want to eat her pussy?" I had to admit I never thought about it. So I thought about it. I decided it was more likely they would want Ellen to lick their pussies rather than Ellen wanting to get licked by her audience. Then I thought some more and decidedI really didn't know. Then I got to wondering about Ellen Degeneres' pussy and I decided that for sure, whether it's a man or a woman watching her show they are all THINKING about her pussy since she makes it pretty clear that her pussy is reserved only for other pussies. And then I got to wondering what if lesbians don't want men near their pussies because they have some REALLY WEIRD SHIT going on with their pussies. That maybe it aint an emotional or developmental or psychological thing at all, maybe dykes all have WEIRD FUCKIN' PUSSIES. So then I decided that Ellen should put her pussy on display, have some photos taken of it and put in Playboy. Just her pussy. That's all we need to see of her. The rest of her is pretty grim. Who knows but maybe it ain't really cute? Maybe all lesbian Hollywood stars should have photos of their pussies put on display: see what the hell the deal is. And so, that's where ideas can come from: simple questions from one science-minded person to another.

The Ousely Health Care Plan

"I have a good health care plan. I don't care about people that don't have a plan."_______Dennis Ousely. Burma Shave.

Democrat Fucking Meltdown

Jon Stewart, the wiseass piece of shit Jew on The Daily Show has turned on the nigger in chief and is lecturing him via his show. Obama probably actually gets his public policy from Jon Stewart, who apparently NOBODY has the balls to confront. EVERYONE is afraid of this nervy little putz, who is just as stupid as Bill Mahr but is a little more articulate and actually knows a joke from a non joke. So Stewart is now calling Obama names - he plays Obama speeches and then stops the video and addresses the frozen nigger in chief. This Stewart Fuck actually is considered bright. By everyone. Democrats bow to him and Republicans are terrified of him, even more than they are of the niggers they pretend to like. The problem is that socialized medicine has finally put some balls on the white people of America. Just in time too because if the fags in washington take over the medical business they are going to have the balls they just reattached removed again, because only niggers and mexicans are going to be allowed to breed. This aint "socialized medicine" this is "white genocide," folks. All nice and legal. Is it starting to penetrate anyone's head that respecting the Law is like respecting your executioner? Fuckin' white people MAYBE are starting to realize that they are not only being pushed out of their own Country they are in fact are on the verge of being exterminated from it. Hitler did it with trains and gas. Obama & Co are going to do it with "health care." Hitler would be proud of this nigger in chief. As I am sure Obama is proud of Hitler. After all, Hitler killed a LOT of white people.

Clinton And His Grandmother

Bill Cliton (no, I didn't spell it wrong) is here shown holding hands with his grandmother, Nelson Womandella. All these fucking liberal agitators and commies, they're all fags!! What The Fucking Fuck? I mean, look at that nigger's shirt. This ain't some nigger example of "tribal loyalty" to traditional garb. This is a woman's fucking frock. Mandella is, or was, a queer. Is the fucker dead? Shit, I hope so. One good thing about death, it gets rid of all the good people, sure, but it gets rid of all the bad people too. So death is fair, at least, everyone gets it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chelsea Handler

I make comments on the Chelsea Handler/ Chuy blog. I think this comment might get me thrown off, though.

Table for One
Today 9:58 AM PDT by Chuy Bravo

at least three times a week some of the guys in the office go out after work for drinks and food. i have never been invited so just want to let them know if they come across this blog while they are reading the message boards to see if anyone mentions how funny they are even if you a-holes invited me i wouldn't go.

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jj solari Tue, Aug 18, 2009, 11:30 AM

People like to invite people to places, who, when they look across the table at them, they can actually see them. Otherwise they are constantly rattled. "Where the eff is so-and-so??!!!" It gets exhausting. I know: I used to own a bridge troll. I had to sell him to a gypsy. I was always blurting, "IS GLURG GONE????" But he was always right there! It just got old. Give the guys a break, ok? Isn't there a midget community in the forest somewhere you can hook up with for nights out?


