Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 3

   The more astute of you are already asking "Is C'thulhu somehow involved in any of this?" Well, he hasn't showed up yet. Whether he's in the wings, I dunno. I haven't smelled any stenchy haul-outs of unnameable finned nightmares, basking balls-deep and cunts-thick in their foul sexual emissions on moonlit, nightmare, isolated, disappearing-and-reappearing-island beaches. If anything things in this literal and figural underworld have always been quite sanitary. No trash, no mess, no smells at all other than the eternal pervasive subtle aroma of a very pleasant and ubiquitous invisible coating of a nano mold that can only be detected microscopically. It's the one thing that has never changed in any of this history. I asked a verascient once what the story behind the perennial ubiquitous almost benevolent mold was and the verascient remained silent. Verascients often remain silent when you ask one a question however you can be assured that if you do get an answer out of one it will be absolutely truthful and without ambiguity. And if you yourself  have any doubts or ambiguities regarding the response a verascient will tirelessly and lawyer-like walk you through your hallways of confusion and lead you out into the light of truth if you let it. If there is one support column of Absolutism in all of subterranean Burbank it is that a verascient will never lie or mislead. If one ever did I suspect the entire structure of Barrier would collapse overnight via the distraught effect this news would have on the inhabitants, or Valueds, as they are called. I know what you are saying, what is Barrier. Barrier is what everything so far has been about. Barrier is so secret that even if I explained what Barrier is you wouldn't believe it, and by that I mean you wouldnt even be curious for further details. You would fall asleep. You would go watch baseball. But Barrier is part of my "culture" so I will just keep using it cause it's the only word I have for it. "It" being Barrier.
   I know what you are saying, what is a "Valued." Well, most of the Valueds I know are fucking tiresome dolts. But they seem to have met the qualifications that the voracials determine must be present for a Valued to interact with the denizens of underground Burbank. Like I say, I know a lot of Valueds and they ain't particularly valued by me but the voracials seem to think they fit the bill. For one reason or another, who the fuck knows why. I have always preferred the company of the non-valueds of the non Underground Burbank world because for one thing they swear and curse and go batshit crazy. If a Valued did that he would scare himself to death. I know what you are saying, why am I a Valued at all, having absolutely no virtuous qualities. I don't know. The voracials say I am a Valued so I am a valued. I suppose the day the voracials decide I am not a Valued anymore is the day this tale comes to an end.

Disney Buys Lucas Episode 2

   That was a voracial at the door. As opposed to a veracient. Pronounced voreAYsee-al and verAYshent. The veracients are the friendly ones. The voracials are the motherfuckers. Fortunately I have voracial rapport. Just as I have cop rapport. Voracial rapport was something i had to be taught. Cop rapport I picked up easily on my own. Cops - heinous and subhuman unnatural monsters though they are - are as newborn Easter ducklings compared to a voracial. So they are not much of a problem to coddle and calm and soothe. Most cops will take a black oily dildo up the ass with enthusiasm, and I always have one or two of those handy and near me at all times for those moments when a policeman-JJ interaction seems inevitable. Usually these interactions are initiated by the police. Usually.
   The voracials come from Burbank. Underneath it. On Twin Peaks, the tv show the owls were not what they seemed. In Burbank nothing is what it seems. Especially over at Griffith Park. Griffith Park is scary enough, but what's underneath it is a lot scarier. Well, the idea is for it to be scary. But I was groomed to be an oracle. What is supposed to be scary just seems like the workplace to me.

