Friday, October 21, 2011

Steve Jobs And The Nigger

Steve Jobs met with the Moolie In Chief a year before he died and tried to straighten him out. This suddenly explains the nigger making speeches last year advising idiot nigger children to avoid "distractions" like the ipod. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's how fucking stupid that muslim fuck is. Steve Wynn suddenly jumped on the "kick the nigger in the nuts" bandwagon yesterday when he said the same thing Steve Jobs said to the nigger, except Steve Wynn didnt say it to the nigger because Steve Wynn would never be in the same room with that muslim fuck. He said Obama is making it impossible for anyone to go into or stay in business in this Country. Maybe neither of them two know Obama is a Marxist. Maybe they just think he came up with this Plan For Total Wreckage on his own. He didnt. He has never come up with anything on his own, he's an idiot. Karl Marx came up with it on his own: a Satanic Jew that Obama thinks is a swell guy and keen role model for himself. I have become bored with Facebook because I get bored with things and I hope to once again, as the Obama Freight Train Into Hell reaches the end of its line 4 years ahead of schedule, hopefully with its task uncompleted. He has managed to accomplish one thing however in 2 and a half years; he's got white people hating niggers again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA