Friday, August 31, 2012

Democratic National Convention

   Now that the Republican convention is over and the Country is still euphoric at the resurrection of have to wonder who Obama is going to fill the seats with at the DNC. My prediction is that he will fill it with Haitians and New Orleans negroes who are still living in the swamp after Katrina, muslims from Palestine who he will ship in on the deck of a Saudi oil tanker, the Black Pansies and any crackheads they can drag in with them under threat of death, everyone in Gitmo, all the Occupoo people who have not died yet from exposure or hanta virus, and public employee union members. By hour 2 of the convention there will be fires in the seats from people melting heroin, warming their 40's, or burning the feces that will be accruing in the aisles. By day 3 the arena will look like the New Orleans sports arena after the hurricane, awash in shit and piss, warfare among the negro tribes, muslims spilling blood and praising allah with song and death, the Black Pansies raping anything with a hole in it, and it will generally be a scene indistinguishable from Negroville on the African veldt in 300,000 BC.

The Pro-Government Paranoids

   The pro-government paranoids are generally right wing people. They are subconciously pro-government even though they are conciously anti government. They are against government but they worship government because American right wingers are convinced that government is an arm of Christ. So under their skins they are pro-government. As is the left, but the left admits it up front. "Yeah, we want the government to take over, and the more ruthless the better." That's the Left's view. The right wants the government to take over but to act "responsibly." Why would anything that "takes over" act responsibly? This is a question that would have absolutely no meaning to a right winger. To a right wing American, government is an arm of the Bible. Which is a living being. The Bible is not a book to "christians," it is a deity. And American government is fashioned after the dictates of the Bible. Why they think this I don't know. And when it comes to government being divinely ordained the Catholics in particular are actually TAUGHT this. They don't just adopt it as a sort of unconscious cultural habit like the "christians" do, it is actually drilled into them. From childhood. "All authority comes from God." This is the most repeated dictum in the entire Roman Catholic mantra of oppressive recitations. "All authority comes from God." Sometimes there will be the alternative "All lawful authority comes from God." It is rare to hear this. But it gets said. And it gets tolerated. It's like when a priest is caught fucking a 14 year old girl instead of a nine year old boy: it gets smirked at but it's not the preferred manner of doing things.
   The pro-government paranoids are convinced that government is capable of weaving convoluted webs of astoundingly subtle intrigue for the purpose getting into the very heads of the people holding this conviction and forcing them to sin, or work for free, or go to jail or....well, it's never really made clear what will happen to the people who see-through the conspiracy once the conspiracy is made manifest and comes to full realization and full power. It's never really clear what happens then. It's enough for them to know that it is underway. Because they see this invisible web of intrigue right before their eyes they are compelled to insist everyone else see it too. This way they won't be crazy. If you can get people to believe your madness then you are not mad. You are a seer. You are a Wise Man. You are a savior. You are Jesus. Satan, actually, wants to be Jesus. Satan is like the guy that killed John Lennon. He wanted to replace John Lennon with himself. To do this John Lennon had to die. And now the killer of John Lennon is john Lennon. At the core of every right wing political paranoid is someone who wants to be Jesus. Not someone who wants to acknowledge Jesus as Jesus but someone who wants to BE Jesus.
   One of my delights in life is - within a few seconds of chit chat with them - is getting right wing paranoids to leap across the space between us to strangle the life out of me. So far not one of them has actually done this. What happens - so far - is that they slam their fists into some inanimate object and then storm away, out of the vicinity, screaming and yelling. I do this by asking them how is it possible that the parts of the government we can SEE can be so fucking assbackwards and totally fucked up and yet, invisibly, they are cleverly conspiring to be operating a clandestine work of sheer genius and coordination and brilliance to "take over the world." Dont they already HAVE the world? "And are these people showing ANY indications of brilliance? Obama, the leader of the free world is a fucking gay muslim idiot, half the supreme court judges dont know what sex they are, Harry Reid is a soulless moron,  the head of Mexico couldnt fuck a chicken properly, Merkle is a socialst, Putin is a sadist, the British Prime minister is a prancing pansy, the Muslims just want to kill everyone alive, the country of Greece wants YOU to pay your taxes to THEM, you as an American have been financing every other country on earth since Woodrow Wilson created the World Government of Idiots - everyone in global politics is a posturing imbecile that would be eliminated in the first round of a fourth grade spelling bee, and you think all these people, who can't operate a fucking post office at a profit, can't pave a road, can't do anything without making you pay them to do it, and then they do it worse than a fucking elephant trying to lick its own ass, you think this herd of dolts and child molesters are operating an interplanetary, inter dimensional conspiracy involving entities from space and the underworld and the corridors of Hell so that YOU will be their slave: is that it? It's YOU and your tremendously vast storehouse of knowledge and wealth that they need to acquire, is that it? Let me tell you something pal, they already have your wealth, they take a cut of every cent you make and spend and they can confiscate the rest of it whenever they decide to you just haven't been arrested yet, and as for your knowledge, I can tell you already that you don't have a shred of it." This usually does it. This usually throws them into a frenzy. Because you are not supposed to say this. What you are supposed to do is hurl yourself into a spin-cycle of terror and apprehension just like the one they live their lives in and which is driving them mad with stupidity. Believe me, by infuriating them you are doing them a favor: fury is a much saner and more relaxing state of emotion than fear and apprehension. And if you can get them that mad at you who knows but someday they - with practice - can get that mad at themselves and maybe make some progress toward sanity.  

