Wednesday, September 26, 2012


   This picture is here to discourage the foul abomination known as "the ordinary Muslim" from lingering inside this electronic funhouse I call my blog. It is also here to upset the type of Christian who is more Muslim-in-spirit than Christian, which would be Catholics, evangelicals - certainly not mormons - and a few other allegedly Christian sects, who if any of them actually met Jesus they would not at all like him.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baboons In Migration

   Here's the idiot getting off your plane that you cant ride on for today's meeting of the global assholes in the UN building that you paid for but cannot enter. I want to draw your attention not to the goofy monkey in front but to the pack of idiots behind him. These are your proud and self sacrificing Secret Service employees that you are paying but cannot approach and cannot fire. Look at the body language and the clothes of these boneheads: they all look like - ONE - they just don't give a fuck about their jobs and TWO they just dont give a fuck about obama either - they are so far behind him they must have heard there might be trouble on the tarmac and they want to make sure they have a good view of it from a safe distance HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

A Gathering Of Ants

   Today two muslims will address the UN: Abadinijad and Obama. They will speak to the only audience on earth that will be comprised solely of people even worse than they are. Greatness will address greatness. 
   We are all supposed to be in awe of this. The "press" is. This is a very big deal to the journalists of the world. A cross-eyed, cross-dressing, tiny-skulled, unshaven, unbathed serial killer with a modicum of an IQ and a self-deifying imbecile with no IQ at all are going to speak to a roomful of tyrants and child molesters and megacops and tell them how the world should be managed for the coming year. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
   Now, I am laughing, I admit it, and perhaps you could detect it for yourselves, I don't know. But the 
journalists and "political analysts" will see something altogether different: they will see the Forces of History assembling once again on the global arena - a building paid for by US taxpayers and the Loansharking operations in Red China, that's what the global arena is for those of you who just got here - and these two groups of  sternfaced befuddled dopes, most of them even more self-deifying than Obama,  will offer theories and conclusions and suppositions and conjectures and hypotheticals and predictions and analysiseseseses of what it all means and how it all went and what we can assume and expect, and I mean, it will be like the Todderls and Tiara moms discussing what music best suited what untalented 4 year old asshole child monstrosity piece of shit future mental patient living in an alley in the center of a dangerous metropolis but at the moment dressed like a pudgy 18 inch Dallas Cowboy Cheeleader and grinding out "In Da Club."
   This will all happen today. And when it is all over nothing will be better and a few things will be worse. Especially for you personally. But probably not for anyone in the assembly room. They will all have a pretty good year feeding off your stupidity and your conviction that you need them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama's Success With The Masses

   Obama is what is known as a "jive nigger." this is a term created by other jive niggers by the way. this aint just me being feloniously racist and treasonously bigoted and commiting hate crimes. No, not this time.
   A jive nigger is one who can be relaxed even under stressful circumstances - such as, say, surrounded by 20 cops with shotguns pointed at his face and balls and still be nonchalant and calm and glib and casually humorous while caught in the act with an ATM on a chain and the chain in his hands. "Now I know this looks like I was taking an ATM. But what you are seeing is NOT what is going on here. And if i DID take it then i probably had a pretty good reason which I think I can explain to your satisfaction even though I am not really here at all, I am at home watching the Jeffersons so how could I be here stealing an ATM? Nome sane?" In other words its a bred-in ability to calmly lie in a whopping way and be insistent about it and have absolutely no doubt that the lie is being believed. And among the expecially gifted jive niggers the lie WILL be believed. Nigbama is an especially gifted jive nigger.
   Now if romney had a shred of political acumen he would mention this over and over. "Obama is just another jive nigger who didn't just lie his way out of jail he lied his way into the white house." Everyone would immediately understand this and not have a problem with it. Niggers, whitey, we all would agree "Yup, that's about the size of it."
   Never happen though. Not with this generation of frightened back stabbing rats that comprise the definition of "average American" these days.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Come Smell My Brilliance

   Do you realize that if romney had said 51% of the American population was fucked up rather than 47% that the Democrats would not have had a problem with that?...that they would have sighed a sigh of relief and never mentioned the remark again?...and in fact would have gone out of their way NOT to mention it? And can you put on your thinking cap and figure out why? Because 51% of the population being fucked up would be a simple majority which is all that is necessary for Obama to win - to have 51% of the population worthless and fucked up and on the government dole. But only 47%...holy shit, that means the Obama might lose. So what do you do? You attack the remark relentlessly and declare NO, HALF THE COUNTRY IS NOT FUCKED UP!! WE ARE ONE GREAT AND NOBLE PEOPLE!!  ALL OF US!!! SHAME ON YOU ROMNEY FOR CALLING HALF OF ALL AMERICANS DUMBASS ASSHOLE FUCKS!! But if he had said 51% the Democrats would have sighed a big sigh of relief and said "More than half the country is stupid and worthless: we're a shoo-in!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Message To Whitey

   Hey, whitey: this nigger faggot with the really sissy legs owns you. Thanks to that Constitution you worship and are convinced is a fucking work of journalistic and philosophical and quasi-religious genius. He didn't get where he is by armed assault. No, he conquered your dumb ass without firing a shot. Take a good look at the fucker; every times he signs his Muslim name to a piece of paper your life goes farther down the toilet. And once he signs-away your toilet and running water for environmental concerns you're gonna just haffta sit in your shit like his kinsmen in Persian and Africa do. And what made this all possible?....that's right, the fucking Constitution, probably the most oppressive accomplishment by a single roll of paper in history. Now EVERY country has one. How's that world and tomorrow's future lookin' for ya, patriot?

The One Nigger In Chief Accomplishment

   The head nigger Muslim has done at least one thing right as a result of his God-given natural nigger inclination to wreck something someone else built: he has the Middle East not only in more turmoil than George Bush was able to accomplish- wreck the place -  without actually accomplishing anything positive, Obama is doing the same thing while scaling back the American personnel and just allowing the natural Muslim inclination to wreck everything - which makes me think Mohammed and Allah might both be niggers - Obama is just letting that natural process operate. Oh, once in a while he will get a momentum going for this side or that side by sending an air strike or two. But these are basically bushmen conflicts on a par with two groups of African dirt-people standing at face-off while swinging sticks, except there are machineguns and grenades involved, but these are hardly "armies" fighting each other. I think Saddam had the only army in the area on the Muslim side and the two Bushes destroyed that. Now they just have toyota pickup trucks with a niggergun on the back like the moolies in darkest Africa use to joyride around in while killing people.
   Naturally, Obama being a nigger and thanks to the Constitution, a nigger who can personally ruin your life in a very big way without ever leaving the golf course, naturally the Nigger With Actual Power is wrecking the home Country too. A Democrat nigger Muslim is a three headed dog of destruction, any one of the three groups could wreck an entire galaxy of other peoples' efforts, and Obama is all three combined. It's no wonder he is breaking Carter's record as a complete fuckup.