Disney Buys Lucas

   The 7th Seal is now in place, the scroll has been opened, the bowl has been inverted, the last lock in the the establishment of the rule of Jesus, King of the Jews has slid into its slot -  and to the "world" it is only a business acquisition that has taken place. The world has its cute little "elections" and a few psychopaths prance around on a raised platform to the adulation of the endless conceptions of new idiots bred by idiotic parents, themselves bred by idiotic parents, the long line of peasantry-with-an-attitude continues down through the meaningless ages of kings and queens and presidents and chancellors and vice chancellors and emperors and most holy lords, and Princes and ambassadors, all of  these preening dandies living off the slaves who love them.
  As a lad in the Mouseketeers I had for a time assumed that it was my audition and my audition alone that had slotted me in with a bunch of children who were, even before their sperm began to churn and their eggs began to vibrate, children who were world-wide global "mini caliphs."I wasnt all that comfortable being a "performer" but i was able to meet the minimum daily requirements for a Mouseketeer and that was to have an ear and a natural response instinct to music, be able to stay both on the beat and on key, and have an "American lad" look about me. Which I had in spades. I was Huckleberry Finn with a straw in his jaw if there ever was one. High forehead, freckle face, wide-set eyes, easygoing trusting nature, insatiable awareness of and curiosity about my surroundings, I was a Mini America. Before I was ten I had met everyone but the Rat Pack: Sid Ceasar, Ed Sullivan,  Ann Blythe, Peter Graves, Broderick Crawford, Loretta Young, Jack Webb, Joe Sica, Jack Dragna, Mickey Cohen, Candy Barr, Werner von Braun (even now my eyes are filling with tears that I was so close to a dear and trusted aid and comrade of My Beloved Fuehrer),  Buster Keaton, Donald O'Connor,  Ub Iwerks, James Arness, John Wayne and of course Winston Hibler and Ukelele Ike. To name but a few. I thought this was what all kids did. I did notice that all the kids at the many Catholic schools I attended, however, werne't doing these things. It was made clear to the inside of my head that the Catholic Church and the Laws of the Land regarding child "labor" were in close harmony and cooperation to make sure that I was never entangled in a dispute with any Massively Influential Entity at any time. My time with the State School Indoctrinational System was a separate universe entirely from my time with The Private Geniuses of Industry and the Catholic Church and the Worldwide Crime Enterprises that operated having the State as a common enemy. Little did I know, as we say in novels and tales of mystery and imagination, little did I know that I was being groomed, not by the Sandusky Boy Farms for anal love and oral sperm drinking but that I was being groomed by forces and entities that at the time I did not know existed but that now I find marginally interesting, little did I know at the time that I was being groomed as an oracle.
   It is hard to say which is the more annoying culture, the Irish or the Italian. If two races were ever destined to be mutual enemies it is these two. They have nothing with a capital N, Nothing in common.
   Excuse me, there is someone at the door.

From The Mouths Of Babes

   This kid actually has a clear instinctive understanding of politics: that it is evil and creates only misery and tears.

   She even knows the proper name for the Muslin In chief - "bronco:" an out of control animal with a low IQ that kicks and jumps around because it doesn't know how to do anything else. Bronco Bama.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obama's Solitary Accomplishment

   Obama has accomplished one thing in the past 4 years of his presidency: he has shown me that my opinion of the stupidity and general worthlessness of the terrestrial nigger was not at its maximum capacity. Nope, in the past four years my dislike of and general attitude of animosity towards the terrestrial nigger has actually, I think, quadrupled.
   Most of this is generated by the realization that after 4 years of destroying everything in America except for Islam and Muslims and Marxism, and saving and maintaining nothing that already existed in American except for Islam and Muslims and Marxism.....not one nigger in all that that time has come to the conclusion "jesus christ, this fucking mother fucker is bat shit crazy." Nope: the American Nigger is still singing the praises of the Nigger In Chief. And if they are not singing the praises of the Nigger In Chief, and if in fact they are holding meetings of disapproval for Obama, they are holding these meetings of disapproval in secret and in private and behind closed doors and down the long dark steps of dank and abandoned tunnels and dungeons. WAY DE GOSTE IZZ, YASSAH!!! 'Cause ain't none of the rest of us is gettin' any wind o' these proceedings of disdain. Because they ain't happening, is why. Niggers still love their Nigger because why?.....BEKAW HE IB BLACK, MUVVAFUKKA!! Yes, they still love him because he is black. they love him because he is a nigger, WHICH - if you know anything at all about a bad reason to like someone. So Like I say, Obama has done something I did not think was possible: he has made it easy for me to be a public bigot. Because he has proven to me beyond all doubt that when it comes to racism and bigotry....whitey could learn a LOT from the American Nigger. Thank you.....and fuck you.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Party

