Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why We Need The Kardashians

Me and cecily actually sat through an episode of the Kardashians. when it was over cecily was working on a cryptogram and said "i am blazing right through this one!!" i said "your brain has been given a positive boost of energy; it just observed an entire episode of the Kardashians and realized 'I can NEVER become THAT stupid as all those people!!' and felt a surge of power and optimism!" Cecily looked at me and said finally "You know - you could be right!!"

Watching the Kardashians boosts your self esteem. they make even squalid revolting behavior seem virtuous by comparison to their mental level of functioning.

This is why jesus loves us; because we are not kardashians.

"Behold I say unto you, though your sins be as scarlet they are as bright, righteous diamonds aglow with virtue compared to a Kardashian and their companions on their best and most gloriously holy day."_____Chad, Knit 1; Pearl 2.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The End of Obama, The End of a Blog

As you know this blog was created for me by me to express on the record whatever that actually means in a public forum even though no one reads this my fury at the election of a marxist black panther revolutionary muslim unknown alien white hating negro to the Presidency. It's bad enough I have to have a President at all because i really do not require one; having Obama was really fucking with me big time. I am now convinced that 2012 will be the fucker's last year in office and so the purpose of this blog is fading from view. For a long time these past many months i have been on Facebook, doing a shorthand version of what I was doing here. My time is getting short on Facebook for a different reason however, people keep complaining to Zuckerberg The Jew Owner about my vocabulary. Which includes nigger, kike, jew, chick, spic, cunt, fuck, and so on and so forth and many epithets directed at Allah, Mohammed, Islam, the Koran and Muslims. Because my time on Facebook is hanging by a thread I am weaning myself back to Blogger for the short amount of time the sock monkey has left, even though the abomination of his presidency is waning fast. I feel as though my work is done even though no one was aware of the work I was doing. I have however left a clear record of my disgust and it will be here forever for anyone to examine and be entertained by, even though I was not entertained writing any of it, except for maybe the presentation of the Obama Clan some years back which was pretty fuckin' hilarious.