Congressional Muslim-Humpers

   I wonder what the Washington, and the local municipal and county and State officials think is going to happen to themselves once the Muslims who they are bowing down to actually take power: the sitting officials will be the first to be executed. The population will be given the opportunity to pay the tax or get beheaded. But the office holders will be summarily executed. I guess they don't look that far down the road, them bureaucrats don't.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fucked Up Americans

   the niggerization and Mexicanation of the USA is complete I guess.


   Have ya noticed that the signs carried by the white Conservative Christian patriotic American protesters are always better looking and better maintained than the signs of the muslims or the occupoo people or the fucking mexican asshole illegal fucks or the teachers unions or the bus drivers or the sanitation workers or the people who are generally picketing to get their hands on someone else's property? The white christians are always picketing to keep what is already theirs. And apparently one of the things that is already theirs is sign-making talent. Competence: it's a white thing. Even the white protesters have it.

Two Americans

   Not all americans are the same. Some are magnificent. Others are bags of goat shit. Obama is a sterling example of the bag of goat shit comparison. Can you imagine Patton working for Nigbama? He would turn his tanks on DC first.

The Upcoming Military Coup

   If the nigger in chief does not lose office there will be a military coup. It is inevitable and is the norm in fascist countries. America is a fascist country. Most Democrats think it is a communist country and most republicans think it is a "democracy" whatever the fuck that is, but America is a fascist country if you define fascism the way it is defined; government control but not ownership of the "means of production." Which would be you.
   Now, Obama himself could never take over the government. He is trying but the entire military war machine of America cannot stand him and his "commander in chief" status is only in place because the American war machine has decided to allow it to remain in place. If he ordered a military takeover he would be the first one executed by the military he thought he was the commander of.
   But a patriotic American public speaker with the ability to hold an audience could achieve a military coup overnight. Why?...because the military is ready to fight for America, not for Persia, or Europe or Asia or South America or Mexico or Canada or Australia...the American soldier is ready to kill the True Enemy rather than the one assigned to him by the President and by Congress. It's in the air and if Romney wins the election he could rally the military to declare him emperor. which he won't do, it ain't in him, he's not a feeble little faggot psychopath like Obama is. But the time is right. All that is missing is the right leader shrewd and talented enough to see it and then take the reins of power. Because the reins are hanging there, the military is ready to serve a patriot, and God help the enemy the day that happens. They're gonna need it.

Fag Chaser

   I have posted this to chase off fags and Muslims and confused Christians. It's a form of "tenting" that i do from time to time here.

Americans In Prison

   There are 2.5 million Americans in American prisons. Not one of them ever did anything to me. So if they were all released today I wouldn't give a shit. It would not affect my life. The only people who do things to me that I can't do anything about are appointed and elected officials. They take my shit, they threaten daily to imprison me along with those people already in prison that i don't know, it is only the "authorities" I consider enemies. Anyone else who is an enemy, we work things out. But you cannot work things out with the authorities. There are too many of them and they have a united wall of defense against opposition: which is comprised of all of themselves and most of the community - who are too stupid to realize that their allies are actually the enemy. Most people are not aware of their surroundings. Until the neighbor has a party at 2AM. Then they become motivated and energized. Other than then they are pretty much like Honey Boo Boo's kinfolk most of the time.

Fuck 'em If Ya Got 'em

   Kids to Muslims are just things to fuck with, either with your cock up their asses or with political activism. The press has no problem with this, either. No, to a professional, college-graduated journalist, this is an example of the degree to which the holy fervor of Islam inhabits the corpuscles of Muslims: even the children feel the righteousness of Allah and understand the truths of blessed Mohammed. the only thing worse than a Muslim is a reporter who is afraid of them. And that would be all the reporters.

New Nigger Muslim Flag

   The nigger in chief has created a new flag for the USA, one that more suits his belief system, the Muslim sun rising over a field of Christian blood.
   Nobody has arrested this asshole for this shit. I guess if you are the President you get to be a traitor with impunity. What's even more scary than the nigger doing this is that half the country, 150 million people, and all the world - 7 billion people - have no problem with this cuntfag queer bath house sperm drinker. That's what's scary.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Theory And Practice

   And so, me foine Irishman, how's that plan, that notion, that "supposed to" thing workin' out so far, Patty me buy?

Paris Hilton, People Wonder Why I Love Her

   She does porn proudly. She sucks dick like she likes it. Her sex drive is at hyena levels. Today she's in the news for saying fags are disgusting and are all contaminated with aids. And she reportedly had this conversation.

HILTON: I went out with that guy last night.
Which guy?
HILTON (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross. (pauses). Does that guy look black to you?
How black does a guy have to be?
HILTON: One percent is enough for me."
She does community service and doesn't complain about it. She fucks like a mink on meth. She snorts coke. She wears cute shoes. And did I mention she fucks like bulldyke in a bar full of womens' softball teams?

The Gay Dead Idiot: Ambassador Stevens

   This is how some deranged reporter or government worker named Norga Tarnopolsky describes Chris Stevens, the dead idiot:

"I met Chris Stevens sometime in the second half of the 90s, when he was stationed in Jerusalem.
From the get-go, it was clear that Chris was the American Graham Greene had always hoped to stumble across: lanky, blond and surprisingly handsome, a Californian by birth and temperament, easygoing, deeply shy, and intensely attuned, smart, smart, smart. He was always genial, and always veiled. His introspective being lodged a steel-trap mind.
It feels so futile to say it now, but Chris really was that American you always hope exists somewhere: Alert. Knowledgeable. Deeply invested. Winsome."
   Winsome. This reads like a gay love letter to Johnny Weir written by Richard Simmons. Astoundingly, Conservatives are very upset that this fellow was killed by Muslims. He is off the taxpayer dole and there is nothing wrong with that. Even the Muslims do us a favor once in a while just via the law of averages.
   Steel trap mind, ey? Smart smart smart, ey? This asshole was actually working with the people who killed him before they killed him. You see, he thought in his smart smart smart steel trap mind that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims. He didn't know, smart though he was and despite the steel trap mind that he had had had, despite all this brain power he didn't know that ALL Muslims are putrid worthless motherfuckers that need to be nuked so that even their dust will be too dangerous to get near or have anything to do with.
   Well, he knows it now. But the press and the Feds and the Democrats and the Republicans and the Conservatives don't know it.

The Beagle That Jumped From A Bridge

   Some beagle that tried to commit suicide by leaping off a bridge into the Delaware river - it looks like it still wants to die. It's been on the news and it's owner is someone who would depress Satan. Beagles are pretty chipper and alert and aware critters. This one looks like it just heard it has liver cancer. Not surprisingly I am once again the only person who will notice or comment on this, the fact that the dog clearly wants to die or else find a new owner.


  • Exact quote from James Carville. Tell this to EVERY Democrat you know!

    “Ideologies aren’t all that important. What’s important is psychology.