   I am starting the No Taxation Party.  No taxes will solve all of America's political problems. My only platform is "no taxes." You stop those you stop everything. Well, Everything that's political or to put it another way, everything that is paid for by taxes. This is so simple I don't know why no one has thought of it before me. Now there will be those people who will say "well you cant have no taxes because then we would have no...." - and here they will mention something we wont have that these people think we need to have even though no one really wants it or likes it or would pay for it voluntarily. People who have this objection I just ignore. Because they are too stupid to engage with. It would be like engaging a Mau Mau in conversation about how a cyclotron works or for that matter how a wrist watch works or for that matter how a campfire works.
   "No Taxation: No Worries."
   Vote for me. I am JJ Solari and I approve of this message. However I do not approve of you, I think you're a fucking idiot. Thank you. And thank you for taking my call. I have one line open.

The C Word

   "Catastrophe" is being hurled around again by the bureaucrats and news anchors who suck their dicks as hurricane Sandy does some stuff that the bureaucrats and the news anchors, especially Diane Sawyer who is in a permanent psychotic depression all the time, are very sad and worried about and - except for Diane Sawyer - are yelling at the tops of their voices. However I notice the people they interview who live in the hurricane are all calm and speaking quietly and sound like normal Americans and not like hysterical Muslim-affiliated network news people.
   When the internet destroys once and for all network news no one will be happier about it than me.  What I fear is that the Left - who is being systematically destroyed by the internet since the formerly Silent Majority is now hooking-up with and connecting-to millions of people who think just like them but never knew there were others who think just like them - what I fear is that the Left will eventually realize this (and being self absorbed pride-filled ignoramuses this might take a while, I hope) they will realize this and have to contrive some way to make the internet Left Friendly and Right Hostile. The Muslims seem to be working hard to make this happen, incidentally. The Muslims are a lot sharper than the Democrats.

Mary Todd Lincoln The Dyke

   This is Abraham Lincoln's wife. Now, I have been saying all along that Abraham Lincoln was America's stupidest President in the long list of stupid Presidents. He declared war on his own Country. You have to be stupid to do that. It turns out he was stupid in other ways: he didn't know what sex he was. How do I know that? Because based on this picture of his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, he did not know what sex she was either. So, he didn't know what Country he lived because he declared war on it so he must have thought he lived in Canada or Mexico, and he didn't know what sex he was because he obviously married another man. This would explain why Steven Spielberg and Time magazine are so in love with the guy since both of those entities are also fags. You don't divorce Amy Irving unless there is something fundamentally wrong with you. And as for Time magazine, the fact that this News Entity From Hell loves the fucker so much means not only was Lincoln a fag he was also a self-hating Jew.

Some Remarks About Niggers

   Niggers are like Muslims: you never hear the good ones railing against the bad ones and declaring themselves as separate and apart from them in philosophy and behavior and goals and purposes and principles. That is because that other imaginary version of Nigger and Muslim doesn't exist. Otherwise we would hear from one of their spokesmen once in a while. We would hear about a group called the Breakaway Niggers or the Breakaway Muslims once in a while. But there are no breakaway niggers or muslims. No group ever breaks away from its own group except for White Christian Americans. These people turn on each other and betray each other as though there was a blowjob from Paris Hilton somewhere at the end of it. White Christian Americans can't become communist atheist islamic faggots fast eound, which would be fine if they then just kept their yaps shut afterwards, opening them just long enough to drink sperm. But nope, soon as they put on their new rebellious mantle of goat hide they rip into the group from which they ran. Don't ask me to explain it, I can't explain insanity, I can only dance to it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Constitution Cultists