Fashion Tip of the Day

   I think a nice line of clothing could be made from the skins of PETA members. Why should THEY be the ones who are always on the hunt?...looking for game, looking for prey, looking to fuck up someone's $30,000 snow leopard coat?  Makes no sense. They should be the hunted. About one week's worth of PETA members being bagged and flayed and turned into garments would put an end to the movement. If we are going to have majority rule in this country the majority should RULE. The way i see it,  PETA members probably number no more than 50. And look at all the attention they get from the douchebag press corps who, like PETA, have no ambitions other than to ridicule and loot from the people who have things. Fuck them.
   Then skin them.
   Then wear them.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republican Convention Protestors Fail

   In the above link there are 40 or so photos of the Muslim and cartel fucks that attempted to raise a ruckus at the Republican Convention. A lot of them had masks on. If cops wanted to do something actually right for once, unless there was a dust storm, they would shoot to kill anyone who appears at a protest rally wearing a face mask. There would not be any backlash. Officers, you would be feted to drinks and the homosexual lads of your choices. They would be hand picked from Sandusky Farms  for your gay and perverted pleasure. You would not incur the wrath of anyone who was not a muslim, a commie, or a white person with an IQ under 50. Everyone wearing a mask at this protest should now be deceased. The fact that they are not is an eternal blot upon law enforcement. Or I should say another eternal blot upon law enforcement. Only Mexicans and Muslims do this. Even niggers don't do this. They have too much self respect and sense of honor. What the fuck does that tell you about Muslims and Mexicans. That's right: they are pretty far down the petri dish food chain worth-wise.

UFO Update

   Just an update on the UFO phenomenon: since 1946 when I think the first UFO was sighted, in the intervening years - 56 of them - other than a million more "sightings" and a great deal of bad photography, not one atom of hard physical evidence has ever been produced to give credence to the idea that interplanet-travelling extraterrestrials actually exist. Let me repeat that: not one atom. And I don't mean atom figuratively. I mean not one actual atom.

The Body-Slammed Woman

   One day after a woman was two times body slammed onto the asphalt by two cops for no visible reason which means she must have SAID something, the people who discuss these things in the media are already surmising the number of millions of dollars she will get inasmuch as the cops involved have been suspended. Which is fine. But what about the 2 million people now in jail and in prison? She was just beat up. What about the 2 million Americans imprisoned by cops? And judges? And guards? And Prison Construction Crews? And razor-wire manufacturers? But of course this is a ridiculous question. Because these incidents weren't video-taped, and the brutality is drawn-out over periods of years of trauma and then more years of incarceration, and years of being trapped in an environment of deranged desperate people with nothing more to lose by having been recreated by the State from human beings into feral, reptilian, prehistoric creatures from the mud. So these people get no payday. Because everyone isn't talking abut them all at once. Nobody is talking about them at all except for the ass-hungry subhuman inbred monstrosity in the next cell. So she basically hit the lose-all-your-rights-and-property-and-liberty-and-any-animal-dignity-at-all lottery. She gets to receive THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what arrested people usually win.

