Saturday, November 12, 2011

The New Nigger

I notice that the Republicans are now fielding a nigger of their own. He is a rarity among niggers, he is not a Marxist. He seems to be some sort of a Capitalist. He seems to be under attack by the Democrats and maybe by Perry for siphoning Normal Niggers - ya know, stupid welfare commie niggers - away from the fold and into the American fold. They are doing this by saying he makes passes at white women. A good ploy to infuriate white men, but it doesnt seem to have the same effect on white women, all of whom fantasize about Mandingo Loveplay in the Steamy Swamp When De Sun Go Down. the Left seems to have overlooked this little ugly fact. However never underestimate the ability of a nigger to fuck himself over: I hear that Cain is now claiming that God told him to run. I wonder if God also told him to tell everyone. Cause if that's what God did, God aint too bright cause He just lost Cain the nomination. I am always amazed at people who hear things from God and immediately assume it's really God!! It never occurs to them that whoever is talking to them might be lying: that they might not REALLY be God at all!! "Hi nigger, I'm God!" "Whoa! Hi, God!! No, I don't need no I.D. you just puts dat wallet away! What choo wants fum me, Lawdy??" Never a doubt in their mind. They are immediately All In with this story. "Oh, You're God? Well, ya know, I am not at all surprised that you would be contacting me. I am an exceptionally worthy individual." Man, oh, man. Talk about thick-skinned and up-for-anything. That wouldn't be me. "YOURE GOD??HOLY SHIT!! LEMMEE OUTA HERE!!!!YOU GOTTA BE HERE TO KILL ME FOR THE FOLLOWING CRIMES NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT BYE BYE, GOD!!" then zing, i'm gone, like a cartoon road runner. You betcha.

Facebook Is My New Blog

Well, here it is, Nov 12, and I have just not been around here much. I seem to do all my blogging on Facebook now. I don't know why. I guess cause there is more back and forth. There is certainly a lot more squabbling. At least there used to be. I managed to get rid of all the liberals and democrats however, and that means that only people who agree with everything i say hang around. When a troublemaker shows up he is quickly pounced upon by everyone. Then they run away. Since no one reads this but me, and even I have not been here for, what, a year?....I have been really negligent in keeping-up with this blog's original and basically only purpose: bad-mouthing the nigger in chief. I have been doing that on Facebook. However things are always so tenuous on Facebook, it is not conducive to "essays." I am basically an essayist. I have had some notariety writing fiction, but I write fiction basically for my own amusement. I write essays in order to communicate with others. I should probably stick to fiction because I am a lot more popular for that. However I like writing essays more. For one thing it's a lot easier. No characters, no plot, no dialogue, no structure, no theme, no resolution, no art, no comedy, no drama, no descriptive literary architecture to construct; essays are just emotionally-driven blather. Perfect for an Italian. Where was I. I have absolutely no idea what i am talking about. Now I have to actually re-read this. Hold on. OK; turns out there actually is no topic. So I have not been blogging. The deal is I would have to stop facebooking. And ya know, what with the sock monkey seeming to be on the fast track to oblivion, the original fury and hatred has been mollified a lot due to the collapse of the fucking moolie muslim bastard. Strangely another NIGGER is on the fast track to replace the one we have. But this nigger is not a Marxist Muslim. He's no match for The World Confederation of Socialist States, but since he will not get the nomination it doesnt matter. It's starting to look like Romney The Old Boy Network Favorite will be the nominee because he is basically a Democrat Socialist. Gingrich is the best choice as dictator because he is an American. Probably the only one on the public payroll other than the Marines. I guess the thing I like about Facebook is that you are not getting comments from anonymous entities. everyone has their own actual identity. so arguments and debates dont go on forever and get nowhere. The people who dont agree with me just either disappear or you can just ban them. You get to be a ruthless dictator - or an enlightened monarch if you would for some reason prefer being one of those fairies - whereas on blogger you spend your nights crying from the cruel abuse from unknown accusers. It's heartbreaking.