Friday, July 31, 2009

This is what is now guarding Buckingham Palace. You remember the guys in the red coats and the tall fur hats? Now these guys have that job. This will boost tourism, won't it? I suspect Prince Charles was behind this bonehead idea. Look for LOTS of bombings in England from this point on. This basically says to the Muslims "We are afraid of you, please don't hurt us, we want to cooperate." Muslims interpret this shit as open season on killing the populace. You heard it here first.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White Woman Called Racist For Calling 911 On A Nigger

This woman was called names on "blogs" for calling 911 on a nigger. She is being called a "racist" whatever the fuck that is. The blogs are PROBABLY white blogs because - 1: only white people have blogs because, well, you have to know how to type and put a sentence together, and -2: only white people get upset at white people calling niggers niggers. She didnt even mention race when she made the call. The cops did. They asked her the race of the people she was calling about. She said she didn't know. Fuckin' niggers.

Dr. Ousley Is In

Is porno even real or is it just special effects or lord knows what?

They show private parts and it looks like as if they ppl in it are actually screwing eachother. It seems so real and so gross. Is it real? Ppl say it isn't but it looks so real. I know the cartoon ones arn't real obviously.
22 minutes ago
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My Grandmother said the porn movies she did were real.After some of the movies they packed her vagina with ice and used the ice to make snow cones for the next movie.

Bump on top of vagina?

FYI- This is going to be detailed and not for anyone with a weak stomach. Apologies in advance.

About a year and a half ago I noticed a bump forming on the top of my vagina (on top of the slit). I, being an idiot I suppose, was annoyed by it and poked it. There must have been a lot of pressure in it because it bursted and has not gone away since. I have a scar on my vagina from a bike accident that it is right beside. One doctor told me it was a hair folicle thing and I must have gotten it from shaving so close to my scar. She just said she wanted me to stop shaving. No other input was given. I went to another doctor, she barely looked at it and said it was a keloid and to put tea tree oil on it. I've been looking at pictures of keloids and how to treat them but NONE OF THEM look ANYTHING like the bump I have. The bump I have is much smaller and seems less extreme (besides the fact that it's been there for almost 2 years). The size it is now is the smallest it has ever been. Please keep in mind that it is not anywhere near my labia but is on the TOP of my vagina.
39 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.
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I'm a doctor and if you send me a picture of your vagina I can tell you what to do.A color picture would help me diagnosis the problem. Please include the labia in the picture.Dr.Dennis
5 minutes ago

Can a scratch in the vagina heal?

i accidentally scratched my vagina and it bleeded a little after fingering it as in it was probably inside the i was thinking can a scratch INSIDE the vagina heal? and i dont have any itchynedd or swelling or any infections like that.
57 minutes ago
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I'm a doctor and if you send me a picture of your vagina I can tell you what to do.A color picture would help me diagnosis the problem. Dr.Dennis
3 minutes ago

bend over in front of a ugly fat white woman and the nigger will fly out your ass
----- Original Message -----
From: J.J. Solari
To: Dennis
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 2:46 PM
Subject: Re: Re:

i have a white house nigger moolie up my ass, can that be removed?

I dont like my vagina?

like i have the lips then another pair and they are like bigger and have wrinkels what is wrong.
oh and dont tell me to go to a dr. bc im scared to
15 minutes ago
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I'm a doctor you can send me a picture of your vagina and I will give you my medical opinion.It would be best if you include a picture of your breast also just to make sure your nipples are okay.Dr.Dennis
2 seconds ago
- Edi

Tony Alamo, World's Longest-Running Child Molester, Will Soon Be Molesting 6-Foot-5 Niggers

Tony Alamo's real name, according to the courts, is Bernie Lazar Hoffman. Jew.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nigger Medicine

In case anyone is thinking that Socialized medicine is going to be good, sure, it will be: if you are a nigger or a Mexican. Or a Mexican derivative, which would be anyone not Anglo Saxon European Protestant White. No. YOU people, you few in this last group who still foolishly live here in America, you are going to be FINANCING this Increase Of Life Plan for your mortal enemies. It was bad enough when the dumbass white politicians were pushing for this, but they are pretty much out of the picture, it's niggers and Mexicans in office now, and they are gonna make up for the foot dragging of the white traitors. So don't get sick, Whitey: you are not high on the priority-admissions list to Obama's Niggerized hospitals.

Fuckin' Niggers

Henry Gates, the Harvard graduated community agitator, here showing the size of dick he likes up his ass, has "had enough" of all this frewfraw now. He wants to move on. You can bet if this nigger and his nigger pal in Washington and that Nigger Jackson and Nigger Sharpton had those arresting cops on the defensive they would have declared riots in every city in America as the only way to settle this "injustice." But instead they pissed the cops off, just like Gates pissed them off, so they got the same fucking treatment. Then they shut the fuck up. Like they're supposed to. They'll be back, though, loud and stupid as ever, so we must not forget this incident and learn our lesson from it. And what lesson is that, class? it's......bark back at an uppity nigger dog and he slinks away to await a weaker opponent. Which will likely be you. If you're white. And Not a Cambridge cop.