Hugging Men

I do not hug men. Hugging men is gay. Men who hug other men except in extraordinary circumstances are gay. An extraordinary circumstance would be "being released from an American prison or an enemy prison camp." A man may hug another man at that time and not be being gay. I can't seem to think of any other circumstances where hugging another man would not be gay. I think "being a prisoner" is the only strong enough to override "being gay." Even rescue from the sea, or from an avalanche, or from a cave-in is not enough. Only "release from prison" is strong-enough a reason to where the actual hug falls into insignificance compared to the reason for it. If your buddy falls into the sea and is lost and then gets rescued and he is hauled aboard and you are there you may slap him on the back. I mean IT COULD BE he got lost at sea ON PURPOSE just to get some hugs from men later. With prison?....nobody ever goes there on purpose. Unless of course they're gay already, then prison would be heaven on earth. But that hardly ever happenes someone receives word of a prison-stay as good news. Usually it is received as suicidal news. Hence the taking of the shoelaces, you see. Even the cops - who are ALL gay - know that the people they are taking to jail are usually not.

The Nigger's Skanky Wife

When I see a particularly vile picture of the nigger in chief's ol lady lesbian bitch I like to comment on it. This one shows her without her tons of makeup and her fucking tree-chewing beaver teeth are in full prominence and display as the table-saw wood-shredders that they are. Lesbians like to have menacing-looking teeth in their jaws so guys will be forced to think twice about sticking a dick between them. In her case her face would be a disincentive enough, and that faggot husband of hers, it never ocurred to him in the first place to ever get a blowjob from that gorilla, he prefers the young white children in the Masonic basement church services surrounded by baphomets and pentagrams and candles and naked men with leather aprons on and their bare asses, all wrinked and unwiped on view. Jesus. Bein' a Mason involves some badass uncomfortable shit. Whew. Guess that's why the young boys are there: give 'em all at least SOMETHIN' nice to look at.

Even Right Wing Niggers Are Stupid

The above link is a brief newschat with the dumbass nigger who brought a fucking machinegun to a nigger-in-chief speech location. The white people right wing gun, second amendment, etc people think that this nigger did a great thing. This dumbass nigger should have been shot on sight. He most likely is on the Obama payroll and was sent out there to scare all the white people in America into thinking that niggers should be disarmed. Sure, you disarm the niggers, you gotta disarm the whites. White people cant see this clearly. If a nigger does it it's ok, as far as they're concerned. PLUS - this nigger is SPECTACULARLY well groomed. this aint an accident. Obama paid this fucker to fuck with everyone. Nothing could be plainer.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nigger Goes To Grand Junction

The nigger has balls, I'll say that. Grand Junction, Colorado is a white town. It's on the border of Colorado and Utah. It's basically the center of the West. Look at all the admiring, drooling, dipshit, desperate-for-friends white people in the backround. He talks to white people like he talks to niggers: saying nothing and using a lot of vocal inflection and "folksy" energy. He never actually SAYS anything except to explain what HE wants YOU to do. He gives orders, basically. And white people are so fucking stupid they think he is just talking to them. He ain't, he's saying "You need to do what I say and this is what I say." White people can't get enough of it, they're so fucking dumb.

The Fucking Senate

The US Senate, often referred to by themselves as "this august body," once denounced Ingrid Bergman for conceiving Isabella Rosellini out of wedlock - something a Senator would never do, if for no reason than they are all faggot, boy-loving jizz drinkers - and recommended that she be banned from entering the United States. I mean, they didn't become stupid assholes yesterday. They have a long history of being idiots. We pay this lowlife swine to think of shit like this and parade themselves around as little faggot gods. I mean you would have to be a MAJOR bone-smuggler to want this chick out of the Country.

