Wednesday, July 18, 2012

constitution vision

i have had a mental image picture of the Constitution and how it operates. i would like to run it by you for your reaction because while you are a constitutionalist you are also a calm one, a reasoned one, a constitutionalist of some constraint on his outbursts of fury. it began with i believe a posting somewhere about some fuck named schummer - probably a fucking jew - who wants to put some qualifiers on the first amendment. it was then i had a VISION!!! and the vision was this, and imagine you are joseph or daniel and i am the king and i need an interpreter because i am confused. i saw the sea. i was in the middle of the sea. and the voice said "you are free. go where you will. up, down, that way....this way......there are no barriers. you may go where you wish." and i said no! this is terrifying!!! and then there appeared two long walls. and the walls descended on both sides of me and went to the bottom of the sea and rose up on both sides and a roof was put on, and a floor. and the voice said "this is the constitution. we composed it over beer and cigars and a few blowjobs from young lads while toasting the king. you must now stay within this. the constitution will be your entire universe. you may do WHATEVER YOU WANT within the constitution....." meanwhile i am screaming " ok wait. i changed my mind. i want to be back outside!!!!" and the voice said "no no. you are inside the constitution now. but look!!.....within here, while you are forced to pay fees for things you never use or want or have a choice about and while you have to pay for people to think up further limitations on you even in this is a bill of rights! now keep in mind these are rights permitted you by the canal. i mean the constitution. the constitution GIVES you these rights. we are pretending that you are putting these rights here and that they are god given and provided by nature and all that is holy and that they are natural and that they are this and that they are that but actually we are the ones creating these rights, we declared them, we isolated them, we gave them titles and we coated them in grandeur and wonder and we made sure that we did not include your right to be taxed because we stated earlier on in the canal i mean the constitution that taxation was our right, not yours. in other words, we are the ones doing this. you are doing nothing. you are not a participant except to live inside the canal. we are calling them guaranteed rights but lets face it, you have not been given a choice in any of this so far, why do you think we are obliged to make good on our guarantees?" and i said ok and i began to live my life in the canal but i noticed that in some places the canal was getting even narrower than it was at its installation. there was less room. and the roof was lowering. i went to my rights and saw that parts of every right had been made somehow into a smaller volume. i had the same rights but there was not as much of them. it was bizarre. i asked "why are my guaranteed rights shrinking?" i was told "they are not shrinking. they are evolving. they are being interpreted. we gave them to you: we can interpret them. your rights are alive. they change over time. we interpret the changes." i asked "who makes them change, Nature?" they said oh no, we do. we make them change. we do it by decree. the same decree that gave them to you in the first place. we are your representatives. we do this for YOU. i said why do i have representatives. why cant i represent myself. they said because this is our canal. we gave it to you. we have rights too. they are called property rights. the constitution i mean the canal i mean the constitution is our property. we gave it to you. it was a free gift. like a gift from god as it were. you should be grateful. we gave you the constitution. we also give you representatives. we are a cornucopia of selflessness." i said i have never met any of my representatives. none of them even know i exist. nothing makes sense in here. i can do what i want as long as it does not contradict what you want me to do. that is completely perverted, inverted, convoluted and twists reality out of all reality and into a madhouse. the constitution is a constricting canal, like a cattle ramp into an abattoir. they said "nonsense. it is merely a constitution that you SHOULD be grateful for. we worked very hard dreaming it up. in fact soon all countries will have one of these. its called human progress." meanwhile outside the canal, life that did not involve human progress went on in a normal natural manner. inside the canal there was eventually just fecal matter and dead bodies. that was my vision. thank you.