The Arresting Officers

These are two of the cops who arrested the uppitty nigger Harvard graduate commie community agitator. The nigger in chief invited them both to the Black House for a beer and to swat-with-towels. Be funny if they went and the nigger got drunk and disorderly and they had to handcuff and arrest the fucker. HAHAHAHAHA

George Niggerton

The nigger in chief has taken a liking to having his press conferences in front of a portrait of George Washington. The pictures always come-out with Washington in sort of blurred, disappearing focus and the nigger in clear sharp lines. I think him standing in front of Washington's picture makes a kind of interesting statement: it shows America when it was born and America as comes to an end. It took a nigger, but bringing things to an end is what niggers are really good at, whether the thing they are bringing to an end is a car, an education, a clean police record, a clean neighborhood, or an entire civilization. They can destroy them all with equal ease and enthusiasm. Hey: they're niggers; it's what they do.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Nigger In A Panic. What's New.

The nigger in chief, shown here showing how big a penis he likes in his ass and also demonstrating how he holds his mouth open when his wife sticks her strap-on in it while he molests his daughters...he sure is in a panic about this "angry white people gettin' riled" business. If it was niggers all upset he'd be happy. But it's white people finally starting to wake up as to just how far down they have let the nigger race cower them into a corner and they are, a little bit, finally goin' "what the fuck are we lettin these coons order us around for: if it wasnt for us they'd be in Africa eating each other." Took a while but it might be starting to happen. fuckin niggers are in a panic. That's their worst nightmare, that the white people might finally get some balls again.

The Nigger And His Beer

The nigger in chief has invited the Cambridge Mass. cops to the Black House for some beers. These guys are nuts if they accept because that nigger IS going to poison the dudes because he does not eat crow. He is a vindictive calculating nigger piece of shit. He has the entire nigger race to defend against these "racist pigs" that would dare to arrest a personal friend of Spike Lee. However he is backpedalling pretty good and pretty quick. You stand up to that skinny little prick and he backs down faster than a dyke. HAHA you ever yell back at a dyke that's yelling at you?....they fucking start crying like girls. It's funny.

Nigger Harvard Rabble Rouser Arrest Update

The dumbass nigger Hardard "professor" community agitator who got arrested for being a loudmouth dumbass fuck uppitty nigger got his nigger bruthuh president into trouble because the nigger president took the harvard nigger's side in the fracas and called the cops stupid. HAHA the cops told the nigger president to go fuck himself. The nigger president, like all niggers when you stand up to them and you are white, is now calling the Cambridge cops on the phone and telling them all kinds of nigger backpedaling shit. Nuthin wrong with that even if he dont mean it. Just APPEARING to be an apologetic, know-yer-place nigger is alright with us, it's close enough, it'll do, that's just fine, glad we could work this all out. Now get back into the fields and shut the fuck up.

Muslim American President Nigger To Give 1 BILLION Taxpayer Dollars to PLO

by Sue Pleming – 1 hr 57 mins ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States plans to transfer $200 million to the struggling Palestinian Authority to help cover its budget shortfall, an Obama administration official said on Friday.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to announce the transfer of funds on Friday as part of U.S. efforts to improve conditions on the ground that will bolster attempts to revive stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
The money is not new assistance, but part of $900 million in U.S. funds that Clinton pledged at a donors conference in Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in March, the official told Reuters.
He declined to be named as Clinton wanted to personally make the announcement in Washington along with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who is expected to appear via a video conference link-up from the West Bank.
"We are trying to help the Palestinians to meet a budget shortfall and also we are trying to create the conditions on the ground so that we can move toward peace negotiations," said the U.S. official.
The Western-backed Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas relies heavily on foreign aid to pay out salaries amid a burgeoning budget deficit.
International funds promised at several donor conferences, including the one in March, have failed to materialize and the Palestinian Authority says it has received only a fraction of the $1.5 billion in donor assistance it needs to meet its budget in 2009.

I dont make this shit up, folks. Your nigger in chief does.

Nigger In chief Pissed Off At the A.P.

The nigger president, shown here demonstrating how far into his own ass King Saud of Arabia inserted his penis into the Presidential Anus, is getting a little pissed at the Ass. Press for not burying the story of the nigger saying the Mass. cops were "stupid." He does NOT like criticism. It drives him into a furious tantrum. I mean the guy's a total narcissistic psycho. For once the press's harping on shit is having some fun results. At least for me. That dumbass fucking coon cunt. If he'da kept his stupid nigger mouth shut this would never have happened, him getting picked on. But he just had to comment on De White Injufftice In De Land toward some nigger fucking Marxist community agitator, like he used to be in Chicago. Fuckin' niggers. Give 'em half a chance they'll prove to you how fucked up they are.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Nigger In Chief Mad At Mass. Police

The nigger in chief, shown here in front of a picture of George Washington in an effort to graphically demonstrate just how very very very very far down the shitchute America has slid, is upset that the cops would arrest a famous nigger who is famous only to niggers and white people who think that niggers can be "scholars." This Gates fucker ain't no "scholar." He's just another coon who thinks because he's a screaming nigger he deserves to be treated like a non screaming nigger. Obama now knows all about the incident because he's a fucking expert on everything. He is omniscient. He's BARAK. First and hopefully Last nigger predeedent. So Obama piped-up right away and took the dumb-ass nigger's side. This fucking Obama fucker is gonna get millions of niggers killed because he's itchin' to get them to riot all over the Country. You heard it here first, folks, this nigger thinks he Lenin, he's gonna give the time and place for the Nigger Proletariat Revolution because he thinks he is Marked By Destiny to be the first World Ruler of All Niggers. Keep your guns handy and loaded and remember, they can't shoot straight worth shit. This war should be over real quick and with a definite major DEE-kline in the nigger population in this Country.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shannyn Moore, Cunt Reporter