My Daily PrayerTo Jesus

Every day I pray to Jesus to make it possible for me to puke into the nigger in chief's face. But not his wife's face because I am pretty sure I could not bring my face close enough to hers for the puke to land on it. And I do not mean that I ask for a chance to vomit, ya know, a soupdish amount: I beg my Lord and Savior to fill my stomach with enough digested sludge to fill a pillowcase and to make it come out, not just with a falling, gravity-derived motion and natural energy, but with a hose-like pressure, ploughing right into the center of his foul faggot face (I like that: obama's foul faggot face. That's called alliteration in word-school. It's supposed to be a worthwhile feature of writing words. As long as it's not pushed too far; like "the foul faggot face festering faggily on his fucking
faggy fucking fuckass fuckfinder." Ok, that doesn't make any sense but I started to get angry thinking about the goddamn fucking piece of shit nigger that has the nerve to be my fucking "leader." This should be proof to everyone that democracy is not worth fighting for. That it's not worth shit. That it's just not workin'. I gut a goddamn muslim commie atheist white-hating fucking NIGGER giving me orders. Fuck that. Jesus Fucking Christ, I cant believe ANYBODY can put up with this shitfuck. Where was I.) So I pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus, who has come with a sword, that not only will I be given the honor and the great miracle of puking into Obama's face, but I pray that it be a forceful implant, like a tossed bucket, and that the load of vomit be plentiful and foul; maybe black like his is, even, though a greenish, yellow kind of oatmeal and cheese-colored nuggetty troughload of continuing stomach-splash would be easier for onlookers to see and appreciate, I think an oil-colored, sewage blackness of inky runoff with dump-grey highlights would make a better impression upon the target's psyche, even though it would be harder to see, being the same color as his skin. Of course none of this would have any effect at all on the commie nigger muslim fucking piece of shit president himself. But it would make ME feel fucking GREAT. And probably one or two other sane, right thinking people left in the world, wherever they are. Thanking You in advance, J.C. Make it happen, Dude!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Are Now Paying The Price For Woodstock

This dumbass nigger Muslim white-hating piece of shit in the nigger house was elected by the fucking doddering old fucks and hippy motherfucker douchebags who decided that rolling in the mud was more intelligent than having a sense of personal responsibility. It's these loser white people who with the welfare niggers and the illegal alien Mexicans put the Black Panther Commie nigger bastard in the white house. It aint smart people who put him there. And a TON o' these dopes was white people: the same ones smoking pot in the park who concluded that living and acting like bums was better than standing up to their elected representatives about a war these fucks in OFFICE wanted to force them to fight. For no good reason that anyone to this day has ever been able to figure out. And NOW these acidhead grandmas and grandpas have decided that electing a Marxist piece of shit to office is easier than taking some responsibility for their own lives. I mean, they haven't changed in 40 years: they're still the white versions of niggers and mexicans. So I cant blame just the niggers and the illegal mexicans. A whole generation of shithead whites did their part to fuck up the country and turn it into a nigger slum and a Mexican trash pit. It wasnt JUST the nigger and mexicans who made this happen. It took lots of help from white people on drugs.

The Nigger's Supposed Backpedal On Health Care

The AP, or Asslicker Press, is saying that the nigger in chief, seen here explaining how things will be to white people, is taking a step back from his dogmatic edicts regarding his dictatorial demands regarding socialized medicine. This is classic Marxist tactics: "one step back, two steps forward." This is what they were doing in the 50's, so I know what I'm talking about because I was there and hated commies even then. BECAUSE I HAD A BRAIN EVEN THEN. And it's the same thing now - this fucking nigger and his nigger and idiot white and Spixican supporters have brought us back to the Roosevelt years. Good job, you "forward-looking" coon illegal African alien Muslim fuck. You're right on top of things: you think Marxism is the wave of the future. Well, to someone who was born in a grass and mud hut in Zam fucking Beezi I guess Marxism is pretty goddamn spectacular: kind of like jungle tribal primitive cave-life on a huge scale.

Separated At Birth

Mel Gibson and Soupy Sales are the same person.

Nigger Plays The Zombie Card

The nigger in chief, in an effort to get white people to think like niggers, pulled his dead white grandmother out of the ground, so to speak, and used her as some sort of argument to fuck up white people and keep illegal Mexicans and unemployed niggers in good health. He said he knows what it is like to se an old relative die and mentioned the suffering his grandmother experienced. Sounds to me like he was wishing he could pull the plug on her. She was white after all. And he hates white people. White people actually get in line to see this idiot. Why don't they just tour jail, they can see all the niggers they want. Go to the emergency room, they can see all the illegal Mexicans they want. What makes THIS illegal nigger so special.