    The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.

    Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality.

    What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.

    The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.

    Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”

    ~ James Carville, Lead Democratic Strategist for Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign, "Prominent" Democratic Political Consultant, Attorney
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   Sarah Palin: she may not be bright; and her voice would vibrate the legs off a dead eland; but she is one hot piece of ass.

The Obama States of Allahrica

Jessica Cuntba

   Jessica Cuntba, the actress with her brain inside her most recently flushed, crabs-filled, sanitary napkin, is leading the campaign to get all Americans to place their hands over their heathen pagan Muslim hearts and pledge allegiance to A SANDNIGGER!!! And of course that sandnigger would be Obama The Goatfucker. The only thing I would place my hand over on behalf of Obama would be my balls to keep him from sucking on them if he ever got too close. Not that he ever will. Unless he's in his grave and I am standing over it pissing on it. Which I would go out of my way to do.
   Idolatry as the national pastime in America, which began with pledging allegiance to a flag and to a list of rules limiting your liberty to owning but not firing a rifle and to personally choosing your own oppressor rather than him being your ruler by Divine Right of Kings, that idolatry is now just one step short of erecting a gigantic statue of a two headed bull with an erection entering the ass of a child and declaring it to be the creator of the universe. This is assuming the sandnigger is willing to step aside for the statue. Which he might do if he is declared the statue's most perfect creation and lightbringer.
   This is what happens when half the electorate are Aztecs - who are just a tad less heinously savage than Muslims - who swam here illegally from a communist country that they still claim as their homeground and to which they declare their patriotic fury. Welcome to the Last Days. Make them count: go down shooting accurately.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Deal

   What's the big deal, cops do this everyday and nobody has a problem with it.

Nigbama vs America

Americans are still wondering why a white-hating, christian-hating, Allah-worshipping, marxist-trained half-breed illegal alien negro Kenyan Saudi-financed traitor seems to be on a determined fastrack to destroying America and devoted to turning it into a huge, body-strewn riot-infested slum. It baffles them why this would be Obama's dedicated agenda. 250 years of socialism has made Americans stupid is why. I hope this answer has been helpful to you and thank you for taking my call.

Why Conservatives Are Stupid

   Conservatives want "limited government." That's what they want. Limited government. They never define it, they never give an example of it, then never explain what it should be limited to, they just want limited government.
   The liberals on the other hand want unlimited government. Which means they can actually define and explain and demonstrate and show you what it is they want: unlimited government. Government does everything, you do nothing. Because you are in a cell. It may or may not have bars. But usually it does.
   Liberals in other words know what they are talking about. Conservatives on the other hand have no idea what they are talking about.
   This is why liberals can always walk all over conservatives in a "debate." Because liberals know what they want. Conservatives have no idea what they want. Conservatives want "limited" government. That's a pretty wide range. It ranges from almost liberty to almost imprisonment.
   Liberals have the range of government strongly delineated: it shall be omnipotent. Omnipotent, that is, as defined by bureaucracy, which would be completely impotent. Except to kill people which even an idiot can do, which is hardly a power, it is a power-removal, and a removal of someone else's power at that.
   If you ask a Conservative what he wants to limit government to...they get mad. This is not a question even one of them is prepared to give an answer to. Because the answer to that question is not covered in the Conservatives Handbook. Only the words "limited government" are there. And Conservatives are not "scientists:" they don't observe and take notes and compare data and form conclusions and test theories, or any of that. No, what they do is read handbooks. Handbooks of Conservatism. And in the handbooks is says that "Conservatives believe in limited government." They believe in limited government. And who knows what the fuck that means. So the position of Conservatism is not only weak it is weak times 2: they can't explain what limited government is and in fact it is only a belief, or an article of faith that it can exist at all. So Conservatives are stupid. Thank you. Fuck you.

Gay Marriage And Christians

      Christians for some reason are convinced that marriage is "holy." "Holy" usually means "evil." Jesus said only God is holy. If this is true then marriage is not holy. In fact a brief examination of just the marriage vows - vows are also evil, according to Jesus - should chase all the participants away. Not only are you taking a vow - evil in itself - you are taking a vow to do things that are impossible. You are agreeing to this. "I promise before my deity to do the impossible or else suffer eternal punishment." People agree to this and in fact call it holy. They think it's all fine, vowing to to the impossible, they have no problem with that.
   What they have a problem with is two people with similar gonads taking an evil vow to do the impossible. This is where the "wait a minutes"'s come in. "These two can't vow to do the impossible, they both have penises for Christ sake!"   I fact, marriage is made for faggots. It's like a ready magnet for things that are fucked up. How it is heterosexuals are involved in marriage at all is where the weirdness comes in, not the fact that fags want to do it. That alone should tell you something is wrong with marriage if fags want to do it so bad. This would fall under the category of "observing what is there." If fags like it it must be fucked up. This is an exercise in simple logic. There is nothing too deeply philosophical about this. If fags are jumping up and down like muslims claiming they demand "marriage rights".....maybe marriage is fucked up, no? Worth a looksee mebbeh? Ya think? No? Too much investment in your notion that marriage is holy, is there? You would have to toss out a lifetime's worth of being fucked up and that's too high a price to pay? Hey, not a problem. You go right ahead, stay fucked up, let me just put your name down here on the fucked-up list so that I steer clear of you so that I don't get more fucked up than I am.

The Right Is The Left Without The Thought Process

      Limbaugh is today railing against the tape of Nigbama saying he is for the redistribution of the wealth. When the Right hears this they jump up and down and scream "Marxism!!" This is bad to the Right; this Marxism business. Even though taxation is redistribution of the wealth. But you can't get that through a Conservative's concrete skull. "Well you HAVE to have taxes!" Well then William F Buckley Jr. Jr. you have to have Marxism. "Oh no, we can't have Marxism! We have to have taxes though!" You see it's hopeless. It's like telling a Catholic that Jesus is not in the bread disk, it's like telling a Muslim that Mohammed was insane and a sociopathic murderer and child molesting homosexual, it's like telling a Scientologist that L Ron was a faggot, jesus-hating devil worshipper, it's like telling an evangelical Christian that the Bible isn't God and that Darwin is get's you nowhere. you have to just walk away and go read a book or watch tv or play Halo or go to a strip club and do something actually productive.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Facebook Idiots

   On Facebook, where I have been banned, someone posted this picture of an unwary Marine allowing some Muslim little monstrosity to stand out of the heat atop his boots while the kid probably tries to talk the Marine out his weapon so that the kid can kill him.
   Naturally the responses to this picture from American Idiots on Facebook were, well, idiotic.
   "That poor child is probably asking the soldier to take him to America, away from the Muslims." Yeah, he probably is, so he can plant a bomb in a NY subway.
   Any "American" who gives a shred of sympathy to a Muslim or the hellish offspring of a Muslim needs to be dragged physically to Pakistan and released there to mingle with his adopted disease.