Cops All Suck

    The difference between me saying all cops suck and a commie hippie anarchist asshole motherfucker saying all cops suck....the difference is that I am well-thought-out about the matter. Whereas your average cop-abuser is a dickwad idiot.
   The above video shows a cop the other day, I think in Los Angeles, going steroid apefire Islamic, woman-hating psycho-homo on some broad. He does this twice.
   The video was shot by a fast-food surveillance camera.
   It is very likely the ENTIRE LOS ANGELES POLICE FORCE is being instructed right this minute to NEVER make an arrest in a fast food parking lot again.
    Meanwhile the LA chief of police, some dope named My Ass Leaks Cop Semen, I believe his name is, he is announcing that he is "disturbed." Dude; chief; all cops are disturbed. Of course you're disturbed. What he is actually disturbed about is the surveillance camera in the fast food parking lot.
   Watch some cop-blowing lawyer for the city defend this asshole by saying she knew the camera was on the lot and purposely enraged the police office by kicking him in the vagina and saying his mother was an honest woman of virtue and that his father was white.
   You can tell by the rakish silhouette of the fellow that he prides himself in his appearance and in wearing a shirt that hugs the taut lines of his anatomy.
   His bosses have not arrested him for assault, they have suspended him, probably with pay, which amounts to a reward in case you are kind of slow: he gets to stay at home and still collect his 5 grand a month or whatever it is he is paid to tackle and batter the people paying his suspension pay. She's paying this assfuck for beating the shit out of her. In fact she was paying him before he beat the shit out of her. and now that he has, she's still paying him. And now he doesnt even have to punch the clock for it. He punched her instead and got a reward.
   There is not a cop in America who will say for the record that this guy is doing anything wrong. They are not saying anything for the record. The "brotherhood of the police" is actually stronger and tighter than the omerta of the mafia. mafia guys rat out other mafia guys all day long. cops rarely do. And when they do they die faster than the rats on the other side of the law. cops kill them.

Why Nipple-Viewing Is A Sin

   Non Christians have a tough time understanding why Christians can't look at nipples and why nipples are basically forbidden in all venues in America that do not have a neon sign in the vicinity that flashes "Nude Girls Inside." It's because nipples are an embarassing reminder that we are not really made in God's image unless God is a mammal.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Men Just Don't Care

   After you read the above caption, if you are a man, you will notice that you are laughing and then forgetting all about having ever read the above caption. It served it's purpose: it got a laugh. The end. Show's over. Time to move on. If you are  woman reading the above caption, you are more than just laughing. You are going HELL YEAH FUCK THAT ASSHOLE KILL HIM GIRL!!!
   And now, just for fun, let's pretend that's it's a man standing behind the chair killing his wife by snapping her neck and making the remark about what happens when you cheat. If you are a woman, you are PISSED at this! This is an outrage purportrated by some woman-hating beast and callously calling it comedy.
   Now my question is, why do men not get mad at the above caption, with a woman killing the man, but if it was a man killing a woman, every woman on earth would be demanding the the entire planet take revenge against the person that drew such a picture with such a caption?
    The reason men dont care about a cartoon depicting a wife killing a husband is because we just don't care. We don't care if a woman kills or tortures a man. The worst reaction the whole thing would get would be a brief "Holy shit...." and then that would be the end of it. Why is that? Why don't we care? Because we don't care. It don't concern us. It's the cartoon man's problem. Plus it's only a cartoon. And even if it wasn't we still wouldn't care. It's the dead guy's problem. Maybe he had it coming. Plus, it's not a real dead guy, it's just a cartoon.
   To women though it's not a cartoon. It's reality. Cartoons and movies and plays and puppet shows...they are all real-life to women. PLUS.....women think they are part of a herd. The herd of women. Men don't think of themselves as a herd. We are just us. We will join with other men to fight a common enemy or achieve a common goal, bump chests in a leaping gay way, and then wander off to our separate dens to jack off privately. We are not "all the other men on earth." We are just ourselves.
   Women on the other hand are a herd. A herd that thinks cartoons are reality. When a cartoon man kills a cartoon woman a cry must go out to the universe about it from all the women on earth. Because women are....what would be the word.....retarded!!!

John Rich, Country Genius

    John Rich, a self absorbed country singer who never takes his nigger-hatin' hat off, is in a gay fit about Clay Aiken. You know what the difference between John Rich and Clay Aiken is? Clay Aiken admits he's a faggot. So, the problem was,  Clay Aiken tweets a remark. He said him and a buddy were playing a drinking game; the rule was they had to take a drink every time they saw a negro at the Republican National Convention. In case you are as stupid as John Rich, this is a joke about Republicans. It's not a joke about negroes. John Rich, however, the sole protector of the Negro Race against White Oppression since they can't take care of themselves.....he's all over the place demanding Clay Aiken remove the "tweet." Why someone as manly as John Rich is even reading anything so gay-named as a "tweet," is something only another closet homo would be able to explain.