Shannyn Moore is some cunt on the Huffington Post - a site run by some other cunt - who writes a column in Alaska and must be being paid to try and think of new ways to name-call Sarah Palin. Shannyn, you really need to come see me to learn how to call names. I'll start with you. For one thing, you are boring. You can't generate any emotion with your name calling other than the kind you feel for a 6 year old standing in the hallway shouting at mommy because she didn't let him eat the red ants. You just think "Why is she mad at THAT for." Since this is all you do I have to assume someone pays you a stipend on the side and then gives you a topic regarding Sarah Palin and then you invent some sort of "debate position" around it. You write SO bad I can understand why you are not with the AP. You're too weird even for them. Adrianna Huffington though seems to like you. She's the queen of dumb cunts so naturally you must seem like a daughter to her. I have a separate blog just for Thomas Kinkade the "painter" because he provides me with so much material to work with just by existing. I'm thinking of starting a third one just about you. That's how shitty a writer you are. You also ain't no beauty. I bet that ass of yours sloshes around in your clothes like a Steelsak full of elk guts.

More To Love

More To Love is a tv show where 20 big fat walrus pigs try to get their hands on the teeny little cock of a big fat man. And he seems real pleased about this adventure. I get so sick just seeing the ads for the show it's a pretty good bet I won't be watching the actual program. I mean these broads are sweating estrogen down their faces, and pouring hot steaming pussy juice down their thighs so much they gotta have Mexicans with mops and buckets parked all over the studio, they're so fuckin horney. Ain't NONE of 'em ever been laid before, unless it was at birth when they only weighed 8 pounds and not 800 pounds.

So You Think You Can Dance

This is a really great show if you are a person who really enjoys seeing white girls dancing erotocally with nigger men. If you are one of those people who finds watching white woman dance erotically with nigger men upsetting you will want to blow your brains out. If you think I am having problems with the show, poor Ellen Degeneres is one of the judges and not only does she have to watch racial mixing, which I am sure does not bother her, she also has to watch sexual mixing, and that has to be brutal for the poor dyke. Oh, and she looks like a zombie that just came up out of the dirt during the DAY. That's how fucked up she looks.

Todd Palin

I never hear Sarah Palin's old man getting in anyone's face about the shit they say about his ol' lady. So I decided to find out who this douchbag is. The buzz is that he is part Eskimo, who are about the stupidest people on earth after the Navajos. And I see he has one of the "put you penis in my mouth" beards that go in a circle around, well, where the penis goes if you suck penises. It sort of encircles the target for the sightedly challenged queers. If he AIN'T part Eskimo he SHOULD be doing damage control 24 hours a day to make it clear to people that he aint an Eskimo because in a white man that is nothing to be proud of. Now, he don't LOOK none too bright. I mean he might be a nice guy and good for him, i have a nice cat, but bein' nice ain't really that much of an accompliishment. You don't really have to DO anything to be nice. You have to actually make an effort to be a prick. It's a job. Bein' nice, you can just do NOTHING and people will think you are nice. And who knows what the fuck the guy's THINKIN'. I mean, maybe inside he ain't nice at all. OF COURSE THERE IS NO WAY OF KNOWING FOR SURE BECAUSE HE NEVER FUCKING SAYS ANYTHING!! HEY DUDE!! YOUR WIFE'S GETTIN' SHREDDED!! THAT BOTHER YOU AT ALL DOUCHEBAG???? YOU NEED TO TAKE THE MICROPHONE FOR A MINUTE AND FUCKING SAY SOMETHING??? OK???? ARE YOU EVEN FUCKING AWAKE DUDE???? DID THAT ESKIMO BRAIN OF YOURS COLLAPSE IN FEAR FROM ALL THE RECENT ATTENTION FROM THE NON ESKIMO PART OF THE WORLD?? WHERE PEOPLE HAVE HEATERS IN THEIR HOUSES AND GO TO THE STORE FOR MEAT AND NOT OUT INTO THE GODDAMN FROZEN SEA WITH A FUCKING SPEAR!!! Todd. Who the fuck names their kid that.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Famous Nigger Arrested

Some nigger named Gates that is "famous" even though nobody ever heard of the fucker, got arrested because he gave a cop some lip and got all uppitty. The AP is saying (the Asociated Press is an "unbiased," Marxist, news clearing house) that this woulda never happened to a white guy. That's true, a white guy would have simply answered the cop's questions to the cop's satisfaction and then been sent on his way. The nigger, being a nigger, decided he needed to get uppitty. It's what they do. So he got arrested. That's what COPS do. Fuckin nigger.

Monday, July 20, 2009

God Bless The Japs

Nigger In Chief Is Getting Uppitty

The nigger in chief is getting a bit feisty because he is meeting some marginal opposition from the douchebag Republicans. So now he's draggin' out the street talk, or in other words nigger baby-talk, and this is supposed to frighten whitey into thinking twice about not going along with every fucking idiot idea this fucking dumbass moolie piece of shit dreams up. And if I know whitey, it will probably work because whitey is scared to death of the niggerman. Anyway it's good to see that little faggot that throws a baseball like a fucking girl, it's good to see him getting all pouty and having temper tantrums. Too bad there is no one in office with the balls to laugh at him like he deserves. They must detesticle all the men who win elections and feed bull jizz to all the women who win.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Republican's Head Nigger