   This week the Supreme Court is going to issue an edict on dogs. That's correct, the wisest forum in the history of mankind,  created by English faggots who had a hankering for 14 year old nigger pussy and fucked them daily because they weren't human beings according to the laws and customs of the day; the body of nine men and dykes that they created to be "the supreme law of the land" - because you have to have heirarchies of Law, just like you have choirs of angels - these few, these happy few, are going to "decide" - on your dime - whether dogs have the "right" to sniff for drugs. You see some lawyer noticed that this could be interpreted as a "search" and as you know "searches" are a big deal in the Constitution, you don't want your search to be "unreasonable" because then it would violate the Constitution, you want your search to be "reasonable" and then the Constitution is working: you are "reasonably" searching someone you never met to see if he has private property that you want to confiscate without reimbursement. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, you know, and the Constitution spells them out. Except in the case of dogs. And a million other things, but this week it's dogs. This, then, is the Supreme Court, thinking hard on your behalf to try and decide things that are none of their business but the Constitution makes it their business and that means you have to obey. Because the Constitution is all about obedience. Kind of like the Roman Catholic Church.

Why White People Are The Best

   I think we all know that white people are the best but how do you demonstrate this to the skeptic?....who is usually white. Because the other races already know that white people are the best. But white people have a lot of fuckheads in their ranks who are white in skin surface only but underneath they are faggot hippy commie new age reincarnation-touting ouija board-visiting asshole fuckhead dipshit pieces of shit.
   Well you demonstrate this the way Einstein used to demonstrate shit, with a thought-experiment. Einstein was not a big fan of math so he would explain things via cartoons. Just another demonstration of his genius because as all intelligent people know, cartoons rule.
   Imagine that some of the 50 States implemented a one race policy: New Jersey would only allow illegal mexicans to live there, Tennesee would only allow niggers, both American niggers and Somalian niggers, Montana only allowed European-derived white Christian normal people, California only allowed Chinese, Kansas only allowed Japs, New Mexico only allowed North American aborigines, and so on and so forth, with the Filipinos living in Alaska of course. Hindu Indians could take over Oklahoma and the Muslims would be killed on sight.
   Ok: within one hundred years the inhabitants of the State of Montana would have spread out across the entire galaxy and the solar system would be the mining and recreation wonderland of the Local Group. The other States would have collapsed into societies of Mayan-like, stone-stacking, child-molesting, child sacrificing carnivores forever on the prowl for pussy and meat and magic potions and charms and secret rituals of superstition involving foul acts of perversion and slaughter, kind of like the Masons and the US Congress.
   And even the other races would admit that this would be the case. So there is no controversy here except among, like I say, those white people who have self-esteem issues, dribbling like sewage from leaky pipes, out their ass.

The Nigger Will Be Watching Your Vote

   The nigger has ordered the UN to have UN "people" watch the polling places. In California they will be in Sacramento, where Jerry Brown is the governor and is sort of Obama West. Now you would think that if the police were really doing their job they would be arresting the UN people for being foreign hostile invaders. But cops are not patriotic when it comes to being actually patriootic. They are only patriotic when it comes to having the annual police fund raising drive. Then out come the flags.
   The proper response to seeing a UN official at your polling place is to beat the fucking shit out of him until he is unconscious - and preferably dead - on the ground. In case you are wondering as an American - the 4 or 5 of you that are left - what the proper response is.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Supreme Court