The nigger in chief and the American/Saudi press are upset with the new book by a Sealteam member in that, according to the American/Saudi press Bin Laden may not have been in a threatening mode when he was shot. The American/Saudi press is having a problem with a Seal assassinating someone who orchestrated the attack on the USA because he was not carrying a weapon nor was he making threatening sounds and gestures but was instead cowering and whimpering. The Saudi/American press is having a problem with this. They also apparently had a problem with the filthy appearance of his house so as you can see they have - like they do everything else - whitewashed the photo to make it whipped cream bright and clean!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bill Nye The Science Reetard

  Bill Nye made the news today because he made some remarks regarding evolution, that people who deny evolution should not pass this belief system onto their kids because "We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future."
   This quote is probably the best example of the blind leading the blind in all of recorded history.

Ron Paul Is An Asshole And His Followers Are All Psychopaths

   Ron Paul is a Libertarian who thinks he wants to be a Republican. The Republicans are Democrats who think they are the True Democrats because they want people to keep some of their stuff. Ron Paul's followers are out and out islamic-ilk cultists who - if they were not all fags - would be shooting up the place, but none of them own guns because they are too busy being unemployed to afford one. The Libertarians are like Occupy people too lazy to gather in the park. Ron Paul, because he was not chosen as the Republican candidate even though he is a Libertarian too lazy to get the Libertarian Party organized since it is unorganizable since all Libertarians are psychopathic hobos, is now pouting and having a gay sissy fit (the Libertarians are all homosexuals remember) he is having a gay sissy fit that he is going to create mayhem with the Republican Party which he is not a member of.
   The Republican Party, being a bit vague on what aspects of Freemasonry they want to accentuate, don't know what to make of an interloper claiming to be a Republican even though Libertarians have as much in common with Republican Traditions as the Aztecs have to do with the Mau Mau. Republicans  are not what you would call "thought out." Unlike the Libertarians who have thought about everything and have decided that even though they are philosophically opposed to government, they still want to operate within one and use government to take power and then make their collective psychopathic behavior the law of the land.
   Libertarians are batshit crazy in other words. As opposed to Republicans and Democrats who are calculatingly cunning.
   Being crazy, the Libertarians will do something riot-like, they will get arrested, the Republicans AND the Democrats will unite to crush them and they will disappear from everything except Wikipedia.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why Monopolies and Trusts Were Outlawed

   If you are in a hurry, the fast answer why monopolies and trusts were outlawed is because Washington DC congressmen and senators and their advisors and staffs and legions of lawyers realized that American free enterprise, if allowed to flourish naturally and the way that God intended liberty and free enterprise to flourish, all 4 governments in every American's life and all the governments on earth would become obsolete. Bureaucracy would die, politics would perish and the pursuit of happiness would have more and more avenues of exploration unto and into infinity, there would be no crime, there would be no jail, there would be no taxes, there would be world peace, and the only fines would be for late payment. Now, the reason you don't believe this is because it is the truth and factual and accurate and correct. And you have a lifelong investment in believing something else that was intentionally taught to you to deceive you. And to give all that up would be to admit you have been wrong all your life and in fact have been enthusiastically and passionately wrong if you are one of those political types that talks politics all day and all night to everyone and anyone you meet.
   So now you know why they were outlawed.

The Difference Between The Right Wing and the Left Wing

   The difference between the right wing and the left wing is that the right wing wants you to give them your obedience and the left wing wants you to give them your stuff. Both wings want to put you in jail if you don't comply.
   Politics is not complicated once you actually understand it. It's the easiest course in the curriculum once you actually understand it. And the most meaningless and the least useful in the real world. And the most injurious to all involved. It's almost a demon science.

