Sunday, May 16, 2010

Confirmed Hits

Here's a partial list from the Ol' Goomba of people who died because somebody was paid to kill them and not by accident or by "personal compulsion" as has been reported: Grace Kelly, Diana Spencer, Marilyn Monroe. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Natalie Wood, Carol Wayne, Al Rosenbloom, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Dorothy Kilgallen, and Jack Cassidy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Solving The Mexican Problem

I made a suggestion on Facebook today that got an instant response of excited approval from all the bikers there. Since bikers are the only ones left from my original "friends" pool I can't say as yet if the agreement would extend to the other members of the human population, which would be the commie segment. I seem to have driven all the commies off of my "wall" or whatever the fuck it is that they call whatever Facebook is. I suggestd that I would be willing to completely reverse my stand on illegal aliens - which is that they should be rounded up and shot - and graciously permit them to remain and even become citizens if it could be agreed that all the cops in America would be sent to Mexico in their place. I would trade 30 million illegal Mexicans for whatever the cop population is here. let's say it's a million. Which is I hope high. 30 million come - one million go. The end. Problem solved. I would not fight with this. I would endorse this arrangement. Why? Because things would be so much better with the cops gone that no matter what the 30 million Mexicans did it would not compare, it would not even register on the Richter scale of Assholeness. The Mexicans could not possible steal more property from the normal people than the cops do. It just would not be possible. The Mexicans would cause less trouble to neighborhoods. The Mexicans would be earning a living and not living off the taxpayers except for their welfare frauds and their free medicine and hospitalization paid for by whitey. We could handle that later. With the cops in Mexico things would be so much safer and prosperous for all that there would be so much goodwill floating around whitey would probably let the Mexicans into the house even when they were at home. It's fucking brilliant.