   As I say a lot, all of America's problems originate from inside the Constitution. One of the problems looming - not over the horizon - but right here on top of our ball sacks, is the upcoming Supreme Court Crisis. If Romney wins the crisis will be averted temporarily. If the mother fucking nigger wins, well, you might as well load up whatever guns you have and attack Washington DC in suicide waves because if you don't Washington DC is going to put you all in chains or in graves because the nigger will fill the upcoming 3 vacancies with Sharia Muslims. And all they do is kill and kill and kill until there is no one left to kill and then they breed some new people to kill from the "lets not kill these" farms. Muslims like killing. And dying!
   Now, keep in mind that it is the Constitution that has everyone in this constant, never ending state of vigilance and hypertension. And this is just the Supreme Court!
   You see, our fantastic form of Constitutional chaos, I mean government, has unlimited directions to come at you from in order to wear you down until when you die your offspring are in a deeper shithole and have an even tougher fight to fight than the one you had to fight when you were alive. You will notice, if you notice things at all, that America is sinking. And it's sinking under the weight of the Constitution. And the morass of bureaucracy it has created for itself, the sole function of which is to stay in existence at all costs and to do nothing productive and to keep you from doing anything productive...this morass of parasitic, productless and servicesless bureaucracy just gets bigger and bigger and "America" gets smaller and smaller. How government expects to collect taxes from an impoverished citizenry I don't know. Short of  attacking and enslaving a more productive citizenry from a different country. Which we will have to do sooner or later. Hopefully it will be Persia and we can get Rockefeller's and Getty's oil wells back. Not that this will affect you personally. No one will be making cars so you wont need gas.

Family Fun

   Killing Muslims with modern weapons never gets old. Enjoy!! And God bless our military personnel. Except for the generals kissing the Nigger In Chief's ass because they want that pension more than they want honor.

This Just In From Allah

   This kicks ass. It also explodes ass.!

   Since Muslims dont care if they die, killing them should be made into a sport. They should be hunted like partridge. There can be a licensing fee and I guarantee you the applicants will be so numerous that any debt the Nigger In Chief can run up can be easily paid. It won't even matter how high the fee is. Let's say it's a thousand dollars to bag just one. Everyone will pay that. The problem of course is what do you do with your dead Muslim. Well, I would cut off the head and boil the meat and skin and shit off it and keep the skull. That would be very cool. PLUS every time you glanced at it your mood would improve. You could have just heard your family and your fortune was wiped out by a plague and a flood and you look at the Muslim skull and you feel suddenly optimistic and at peace and you say "I may have lost everything, but I killed a Muslim at least. Life is good."