Nigger Hauls Out His Dead Grandmother To Help Him

The nigger in chief, having run into some resistance from white people who have finally come out of their burrows to fight back has hauled his dead grandmother out of the ground, or whatever stomach the niggers that ate her she was in and he waved her bones around and shouted "WAGAMA BOTUBA TEMBO AMBOSELI!! MOTUBO TEMBO DAKATANI OOLIMBA!!! Which means "Whitey lyin' ta's y'alls!! Gimmee what I want!! I be livin high and wide from kick backs and we get to keep 50 million illegal wetbacks from goin' back to Mexico! That's our workforce for the next two generations when we become an agrarian society that can't grow no agrarians!!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Stupid Fucking Post Office

The Post Office never seems to be able to kick itself in the ass. All it does is complain like a huge nigger that things aren't gpoing well with it and it needs more free money from taxpayers over and above the prices amnd hassles they have to pay for stamps and service. If service is the word. The Post Office comes in second only to the DMV for human hatred. In this age of emails the Post Office, if it had any brains, would actually run commercials for itself proclaiming the superiority of an actual letter to an email to anyone you expect a response from, especially if that response is to a complaint. Or a request. A letter is always given attention and at least read. The Post Office will never figure this out. They'll just complain that everyone emails now and they need more subsidies. Let's just subsidize everything and everyone, Nigger Bama, and turn the whole country into 1917 Russia. We'll all travel by horse and haywagon and use saccharine instead of sugar and wear boots all year long until they wear out and have to be stuffed with rags to work. You fucking coon fucking cuntfaced faggot muslim queer nigger so-called genius. A nigger genius. Now there's something to try and wrap your brainstem around and imagine.

Heidi Montag And Playboy Magazine Will Fuck With You Now

I don't know who Heidi Montag is but she is on the cover of Playboy. This is SUPPOSED to mean that when you scramble inside you will see Heidi Montag's tits; her ass; and maybe some part of her pussy. Maybe. Playboy is very iffy about showing pussy portions. But we expect that from Playboy. We also expect to see the nipples and ass cheeks WITH BUTTCRACK of the cover celebrity. This bitch apparently thinks she is SO fucking special that she doesn't need for us to see her nipples OR her ass. Which tells me that she must be one fucked up skank when viewed without ten quarts of cheap tequila in your system. And Playboy went along with this fucked-up cunt's demands, apparently, gambling that men would just let it go by in order to get a gander at this fucking cunt's elbow. I hope this pisses Playboy readers off like the nigger in chief is pissing off me. She oughta change her name to Hide-y since she needs to hide her fucking nipples. Her tits probably look like some 90 year old nigger lady's tits who has had goats hanging off them for all her life sucking them dry. Her ass probably looks like Joan River's pussylips.

Ronald Reagan

Here's an audio speech given by Ronal Reagan regarding socialized medicine. The thing must be 50 years old. He sounds a lot different than the nigger in chief. He sounds like an American, not a fucking commie faggot muslim nigger wiseass shoplifter with a fucking Persian boy-humping name.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Squeaky Fromme Released

Squeaky Fromme, who pointed a .45 at Gerald Ford - I have never heard if the gun had any actual bullets in it. No professional "reporter" would ever consider that important - was let out of prison. Obama has to be sleeping with his eyes open, staring at the ceiling. On the other hand she probably likes niggers. The Manson Family was not what you would call "consistent in their ideology or even clear in their understanding of it." It sort of changed from day to day depending on who Manson felt like killing at the moment. In fact she is SO fucked up Obama might give her a job. Maybe caretaker in a white convalescent home. He would find that amusing.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Nigger Fights Back

The nigger in chief, seen here showing the size of his clitty-penis, seeing that white people are starting to wake up, is fighting back with an ad campaing paid for by the AMA - the most corrupt group this side of Islam, the hospitals, some drug companies, and a labor union of people who supply patients with shitty food, claiming that the nigger's socialized medicine plan will not eradicate white people and save the lives of Mexicans who are citizens of Mexico and all the other Mexican groups on earth, from Cubans to Palestinians. So in other words, the nigger is panicking. He is not used to opposition. He will either fold like a towel or completely lose it and start shooting a Glock sideways at some future press conference. These primadonna gayboys who think they are Caligula Reborn do not handle resistance well. They go to pieces. Especially NIGGER gayboy Caligula types. The press corps should have ample warning though, I'm sure he'll kill his own family first. I can see insanity shining right through him like a fucking transparent glass furnace. Keep the pressure on, white people, there's nothing easier than getting a nigger to quit. What's really amazing to ME is that he has continued to show up for work THIS long. He must be some new kind o' nigger. Once he's in prison for murder, like all the uvvuh of his bruvvuhs, maybe they'll run some tests on him, see if he's some new strain of critter, like Aids is, or pigbird flu is.