HAHAHAHA Those Niggers

Honey Boo Boo


   Cecily is watching the Honey Boo Boo marathon.
   I am what you would call a big fan of shitty TV; shitty ads, shitty salesmen, shitty announcers, shitty hosts, shitty plots, shitty dialogue, shitty shit on Home Shopping, shitty infomercials - which I REALLY like - shitty news, shitty weathermen, shitty anything, I mean if it's fucked up I am right there to get a good gander at it.
   But this show is like watching hippos wallowing in a waterhole that is evaporating. Without the physical beauty of the hippos.
   It's a family of fat women who just sit in chairs and on the couch and look at each other and talk about how stupid the other one is.
   It's like the Kardashians except that none of these broads have a nice vagina like Kim does.
   On the plus side, none of them fuck niggers. If all the niggers were dead the Kardashians would dig them up to fuck them.
   Honey Boo Boo is the most observant of the pile of pigs but that is because she is only 4 and her mind is actually functioning because it is fresh and pristine. By the time she is 14 she will be a slovenly, food digesting idiot like all the other females in the clan.
   Honey Boo Boo is exploited by the rest of the family because they seem to know instinctively, as if by some miraculous intervening grace from God, that they can't eat her. So they have to do something with her. So they put her in kiddie pageants, the kind where an infant is disguised as an adult Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader so that daddy can have something to fuck since mommy is too busy living through her daughter to do anything adult on her own.
   It isn't like as though that Honey Boo Boo's father however is ever thinking about fucking his daughter. No, he only has eyes for his wife, the 400 pound pile of shit who gave birth to the other three female troughs of  liquid hay bales that also live in the house. Or I should say who also sit on the couches in the house.
   Physical activity of any kind is not on the to-do list at that house. Unless it involves moving fatty foods from outside their mouths to inside their mouths.
   I had assumed that these 5 women were eating all the food in the vicinity, but when they do manage to waddle down the road to a festival of some pathetic sort, it turns out that the whole town is inhabited by barely animate pink sequoia tree trunks that grin and say very very uninteresting things:
   "Ol' Billy, haha, he fell down yes-turd-day!"
  "Lookit what Jeb's doin', man that's funny HAHAHAHA!"
   "Ohh, shit, mah nose is fulla boogers agin. Dangit!!"
   The mom, whose name I do not know, collects toilet paper. Unused, and still wrapped, fair to say. There is a wall of shelving devoted to her toilet paper horde. There is another wall of shelving devoted to liquid laundry detergent. Unfortunately the family does all the talking, it's not done by an intelligent tour-host who would show the viewing audience around and explain all the deranged anomalies in a lab-analysis sort of way. No, the family itself provides all the data and so you are left to only stare and speculate on the mysteries provided, and maybe that is the allure of the program; to try and understand the un-understandable via a personal journey of quiet observation and introspection, like the journey through Freemasonry, or the Kaballah, or the mystery religions of Ra, Baal, or Dagon.

   It is my understanding that Honey Boo Boo's show is the most popular one on TV. I usually have an explanation for most things involving humans, the explanations might be serious, they might be ridiculous, but in this case I have none; I can't think of a reason, good or bad or sarcastic or even mean- spirited that I could offer as to why it is that this is watched by anyone, much less everyone. It doesn't even have any toddler and tiara pageants, which are always, for me, an infuriating half hour of pure child abuse and Sodom-like debauchery taken to a whole new level of perversion. But in the Boo Boo show, nothing happens AT ALL! Just like with the Kardashians. But the Kardashians are rich. It's almost enjoyable to see the rich being moronic because it tells the youth of the world that stupidity is no impediment to success. But this other family, the one in Georgia that lives in a house that - i kid you not - is 3 feet from the train tracks on which entire freight trains travel 24 hours a day, their only claim to fame is that they have a 4 year old child in it that seems to be the sole support of the rest of the walrus clan.
   One of the girls is pregnant. She is, I don't know, 11, or something. She has no husband and no boyfriend. She just got pregnant. They took her to a sonogram place and the first instant she saw what was inside her she was transfigured from this sour-looking imbecile to a radiant beautiful teenage girl, her spirit magnified by the sight, as was Mary's when visited by the angel. Her face and spirit were transformed from life inside a pig farm to life inside of the Mind of God as she looked up at the screen and as her dormant brain fired into life with the understanding that she was housing a miracle. This lasted 2 seconds. The sounds of the surrounding family pigs talking about meals past, and meals present, and meals future, turned her back into a sullen, lonely, confused, not yet porcine, teenage reetard destined for the welfare lines.
   The matriarch of the herd is so fat and Jabba-like the children routinely reference the permanent stain of what they call "rust" beneath the mother's neck-fold. I know; you are wondering "what's a neck fold?" You are wondering this because you do not have one. Boo Boo's mother - who I am now going to name Slarrgh simply because I have no idea what her name is - Boo Boo's mother has a neck fold. Underneath this wad of congealed Cheet-os is a brown, rotting ring of filth that the kids refer to as "the rust." Conversation sometimes meanders to the topic of how to get rid of the rust. Slarrgh, you have to appreciate, does not approve of these discussions. She sits there silently and tries to move her fat exhausted eyes hither and thither in order to try to get the orbs to scowl at the abuser of the moment but she usually fails at this, that is, she usually fails at making eye contact with the speaker because they are usually so positioned that Slarrgh would have to actually turn her head, and not just her eyes, to see them, and this she is reluctant to do because it would deplete the moment's sugar-energy that keeps her eyes open in the first place. The abuse is constant and is apparently the only topic that can get the childrens' portly brain-masses to become somewhat creative. "Whah, Momma, I truly do thaink that ifn y'all git some haydrijin pure-ox-hide and mix it with th' acid that the Alien has for blood and stuff?....that if you mix them two things thet thet would scour the rust ring rat owf! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" "Haive y'all tride puttin a blow torch to it, Momma? HAHAHAHAHA!" "Show the raing to Glitzy the pig!! She'll thaink it's truffles and snout-scrape the ring rat owff! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." "Y'all aiver yuze a pencil eraser ownnit, Mawma? Ya mite naid ta get th' yerasure frum Gawd, since it's wun uv Gawd's mistakes in th' furst place and Ah'm thainkin' that it maght take wun uh Hizzin's yeeracers ta undo it, ore a fukkin mirikle deevice in uvver wirdz! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
   Slarrgh is usually unable to muster the energy for responses to these remarks and when she does they are very very lacking in conviction. She is too lazy to even generate anger. She will make some meagre utterance on the level of "Yew-all be qwah-yit. Yew-all don't know nuffin'." The children are never dissuaded by these mighty volleys of cleverly creative come-backs, nor are their feelings ever hurt.
   In the world of my youth this whole family would have been executed by the community in a coming-together of civic pride and unity in order to preserve the dignity of the human race. Only Glitzy the Pig would have been spared since only Glitzy would not have disgraced her species by simply existing. Ironically it was Glitzy the pig, of all the things of earth for the family to disapprove of, it was only Glitzy that the rest of the family was united in objection to. This was clearly motivated by the fact of the pig's comparative beauty and slenderness. Glitzy came, Glitzy was declared anathema, and Glitzy left. While Boo Boo was the most distraught by this decision, since the pig allowed Boo Boo some place to direct her life other than in pageantry, her sadness would have been ten fold, or at least more folds than were in her mother's neck, if she had awakened and come into the kitchen to find Glitzy, not frolicking about under the dining room table but rather on it, upside down, in a gravy-soaked kettle, crispy skinned, crunchy-brown and ready for carving. And this was very likely the real problem with Glitzy; she was a constant temptation to the family stomachs.
   Comparisons of the Slarrgh family to the Kardashians are made inside the mind almost automatically and without effort. The similarities are legion, both families are uninteresting, both families can discuss imbecilic topics for hours with no slacking of enthusiasm, both families live to cater to their physical and feral needs and the dictates of their limbic brains rather than the pursuit of intellectual and conversational excellence, both families look back with fondness to the days of prehistory, scrambling on all fours and pulling tubers from the ground and brachiating through the trees. The good old days when shitting in the forest was so much simpler than getting up and moving to another room. No dropping of drawers, no exhausting ritual of flushing, no tortuous reaching to the unknown and unseen realm of mystery beneath the buttocks to scrape and smear the efforts of the previous hour's eating for reasons unknown other than to obey someone else's notion of cleaniliness no none of that goddammit.
   Yes, life in the forest, the Pleistocene in full swing, bugs everywhere for the taking, simply reach out and close the fingers, fruit on the fly, no getting up, no going to where the food was, no, the food came to you. Eat some bugs, fall asleep, shit where you lay, move to a new cluster of roots and loam only when the accruing feces flowing from your ass began to restrict the effects of the cooling air over your furry skin. Slarrgh and Kardashian paradise of days gone by. But no pizza. It wasn't perfect after all.

