Thursday, April 5, 2018

cops make crime go up

having a "police force" is actually the reason crime always goes up. Cops dont prevent crime. They cause crime because the victims always assume, because victims are usually stupid, the victims always assume the police make things safe. plus the victims cant arm themselves as a rule. you'll notice more non-police get shot than the police do. cops have guns. unlike you. the bad guys know that the police dont do shit until after the crime has been committed. THEN they go to work. all bad guys assume they will never get caught, which is a mistake. if the cops want you bad enough they will find you. and after you do something they usually want you bad enough. but before he does the crime the bad guy assumes he will not get caught. so he does the crime. even though there are cops. because the cops wont be there to stop him. because cops dont stop crime. they wait for crime: then they look for the criminal. and you wont be armed when the cop is not there to prevent crime. so the criminal will win the encounter. so cops cause crime. this has been "government always creates the exact opposite of what it claims to be creating 101." thank you. fuck you.


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