Walmart Today

Today I went to Walmart. It is like going into an enclosed third world country. You wonder how the employees and customers that you see can have any need for any of the products in the store since they all look like animals. Why would an animal need clothes and plastic and cookies and soda and couch cushions. In an effort to make your stay even more unendurable they have installed "self" checkout. "Self" checkout means you need you and three other employees to check you out because self checkout is not a one man operation. It is a continual, ongoing slow-down process that would drive Shirley-Temple-as-a-child to destroy the machinery with an ax and then steal all the items she spent 2 hours trying futiley to pay for. A droning idiot voice comes out of the mechanism ordering you to do things while you are trying to read the instructions. The lag-time between you obeying the order and the machine coming out of it's perennial stupor to realize you have obeyed is so long you assume that the first time you obeyed it didnt register or "take" and so you do it again and the machine bogs down into "tilt" mode and you are left standing there helpless. In order to help you a human cashier on a normal checkstand halts operations in her own line to come over and with total calmness help you. Meanwhile everyone in HER line is now pissed at YOU and so are - of course - the people in your own line who you are also holding up. Cecily likes to go to the self checkout because there is never anyone there in line. All the human cashiers have a backup into the next nearest Walmart. Cecily naturally assumes that going to the self checkout will be faster. She never remembers that the reason the self checkout stands are always empty is because the mutants shopping there know that they dont function. The Mutants know this because they go to Walmart ten times a day. They have learned. Even a dead howler monkey can learn if it does the same things enough times. But Cecily goes to Walmart once every two months. So she forgets. But I don't. I'm Italian. We remember aggravations real clear and forever. Hey, maybe it's a character flaw in the whole tribe maybe it ain't, I dunno. I just know it's there. So I tell her - usually just once - "The line with the cashier is long because self-checkout is impossible to operate." This is not a good argument to a woman making a checkstand decision. A woman will get in a line and then if the line 300 checkstands down looks like it has one less person in it than the line she is in she will leave that line and go all the way down to the other line. She'll do this for hours if the conditions are right. Very often - most of the time - this backfires even before the trip is completed: someone else will get into that line. Then she is stuck en route, like a trapped base runner. Usually i let her go ahead, off on her journey to a different line, alone. I stay with the cart. Once she arrives she will wave - ten lines away - for me to join her, with a gleefull expression "LOOK I'M IN A SHORTER LINE COME DOWN HERE!!!" cutting through 100 backed-up lines is a lot easier as a pedestrian without a cart than it is with a cart. And I am the one who has the cart. I usually just look at her, far far away and scowl. After a while her expression changes from glee to anger. CEcily does not handle her own anger well. It makes her ill for days. She thinks anger is bad. It doesn't even have to be her own. I can get mad at a fly and Cecily will be upset for days. Not for the fly's lost life but for the anger I brought to its death. You would think the fly's relatives would be the proper recipients of the upset. But that ain't the way it is. So I will usually then leave the line with the cart and have to fucking make a ton of new enemies of people i ain't even remotely interested in making enemies of to wade down to the new line. Invariably that line will have the slowest cashier on earth. I can scan a thousand checkstands in an instant and see immediately who the good cashiers are and who the bad ones are even in a store I aint never been in before. To everyone else who shops this is never an issue. To everyone else all checkers are identical in all respects. Most people are dull-witted zombies who are 200 pounds overweight.
So we're at the self-checkout. I never get involved. I become very passive at the Walmart self-checkout. I know instinctively that it is a hopeless mess to be avoided. It's just too stupid an apparatus. It THINKS it knows what you are doing. It doesn't.
It thinks that you have stolen something if you dont place it exactly where it tells you. But it has no conception of room. If you obey it you will have product cascading onto the floor in three seconds because checking out shit involves a lot of movement and decision making and putting it WHEREVER YOU FUCKING WANT TO PUT IT after it has been scanned. But once it's scanned the robot women voice wants you to put it on this spot right here. Then it wants you to put the next thing on that same spot. Without moving the first thing. It is way beyond nuts. It's Congressional Level nuts. It's Tax Code nuts. It's Jury Duty nuts. If an item wont scan - most of them dont because customers destroy things the help would at least make some effort to avoid destroying if they had to operate it 8 hours a day. Customers dont give a shit if they break it for the next guy in line, that's his problem. If an item won't scan you have a problem. You have to hold onto it. You can't set it down somewhere, the machine knows. It wants the thing you are scanning to get scanned before it will allow you to pick something else off the belt and scan it. By this time you have a line yourself because the more stupid customers see you at the automatic checkout and assume it works. It doesn't. That's why they are always empty until a novice reetard shows up to use it. Then the Monkey Reflex kicks in on other people and they drift on over behind you. And of course they get pissed at you standing there holding an object in a frozen paralysis and doing nothing with it. Because if you do something with it - like put it onto the fucking floor - when it refused to scan... the machine scolds you. "PLEASE SCAN THE ITEM." "PLEASE SCAN THE ITEM." "PLEASE SCAN THE ITEM." Scanning involves a precise motion. If you fuck up and scan the same thing just paid double for it. People always assume for some reason that the machine will know that you fucked up. The machine doesn't know shit. It just knows how to add and add and relentlessly add. It does not know how to subtract. You have to INSTRUCT it to subtract. This usually involves a cashier to override the system. And you are at self-checkout. YOU are the cashier. Walmart want the customer to do all the work so that it doesnt have to pay employees. Getting employees to work for nothing involves lawsuits and fines. Getting you to work for nothing involves only profit. You become an unpaid slave of Walmart. In order to save some time. But you lose even more time using self-checkout. So you are not only a slave you are a stupid one. We were in there on a slow day at a slow time and there were only about 300 people in the place. Only two of them were white. The two stupidest ones.

Friday, May 14, 2010

More On Ipods, Ipads, Playstations And Xboxes And The Idiot In Chief

I mean, I think we can all agree, I am not at a loss to think of ways, either fake or true, to ridicule that dumb-ass moolie in the White House, but this rant of his against Ipads, Ipods, Playstations and Xboxes has even me, his worst fucking enemy imagainable, scratching my head at the profundity of the level of this fuckhead's psychosis. I mean you GOTTA know that there's more goin' on psychologically than just not liking these objects that are making billions for their creators because everyone loves the fucking things. You would think a sane and even moderately intelligent man would either be enthusiastic that such things exist or would at WORST be indifferent and not even NOTICE that they exist. But not this weirdo: he's PISSED that they exist. Ipods, Ipads, Playstations and Xboxes are a bit PROBLEM with this guy. It just bothers the living piss out of him that there might be times when people are not obsessing on Obama as much as Obama does. It's drivin' him nuts. Since this speech he's been givin' other speeches and his main focus is on "distractions" and admonitions to "not pay attention" to what they hear about him. It's all about him. Don't get things that distract you from Obama. Don't believe bad to news about Obama. Don't trust anything you hear of a negative nature about Obama. Don't ignore Obama. Don't take time out from Obama. Obamamama-mama. The fucker is fucking insane. The GOOD news is that it's coming closer to the surface all the time. I mean I can see it even if it's buried under ten tons of nigger. But everyone else is a little slow on the uptake. He's gonna lose it pretty soon just like that dope that's married to that Montag person. Spencer Pratt. I'm surprised Obama and Pratt ain't fuckin' each other. They're identical people. Pratt just has his madness a little more right there where you can see it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oil-Spill News

I got this from a guy in an email. i'm posting it here. It's about why the oil mess in louisiana is nothing most of us ever need to concern ourselves with.