I finally got it through my thick skull why the Republicans have a nigger as the head of the Party: because all the white people are afraid to accuse Obama of anything otherwise ten million other niggers and ten TRILLION other white people will call them a racist. Oh, shit, can't have that, Jesus Jewboy Christ, throw me in the briar patch but PUHLEEZ don't call me a racist. So they haul this dumbass nigger - and I do mean dumbass - up by his idiot skull and proclaim him their spokesman because it's ok for a nigger to take-on a nigger. That's ok. You white boys, you mind your manners now and you just sit back down now on your hands and don't say nuthin', we'll let this numbskull moolie over here be our spokesman because we're too afraid of the Nigger Nation to upset even one of their really majestic and mighty members of the proud black negro mud-hut race. We'll let this stupid nigger who is even stupider than Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barak Obama, and Webster combined, to stand up here and say that Obama is a bad boy. Like he's really gonna have the heart to do THAT. Niggers do not take-on other niggers. They are all one tribe of anti-white timb bombs waiting for the word from their chief - and that would be Nigger Barak Nigger Hussein Muslim Fucker Obananabama Nigger. Current President of the United States, soon to be part of the United World Nigger Nation of Muslim Fucks.

A Poem By Ousley

If you caught your parents fucking
would it be a bigger shock
then catching your little sister
sucking your fathers cock.
burma shave.

A Poem By Buckshot

Now that I’m a church-going man, I thought I’d better watch my language in social situations, especially here in California, so I penned this pearl of poetry, this perennial piece of prose, to let you know that I’ve mended my profane ways.

By me.

I used to use profanity
To spice up my discourse
One of my very favorites
Would always st art with “horse”.

Whenever I would use it
In company polite
I always stood sequestered
The remainder of the night.

But now I’ve changed; become refined
I’ve found out what to say
To express my inner feelings
In a kinder, gentler way.

Whenever I hear something
That’s so shocking and obtuse
That it instantly reminds me
Of the back end of a moose

I never use profanity
For now I simply say
“That’s just so much PELOSI”
Then I turn and walk away.

Dennis Will See You Now

Is it true you can't have babies in china?

4 minutes ago
- 4 days left to answer.
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Yes you can It's just really hard to keep them in the wok.
2 minutes ago

SEVERE DEPRESSION...I can't live like this anymore...PLEASE HELP! (no mean responses please)?

Im 23, 2 kids, great husband. I have bad depression, im on Wellbutrin, but i don't think its enough. Because of it i dont have interest in anything...i lack enthusiam or desire to do anything. I have no self confidence, am really sensitive and randomly cry. On days i feel great i notice that my husband is sooo loving, and on days im depressed i feel like he hates me. But i know its all in my head. I take everything the wrong way. he said i need a higher dose of meds...and i felt like it was mean. and i know it wasn't hes always trying to make me feel better. encourage me to do things, tell me nice things, but there is only so much he can do. i had a horrible childhood. i was constantly put down, ignored belittled, made fun of by my parents. they were drug addicts and always fought and hit each other and me. after all this time...i think thats my problem. i can't live like this anymore, i cant afford counseling and there arent sliding scale around here...what can i do? websites? personal experience? please help. please dont give me any help lines.
2 hours ago
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I agree with you your life sucks just like my life and I can't find anybody with enough compassion to put a bullet in my head.
1 minute ago

Whats the worst thing you've ever found in your food?

My cousin ordered a burrito one time and found a toenail. Sick.
59 minutes ago
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There was sperm on my pancakes.
4 minutes ago

Do I have a chance of finding work in this economy with just a HS diploma? I speak fluent German and Dutch.?

I live in the USA.
9 minutes ago
- 4 days left to answer.
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You could get a job at the Holocaust Museum ordering visitors around in German.
4 minutes ago

Who built the Old City of Jerusalem?

I'm curious what people think.
2 hours ago
- 4 days left to answer.
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Bob Vila of this old Jerusalem.

Best Places To Live Articles

Certain kinds of magazines are always listing "the 100 best places to live" and "the best communities" and so on and so forth where "the average family" can do whatever the fuck the average American family does. They are NEVER nigger or Mexican or Persian communities. They are ALWAYS WASP communities. I rest my case. Niggers and Mexicans and Persians are fucked. You see, here's the deal. White people do not need to feed off of other people to exist. Niggers and Mexicans and Persians do. And who do they feed off? Dumbass white people who are killing themselves to ingest these other fucked-up cultures into their own properly-operating one. It ain't gonna work, white folks: when all your shit is stolen or destroyed then nobody will have anything and you'll be like niggers and Mexicans and Persians too. Fuck the niggers and the Mexicans and the Persians. Let them form their own civilization instead of devouring ours and setting fire to the remains. Thank you.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Captured American

Well, we're seeing videos of captured and humiliated American soldiers again, something we havn't see for a while, while George Bush was killing Muslims. For a while they didn't want to rile Bush up any more than he already was. But now they have a fag nigger douchebag Muslim piece of shit illegal alien who throws like a girl so it's fuck with the Americans time all over again. Jimmy Carter's nigger brother and Bill Clinton's nigger girlfriend is at the helm. Get used to this shit for a while, it's gonna get worse. Bombings, beheadings, videos, threats, ultimatums, more bombings: them Muslims know a faggot when they see one, they're all faggots themselves.

What Is A Felony

A felony is an excuse to deny you the right to defend yourself via a firearm, thus knocking you out of the action during a governmental strike against your remaining sovereignty. It's customarily said, this word "felony," in tones most dire and ominous, as though it is by its nature a heinous crime against God, Society, the Law, the Planet, the Environment, the Community - whatever is considered sacred that day. You as an American are deceived into believing that you have a Second Amendment something or other "right" to "bear arms." You do - sort of - if you have never been convicted of a felony. And a felony is any infraction called a felony. Which is about 90% of them, and rising. When EVERYTHING you do is a felony, everyone's guns will be confiscated and everyone will work for the State Employees as their servants IN FACT - in their houses!! - and not just by proxy where they take your salary paid to you by a non government employer. But it's ok: have a beer. Everything will be fine. I'm just raving.

The Nigger's Pissed

I hear the nigger in chief is pissed because some financial houses reported higher whatevers than "expected." The nigger's pissed because now the "emergency takeover" of the entire banking system instead of the 75% of it the feds now own, the full takeover can't be "sold" to the American (like as though there are any Americans in this illegal alien haven for the galaxy) Public. So the nigger's pissed. His plans to Marxize the economy completely hit a snag. The snag was improving conditions. To a nigger any improvement is always a bummer. It forstalls a return to mud huts, where niggers are most comfortable.

This Site's First Ad

Some Yahoo ads are actually worth looking at. This is one of them. Just doing my part for commerce. I hope Yahoo appreciates this, though I'm sure they don't.

One Reason Why I Like Sarah Palin

One reason why I like Sarah Palin is because whenever you see a picture of her you never see her surrounded by twenty niggers. In fact you never see a nigger anywhere in the vicinity in a Sarah Palin picture. All the other candidates and office holders, they can't squeeze enough niggers into the frame to suit them. The more niggers the merrier. Sarah Palin?....white people as far as the eye can see. Now, it COULD be there just ain't no niggers in Alaska. And if that's the case, let me be the first to say, I smell a land rush in that State in the near future.

Friday, July 17, 2009

King Of The Journalism Idiots Finally Dies

Walter Cronkite, perhaps the only man in the public domain who was stupider than George Bush, died. I mean, this guy was so stupid, he wan't even a commie. He wasn't an American, he wasn't anything. He was a vocal inflection. The "American People" - which would be my parents' generation, considered him the greatest American since George Washington. He barely had the intelligence to open a door by himself without breaking all his fingers. You are going to be hearing about how "brilliant" he was from other journalist idiots for the next two months. Unfortunately for Walter Cronkite he wasn't an out-and-out Marxist like Edward R.Murrow, otherwise he would be eulogized for an entire decade, not just for the next couple of months.

Nigger Response To Jakarta Hotel Destructions

The faggot in chief and his lesbian scretatry of state said that it's really too bad that we have to have people who blow up buildings, but that doesn't mean that there is going to be an escalation of bombings. So everything's fine. That's what these two fucking whores said. Everything's fine for THEM. They never stay at hotels. They stay in palaces. Fuck these two freaks of every sexual law of nature there is.

Jackson White Fallguy Update

It is starting to look to me that they might have found a white guy that they can blame Jackson's death on. That nigger doctor might be gonna get his free ticket outa the fracas because some dopey-looking dermatologist seems to be the guy that's gonna get slammed for this and thus prevent a nigger riot. The LAPD is terrified of nigger riots. They've have run-away from two of them already and do not want to appear cowardly by running away from a third. And Bratten, the blowhard from Boston, fears niggers and mexicans like most Americans fear Muslims. So that's a lotta fear we're talkin' here. So some white schmuck is gonna be takin' the fall for Jackson's suicide. Which I am sure would suit Michael Jackson just fine because he was about as fucking sinister as they come.

Iranian Sandniggers Still In Turmoil

The sandniggers who hate the sandniggers in power and want a different bunch of sandniggers to order them around and kill them, have not let-up on their creating havoc since the election a month ago. The little tiny monkey who does all the speechmaking over there, he's saying "We will crush them all and rule the world." I have noticed a pattern with these sandniggers just before they get killed: they all say "We will crush you without mercy and feed your bones to our dogs and children!!" Weird fucking shit like that. That's all you heard out of Iraq before George Bush and Co. conquered the place in one week and pulled Saddam out of a hole and handed him over to Muslims to kill. We never should have let that happen. We should have taken that fucker to the Pentagon and put him to work as a partner. He was one smart cookie, that Saddam. But what can I say: George Bush really IS a stupid fucking moron, and that's a goddamn fact.

Publisher Reject

I sent a book I wrote to a publisher. It was called "Sharks Don't Eat Dead Niggers." They sent it back and were all infuriated. They could not get past the title. They didn't even look to see if it was fiction or non-fiction or what. I mean if i saw a book with that title on a table in a bookstore i'd at least go "...huh??...." and pick the damn thing up just to see what the hell was goin-on on the inside of the thing. "...this a science book?....a novel?.....a autobiography?.....sharks REALLY don't eat dead niggers?....." I'd, ya know, want to at least flip some pages, see if i could get a clue. The publisher people never got to the page flipping stage. At least not so's they would admit to it. "We are sorry to have to inform you that the title of this book exceeds our standards of decency. We wish you all the best in finding a publisher elsewhere."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Muslims Are Back

Bush is gone and the Bombers are back. Fasten your seat belt folks, the nigger "protecting" you ain't gonna protect you. He likes the Muslims. The Muslims kill white people. He'd do it himself but the recoil from the rifle would knock his dainty little gay ass right to the ground.