Well, We Need The Police and the Roads

      "Well, we need the police and the roads, but we sure dont need...." and then the Right Winger will tell me the long list of things "we" don't need. It's almost like a post-hypnotic response. It's said almost as if it is not really them saying it. It's the response I get when I suggest that I should be allowed to absent myself from the civic-duty patriotic roll call of citizenryship, for which, in gratitude, I will not have to pay taxes. Not paying taxes is something no "American," right wing or otherwise, can imagine. I personally don't need the police and the roads. I would manage without them both if I didnt' have to pay taxes. Now, having no police would release me from the duty of getting arrested and jailed from time to time. But the people with whom I am talking to always counter with "well what if you do something wrong, you can't just be protected from arrest just because you don't have police protection." Or they say something equally oddly phrased. Because, you see, something is awry inside their heads that absolutely prevents and forbids sense and logic and reason and right and wrong when it comes to discussing roads and cops. Now,  all of these Right Wingers seem to think that roads and cops are the only thing you really need from government. Until you probe a little deeper. Then you learn they also think "we" need the dog pound, the fire department, the ambulance-siren people, the health department, the city planners, the parks department, social security, car registration, taxes and licenses, i mean it goes on and on for fucking ever all the things "we" actually need from the public sector. So, in other words, there is not a right wing conservative - probably on the whole planet - who is not a socialist deep down at the core center seedpod of his innermost soul.
   The response of "well, what about the roads," is so instantaneous and so universal that is is very very difficult for me to shake the Implant Theory, even though I know that there is no such technology available on this earth and that even if it was no government agency could get their personnel up off their asses long enough for any of them to implement it unless those personnel were Marines or Seals, and I doubt if they have the patience or expertise to perform brain surgery since blowing brains into pieces - a practice I personally approve of - seems to be more in line with their sense of fun and purpose than is cranial micro surgery. So I am fairly certain that there are no actual implants in the heads of everyone on earth but me. But I have no explanation other than the Implant Theory for the "well what would you do without the police and the roads?"
   Well, without the police I would never get arrested or go to jail. that is one of the things I would do without the police and the roads. And without the roads I would just travel the roads anyway since no cops would be ordering me off them. So without the roads I would still have the roads.
   But this is not what people who say what about the roads mean. What they actually mean is that without government we would not have roads. Only government can provide roads. This is akin to saying that only Baal can provide an annual corn harvest. Both remarks defy all known science.
   I should really create for myself a category of people called the "what about the roads" people. Which would include everyone on earth except Muslims and other savage tribes living in the dirt who manage to exist without roads since they dont have cars.
   The only reason the government is in the road business is the same reason only the government is in the mail business: because it's against the law for anyone else to be in the road business. Otherwise the police - which we need - will arrest them. Because only the government can be in the road business is the reason 50,000 people die on the roads every year. And the ones who are not dead are in a traffic tie up caused by one of the accidents that killed the 50,000 people. Because the government owns the roads they have assumed that they have jurisdiction over the cars and drivers on the roads, mandating "safety" requirements for the unsafe roads that the car maker - and in General Motors case, the government car maker, that the tax payer has to finance. Getting government out of the road business would save lives and get everyone to work on time. "But then why would we need government at all if they didn't have the roads concession?" Well, I guess we wouldn't need the government. We would just need the best road company. Of which there would likely be many to choose from. All of them determined to make better roads for you the road customer. I guess. But then I dont have the implant. So I have the luxury of conjecturing about the imaginary future without the government roads or the government police. Which we need.  

The Pathetic Right Wing

   There is nothing more pitiful than a devoted, passionate, Christian right winger. They have no concept of government. They think government is a dog you can leash. The Left knows better. The Left knows that government is a fleeting opportunity to destroy people who can actually do things. It is not an accident that the Left is financed by entertainers and artists. Entertainers and artists can't actually do anything. Government can't actually do anything. Entertainers and artists and government operate in a world of aesthetic mystical make believe. Entertainers and artists and government attempt to create something that is not really there and out of nothing. All three strive to achieve a "feeling." The difference is the government arrests you and takes your stuff if you do not like the performance. And no government in history has ever put on a good performance. All government creates is death. Death is the artistic creation of government. No one really wants to pay to see that. But government forces its compelled-to-attend audience to pay. And to pay with everything: you pay with all your stuff and you pay with all your life. You would think that artists and entertainers would notice this and cease to identify with and ally themselves so yearningly with government. Artists and entertainers universally lack the unique faculty that would make this possible: intelligence.
   The Right Wing, having no entertainers and artists, you would think they would perhaps have intelligence and be able to see that government was a perverted and diabolical art form.
   This is not how it is.
   The Right Wing has something the Left wing doesnt have: the vice of idolatry. To a Right Winger "the America of the founding Fathers" is a deity, or a magical play inhabited by gods. The Right is convinced this is "a Christian nation, founded on Christian principles." It is actually a Masonic, free-thinking, pantheistic, runic, presumptuous nation founded on taking other peoples' stuff, and taking other people, or kidnapping, as it is called in the real world and not the governmental world of magical magic. Both sides are in a state of constant warfare. The Right wants to force people to believe as the Right believes and the Left wants to force people to give their possessions to other people. The Left has the logical high ground: if you are going to force people to do things, force them to give you their stuff. The Right doesn't see this; they think forcing people to become Christians is a noble thing to force people to do. But it's really just bullying people and bending them to your will. The Right doesnt want you to do things and the Left doesn't want you to have things. That's quite a choice.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Constitution Is The Established Religion of America