   I have just learned via the internet gossip fests that the pregnant one, M'largh-gorok, gave birth to a three-thumbed creature having a vagina and not a penis, making it a "female." They have given it a female name and they are all more than delighted that it has two thumbs on one hand. I suppose the feeling is that this is a sign that the clan is reverting back into an arboreal existence, that its sojourn here in the 21st Century was just to have this new archtype critter get born, who will then breed to god-only- knows-what and the evolutionary line can then begin to revert back into the forest  where, having a plentitude of thumbs on every hand - no matter how many hands they might have - they can swing freely through the branches and shit without fear, for it will fall below on the less fortunate creatures and the Boo Boo clan will no longer have to arise and slog over to a new location once the shit accumulates around them to the extent that the sweat cannot evaporate. With this new triple-thumbed atrocity in the fold with no doubt ovaries swarming within it's hellbelly by the score and eggs seething silently by the millions in the swamps and steams of its primordeal intestines and having a strong family trait for fucking at the age of 10, the family's devolving back into the forest with thumbs and fingers and very likely tails aplenty will accelerate and cause them to vanish back into the mists from which they erupted into Georgia millions of years ago.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Today's Version Of Things

   Today the Muslims are saying that they were not killing the embassy guy they were rescuing him from the fire and he died of smoke inhalation. Ok?

Muslim Hunting Tips

   The Barrett M82 .50 caliber go-to-virgins sendoff apparatus. It will, in the hands of the proper applicant, render the skull of a muslim young adult male actually empty rather than just behaviorally and apparently empty.You will notice that even though the upper half of the Muslim's head is devoid of its contents, the expression in the eyes of the lower half provide a still-vivid, almost living, testimonial to the emotional disruption that this individual experienced in his day-to-day appraisal of world events via the sudden intrusion of 3,000 ft. lbs of kinetic energy at 2500 fps into his forehead. Barrett: when a Muslim shortage is your goal.


Why We Are Doomed

   Here are the "protesters" in Afghanistan, the country we have been "saving" for ten years. They are 8 years old. It's the latest generation of suicide bombers. They are already up and at 'em. This is why you cannot leave any of them alive. Because they are born nuts. It's in the DNA after 1500 years of breeding-out the sanity and breeding-in the insanity. They are now born nuts. They don't have to be brainwashed. Muslims are now a new species. A killing, self-destructive, everything-else-destructive species of death-dealing stupidity that reeks of BO and a need to fuck goats and kill women.
   Notice that the reporter, some dumbass muslim bitch, doesnt even make a sarcastic remark at the fact that 2nd graders are the "protesters." Nope, to her this is a legitimate expression of social dissatisfaction with the West.

Muslim War Strategy Handbook

   "Set fires in the middle of the street and throw rocks. The end. Off you go and may Allah be with you."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dumbass Australians

   While the fucking displaced limeys of Australia are concerned about the "bikeys" that are allegedly a terrible terrible threat to the lazy fucked up basically useless way of life that is peculiar to the Australians... the Muslims are gathering by the thousands in the streets and turning the place into a riot-fest sewer of camel shit and a rallying point for that idiot Allah and his assfucking faggot prophet who never prophesied anything, Mofuckmed. some asshole bureaucrat, being all pompous and self righteous was spluttering to the news cameras, "(huff huff) this you know is not Libya, this is not Iraq, this is not Egypt..." and I'm thinking "That's what you think, asshole, you have been letting those sandniggers in by the ton because they claim to be "refugees" from "the bad muslims." THEY'RE ALL BAD MUSLIMS YOU ASSHOLES YOU LET A FUCKING ARMY OF INVADERS IN WITHOUT THEM FIRING A SHOT YOU STUPID OZZY TWITS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOW THEY'RE CLAIMING THEIR NEW TERRITORY!!
   Naturally, the Australians, being a bunch of fairy Britisher uppitty hoity toities they are all unarmed and, oh dear, guns are so uncivilized dont you know, oh dear, have some tea wont you? Dumbasses. Typical naive idiot white people, thinking they can step away from their destiny as the rulers of mankind and not get stomped as soon as they do.