The Constitutional Party

   It turns out there is something called the Constitutional Party. This takes the cake. The Penis Party would be a better new party than the Constitutional Party. I don't know what they "want" I would have had to have read the article and reading journalism always gives me headaches because they are always written for two year olds and leave out things and lie and exaggerate and are cute and have an agenda different from my own. I can tell you though that the candidate they dredged-up to run for whatever they are running for, he wears a really bad sport coat that looks like he got it at the Goodwill. But at least he is trying to look civilized. I don't know what his name is, let's call him Fuck.
   I don't know what Fuck wants but most likely he wants "to return to the Constitution." All these Constitution zombie cultists want to return to the Constitution. Try and tell them that we are neck-deep in the Constitution already and with the Nigger In Chief interpreting it we are using a Coonstitution now, not a Constitution - try and tell them that they get real fuckin' hostile because they think the Constitution is....I don't know what they think. They think it's a magic lantern or a sacred talisman or the fucking meteorite in the Kaaba that the fucking Muslims walk around in big circles while chanting and doing things to calm Allah The Asshole down.
   The Constitution should be called the Constipation. It sole function is to prevent anyone from doing anything, including, someday, probably, taking a shit. Thanks to the Constitution there won't be a water supply to flush the shit and the EPA won't allow any shit to be extruded from an ass without a flushing toilet underneath it.
   The Constitution has created for its constipated servants more governments and controls and regulations and licenses and fines and fees and punishments and jails and duties and obligations and laws and restrictions and handcuffs and chains and bindings and locks and no-admittances than all the Romes and Vlad the Impalers and Hitlers and Stalins and Maos in history. The Constitution calmly informs every American citizen that he is now a slave of 4 governments, local, county, state and federal, and counting the new Sharia and United Nations conglomerates, well it's no wonder Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians are the only escapes taken by a forced-into-idiocy populace, they are the only escapes that do not end in murder and mayhem.
   Telling a "proud and patriotic American" that the Constitution is a worse and more sinister enemy than Islam is useless. You will very likely get beat up. But it is. Everyone knows Islam is fucked up and is prepared to go to war against it. The Constitution is every bit as fucked up as Islam but everyone reveres and worships it: therefore it is more dangerous; because it's dangers are denied. No one denies the dangers of Islam. The war against it will be fought. But no one will go to war against the Constitution: it's the deity of the nation. It is our Allah.
   The belief is...and all religions have a belief...the belief is that the Constitution "guarantees our rights." The belief is that the Constitution "protects us." The belief is that the Constitution is inherently and by its very nature correct. Just like, well, just like a deity.
   What the Constitution actually does is guarantee the rights and declare the supreme sovereignty of Washington DC: which is a place. Places do not have rights. Places are not deities. Places cannot make sensible decisions regarding how you should live your life.
   How did you get into this cow-coccoon? You were born into it. Just like a Muslim is born into Islam. Just like an apache is born into whatever fucked up belief system they have that has no evidence to justify it. So too you were born into the Constitution, a long and complicated British Proclamation that like all government proclamations lied to you about what it actually does and somehow lulled you into believing what you hope it is really doing. Which, whatever it is you hope it's doing...believe me, it ain't.
   What you are supposed to conclude from your Constitutionally-provided Government Education Program is that the Constitution is "protecting" you. All it is really doing is ordering you around and taking all your stuff. That's a pretty good scam! So, being Italian, I am naturally admiring of the Constitution to some extent because anything that pulls-in a sucker is inherently admirable to an Italian.
   The Constitutional Party has 7 "things." Principles I guess they are calling them. Two of them are "property" and "the Constitution." You cannot have property and a Constitution. You can only have one or the other. As we are finding out here in America, and as all the other countries on the globe we have been insisting adopt a "constitutional" form of government are finding out or have found out already.  The Tenth Amendment is also one of their 7 things. Since the Tenth Amendment is already part of the Constitution - which is one of the "things" -  I have to wonder why the Tenth Amendment is also one of the things. I am convinced however that if you were to ask one of the Constitutional Party people why this is you would get a response that would go on well into the night with no diminishing of intensity or urgency or interest by the speaker. You however would be dead of boredom, your brains having been reduced to powdered ash and dripping out your ears.
   I am concluding that the sole purpose of the Consitutional Party is to collect donations from fools who think the Constitutional Party is going to "restore" something that some Americans think need to be restored. I know they don't want the railroads and the robber barons restored - two things that were actually useful to the country, so I know it's not them. I know they dont want Trusts restored, things that were useful to the Country. They probably want three-cornered hats restored because most white Americans who were born here think three-cornered hats are "liberty." Because white Americans who were born here think in pictures and not in thoughts. And the picture in the mind of a man in a three cornered hat makes Americans who were born here feel some sort of feeling that they are comfortable feeling.

My Favorite Bible Story

  My favorite Bible story is when Elisha order some bears to come out of the woods and kill some kids. I don't know why people don't like the Bible. It's full of great shit like that. Oh well, fuck 'em.

Today's Shocker: Obama Has Hurt Race Relations

   The big news today from Yahoo as I stared at the screen was this;

   It turns out having that having a nigger for President has actually done some good; more people than ever hate niggers. Hopefully they will express this hatred against one nigger in particular on election day.
   Unless you are as stupid as a journalist there is no mystery as to why this increase in nigger dislike has occured: we have a white-hating marxist muslim piece of shit communist black panther doing everything he can to drag the white race down to his level of chimpanzee sandnigger subhuman animal shit-level. Before he got elected he was calling Sarah Palin, the hottest piece of ass in the history of politics, a pig. "Well, ya know.....ya put.....lipstick on a still have a pig." He told all of industrial and producing White America " didn't do that!...." He makes a point of touring nigger kids and talking nigger to them, warning them that whitey is out to get him and that niggerness is a fantastic thing and that whitey has to be destroyed otherwise niggers will never get anywhere. What the Christian whitey actually needs to do is go to a different planet to let the niggers and the chinks and the spics and the muslims and the hindus and the aborigenes and the eskimoes and the indonesians and every other primitive non white Christian culture go back to the fucking stone age.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Nigger's Last 2 Months

