Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Nigger and his government staff of white nigger ass-kissers has decided that showerheads need to be regulated. This is why we pay people who think islands will tip over if too many people stand on the edge our hard-earned tax dollars. So they can make sure we don't use too much water in the shower. Maybe if the Feds and the States and the Cities got out of the Water Supply Business and let Arrowhead run things we could use larger showerheads.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Washington DC

You cannot start any kind of trouble in a saloon full of drunks by saying something bad about Washington DC. You will only get universal cheers and perhaps a few free drinks. Nobody has any LOYALTY to Washington DC. Nobody will EVER defend Washington DC in a bar fight. You can walk into a bar and say "Kentucky can suck my COCK!!!" and at least ONE person will rise up out of his chair and amble on over to you and say "Y'all gut a problem with Kaintukky aiyisssshowell??" You go into a bar and say "Albuquerque can suck my fucking COCK!!!" and someone will rouse themselves from a drunken stupor over in the corner and shamble over to you in their Navajo blanket and say "White-eyes lie: now white-eyes die." Washington DC is not a State. Washington DC is not a PART of the United States. Washington DC is not a city within a State. Washungton DC is not a County or a town. It's a "district." Like District 9. Lie district 9 it's full of ugly aliens. But unlike the District 9 aliens they dont want to get away. They want to kill the 50 States. They been at it for 250 years and it looks like there's finally a President who knows clearly what the real job of Washington DC is, and he just might get that job done. One think negroes have a real good track record of in human history is wrecking the place and turning it into dust, where they then live comfortably for tens of thousands of years.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gay Men In Army Showers

The military says that homos will not be given separate facilities from the straights. This means that the homos will have to take showers with the straight men. This will likely not upset the homos but it will likely upset the straight men because they will feel uncomfortable taking showers with homos. They would rather take showers with straight men. I know that when I am taking a shower with a hundred naked men standing all around me that I do not want any of those many penises that are in plain sight to start erecting around me. I want the penises around me when I am in the shower to stay limp and flaccid if you dont mind. Knowing that some of the many naked penises being washed by mens hands in my vicinity might at any time start to become filled with blood and ready themselves for sexual release would make me very uncomfortable. I want all the penises being washed and scrubbed and cleaned around my naked penis to remain calm and at ease. I want to see every single penis that i look at in the shower to remain asleep and disinterested in becoming erect. I dont think there is anything homophobic about wanting to take showers with naked heterosexual guys rather than naked homos. Maybe I am just not with the 21st Century, I don't know. But I say "naked in the shower with normal men for me" every time.

