Thursday, April 12, 2018

the "public lands"

the left liberal commie fuckheads of america and also the bundy family are convinced that there are  such things as "public lands." all "public lands" are DC possessions won by conquest or purchase and there is no such thing as "public lands" that belong to "the public." public lands are all private and are owned by the entity called "the Federal government." in other words all public land in the USA is private land. including the pestholes run by the government know as The National Parks. left wingnuts think the National Parks are their parks. they are not. they are DC's parks. which is why services and attractions there are so shitty. which is why they are dangerous to all who visit them. they are squalid third world terrain that, while scenic, is horrifically dangerous because the national park "system" refuses to install civilized aspects that would make visiting them actually enjoyable. so what you do instead is walk around or drive around and eat shitty food if you can find even that and stay at shitty lodgings unless you get into the cool lodging built by private enterprise in the 30's. like the Awahnee, for instance.


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