"Actually, my first college degrees were in chemistry and geology and I
have had a life long interest in fishing, hunting, and the environment.

Petroleum is a naturally occurring part of the environment. It naturally
flows freely from the earth in many areas of the world both on and off
shore. These are generally called seeps for a couple of important reasons. The
volatile part of the mixture soon evaporates and eventually oxidizes to
water and CO2 and causes no harm. The less volatile part of thick oils and tar
do not flow far or fast and are gradually oxidized or eaten by microbes.

When I was a young officer the Prudhoe Bay reserves on the North Slope of
Alaska were just opening up. We used to take visiting congressmen up there.
They were stunned to see that the natural seeps grew by far the greenest
grass and were very popular with the Caribou.

Between natural seeps, WWI and WWII, other tanker sinkings, and well blow
outs, you would expect horrible ocean and beach contamination to be common,
world-wide. In fact any significant contamination is always concentrated
in a few areas and quickly evaporates, oxidizes or is consumed by microbes,
making the general area richer in nutrients.

The Gulf War I oil spill in the Persian Gulf caused by Saddam Hussein is
the largest spill on record by a factor of 10-100 times any other. Occurring
in a near closed and shallow sea, it was forecast by environmentalists to
destroy the ecology of the Persian Gulf perhaps forever. It turned out not
to be a very big deal.

The next largest was the Ixtoc 1 Mexican spill in 1979 -1980. It dumped
about 7,500,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Just as now,
irrecoverable damage was forecast for the Gulf but everything was back
to normal in
fairly short order.

The vastly smaller Exxon Valdez spill of about 8,000,000 gallons in Prince
William Sound, Alaska does not even register as a major spill but the
leftist loonies went nuts. Again, we were told that due to the cold, the
pristine wilderness would never recover. In fact it recovered quickly and was
only slow in the areas where the most cleanup was done which only stirred
things up and added harsh cleaning chemicals that are not natural.

Do natural and man made petroleum spills kill some wildlife? Yes, but so
do natural forces like predators, disease, algae blooms, drought, flood,
hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos, and on and on. And some of these kill way
more than petroleum ever has. When I was a kid growing up on the West Coast
of Florida, every few years we would have horrific "Red Tide" blooms of
algae that generated poisons that killed all the fish and turtles that swam
through it. There would be literal windrows of fish on the beaches for weeks
at a time. Just as now, we would hear that there would be no more fish
forever but they always came back very rapidly.

A common thing that is overlooked in all this is the size of the spill
compared to the surrounding surface area and in the case of ocean spills, the
volume of water not directly contaminated. The horrible pictures are all
from the worst areas which are tiny compared to the whole.

Bottom line, oil spills are just another opportunity for leftists to blow
the damage and danger all out of proportion and demand that you put them in
charge of your life. At 200,000,000 killed and counting, leftists are the
champion killers and environment destroyers (think eastern Europe, Soviet
Union, and China under Communism) of all time.

Hope this helps,"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And Now My Favorite Feature Here - "It's All About Me."