   People who dribble on and on about the Constitution and how fantastic a thing it is despite its being practically unreadable except by a hand-rolling lawyer dealing in loan sharking and astrology, are proud to declare often that Congress shall make no law establishing religion. And in fact Congress would never need to because Congress has already established the Constitution as a religion.
   The Constitution is the God of the American civic-minded patriot. Just as the Bible is the other god of the American civic-minded patriot. Americans, unlike most of the world, have two gods: the Bible and the Constitution. This is taking literacy too far. Once you learn to read you should not start worshipping the things you read as if they are deities. But this is what has happened to Americans. Worshipping the Bible is the influence of the Renaissance and the printing press and the intellectual focus of the British Empire. Worshipping the Constitution, Americans came up with that on their own. And they did a good job, now governments all over the world, while basically identical in every way to the governments of Assyria and Sumeria and Babylon and Bookoobamba of 10,000 years ago, all make a point of creating for themselves a Constitution which proclaims the enforcers of the Constitutions emperors and gods.
   Just before I got thrown off Facebook for the 4th time I posted this, because that's basically what I do on Facebook, post things so that I don't have to use a notebook and carry it around or jot little mini flashes of brilliance on a million bits pf paper and lose them or throw them into a messy pile.

"it is my contention, after a few seconds of thought, that the Constitution establishes ITSELF as the official religion of the United States, and also the Creator of the United States, the Protector of the United States, and the Infallible repository of truth regarding the "operation" of the United States, and the author of all moral acts within the United States and the definer of all immoral acts within the United States. The Constitution is therefore both a religion and its own deity: something unique in the human history of idolatry, which idolatry goes back about 10,000 years. Quite an accomplishment Founding Fathers. No wonder everyone calls you guys geniuses!! Previously only the Bible and the Koran held these lofty titles as 'printed matter which is now a deity'. The Constitution now joins these noble publications. The pen truly is more powerful than the sword."

    Posting this is not why I got banned. Even though it should have been. No, I got banned because someone reported me to the Facebook Computer for saying camel jockey. Usually I say sandnigger. I have never been banned for saying that.
  I am losing my place.
   And so it is my contention that the Constitution is now a deity. Obama, being a Marxist, completely understands that the Constitution is a socialist edict. Marxists take socialism to its logical level: a committee is the dictator. Obama has gathered a committee consisting of a cabal of close friends, including Reid, Holder, a couple of Supreme Court Judges, all the heads of Federal departments, and they do what they want, most of which is unconstitutional sort of, but not really, since the Constitution establishes a government, and all governments do what they want, and what they want is to be the last man standing, so to speak. And the Constitution creates a government and then allegedly attempts to "limit" its power. Governments by their nature cannot be limited or they would not exist. What would something that has the last-say in everything limit itself to. And why. Why would it not look out upon the governed and say to itself "what a bunch of idiots." It wouldn't and it doesn't. No government ever has.
   If you tell a Democrat the Constitution sucks he will agree with you. If you tell a Republican the Constitution sucks he shoots you. It's like telling a Muslim the Koran sucks, telling a Christian the Bible sucks, or telling a Haitian his voodoo doll sucks.


5 Days In Vegas

I returned from five days in the only struggling outpost of rampant capitalism on the planet, Las Vegas. I go there to get energized with Life Not On Earth. The Strip is the core pellet-housing of the life-giving capitalistic radiation emanating from the State of Nevada, a relentless onslaught of effort to please the customer, no matter what the customer is in the market for. Liquor washes down the streets like tsunamis of delight and yet i never hear a car crash, the scream of a pedestrian being hit, the sound of anger, fists never fly, and never is heard a discouraging word. If you do hear one it is drowned out by a million other excited words of people drinking-in the life force that is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the sole outpost of the American Revolution, where the customer is king and the State is a quiet bystander, calmly collecting its protection money even though there is not a casino owner in the State who could not collect an army  in one hour to overwhelm and defeat all the law enforcement officers in Nevada. So why have them? I dunno. People feel safer knowing that at any time a stranger in a uniform could kidnap them,  incarcerate them, and take all their stuff. It gives people a sense of security, knowing this could happen. And the police, knowing people depend on this service, are forever advising lawmakers to make more laws about nothing in particular - car registration for example: or the forbidding of drugs, or weapons, or orange hats, or a left nostril, to ensure that the odds of someone becoming a candidate for kidnap, incarceration and the taking of all their stuff increase. The army of thugs the casinoes could muster would not do this to the people of Nevada. They entice the people of Nevada to voluntarily incarcerate themselves into the casinoes and whore houses and strip clubs so that their stuff will be voluntarily handed over in exchange for something called fun. It's called "the difference between capitalism and government." But people, God bless 'em, if they were forced to give up one or the other, they would retain the police. Why? That is one of the few answers I don't have.

