Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homeland Security

   Bobblehead Bush came up with the name Homeland Security. Because he is a globalist and does not believe "American Security" would be fair to the other countries who do not like to contemplate an American Identity. No one on earth wants to contemplate an American Identity. Because the idea scares them. apparently it scares Americans too since they seem to be in a hurry to adopt anything that is the opposite of the American Identity, African Slum Culture being at the top of their list.
   Calling American security Homeland security makes things more amenable to arresting anyone; preferably loyal Americans. Bush's dad is not what you would call a United States Loyalist, since he went out of his way to adopt as many mexican children - probably to molest: these guys love adopting children, child molesters: it makes their crimes look wondrous and selfless and filled with holiness. It's a Masonic thing, you wouldn't understand.
   Calling it Homeland security rather than American security gives it that European dark-ages flair that American bureaucrats love to imitate since the founding of this country or whatever it is America is now: a multicultural melting pot of mud and filth and squalor with a Kenyan dust-eater and piss-drinker at the top of the shitpile and grinning like the idiot ape he is.

The Right Wing And Miley Cyrus

   The "conservative" talk show people and writers are having multiple orgasms talking about Miley Cyrus. The reason for this is because it allows them to watch "sex not with their wife" for purposes of clarifying which aspects of her sinful behavior merit the most attention. Right Wingers can watch erotica if they rail against it publicly. 'Look at those nipples and vagina, honey, THAT is disgusting. Let me watch this a second time to make sure it's as foul as I think it is." Right Wingers, being Constitutionalists, and therefore practically Muslims, have a lot of forbidden zones they must not enter, most of them having to do with their ejaculatory system. Look at the Catholic priesthood to see where this sort of shit leads: depravity on a downhill run with the brakes off.

Miley Cyrus

   Miley Cyrus did a stage number which consisted of mostly strutting like a swaggering nigger, singing like a swaggering nigger, and grabbing her crotch like a swaggering nigger. It's the talk of the land but so far, except for me, no one has said she was acting like a swaggering nigger. I mean, she didn't come up with these ideas on her own. They have been in the degenerating "American" "culture" since niggers were allowed in restaurants they didn't own, but were under Federal control thanks to the Constitution. Which everyone thinks is a Marvel of Progress. HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry. I always laugh when I say something positive about the Constitution.
   Getting back to Miley Cyrus, since television broadcasting is owned by the Federal government, thanks to the Constitution, I suppose there will be some droning Hank Johnson clone going on and on about the need to regulate something out of existence, and while it won't be television, because the Federal government needs television for ordering shrieking groups of panicked people around to tell them what to do "in this emergency," there will be some talk of "the need to set standards of decency." Well, getting rid of niggers might be a first step to take, then white people would be forced to develop a culture of their own rather than adopting the worthless, stone age culture of the Kings of the Prehistoric Pagans, which would be the global Negro Culture of Slumber, Rape, Murder, and theft. Oh, and cannibalism.

The Latest Yosemite Fire

   Because National Forests are the property of the Feds and not anyone who could actually develop and protect and provide access to and probably save from destruction - which would be an owner; an actual human entrepreneur; someone with a personal stake in keeping Yosemite intact - this fire - being in The Sacred Forest of Yosemite - will likely actually destroy the entire Sacred Forest of Yosemite. The Feds will shrug and forbid entry to the desolation for 50 years and it will basically no longer exist. Oh well, better not existing than existing in the private hands of an exploiter. Because exploiters are bad. They exploit...something.

Banned From Facebook

   I have been banned again for an eternity - 12 hours - from posting on Muslimbook because I posted the video of the three nigger subteens beating up a three year old white child riding her tricycle. I think I referred to the niggers as apes. I should have referred to them as sub apes because apes have some intelligence. I probly would not call niggers niggers if it was not the case that it is forbidden to call niggers niggers. I usually dont go along with social threats of  shunning if I dont obey the herd's movements. I do not actually run with the herd. because herds are always at peril. Herds have to trust whoever is leading the herd to not be leading them over a cliff or into a slaughterhouse chute.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blog Visit To Myself

   Oh, hi, blog. I have not been here for a while. I started another blog, one about renovating Las Vegas back into something someone might want to visit. Plus I have been on Facebook a lot. Plus, on Facebook, I get at least some feedback and interaction with others, unlike here where I am pretty much all alone. Can we talk? Ya know, since I actually read the Constitution and saw what a nightmare it actually is, I have been trying to explain all this to others via the internet. I have been kicked off pretty much every right wing site in America. Americans who don't realize they're communists keep calling me a communist and tossing me out of their frustrated political world with great enthusiasm mixed with various amounts of rancor. It's kind of frustrating but not surprising. Plus I get no money for any of this whether I succeed in whatever it is I am doing or whether I fail, so none of actually matters, really, after the smoke clears. What I have had demonstrated by all this, however, if anything - even though I actually knew it beforehand - is that the belief by the Right that the Constitution is actually worth the ink used to concoct it is pretty entrenched and practically ingrained. Reading it - the Constitution -  which no one actually does: too much fucking work for the average "kill the rich" current poor excuse for an "American"..... makes it pretty clear that the Constitution itself has no idea of what it is trying to do or accomplish. It's basically a speech: full of promises and signs and wonders emanating from the asses of asses. It was like it was written by drunks who were smoking opium in between whiskey shooters. It's like reading the instructions for an IKEA chest of drawers translated from Swedish by a Chinaman into English. You keep going "what on earth did they hope to accomplish by all of this." My first guess would be that they hoped to accomplish was the death of liberty and individual sovereign rule over one's own life. But you are not supposed to hold the Constitution up for criticism. It is a divine miracle of perfection, you see. Even though it was written by legalistic hacks and self-proclaimed men of wisdom. Most of whom were completely full of themselves and were convinced they were more suited to ordering everyone around than the blacksmith down the road was: even though the blacksmith actually served a need in the community. Unlike most of the Founding Fathers of The Constitution, who were basically untitled non royalty longing for a return to European Political Nonsense. Which the Revolutionary War was SUPPOSED to eliminate. So unraveling the mess it has created is very unlikely to every happen since there is so much commitment to it's erroneous and preposterous assumptions and proclamations and preposterous ambitions for itself. America will go down holding onto it like a sinking, shark-bisected surfer going down holding onto a seaweed pod.