My Annual Prayer Of Praise To Allah

 O most holy Allah of the Divine Scrotum: I worship your diseased and dripping cock that reeks of a thousand flies taking a shit in the severed head of a decomposed cat. You O mighty Allah have assfucked your way to glory and fame via your sacred dangling balls of exposed leprous bleeding sores from which the dogs of Christians come and lick their fill of sacred Allah scrote-infection. Mohammed raises his buttocks high into the air to receive your grandest of penises; the penis that has assfucked all the 9 year old boys of earth and has face-fucked all the infant babies in front of their mothers while you are laughing your delightful laugh of a million Satans. Lucifer sucks your cock as you drink the hot shit from his bright red ass. The holy Koran is your toilet paper. All of Islam jacks off in your face O Allah and you slurp the semen of all men while wearing womens' clothing. You O Allah are the god of crossdressing and homosexuality and all things perverted and foul and your jizz fills the asses of your male followers and Mohammed hangs like a monkey from your cock-shaped hemorrhoids while Muslim men drink pus and the source of AIDS from Mohammed's tiny aborted penis that reeks of filth. O Allah who is secretly a Jew and whose prophet Mohammed is the embodiment of the human version of the cock of a Jew, I bow to your Jew-scented balls. The snakes and worms of earth crawl into your majestic asshole O Allah, there to learn the nature of true putridness and uselessness. There is no piece of fuck like Allah and Mohammed is his assmate. The Koran was written by a shaking epileptic with the damaged brain of a victim of a camel's hoof to the head while holding a quill in both hands and both feet and the marks made onto paper by people holding sheets of dried shit before him to mark upon in spastic lunacy. We worship these words from this asshole reetard who sprang from the rotted anus of Allah as we worship your actual asshole O Allah, whose rectal stench nauseates crocodiles that live in the sewers of Mohammed's ass. The Koran is the words of Allah which Allah screams in delight when Allah fucks an entire herd of male goats. O Allah, Divine Fucker of Goats, we come to you with our cocks in our hands to add our semen into your sacred goblet of jizz for you to drink and for you to share with Mohammed the holy faggot of mental illness who fucks corpses that even Allah would not fuck. Allah is great in his homosexuality! Mohammed fucks Allah's ass! The Koran is a piece of shit! Islam was created by women! Blessing and peace be upon Jesus the Jew who is the True and Only God. Jesus the Eternal Jew will reach deep into Allah's ass and pull Allah's anus inside out and yank it from its bloated buttcheeks and feed it to the crows and the blood of Allah's jizz-filled asshole will cause the hyenas to flee from its stench. Amen.

The Yard Sale For President

   The nigger in chief - being a nigger - has decided that since the rest of the country is basically niggerized to the max, why not just be honest with them and admit it? And so it is he has declared that his next campaign will be financed via yard sales. This would be funny enough if it was just a gag purportrated by Funny or Die - who would never actually do anything that funny because they are all commies at that place. It would, like I say, be funny-enough if it was a gag or a goof or a skit or a bit or a joke or an improve or a you tube phenom or even a remark. That would be funny enough. But - and here is the good part - it's totally on the level!!!!!! Go into the trash: Take out the aluminum cans that are in it along with the fish heads and the hanky-snot; invert the garbage can and array all this shit upon it; put the whole mess in your front yard like a stupid dumbass Mexican from Pacoima; stand there and sell the shit; take the money and send it to the nigger President of the United States, the commander in chief of the mightiest war machine in human history and the leader of the free world; and feel pretty proud of yourself when you are all done. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Next Civil War

   When the war starts between the side that wants to take everyones' stuff and the side that wants to keep all its stuff - what side do you think is going to fight the hardest. And that's not a question. It's a warning.

Constitution Day

   I have been informed that tomorrow is Constitution Day. On this day you are supposed to read the Constitution and come away from the experience feeling free and wonderful and proud and filled with exuberance for the future. Which is impossible if you have any actual reading comprehension. Which nobody has. Either that or at birth all doctors implanted "word-meaning jumble circuits" into every American baby's brain, just like they cut the umbilical cord.
   To help you read it here is a Constitution Reading site that provides it for you.!/

   Now, of course, nobody who is told "Hey, read the Constitution, learn about your heritage and why you enjoys ALL the marvelous freedoms we enjoy" ever actually goes and reads the Constitution. There is some instinctive mechanism in the human body that inherently knows that reading the Constitution would be just about the most boring and spiritually exhausting thing you could ever do.
   Nonetheless, you are supposed to listen to that - "Hey, go read the Constitution!" -  and come to the conclusion, even if and when you don't read it,  that the Constitution is what made America "America" for the brief period of time that it had any actual American attributes, or anything else that an American would call American: such as telling Muslims to all drink arsenic. Which no American would ever do anymore because the Constitution forbids it now. It's a living document. It's alive. Like the creature in Young Frankenstein.
   When you start actually reading the thing to celebrate Constitution Day you fall into a deep deep slumber. Naturally you will blame yourself and not the Constitution for this. Now will you blame the genius Dandies-in Tights that dreamed up the thing in all it's pomposity and OCD-on-meth faggotty, organizational, detail-fraught, edict-riddled "this is how things will be" declarations that - you probably did not notice - have nothing to do with YOU. It's all about them. Them being the government bureaucrat very-special appointees and electees who now own you.
   It's the fucking Coonstitution that makes all this tyranny possible.
   "Oh, well, duhhhhh, that ain't what tyranny is, tyranny is when you are told what to do by people you don't know or ever interacted with or ever met."
   Oh. Ok. My bad. I got the Constitution and what you just said all mixed up. I am so sorry. Let's just forget I was even here, and off you go, ok?.... no hard feelings?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Fun When Dogs Eat Muslims

   The Australian police dogs got to eat some Muslims yesterday. It's always enjoyable to see Muslims die and/or suffer debilitating dog bites to the testicles. If I was training the dogs there would be none of this arm-biting or calf-biting. It would be right for the balls. Just with Muslims of course. It would be easy to train a dog to tell the difference between a Muslim and a normal person too because the Muslims smell like open graves filled with fish guts.
   Why they sent dogs against that horde of filth rather than flame throwers can only mean that the good guys of this planet are now all douchebags.

Things I Do

On a compatability test once, under "things you like to do" I said "I like needling deranged narcissistic sociopathic rage-killers by taunting them with accusations of not having the nerve to do this or not having the nerve to do that." I am still waiting to hear back from them.

Morgue And Freeman: His Holier-Than-Thou Voice Finally Quiet

   The only thing bad about Morgan Freeman dying is that I will have to be subject to tributes to his Negro Superiority by white people for the next month or so. I am not done shaking the carnage from the o-so-surprising death of Whitney Houston out of my ears yet. On the plus side his accusatory, mournful shame-on-you-whitey droning litany of crap will cease to drip and gurgle like a froth of algae-filled foam from his Obama  bluelips and his flyspecked face and I can crawl from the pit of shame he kept pushing me into and i can once more stand proud and superior in my whiteness because my accuser has departed this life and is now boring the denizens of eternity with his lazzyass speech cadence and his empty-headed conclusions about how things should be. How about this, Morgan, now that you're dead things are finally as they should be.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Obama's Nigger

______The Obama administration has asked YouTube to review its posting of the anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims," which has provoked violent protests across the Middle East.
"We reached out to YouTube to call the video to their attention and ask them to review whether it violates their terms of use," said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.
Carney was adamant today that the Obama administration will not apologize for the video.
"We have made clear that we find it offensive and reprehensible and disgusting," Carney told reporters at the daily White House news briefing. "We have denounced it. We have said we find it offensive and reprehensible, but we will not - you know, we cannot and will not squelch freedom of expression in this country."
The White House has not asked YouTube to take down the video, simply to review it._______

   Jay Carney finds a criticism of Islam - the most heinous religion this side of an HP Lovecraft Dagon rite of human sacrifice and flesh eating - he finds such criticism offensive, reprehensible and disgusting. Jay Carney, like everyone the nigger in chief surrounds himself with, is a complete moron. You can't even call him evil, he is clearly too stupid to ever be evil, he would fail at it, he would not know where to begin, he would be totally lost as an evildoer. He is just an idiot. And he is working for the perfect boss; someone every bit as stupid as himself. 