Facebook Banning Again

   Once again I have been banned from Facebook. This time for a month. 3 days, one week, two weeks, and now four weeks. As you might assume this has happened before. You get banned from Facebook when someone tells the Facebook computer that you have violated one of their ten million Facebook policies which are as PC as can be. But you know what?....I dont pay Facebook anything to say nigger and sand nigger and fuck Allah in the ass and Obama is a commie moolie fuck, and so long as i get to say these things at least once in a while that's fine. Fortunately Facebook never removes anything. they say they do but its in some computer somewhere, so i am probably the only person on earth who is relieved that there is a permanent record somewhere of all their facebook announcements. Most people likely stay awake at night wondering oh shit when is THAT gonna come back to bite me. Not me. I know what I'm saying all the time. I am quite prepared to back it all up to anyone who has a problem with it including nigbama and eric-the-egyptian-piece-of-shit holder.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Americans' Constitution Obsession

As is the case with all great philosophical thinkers, my thoughts have come to rest on a single item, and in my case it is the Constitution. I see it clearly as the cause of all the problems in America. Because it is running America. And how is America running these days? well slower and slower, interspersed with campaigns of killing sprees - which I approve of but they rarely solve anything - so, like i say, American is running slower and slower,  interspersed with campaigns of killing sprees in lands not our own.
   Here on the homefront however, while the soldiers are off in distant lands killing non Americans, local police and law enforcement agencies maintain a continuing warfare of quiet and continuous incursion into the liberty of Americans via jail, or kidnapping,  and the confiscation of personal belongings of Americans via fines and confiscations.
   The Constitution was created in the narcissistic belief that a handful of councilors could direct the human inhabitants of the newly independent American colonies better than the inhabitants themselves could. The councilors then drafted some paperwork, or a very long essay or proclamation as if from the King that proclaimed "a loftiness" exists among these here framers of this here proclamation: a loftiness as defined by the councilors. This loftiness, these men continued, is an essay that comes from the mind and heart of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, who we, as Mastor Masons, are united with via the mysteries of the ages which you do not know. They continued, this paper, this essay, this term paper, this book report, this thing we will call a Constitution written by writers unable to find an audience via fiction or journalistic capability, is filled with dozens of unwarranted assumptions and proclamations of validity and sweeping generalizations assumed to be true without testing or validation. It is a godlike presentation declaring that the Constitution is the way things are done when things are done properly. The Constitution is narcissism by committee rather than by demagogue. This is called "an advancement in human government" by the people who call things things. It is, actually, however, not an advancement in human government, it is only the latest version of the "normal human government" -  Which is always socialist, and always and onerous to everyone but the people actually IN the government. To the people IN the government it is not onerous at all, no no, it is, rather,  organized raiding parties with no resistance, the seizure and confiscation of other peoples' things, the seizure and confiscation of other people entirely, and it is all very profitable and not at all onerous.

The Constitution Cult

   It's hard for me to believe that there is something I would discuss here on Blogging Time Fantastico that I would not discuss on Facebook, but there actually is: my ennui about the Constitution; i would never confess that on Facebook. You see, all of the people that I allow myself to communicate at all with on Facebook are all right wing fanatics or Libertarians or fringe mental cases who think there are conspiracies everywhere - which I just now realized the Left does not have: the Left has no conspiracy theorists among them. Just the Right. Why IS that. Where was I. Oh, yes, the Constitution. I don't like it. I don't want to change the Constitution, I dont want to "preserve" it, I don't want to alter it, I don't want to rewrite it. I want to be free from it.
   Now, the problem with an American saying he wants to be free of the Constitution, well, this is too much for any John Wayne devotee to bear. It does not matter to these people that John Wayne never spoke a word on film that somebody else didn't write. Was John Wayne ever consulted regarding his opinon of the Constitution as a guarantor of what it itself defines as "liberty"? No. Of course not. He would have gotten pissed at the idea of having such a conversation. Because John Wayne probably never read the Constitution. And who could blame him: it's unreadable except by a socially-warped detail freak devoted to random lists of orders and commands.
    You may have noticed that neither the Democratic Party or the Republican Party or the Libertarian Party or the Communist Party or the Socialist Party or the Green Party or the Atheist Party....have a problem with the Constitution! That's because the Constitution is what makes their existences possible! THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS A POLITICAL PARTY BEFORE THE CREATION OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION!!!!  Yes, it's true, isn't it wonderful?....."democracy" was bequeathed to the world by the men in genital-revealing toreador trousers as they ceremoniously crushed all the life out of the Revolutionary War and rendered all of its unprecedented accomplishments and possibilities null and void.
   The world of political parties and the nightmare of socialism called "democracy" that envelops the globe, the theories of Marx, the advancement of New Age Mysticism and astrology and earth worship and all the resurrecting forms of demon worship that propelled the now-missing cultures of pre-Israelite history are now all in full blossom and fruit-bearing harvest once again thanks to the Founding Fathers and their arrogant presumption that they and they alone knew the rules of progress and society and right and wrong and legal and illegal and what was yours and what was not and their allowing you to offer to them and not Yahweh the tithe. Otherwise known as taxes. The constitution is as much an act of rebellion against the Creator as Adam and Eve's eating of the forbidden fruit was. And it's not an accident. The Christian assholes declaring that this is a Christian country founded on Christian principles are either  active agents of Satan or they have not read the Constitution. Most likely they have not read the Constitution. Nobody has. Nobody has even been tempted. All instinctively know without reading it that it is a tedious bore-fest intended only for those destined to enforce it, which very likely is not you and never will be you. Because only a presumptuous narcissist would ever run for any of the offices created by the presumptuous narcissist and rebellious mystical mystery-worshipping pagans of the Constitutional Congress. There is nothing Christian about the Constitution, there is nothing Christian about Washington DC and there is nothing Christian about your town council. They are all entities of coercion and confiscation and kidnapping wrapped in a smile, a few edicts of self-creation and a air of superiority to you and your poor unelected, unappointed inferior lot in life, you, you poor abandoned unfortunate who has no magical mystical power and no magical mystical office of rule.

