Tuesday, May 28, 2013

new facebook ban

the other day i got banned for 12 hours from facebook for saying the brits are fags. today i got banned for another 12 for apologizing for saying the brits are fags.

the british are not faggots. i said they were faggots and that got me banned from facebook for a day so therefore the british are not faggots. i hope this clears things up, facebook, and all the jews and muslims and kikes and niggers and chinks and spics and actual, geniuine, non-british faggots in any way connected with facebook and its judging policies. i repeat, the british are not faggots. the british are all heterosexual normal people. not unnatural freaks of nature and filled with demon lust for penis and ass like faggots are. i was wrong. you are right. faggotism is a stranger in england. for me to have said that all the males in england prefer mouthfulls of penis to mouthfulls of teacakes was wrong. the men in england prefer to have mouthfuls of vaginal joy juice slurped personally via their faces from between the legs of authenticated women. the brits are not fags, i repeat, they are normal cunt-fucking fuckers.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Facebook Ban

I have been kicked off Facebook again. I called the British Royal Faggy Fighters "faggots." I suspect it was the faggot who runs the Facebook site called Save American Wildlife. He is on a wolf-extermination mission. You know how Hitler was on a Jew extermination mission? This guy is the Hitler of wolves. Or the Hitler against wolves. A wolf probly once told him to go fuck himself and he never got over it. On the other hand it could be a bad artist on Facebook that I said something unkind about. I mean what is it with bad canvas daubers, they are all on this "I think when I see a flower that world peace emanates from my heart. Never give up for you are a child of the universe deep within your rectal sphincter. My heart is a sponge of oozing sadness. But then I see the light of kindness deep within my bladder and urine is my strength." Unbelievably fucked up shit like that. Which basically is code for "My art sucks but look at how loving I am. And deep! So will you not buy?" And then you look at the price tag on some squalid fucked up shitpile and its 1200 dollars. 2000 dollars. 3000 dollars. And i ask them "You're kidding me right? Mexicans with spray cans are doing Salvador Dali-level shit and getting arrested for it compared to your puking dumpsterloads of ineptitude." i guess their loving hearts are hurt by comments such as this. Fuck 'em.

Monday, May 20, 2013


when hitler called killing the jews "the final solution" not one jew - or anyone else - ever said - then or since - "but why is a solution needed, we're not a problem." i guess the jews assume like everyone else does that they really are a problem. they never seem to offer a rebuttal or even get mad about it. in fact they dont get mad about anything except at the cash register. then oh my, look at mr jew, he's now the Emperor of the Universe making demands and giving orders. "Vat?? You ah chahjink me a dollah fah dah bay-gul? OI! I am suink you! I vill see you in court!! I am callink my loi-yah unless you give it to me free!" at the checkstand there's no stopping them. everywhere else?...it's execution day HAHAHAHAHAHAHA