Thursday, June 28, 2012

nigger care

Well, today, june something or other, 2012, the supreme court said that niggercare is's not unconsitutional. Now, the "constitutionalists" - the right winger people who think for some reason that the constitution is not being....i dont know.....interpreted properly, or its being misread, or its being this or its being that - these people are all in a dither about this ruling. they would prefer a different ruling, you see. they would prefer a ruling that more suited them. the fact that they are being ruled at all is not a problem for the right.this is why i am not on the right. of course i am not on the left either. i am not in the game at all. i want to nuke the playing field. Now, the right feels lost and confused. This is what happens when you have no brain functioning properly enough to realize that you are in a game run by Satan. The Left know exactly what kind of game is being played and who is making the rules. So they are NEVER confused. They have only two emotions, glee and - when things are not going their way - determination to make things go their way. The Right?....they are convinced that the game is being run by Jesus. It is not. Jesus is not involved in earthly government. Jesus knows whose property earthly government is. It is Lucifer's. So jesus stays away. He has his own thing going which no one is interested in of course but Jesus doesnt trick or force people to play his game, unlike politics, and so being voluntary - and being Godly - people are not very interested.