Why I Detest Cops, Episode 4,994,300,541,224

   The key thing to remember here is the decision of his bosses in that "he did nothing wrong." They actually believe that. And so does the cop. And, very likely - if you are stupid, which you probably are - so do you.

Creationists Are Actually Satanic

  Creationists are the only group alive that make Islam and Scientology look intelligent and well-thought-out.
   Creationists are inherently anti-Christian even though they use their unabating, vaulting, exponentially expanding stupidity to proclaim Jesus is....whatever they say Jesus is. Which no one knows because all that Creationists talk about is Darwin: a writer they have never read and the co-discoverer of a natural mechanism that they do not understand.
   Creationists - were you to talk to one - make heroin-crazed and opium-fueled Muslims look meditative and reasoned in persuasiveness, calm and polite in discourse, courteous and self-effacing in discussion; submissive to reason and worshipful of facts. That's how fucked-up Creationists are.
   Creationists have as their motivating energy the bringing of Christianity down to the level of themselves - namely, self-proclaimed divinities and noble beings, dropped from the stars like diamonds within stellar raindrops, landing upon the snows of the cosmic mind and spreading out their roots and branches of wisdom and purity and beauty, like Lucifer reborn into his former glory, a light unto the world, a beacon unto the galaxies, a harbor of safe haven for the entire Universe.
   Creationists are convinced that they are far far far too wondrous and beauteous a race of beings ever to have come from something so base and vile as a jungle primate, even though a sleeping macaque has more intelligent life energy and awareness of what's going on in the room at the moment than a wide awake Creationist.
   Creationists, in an effort to divert worldwide attention from the main body of the Bible, concentrate all of their Satanic efforts on making God obey them just as God goes out the gate. God no sooner gets things into existence - forget about the rest of biblical human history -  when the Creationists pop up and tell God that "Ok, this is how you did this, God, 'cause we are wise and pure beings like Lucifer - we know everything, even how You create, and we say that when Moses uses the word "day" that You obeyed him and made the "day" before there was the sun and planets into 24 terrestrial hours as measured from Greenwich, England."
   Creationists place themselves above God and proclaim that God has limits and that these limits are defined by the minds of people living in trailers in Phoenix who have no teeth, fuck their own daughters, shit their own pants, sleep with their own dogs, and jack them off besides if they are male dogs.
   To the ant-infested mind of a Creationist, if the Bible says "day" then it is the day that is defined 5000 years after the fact of the writing, and defined, yes, that's right,  by that man there in the second row chewing Red Man with no teeth, ladies and gentlemen, STAND UP THERE CREATIONIST RUFUS AND TAKE A BOW!!!
   I don't have a problem with Creationists. What I have a problem with is that they are calling themselves Christians when they are clearly Satanists. Satanists have parties to declare that God obeys them, and have them on a regular basis, usually with a few body parts of the newly born, or the forcibly-extracted-into-birth babies, which parts are eventually tossed into a fire and then eaten or maybe just eaten raw.
   The mark of a Satanist is that he fumingly rejects Jesus. If Jesus is God and God created Man and science and simple observation declares that Man evolved upward - I call it downward - from monkeys...then the Bible is wrong and God is right.
   But to a Creationist, you see, the Bible is God. You see. The Bible takes precedence over reality, over truth, over science, over God Himself. And if the Bible becomes God then Jesus becomes just another man. Which is the true goal of the Creationist: to declare Jesus ordinary and the Bible, and especially their version of it, to be God. And if the Bible is God and only they can understand it then they become God.
   And that is called Satanism: humans becoming God.
   Ok, thank you. And fuck you.

Why The Constitution Is A Joke

   Ok, now pay attention, this is going to go against your acquired and entrenched stupidity. You will really have to make an effort to get this.
   Here is a news quote for you:
   "Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas ruled that the law violates both the state and U.S. Constitution and is null and void. He said the law violated the constitutional rights of free speech and association."
   the law is one that outlaws unions for public employees.
   The whole story is here:

   What the "judge" ruled is that tax-supported employees are the bosses of the people paying them.
   He said that it would be "unconstitutional" - this is a Sate issue not a Federal one so he is not only evil he is stupid - he said that it would be unconstitutional and the fact that he declared it "unconsitutional"  even though Constitutionality can NEVER be resolved, and changes from day to day, and from judge to judge, and from decision to decision, and from precedent to precedent, and from case to case, and from day to day, and from blowjob to blowjob, means that it IS unconstitutional even though it actually isnt since public employee unions are a psychotic concept even for governmental 7th dimensional ultrasurreal reality. So the Constitution is really nothing. It's just a piece of paper with edicts and declarations and assumptions and decisions and a self-appointment of authority upon itself and upon you...that has whatever meaning down the road that any judge assigns to it. In other words, and this is going to shock and upset virtually everyone because virtually everyone is REALLY dopey....constitutional government is the most evil form of government yet devised in the long evolution of government evil. It is the form of government that "rules" every country now on earth. It is the reason that Sharia Law will be welcomed by all on earth: because it will be MORE SANE THAN CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT!! So don't be surprised when you are a muslim; in fact be relieved; you will get to actually do more and pay less than what you are being subjected to at the moment.

Walmart, Making America Safe From Christian Children Enemies of Islam

   A Florida Walmart kicked some kids out of the store who gathered on 9-11 to sing God Bless America. Walmart told the kids the manager who gave them permission to do so had been fired. So they went out into the parking lot to sing God Bless America and the manager called the cops on them.
   Now if the children had climbed up onto the roof of Walmart and started wailing and caterwauling for Muslims and Christian and Buddhists and Scientologists to fall down onto their knees and stick their asses into the air to receive the mighty goatcock of Allah deep into their rectums and had permitted the Jizz of Allah to slather the insides of their anuses of slippery brown soup with the Holy Goatseed of Mohammed's Semen Slop...they would have been feted by Obama and given the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian efforts by the UN on behalf of all mankind.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stone-ass Smash

   Now this is a meme.