   It's pretty clear to me, based on what I know about the Nigger In Chief's personality, that he is not going to go quietly when he loses office. Now remember, we are dealing with a psychopath here. Also remember that because he is a stupid psychopath, he is going to fuck-up his attempts to stay in office just like he fucked up his term in office. Politics is not mysterious: it is an illegitimate human enterprise and as such operates on very predictable parameters because evil has one objective, senseless destruction blamed upon the victim by the purportrator. He will likely order some fantastically crazy and insane military strike upon maybe, who knows, Israel. After all, he is the arm wielding the Sword of Allah, and Allah's big pain in the Allah Ass is Israel.
   What amazes me is that he has any inner-circle allies at all, since he is so stupidly and transparently treacherous. They all have to be even stupider than he is, which would follow the usual pattern exhibited by bad, incompetent managers, however it is astonishing for me to believe that there really are stupider people than Barry Soetero.

This Week's Time

   Time magazine this week has a dramatic drawing of Lincoln thinking very hard about something - probably wondering when toilet paper will be invented - and the cover blurb is "What would Lincoln do?" Meaning to get himself relected. Well, he would start a war with his own country, that's what Lincoln would do, because, like Obama is, Lincoln was a fucking imbecile who didn't have the brains God gave a Muslim's turd. The reason Lincoln is praised is because he was the stupidest President in a long history of stupid Presidents. Government adulates idiots. If The United States had been a business instead of whatever it actually is - a kind of mystical religious entity - Lincoln would have been fired and maybe secretly executed and tossed into the Potomac at 3 in the morning.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shucker And Jiver

   On Sept 24 on this blog i wrote about Obama being a jive nigger. Yesterday Sarah Palin said Obama was touting his usual "shuckin' and jivin' schtick." We are two individuals who have never met, are miles apart geographically and philosophically and have only a one way sexual attraction to join us and yet we both know what Obama is: he's a nigger. No more no less. His Presidency is proof that America is over and that the Constitution is a joke: whether it is "adhered to" or not.

Banned From Facebook Again

  I dont seem to be making friends with the Muslims, they have gotten me banned from a Jew's site once again. Jews always bow down to the Muslims anyway. In fact Jews will bow down to anyone who orders them to. For 30 days I will not be able to post anything. After Romney wins the election I will probably disconnect from Facebook and Blogger anyway because the nigger will be out of office and he is the only reason I am here at all.
   The one good thing, or I should say one of the good things about being eradicated from Facebook is that I can come back here! Which is only fitting, it's almost election time and it was 4 years ago November, the day after the nigger won the election that I took to Blogger with a need to express my fury for 4 years until he was gone once again. That time is about to arrive. I have done well. My work is almost finished here. I can take that motorcycle trip along Highway 50, and hang out in Las Vegas like a normal person instead of hanging out on the internet. Romney will make everything good again and I can devote some time to planning my eradication of islam from the face and the bowels of the earth.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How This Planet's Rational Species Operates

   This will be a lesson on how earth society works. The press and the educational system and the intellectuals insist it's all very complicated. That's where I come in. I make it all very easy.
   Humans all live in countries. There are about 180 of these. A country is a geographical location with a flag and people who obey the leaders of the country and pay them an extortion payment called taxes. All countries extort taxes. If you don't pay the taxes (sometimes disguised as licenses) you are punished.
   Eventually all countries take all of the money and goods belonging to the citizens of that country. They then strive to conquer a different country that has more stuff. This is called war.
   This is human history. So far this "country" idea is one that all humans are convinced is working.
   Class is over.