About ten years ago Reader's Digest brought out a very large, "silver" covered coffee table book called "Our Glorious Century." It's 500 pages long. The glorious century they are talking about is the 20th. One of the aspects of the 20th century was the life and times of the most exciting man in human history after Jesus: Adolph Hitler. Hitler IS the 20th century. A one man wrecking crew and building crew; a single minded, unwavering-purposed engine of creation and decay; a mastadon of enthusiastic venom and music-driven happiness, a whirling turbine of wrath and enjoyment, anger and delight, propulsion and relaxation, compression and liquidity, pounding his way astride the continents, hurling his head like an indifferent and relentless C'thulhu and flinging civilizations against the walls from off his blood-encrusted tusks. A farting, body-odored cyclotron of brains, energy, frustration, dreams, know-how, cunning and fury, of fuming, fiery, ferocity and relentlessly-oncoming hate and vengeance, single-handedly enveloping the whole earth in war; a Thor on supermeth; a Hercules with a headache; a preposterous jew-killing jew;
a silly moustache'd homunculous in black leather sheen and swirling Roman cape of
conquest and empire; a snarling little yapdog with the power of an exploding galaxy in his mysterious aura and in the halitosis-enveloped commands inside his breath. Five feet, six inches of hate-fueled global authority. All by himself setting all others into action at his command and in obedience or else at his jugular with a level of anger by comparison he could only smile at in pity at its relative puniness. No anger could match his. He created fear across the globe in every single heart but never felt any himself. There simply was no room for fear in his heart or for anything else except recreating the world in his own image of perfection: white bodies: steel buildings: escape-velocity-conquering machines: and the personal creation of a race that would assault all of Space, in rule, and in conquest, and with Wagner, and with statues of Hellenistically-sensuous Germanic women without any clothes on. "Our Glorious Century" was the stomping ground of "Our Beloved Fuehrer." And in this book that documents and presents to us the century in which
Hitler and I were, for two years, alive on earth at the same time...we are in that book at the same time alive too!..... he; in various places, and me on page 265! Only there, I am not with him on earth for just two years, but in that book, Our Glorious Century, I am with him, Our Beloved Fuehrer - FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!. Nothing I have done and nothing I will do can ever surpass the feeling of contentment I feel when contemplating he and I there together on those pages, where we will be closer than Waylon Smithers is to Mr. Burns; forever.

Nigger Chief To Nigger Chiefs Of Tomorrow: Beware White Man's Gadgets.

The nigger in chief addressed a graduating class of niggers at a nigger college yesterday and his only message was to not use ipods, ipads, Playstations and Xboxes. I think even George Bush, dumb as he is, if he was going to mention any of this at ALL would have made this warning just a minor portion of his advisory. I think even George Bush could have thought of at least one or two things more important than this to say to send a pack of graduating niggers off into the wide wide world of welfare. But not our Harvard Graduate Prez. Nope. The biggest threat to the graduating niggers was getting "distracted." He never did say getting distracted from what. But I know my niggas and what he doesn't want them to get distracted from is him. He is the Nigger King. He wants all the niggers that ain't him to keep an eye on him at all times because eventually he is going to tell them "Rise up and throw off your chains!!!" Because he thinks he's The New Lenin. I can see deep inside his coconut head. And that's what is in there. Communism. Pure and simple. It's all he knows. It's all he learned. It's all he understands. communism. It's what he does. And the first thing Commies want to get rid of is convenience and fun and toys.

Nigger Warns About Voodoo Magic

Saying that ipods and ipads and Playstations and Xboxes were deceitful devices of the evil white man and the cunning yellow man, the President of the United States today told some negroes at a negro college where negroes go so that things won't be so tough with a lot of white competition and a lot of asian ridicule, he told them to be wary of these voodoo devices, that they would steal their souls. Kinda of like cameras did to the Apaches. He also told them not to believe everything they hear. Good advice based on what he said to them just a few sentences earlier. But I think what he meant was don't believe anything that they did not hear from Obama. I think that's what he meant. Although it is actually tough to know what he is actually talking about since I don't think he knows himself.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Faggot Picks A Dyke. What A Shock.

The Faggot in Chief has picked a fat dyke to replace whatever blowhard reetard recently quit the Supreme Court. Her name is Elena Kagan. I think. Who cares. One bulldyke is pretty much like another. She believes Presidents should have dictatorial powers if they take a notion to become dictators. So it's no mystery why the nigger chose her. He's not what you would call a mastermind politician. Naturally all the Republicans will say ok to her because they are afraid of women and homosexuals and non whites. Oh, and she's a Jew. EVERYONE is afraid of Jews. Why I don't know, they're easier to push around than six year olds. So there will be no problem with her getting put into the Chair of Stupidity. Unless she dies of an internal explosion of fat. The new Supreme Court Justice is the one on the bottom by the way.