The White Nigger

HAHAHA Below is Bill Clinton's deep appreciation for Dennis's "support" of the Bill Clinton Foundation.

I'm writing to thank you for standing by our side as we work to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges.

A few weeks ago, I invited you to make a donation to my Foundation that I would personally match dollar-for-dollar, with an ambitious goal of $100,000. We not only reached our goal, we went twice the distance.

I know many people are unable to financially support our work in this economic climate, but I'm deeply grateful for all you do to support my Foundation, and for the many ways you contribute to building a better world.

I want to make sure you know how important you are to strengthening my Foundation's ability to serve more families and communities here in the U.S. and across the globe.

This week is no exception. Last Thursday I announced new pricing agreements we negotiated with Pfizer and Mylan that will help turn the tide of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Second-line treatment of HIV/AIDS and a key drug used to treat tuberculosis for those taking second-line medications will be significantly more affordable, enabling hundreds of thousands of people in developing countries to be put on lifesaving treatment over the next several years. My Foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative has already helped 2 million people living with HIV/AIDS access more affordable treatment.

Also last week, we honored 114 outstanding schools across the U.S. that have succeeded in building healthy learning environments. To date, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between my Foundation and the American Heart Association, has helped give more than 3 million kids increased opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating, and we look forward to reaching even more in the year ahead.

While pursuing new opportunities in 2009, we've also taken the time to reflect on our successes in 2008. Watch the video I recorded for you and learn more about our shared accomplishments in our 2008 Annual Report.

Thank you for partnering with us to bring hope to more people around the world. None of our progress would be possible without you.


Bill Clinton"

Bill Clinton has an expecially personal interest in curing AIDS since he has fucked, or intends to fuck, every hot 14 year old naked African girl on the Dark Continent. He spends a LOTTA time over there, and 90% of them niggers still live in huts and walk around naked. And a lot of the 14 year olds are runway-model hot and with a lot better fantastic tits and great hard asses. If you can get past them black, elephantneck-colored pussy lips, you can have a fine squirt for yourself and a lotta fond-memory solitary sex sessions with your hand later in Hillary's bed when the party's over.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nigger Health Care

I don't know what the nigger in chief's health care plan is but I can guess: kill all the old white people and save all the illegal young Mexicans who will be America's work force for the next 50 years. Keep them healthy and have the old white people drop dead. Serves the old white people right for thinking, when they were 20, that they could trust the government to stay in business by operating a Ponzi insurance scheme. Well, it's all falling apart, folks, and the Masonic boy-fuckers running your lives are desperate. Masons have absolutely no problem killing folks and you are now high on the list.This is not one nation under God. It's one nation under GAOTU. Check your Googlepedia to find out who your real Master is in this country.

Nigger Care

I dont understand the nigger's plan for health care and i am sure nobody does because niggers are never clear about anything. If you go to any kind of a meeting the nigger will always ask the question that the guy answering questions already answered 20 times. usually to 19 other niggers. They just have a real tough time understanding things. However i guess a lot of other white people DO understand it and they're all screaming. Naturally the "elected representatives" are saying that the people objecting do not represent the american people. Any time i have written my congressman about ANYTHING i always get an answer back explaining to me why he is not going to do what i want but what he wants. So now entire packs of white people are getting to have this experience.

Ousley's Thought For The Day

"I wonder what the pope said when he prayed for eunice kennedy her that killed her? I remember when my grandmother was sick the church said a special prayer for her and she died that night.maybe we should send out a special prayer for obama. I bet they will have more than two parking spaces for the handicapped at eunice kennedy's funeral."

Assholes Go On Vacation

Congress is taking a summer vacation. Things will gradually start to improve until they return. Then it's back to the nose dive into the quicksand once they come back. you'd think Americans would notice this: they don't need "a representative." Some teenage pussy is usually enough.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Nigger Talking Sense!!

I don't know what to make of this but here it is:

Coon Instructs Whites

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