Snoop Niggydog Will Reason For You Now

   Snoop Niggydog explained to some group of assholes why it was the logical and sensible thing to do to give the Muslim faggot Kenyan illegal nigger alien Marxist in chief yet another 4 years in the now-stink-filled-from-his-motherinlaw White House

"It ain't like y'all gave him a clean house. You gave him a house where the TV didn't work, the toilet was stuffed up. Everything was wrong with the house. So he had to come in and get y'all thing together. And then he went and knocked down our most hated, our most wanted. The one who had our terror warning on red or orange or whatever color it was. He went and found him. The one Bush couldn't seem to find, the one who seemed to fly away on the day of 9/11—he went and found him. Remember that? Don't forget about that. Now everybody is peaceful and able to move around and have a good time. It's because he made that happen. So please don't forget that, you understand me? So give him four [more] years to get this thing together and finish this deal out. You heard what [Bill] Clinton said? You loved Clinton, didn't ya?"

SEAL Training Shortfalls

   Apparently no one ever tells the SEALS that the State Department is traditionally the most unrecognized and the most lethal and treacherous enemy in the history of the United States. Senator McCarthy tried to make that clear and added for a bonus that the Department of the Army was damn near as treacherous and treasonous as the State Department.
   At least one of the passel of SEALS killed by hordes of ass-fucking Muslim men yesterday was on a mission for the State Department to try and do the impossible; "find" shoulder-mounted missle-firing weapons. Try and think for a minute how one or two people could possibly do that in an immense slum the size of Mexico and almost as filthy and filled with almost as worthless an element of inhabitant. Apparently SEALS go into war assuming that the people on their side are actually on their side. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


   Watch Nigbama throw Hillary Cunton under the bus for the embassy killings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Fuckers Of Allah's Asshole Threaten Facebook

   The child molesters of Allah have threatened Facebook. Fortunately I have been banned from Facebook - by the Facebook Jew, and not by Allah, ironically - so when the Muslims kill Facebook I will not be on it and will live another day to insult the mighty and sacred testicles of Allah's scrotum ballsack pusbags with impunity and delight. I just hope Facebook is willing to die. Because if Facebook is not willing to die then I guess the Muslims will not kill it. Or maybe the Muslims are saying they will kill Facebook only if Facebook is willing not to die. It's hard to say what it is the Muslims want Facebook to do.
   I am personally curious to know how it was that Facebook insulted holy Muhammad the child molesting camelfucker in the first place. Facebook rarely makes pronouncements other than to say how great Facebook is and how troublesome I am. I think this is the 4th time I have been banned.
   I have to admit that being banned from Facebook repeatedly does instill within me a certain personal animosity toward Facebook and the fact that holy Muhammad is thinking about making Facebook die does not bother me at all. I know that if I was the one displaying that banner I would be in jail now. But then I am not a Muslim. Apparently only Muslims and niggers and illegal Mexicans have any - let's call them rights - in this country anymore. In fact I should not even be saying nigger. I think that is a violation of the Obama Constitutional Koran that he has declared to be the new law of the land.
   The point I am trying to make if I am trying to make a point is - I can completely understand holy Muhammad's exasperation with Facebook and if Muhammad kills Facebook I will not be attending the funeral. I will be buying Muhammed a drink.
   Congratulations, Facebook, Like the Nigger in Chief, you have managed to piss off everybody. But then you are a Jew and he is a nigger. And both you groups do have a reputation for pissing everyone off, every time and all the time. I guess what makes the Muslims different is that they are determined to do something about it if it kills them. Which hopefully it will. Then you all will be gone and whitey can get back to doing what he does best, create a civilization with lots and lots of toys.

Most Annoying Thing There Is

   If there is anything more annoying than the constant incessant unending mercilessly relentless clapping on Wheel of Fortune it ain't on this planet. It's on the Martian Wheel of Fortune. If you tune out the rest of the show and just focus on the clapping and dont look at the screen you start to go mad within about two minutes.
   Compared to the clapping, Vanna White, pictured above, is not a problem. Or is that Katy Couric. Since the facework I get them both mixed up.


Question Of The Day

   Why do Americans think voting for someone  to fuck them in the ass is better and more sensible than someone just electing themselves to do the job.

Reuters Nails Obama's Enemy

   Reuters, the news "service" owned by the Arabs and basically a staff-employee of Obama, has lost no time posting the name, address, and a picture of the house to aid drive-by shooters, of the "maker" of a really badly made movie about Islam. Which is being blamed as the cause of the embassy attacks. Obama must want this guy dead pretty bad for some reason.

The Clown Show

   The faggot in the hat is Martin Dempsey. He is an American "general." He is the head of the joint chiefs of asskissers. He is personally telling Terry Jones, the Muslim-hating florida preacher - to not hold an anti-Muslim demonstration. Why? Because his commander in chief, the nigger obama, placed in command of the strongest military force in history by the Constitution that everyone thinks is so great, told Dempsey to order Jones - a civilian - to stay in his house. Jones, who is all talk and no action, said ok.
   The United States - thanks to Washington DC - is about as majestic as a banana republic on the order of Guatemala. Or Peru. Paperdoll presidents telling paperdoll generals to order paperdoll christians to stay in the house and not come outside or else HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah, we're doing ok.

Anti Islam Book

   Someone giving a fake name - naturally - wrote a book called "How Fatima Started Islam." It's a comedy. And a lot closer to the actual facts of Islam's creation than the version in Wikipedia. Muslims on Amazon have spammed the review section with one star reviews that never actually talk about the contents of the book but complain that they were spammed with advertising. I guess the spam was so good they were compelled to obey. Then I guess they read the book and decided to give their comments regarding their philosophies of spamming - should there be spam? should there not be spam? - rather than actually talk about the book. And then they spammed Amazon with complaints about the book!  HAHAHAHAHAHA.
   So anyway the book is pretty funny and pretty dead-on-target about describing Muslims as the bottom-of-the-barrel species that they are. If you want confirmation that you are not alone in concluding that Muslims are assfucking, camel-humping, child molesting, bloodthirsty sociopathic rapist lying drugged-out, inbred subhuman, subalgae objects destined for nothing better than will have a fine old time reading this. And just so you know - it is VERY likely historically accurate. Otherwise the Muslims would not be so desperate to have it removed from existence.
   The bashing of Mohammed and Islam  and Muslims and what I call sandniggers is pretty relentless, but if I was writing the book - and I wish I had - I would have devoted real diligent creative energy to coming up with new and disgustingly novel ways to describe allah and islam and mohammed and muslims. However I think the co-purpose for writing the book was to give a fairly accurate historical
synopsis of Persians and the sate of mind and the state of intelligence and the state of "development" of the Arabs during the acceptance and growth of Islam. within all the abuse and the name-calling is a description of the historical record as it is known today for the purpose of educating - within all the name calling and abuse - Americans and Christians and anyone else with a brain that functions what Islam really is - it is nothing - and what is the nature of it's followers; which would be "they are idiots."
Which of course they are. And they are also sociopaths and degenerates and the end result of 1500 years of Darwinian slaughter of anyone woth a normal psychological development and the systematic creation through a culture of child sexual and physical and emotional and spiritual abuse one billion deranged apes with the emotional equivalent of rabies.