Today's Anti Constitution Essay

   People who defend the constitution have either never read it or else they have read it and are filled with the avarice the constitution promises to the evildoer. The Constitution does not "protect" anything except Washington DC. The Constitution does not "guarantee" anything except that Washington DC will grow and prosper. For an honest man to defend the Constitution he needs to never have read it. As it turns out nobody has actually read the Constitution, honest or otherwise.
   It is not exciting reading. It is a tedious written proclamation of the authority that the Central Committee will have. It has 7 "articles" and 27 "amendments." The articles have sections. A lot of them. Every sentence in every article and amendment and section is an edict. And the authority of every edict is sweeping and engulfing. A Mongolian horde would drool and drip saliva like oral Niagaras if they were offered the power and exclusivity over millions of peoples' lives that the Constitution offers the central bureaucracy with its articles, sections, and amendments. Gathered down from the upper atmosphere where the powers of the universe reside, these men in powdered wigs and buckled shoes and dandy stockings and genital-caressing breeches reached upwards and pulled down to us more rules, regulations, rituals, edicts, decisions, legalisms, procedures, itemizations, decrees, fiats, orders, mandatory conditions, handcuffs, chains, bindings, straightjackets, manacles, ropes, anchors and limitations on the citizenry liberty than all of Britain or the Church or Rome or Assyria or Gog and Magog before them could have managed, all working together as one and in full cooperation. And this is excluding the preamble, which in one sentence proclaims itself the arbiter of all human activity in the newly liberated colonies, and may all the gods and demons of history have mercy on the souls of any who dis-proclaim these hallowed edicts to follow as written in cumbersome legalistic and bombastically pompous King James-like senetences and Leviticus and Deuteronomy-like hair-splitting tedium and ruminating ghastliness that only a fixated mental patient would find any interest in. This is the Constitution: an exhausting litany of mystical and magical nonsense and utterances that only a Mason or an astrology or a sorcerer could love.
    Implicit in the creation of the Constitution is the insistence and assertion and decision and conclusion and declaration and proclamation and decree that the newly-liberated Colonists cannot take care of themselves. They will run around killing and butchering everyone they meet in a bloodlust frenzy of islamic butchery unless a committee of Masons and slave-fuckers of 12 year old boys and girls in the barn in the back in the woods creates a cumbersome, ritualistic, obsessive-compulsive rulebook for them to live by. So they did. And they prefaced it with "we the people." Actually it was "they the self-appointed committee." None of the colonists alive at the time and certainly not you born 300 years later were consulted about how you or they might like an eternal future of being ordered around, generation after generation, by a wig-wearing collective of British faggots wearing toreador pants with no underwear and their genitals pressed alluringly against their legs in sumptuous outline for all the lads to see and desire. You weren't one of the "we people," and your ancestors, if they were colonists of the times, were not consulted either. If any votes were taken farmer Percy of Boston wasnt consulted. Neither was Nolan the Drunk. Or Jeremiah the New Hampshire blacksmith. And if they were consulted they would have not understood why: they were too busy living their lives with no Constitution. How did they do it? Did they not know the danger they were in not having a Constitution to guide them?