Latest Thomas Kinkade Horror: The Christmas Tree From Hell

Thomas KInkade is the painter of the worst fucking nightmares ever put on canvas. He is also the richest painter in history. His puke-derived glittery pieces of shit depicting cottages where retarded faggot elves live, and small bridges made of
fairy feces crossing streams of fairy urine, and gazebos made of butterfly mucous in gardens filled with pyroclastic-colored flowers an idiot wouldn't sniff, are unfit for wallpapering a whorehouse. And all of these fucking gay outdoor toilet scenes all wallow in a one dimensional pale and pallid light of death and lifelessness, except for the lights in the cottage windows where the queer dwarves live behind the walls blowing each other and slapping their cocks together and eating the brains of still-living human children. Ya know, that's what his paintings look like: dwarf dwellings and dwarf yards painted in silvery troll jizz and slippery sloshy goat cum in the badly-lit ninth circle of Hell. Well, wouldn't you know, this piece of shit mother fucker who sells more worthless paintings than macDonalds sells fries, he has actually outdone himself regarding the creation of pure and multi-distilled pure essence of shit. He's made a 16 inch Christmas tree that if Jesus saw it he would immediately destroy the world, starting with Kinkade. The irony here is that this mother fucker claims that Jesus is the reason he is so famous!!!!! He "owes it all to Jesus." Jesus is fuckin' with you, dude, if yer readin' this. You're makin' billions but Jesus is still fuckin' with ya. Jesus if anything is saying to the world "this producer of raw crap is crediting me with his success, and ya know, you have to admit, it would take a whole trainload on ongoing miracles to be producing these sales numbers with this low-level caliber of creative sewage." This "tree" is a-mess with crawling individuals supposedly intimately essential to the beautiful story of the Christ Child Jew, destined to be flayed, sauteed, buttfucked by prisoners, and executed by impalement, and who was born in a fucking cow barn. Saints, shepherds, ducks, cats, elephants, dinosaurs, Cadillac Escalades, they are all in delightful progress up and down the goddamn tree of aesthetic death, going up, going down, on their way to or on their way home from visiting baby Jesus. The fucking roadway winding up and down this fucking piece of shit practically obliterates the fucking tree. I guess that's the idea: push the "pagan" aspects out and fill it with the Christmas aspects of the "holy toys of commerce" made in China by 5 year old children working so that their starved sick parents can afford a last and final cigarette before dying of slavery to the State. Nice, Tom.

Comedy 101

This picture is about the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gay Pitcher

It could be that Obama is better as a catcher. It's like I've always said, if you are on the covers of Rolling Stone, Gentleman's Quarterly, Vanity Fair, Esquire and Time magazines a lot, you PROBABLY can't throw a baseball. Unless you're a female, then you can pro'bly throw one 120 miles an hour. He's pro'bly better at the great American ASStime than he is at the great American pastime. I bet this fairy knows every Smiths song by heart.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ugliest Congressman

Yeah, I know what you're saying, it's gotta be one of Obama's daughters. Nope, it's Henry Waxman, a Jew Congressman from California. He must have used someone else's photo, like they do on dating services, during his campaign. Even Michelle Obama wouldn't fuck this dude, and she's fucked everything in Washington except Barak. This nightmare actually defeated someone in an election. He must have been running against a full petri dish of gangrene, that's the only thing I can think of uglier than this
mirror-buster. This is a guy whose job it is is to confiscate the private property of the people who voted for him. I guess they figure it's easier to give your shit to an ugly thug than a cute one. Well, they don't get uglier than Henry Waxman. Not even in the Obama girls' bedroom.

Nigger Baseball Thrower

Jesus Jewboy Christ. I just watched the nigger in chief try and throw a baseball. He looked like Fag-O-Tay Numero Uno.
Girls in diapers throw baseballs more manly than he does. He looked like the school queerbait ballet dancer trying to throw a ball. What a fag. I bet that nigger can't dance either. I mean, even for a NIGGER he's fucked up. I wonder if he can even chuck a spear. Could be he AIN'T a nigger. He could be a fucking crustacean from an oil slick that that just enlarged or something.

The Nature Of Government

You might as well learn something here besides "Obama is a nigger," right? Government is any entity whose sole function is to stay in existence by confiscating private property. Eventually all governments confiscate all private property, and then collapse, haviing long before collapsed their supply source. The owners of private property are convinced that a government is necessary to ensure their survival and so establish one on the heels of the collapsed government as quickly as possible so that the process can continue to the next collapse. Pretty easy, no? Nothing complicated about MY classes.

Military Cigarette Ban

Obama's buttfags at the Pentagon want to ban smoking in the military. They better take away their guns first before they give the soldiers the news. Speaking as a former cigarette smoker.

Tony Alamo, World's Longest-Running Child Molester, Will Soon Be Molesting 6-Foot-5 Niggers

Looks like Tony Alamo, hater of the Catholic Church, and child molester for 50 years-plus is finally going to get thrown into the tank to finish his days by getting assfucked by huge goddamn adult nigger men. I DON'T think he's gonna like it. I'll tell ya one thing, if he wrote a true autobiography it would outsell Peyton Place. HOO boy howdy. I used to watch that fucker on tv when his wife Susan was alive and they'd show all these 13 year old girls who were at their "place" for "protection" from their "abusive parents" and I said to myself, that broad's old man is fuckin' them little cheerleaders like I fuck invisible chicks inside my hand." I bet he's humped 5,000 12 year olds at his church. At least he ain't queer. You will NEVER hear a charge that he fucked boys, I guarantee it. Them chicks I seen weren't hand-selected for free room and board just because they needed free room and board. There wasn't a ugly one in the whole menagerie. No wonder he hated the Catholic Church: cuz they're a bunch o' fuckin' FAGS!!! That will NEVER be said of Tony Alamo. Gar-Un-Teed. He is one hetersexual dyed-in-the-wool, totally dedicated and completely focused pussy fucker. Do you know where YOUR daughter is? If you don't I bet Tony Alamo does. And knows a lot more about her than just her whereabouts besides. 'Specially if she's under 12.