The Godfather

Amy White asked everyone on Facebook why do men like The Godfather so much. A few other women piped-in with yeah, what's with that, anyway. Amy White is a writer. She's a good enough one to where I said well I can answer that. A "good enough" writer to me means that I notice that she can figure everything out for herself, from what I've seen. If she's stuck on something - being the good writer that she is - I have a duty to get her moving-along on this if I can. So I will.
Here's the deal on The Godfather. It's the American Western brought into the city. Except it's not the lone cowboy fighting against injustice and winning the West and taking care of business with a gun, it's now a band of Lone Cowboys taking-on the smothering by The Law of the America that The Cowboy won. Now it's impossible to set-aside the cast of talent that was involved in this. It was like everyone in it was determined to do their best and work as a team: just as the Mob itself does. There is never one boring moment even when nothing is happening: there's just too many people personally capable of monopolizing the screen with their "presence." Marlon Brando is chasing some kid around in the tomatoes and you can't take your eyes off him. He's like a kindly grampa but he's making horrible monster sounds and trying to laugh - like it's an alien experience to him. In fact it kills him. His one Normal Human Moment and he drops dead from the strain. Him and Richard Conte in a different scene are talking to each other in two simple chairs like two evil emperors but neither one is acting tough. Brando actually picks some lint off Conte's trouser knee. It's the most important confrontation in the whole two movies, these two malevolent entities of immense power and one is grooming the other - like two mighty primates - calmly. In fact it's the more dangerous of the two acting subservient. The whole movie is like this. So it's done really well for one thing. For another thing it's Male Bonding on a dramatic scale. Most of it involving members of the same family. Talk about American Family Values. The work-a-day-world of organized crime is never shown. Loan sharks, pushers, enforcers, take-overs, hijackings, union shennanigans, are never shown or discussed. It's all upper level politics. It's executive-level competition in the only actual free-enterprise entity left in America: the black market. It's about enterprising Americans dedicated to delivering products to customers. This is never made explicit, this is me talking. But it's part of the subconcious attraction that men feel toward this play. And The Godfather is basically a dramatic presentation of how choices have to be made and the consequences of them. It's a presentation of a successful Free Enterprise at constant war not only with competitors but with a Government that has taken the Moral High Ground even though by its nature it is more corrupt than the Mob. By it's very nature. The government has no product. The government has no service. The government just confiscates. The Mob negotiates. And in the movie the Mob moves the Feds around on the chessboard with cunning while the Government can only succeed by out and out attack and eradication and confiscation. Of the two mobs the Italian one is the more noble. This is sensed by the average man. Though if you asked Mr 9-to-five "You like the Mafia?" he'll go o lord no they are terrible people and then he's alone watching The Godfather for the fiftieth time and he doesn't know why. Men also notice that the Mob "job" is one where you don't get fired because you are an asset. You get promoted. And if you're worthless you get killed. There's no backstabbing. Because all charges are investigated very effectively and without the person being investigated even knowing it's happening. For another thing you have to be "manly" to be in the Mob. You have to fight. You have to brawl. You have to risk. You can't say that's not my department. You can't say oh that was Sam's fault. Everything is your department. Everything is your fault. You have to make real tough decisions that your life hinges on every day.
You don't have the option of "going to the authorities;" you either ARE the authority in your own little cubicle or you're a corpse.
You don't get fired for making a bad decision if you are up front about it. You are corrected. And then sent off to make more decisions. The rules don't change from day to day like in a "lawful" job. You don't get transferred. You don't get an annual appraisal. You dont pay taxes. There's no paperwork. In fact if you're keeping files you get killed. You have to have a brain filled with facts and data. You have to be, in other words, a superior employee. A Mob guy working at a restaurant would have half the customers beaten up for being pricks to the help and then half the help would be beaten up for being worthless. The Mob guy would then hire new people off the street just by looking at them. He could tell the worthless "applicants" from the superior ones without an interview or a resume. That's how it is in the Mob. And then there's the gunplay. Guys like that in movies. But it's never haphazard in The Godfather. It's orchestrated. Because it's Against The Law. There isn't even one pair of exposed tits in either movie and nobody cares. A movie has to be a damn good one to play that game, the no cheesecake game. It hardly has any females in it at all in fact. There is only one male-female back-story going on at all and that is with the heir apparent and his wife. And he chooses his job over his wife. Men like that. Men would prefer their wife be behind them in their work, to be like a crazed feral dog defending her den regarding her man. But if he has to choose, he chooses the job. At least in THIS movie. He damn well better in that line of work. Also everyone dresses really well. Really good Italian suits. I hope this has been helpful to you Amy, goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow. Give my worst to your mom.