Thursday, April 5, 2018


It's April 5. Facebook threw me in jail for a month two seconds after I posted something with apparently vocabulary that the Facebook computer decides is "hurtful." One of these words is cunt. Another one is faggot. Another one is nigger. Another one is cocksucker. I railed against a movie ad that warned me the movie contained "historical smoking." This is a movie about Ted Kennedy killing his girlfriend...and I am being warned that there will be actors pretending to be smoking cigarettes on the screen. Well: I went on a tear. And used all of the forbidden words in an effort to convey my upset that america is now Doucheland. So, if you need to say cunt say vaginal locational drippage sewer. Don't say cunt. If you have to say faggot say homosexual deviant sausage smuggling aids carrier. If you have to say cocksucker say semen slurper of groinal bone-age. if you have to say nigger say upper canopy dweller, which is now my go-to expression for nigger. i also sometimes say Pleistocene-level veldt inhabiter. The computer wont figure that one out either. neither will most people for that matter. I hope this has been helpful to you and thank you for taking my call!


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