How Things Are Going

Well, let's see, we gut a fucking nigger commie in the white house. We gut a mexican cleaning lady commie on the supreme court. All we need is a Palestinian Hamas dude as the Army Chief of Staff and we SHOULD be pretty well fucked up the ass as hard as we can be.

The Nigger In Chief's Advisor At Time Magazine

Joe Klein, or as I call him, Jew Klein, is a Jew at Time Magazine who has a weekly full page column in which he speaks to the nigger in the White Project and tells him what he "needs to do." Time magazine only shows half the face of all their columnists because people with Jewdar - like myself - would see a pattern if they showed the whole face of all these Jew bastards. My Jewdar however is especially refined and sensitive. I can tell a Jew from more than just his wet-lipped face. If I was head of the SS crews pounding on doors in 1939 and screaming "WHERE ARE THE JEWS!!" I wouldn't be pounding on doors and screaming "WHERE ARE THE JEWS!!" I would have known where they were. But this is not about me. It's about Joe Klein. This mother fucker really thinks that the nigger reads this shit of his. And this fucking-ass Jew bastard goes on and on like all this bullroar in Washington is "very important undertakings, oh my, yes." Washington is a bunch of drunks, who think they are deities, extorting money from other drunks who agree with them. So this dumbass Jew fuck pontificates like he actually knows something. I mean take a look at this fucker. He has more boy-sperm drooling off his lips than Yassir Arafat did. I mean this guy reeks of Muslim. A Muslim fucking Jew. If that ain't the bottom of the shitbucket I don't know what is. And this Muslim Jew bastard thinks that the biggest egomaniac since Nero is actually gonna listen to him. What a dumbass stupid Jew-ass fuck. And of course the stupid Heeb is a fucking Marxist. These Jesus-killers think Karl Marx is the greatest Jew since Moses. Hey Jews!....Even Moses didn't like you asshole bastards! I gut news for ya!! Fuckin' Jew creeps.

Mexican Cunt Pig Supreme Court Spic Lady

One good thing about this big fat Mexican slob being an inch away from the Supreme Court, it should show all Americans what a joke "Constitutional Law" is if this toilet-cleaner can make a fucking living at it. All these pompous old asses who "revere" this "mighty and noble office" are now down where they belonged all along: doing a job a dumbass fucking fat Mexican pig can do.Lookit this hunchback standing taking an oath to her diety Obama. She looks like she played football 50 years ago with the fucking Packers. She's about as delicate as a fucking anvil. Something the size of a howitzer shell must have hit that ankle of her to break it, it's probably solid lard with transfat thick as steel arount that. Lookit her leaning forward. Her fucking pig belly is almost making her fall on her face. And lookit the fucking schnoz on that sow cow. You could fuck an eland's twat with it and make it yelp.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Darth Frankenpig Enters The Sith Chamber

The Mexican Aztec Apache cleaning lady that is going to rewrite the Constitution to make it more friendly to Muslims and Chiapas gangmembers clomped her way into the arena of tax-supported zombies and was hailed by all the idiot, self-loathing "white" people as a great judicial genius. Like as though the law was some sort of body of knowledge and not just a means of confiscating private property. She's so godamned fat and lazy that she can't even walk from one churro stand to the next without snapping her tortured bones. There ain't one person in the public eye who would dare call her a stupid fat Mexican cleaning lady. Which is basically all she is.

Chief Justice-Be-Gone Sow-O-Mayor

Lookit this pile o' pork the nigger wants on the supreme court. She looks half Navajo. That means she's a full blooded commie because the Indians are all Marxists. It's just that they come by it naturally, they didn't have to go to Harvard to learn it. This broad hates white people so much she pro'bly gives her turds Protestant surnames as they go down the toilet. Assuming this barnyard horse uses a toilet. She probably just shits her Mexican pants. She has a fucking cast on her leg because she's so goddamn fat her bones buckle when she walks so she pro'bly never actually goes to a toilet, she probably just shits in whatever chair she's eating donuts in and then has some asshole drag her out of that chair and haul her over to another one and plops her down onto it. Then ten minutes later she unloads another flood of brown stinky gunnite onto it and it all starts all over again. That thing around her bottom haunch is probably filled with diarrhea from the overflow. That's how the nigger in chief likes 'em, fat and gross. To him Palin's a pig, not this mother fucking warthog. Can you imagine the fucking contortions this animal has to go through to wipe her ass?...assuming she does wipe her ass. Man, I'd like to see the hidden toilet-cam video of THAT nightmare. She probably screams in agony from the effort of getting that arm to lengthen enough to coil around the thigh and bellyfat that stands between her hand and her shit-hole. Maybe she tells Michelle to order her faggot husband to wipe it. He loves hangin' out with dirt-filthy African niggers drenched in week-old blood of the other African niggers they just killed, so wiping the shit out of Sotomayer's ass would be like swimming in milk chocolate compared to that.

Obama Picks Big Fat Nigger Lady For Surgeon General

The nigger in chief picked a big fat nigger lady for surgeon general. Since nobody knows what the surgeon general really is or what they really do other than cash a weekly paycheck paid for by the White American Citizen I guess it don't really matter. He sure likes 'em fat and ugly. He started with Michelle and it's been a haul 'em on board pigfest ever since. HAHA if those two bovine daughters o' his get any fatter and uglier they'll be handed government jobs by their dad soon too. HAHAHAHAHA

Thought For The Day From The Pastoral Ministries Of Reverend Ousley

Should it be legal for patrons to view porn on public library computers?