NAACP Calls Tea Party Racist

The NAACP is an organization that has the words "Colored People" in its name. These colored people are upset by the racist agenda of the Tea Party. The racist agenda of the Tea Party is "adhering to the Constitution of the Country." The word for that is patriotism. Not racism. Now you have to understand that this organization of colored people, being colored - they're kinda stupid. So stupid they don't realize that "colored people" are a race. The race of Negroes. One Negro in America is a Congressman. He thinks that Guam will "capsize" and "tip over" if there are too many US Marines on it. There might actually be NEGROES who think this is a stupid remark. I really don't know. But I think i would put at least ten dollars on it that I could find one who agrees that it is. Now the Tea Party is not filled with particularly bright people. There is probably not one of them who is going to ever bring to the attention of the NAACP that the NAACP is a racist group. It likely will not occur to them. They are way too preoccupied with faggots not getting married. So, stupid as the NAACP is they might get beat in the stupidity olympics by the Tea Party-ers. Let's watch and see.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I've been spending a lotta time on Facebook. I don't think I actually accomplish anything there. I have managed to run-off anyone who disagrees with me enough to engage me in an attempted debate. People want to debate with me about my opinions and likes and dislikes, I guess in order to get me to be more like THEM. Like, say, if I don't want illegal aliens in the Country there are - there were - some people who wanted to either call me names - which I have no problem with, I prefer that to debates - or they were compelled to offer "arguments." "Arguments" are things you use in courts of law in order to influence a judge into making a decision that is in line with your wants. Usually you have someone other than you trying to convince the judge to not see things your way but rather to see things his way. This is called "courtroom crap." Courtroom crap is fine if you are a lawyer or a judge and are fleecing the public and the defendant of his funds so that you can be a lawyer or a judge. But I'm just a guy on facebook. I don't need to convince anyone of anything because I'm not a lawyer or a judge. I'm just a guy on Facebook. So I do not engage these people in debates. They are always - these people who feel compelled to debate me - a species of inhabitant in America called "liberals." Like most things in politics, "liberal" has no meaning. It has a sort of generalized something or other that "conservatives" sort of know about and do not approve of and want outlawed or put a stop to or whatever. All this arguing is a result of us living in a "democracy" - which the Conservatives" insist on calling a "republic." As though one is better or worse that the other. The onyl difference between a democracy and a republic is that it takes a little bit longer for a republic to become a socialist pesthole. With a democracy it happens a lot quicker. Actually what we have here in America is people on the public payroll trying to eradicate the people on the private payroll by taking more and more money from them until the people on the private payroll are gone. I dont know what the people on the public payroll expect to do to get money when the people on the private payroll are gone. I guess they don't care, they'll worry about that when it happens. Oddly, the people on the private payroll are all convinced that the people on the public payroll are More Essential than themselves so they give them all the money the people on the public payroll demand. In a "crisis" the people on the public payroll threaten to vanish. "Then what will you do!!!" they tell the people on the private payroll. This always scares the people on the private payroll into continuing to let the people on the public payroll take money from them. So the debaters always want to present "arguments" and "reasoned analyses" of things that I say. Sometimes I will say things just to test the waters to see if there are any debaters left monitoring my facebook remarks. Saying something positive about Christianity will usually bring these people out into the open, saying "nigger" NEVER fucking fails, venting some tirade against non-honest atheists (as opposed to just plain atheists who I don't have any attitude towards one way or the other) usually creates a disturbance in the Force, and I actually do keep myself in check most of the time on Facebook even though a lot of people there think I am out of control. I could GO out of control but I don't feel like it. Facebook has never done anything to me that I know of, I see no reason to go out of control there. A lot of my "friends" - you only have friends on Facebook, they do not have an Enemies category - a lot of my "friends" are people who have some familiarity with me as a comedy writer. They more or less see me as someone who agrees with THEM already. Even before I say anything. I usually always agree with my "fans" if you can call them that because they would not be fans unless they liked what wrote. Everything I write for money has a common - let's call it right-wing - tone. Because I am a - let's call it - a right-winger. I am also a Christian so while I might put in a ton of blasphemy and lampooning of Christianity and filth and break all the commandments that you can break using a keyboard, I do not ever write AGAINST Christianity because that would make no sense to me. And I suppose people who are Christians pick up on this, So the Christian Right is what I usually end-up with as "fans." The Christian Right does not usually feel the need to "debate." So I never get-into it with them. The Left needs to debate everything 24 hours a day forever. So I get rid of them as soon as possible otherwise I would be debating all the time. Hell to me will be Satan debating all the inhabitants and if you don't debate back he sticks a pitchfork in your ass cheeks real hard. Which I would call a lose-lose situation. The kind Satan likes. Oh, that's another thing, I actually believe the Bible but I detest Creationists. This weeds out the Astoundingly Stupid right wingers from my fan list. I also chase off the Christian Saints: the Christians who keep ledgers on other Christians behavior and comment on it. "You call yourself a Christian and yet you talk about Jesus' penis???" They usually dont capitalize penis either which I think you shoiuld do when it's Jesus' Penis you are talking about. As you may have noticed if you are the Chinese guy who makes comments here in Chinese characters, I have not been around my own blog for a while. In fact, not since I went on Facebook. However I notice that I am becoming unmotivated on Facebook. I have chased off all the debaters, and all the rest are people who have lives and so dont spend a lot of time on Facebook. Facebook started out as a kind of network for kids. Then adults found out it was sort of fun and all the kids left because who wouldnt? I am sure the kids are doing something else no one knows aobut yet because kids, up until the time puberty hits, are smarter than adults and other kids who have hit puberty. So I am sure they are fine. Meanwhile Facebook is a kind of.....I hate to say gay..... but it's kind of a gay corner drug store with no drugs where you talk about your kids and grandkids and where you just went or where you just got back from. It's like a party line on the phone in the 50's. Except it's a lot harder to get laid on Facebook because everyone on facebook is paranoid someone in the government is listening or that there is a permanent record of everything you type. Well they're right about that second part.