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No. The last time I visited my local library there was people masturbating at every computer.My 12 year old daughter didn't need to see that in a library she sees me and her brother masturbating at home where it belongs.It says in the Bible "A family that masturbates together stays together".
2 minutes ago

Taxes that exist today

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
Capital Gains Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Court Fines (indirect taxes)
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel permit tax
Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)
Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Local Income Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Septic Permit Tax
Service Charge Taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)
Sales Taxes
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Road Toll Booth Taxes
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone federal excise tax
Telephone federal universal service fee tax
Telephone federal, state and
local surcharge taxes
Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
Telephone state and local tax
Telephone usage charge tax
Toll Bridge Taxes
Toll Tunnel Taxes
Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)
Trailer Registration Tax
Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax

Workers Compensation Tax

"Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world and only one parent had to work to support the family."

What happened?

Niggers happened.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How America Is Different

Since time began every country has financed its government by conquering other countries and taking all their stuff. America is different. America conquers countries, and then give the inhabitants of those conquered countries all the American citizens' stuff. The nigger in chief has advanced even this stupid process even further. He is going to give all the other countries American citizens' stuff without even conquering the other countries. He just vacations there for a while and promises them that Americans will support them. He is winning a lot of friends everywhere but in the USA. Here, he is losing friends daily. But he is making so many more everywhere else it could be we are going to have a big problem because of him.

The Nigger Goes Home

The AP can't gush enough joy at the reception the nigger in chief received in Africa where the niggers there cried out "Your Excellency!!" Obama truly is the Nigger King. He is going to declare himself Allah soon. The AP is kissing his nigger ass like fags at a cock party. He is the young handsome African warrior come home after conquering the Evel White Lands. It is weird beyond weird. Of course none of this is at all racist. Niggers can't do anything racist. Right. This is the nigger version of Aryanism. This is Nigger Nazis on the rise. HAHAHA that would be a good name for them. Nigger Nazis. I wonder if Rush will pick up on that. Oh, no, wait, he's not racist. He loves niggers. He talks to nigger football players on his show. He makes a point of it in fact.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Nigger In Africa

The Nigger President, setting foot in the continent that Americans want all of his kinfolk to emigrate to, told the ten trillion starving niggers that "Dumb White Americans will pay for your health care. Don't you worry. I have those redneck crackers in my back pocket right next to my buttfucked asshole." He promised to give them all a GM motor car and that American taxpayers would pay for that too. "They can't do enough for us Negro Folk," he told the ten trillion bleeding, emaciated idiots. "They think we are dumbass niggers. But they're paying our way through life. So who's the dumbass nigger??" The ten trillion niggers cheered softly at this because they were all so weak from hunger. Obama told them how to eat each other, which is what his own father used to do. "I am a cannibal and I can teach you how to resurrect this custom of us Darkies." Five trillion niggers ate the other five trillion nigggers immediately and Obama ejaculated on his two pitch black, butt ugly daughters. They both shouted, "Fuck us daddy!!" So he did. Hey nothing personal, kids, just getting back at your dad and his friends for saying shit about Palin and her kids. Welcome to politics Obama style, you little whores.

Eric Holder, Another Problem Nigger

Eric Holder is another Obama nigger that wants to push his weight around in the new Black America that he thinks Obama has created for all the niggers. You can tell by lookin' at this guy that he ought to be in prison for every felony possible. He's probably commited them.He wants to send Bush to jail. He's the attorney general by the way. He has the job Bobby Kennedy had when he decided to go after the Mafia. These attorney generals all start acting like Mussolini. These fucking half breed niggers, they're worse than the genuine moolie article. They actually THINK they're white. You ain't white, nigger. You're still a nigger. And that means you have a tendency to get uppitty when it ain't really your place to even be talkin' at all. Just clean the fucking cotton-baler and shut the fuck up, cunt.

Obama Promises 100 Million Africans They Can Vote In Next U.S. Election

President Obama today promised the 100 million Negroes of Africa, speaking to all of them in a personal address, that they would all be eligible to vote in all upcoming American elections." election....fraught with....shenanigans and a all of you my true African Comrades..... in the Strugggle: you will be..... American Citizens..... in about 20 minutes..... Welcome to the Blackening..... of America...... If you all do your part..... we can...... have the streets..... running with blood and filth..... just like the streets here..... on this entire continent..... do.

Nigger Cemetery Blues

The niggers that ran that cemetery hahaha into the ground hahahaha must have read this story and got inspired.

The Nigger King

The new king of the niggers is in his element in this African picture where he has been hailed as the new M'mgubba-Bundolo, or King of the Bolgani. See any white people in this picture? No. You don't. Get used to this sort of thing, he's bringing all them niggers, and most of the Arabs over to this Country to kill whitey. You're lookin' at Nigger Hitler, with none of the brain power.
HAHAHA The Russians wanted nothing to do with this coon. HAHAHAHAHA.

Palin Makes More Enemies Out Of Office Than In

I seem to be the only one who has noticed this. Sarah Palin resigned from office. You would think this would make her enemies - which is apparently everyone on the planet - happy. It however seems to have pissed them off even more. Bright as I am in figuring out the Left, which is extremely easy to do, just think like a Muslim, this one eludes me.