Sunday, August 28, 2016

the NFL douches

We, the douches here at the NFL, we have announced that our players do not have to stand for the National Anthem if they don't want to. You see, we here at the NFL, we only interfere with players' behavior when it occurs off the field and not within the NFL's terrain. Such as in a player's kitchen. If an NFL player does something untoward in his own house the NFL will take immediate action to punish that individual and if possible his entire family and if things go really right we will ruin his life altogether, preferably with jail time on felony charges.


should this same player while, not in his kitchen, but on the playing field, fail to stand at the National Anthem of his Country in the arena where he is employed by the NFL and where he likely takes down hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if not millions of them for playing a game from Sept to Jan, and if by refusing to respect the land he is allegedly sworn to defend by scorning the melody that represents that land and the people who died so that he could make millions playing a childish game....well, then the NFL regrets to inform you that we would not deign to interfere in this fellow's desire to make a spectacle of and be an embarrassment to the NFL and the Nation he so clearly detests. No, the NFL, until such time as he acts-up in his own kitchen...... so long as he is on an NFL field of play, he is deserving of his personal opinions and the respect of all who he is offending and insulting. We, the NFL, realize that when he is at home he is only offending maybe one, maybe two people by his private personal actions, but we, the NFL would take brisk and immediate countermeasures regardless. Even though only maybe two people are involved and in a location far removed from NFL property and worldwide tv cameras and thousands and thousands of others all over the globe. We nevertheless will intrude and vigorously to punish his behavior in his own house because it is an outrage!!! However as far as making an embarrassment of the NFL on the playing field by expressing what amounts to a borderline treasonous act against his Country?......we here at the NFL - douchebags all - bow down before him and honor his dignity and courage in expressing his hatred and disgust and lack of appreciation to his Country and for acting like a stupid fucking asshole in front of the NFL and all the rest of us. For this, we have nothing but respect and courtesy. Thank you______Sincerely, all the douchebag worthless classless fuckheads at the NFL.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Types of Government

There is only one. There is only one type. There's only one type of government. It the kind that has people you never met and never had any dealings with and who you never even talked to order you around, take some or all of your stuff and sometimes take even you to 1: prison or 2: to a training ground where you learn to kill people who you will be sent to get within range of and perhaps kill them. They - having their own government - will be trying to kill you. none of you will know each other. None of these people will have done anything personally to the other before the mutual murder attempts.
     Now in COLLEGE you learn that there are many many many many types of government. And you are supposed to try and discover or decide and debate and root around and inquire and find out which variety is the BEST kind. But there's only one kind. The kind described above.
     Now, you are not going to believe this. You are going to believe, well, the college stuff. Because it's, ya know, college, and they are smart there. Cause it's college. So you'll believe the college version of what government is. Or I should say what governments are. You will believe the colleges. Not the Mouseketeer. However the Mouseketeer is the right one. Not the colleges.
     Ok, class dismissed. Thank you and fuck you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Trump is trying to convince negroes that the rising number of negroes not working and on food a bad thing. This is like telling Michael Moore that pizza is a bad thing; it's information that will be met with resistance.
    I don't know why white people think they understand negroes when at the same time they are convinced that there is no difference between whites and negroes. That's like saying "a cat is a dog and so therefore I understand cats because I understand dogs." Make some sense out of that. I know, you can't. That's right, it's crazy.

Gary Dumbsome, Libertarian Candidate

   Gary Johnson, the man who looks like Jerry Sandusky, and who is the hahaha Libertarian candidate for  President, says that Trump is a "fascist." Libertarians pride themselves on their "intellectualism." They are above the common fray, you see, because they are thinkers. They are not constrained by religion or ideology or tracts, they are mentalities set free to roam and wander the stars and the vast secrets of the universe, there to feast and to grown and become wise. One of the secrets of the universe is where the dictionaries are hidden because Johnson does not know the definition of fascist.

    Gary also has a problem with seeing differences: one of the signs of insanity. He equates Trump's philosophical desire to have only legal citizens living within the Country's borders with Hitler's actual focused efforts to exterminate Judaites. He sees these two things - the opinion of an individual: and the extermination of millions of them - as the same thing. He's insane, in other words. If that isn't enough to convince you he's insane, he looks like he never bathes. His skin color is the color of unripened tobacco leaves. He looks like he reeks of dried Pakistani feces. I mean, he is - as far as I am concerned - asylum fodder on the loose. and not only on the loose, but having eyes on the Presidency. I mean, if Gary Johnson can become President just be accumulating X's on a the Presidency really a job we actually need to have? What kind of a job is that that you get it because  people yu never met and who themselves never held the job, decide you get to have the job. That's not a job. That's lunacy. Which only bolsters my point that Johnson is nuts: he's anxious to have a meaningless job. And he's willing to throw his dictionary away to do it.

The Container Park

The guy that has the pawn shop show apparently "built" a strip mall made out of shipping containers and is now wondering why the tenants are all going bust. Apparently he has not ever taken a gander at his strip mall made out of shipping containers. It looks like a Phillipine landfill if someone decided to enclose a Phillipine landfill. It is without question the ugliest apparition in history. It looks like a crazed, sloppy, metal clothesline in a Rio De Janiero slum. He ought to sell it to the Hells Angles to make a fortified clubhouse out of it. Most of the fortification work will be already done, unless he used really crappy shipping containers.And I don't think there are any of those.

When Bikers Meet Humans

"When Bikers Meet Humans" is a book I wrote and self-published. Self-publishing is something I had to learn. Over and above learning to write. This is all a story, or stories, in itself, or in themselves.
    But what I want to talk about is the finished product. 500 of the finished product were created.
   Copies are being resold on the internet for far more than the cover price of thirteen dollars and thirteen cents.
    Here is the problem with this: if you sell it then you don't have it anymore. It doesn't bother me that people can make a big profit from this book. What bothers me is that they would consider a monetary profit superior to the profit of reading it over and over again.
     I read one of the stories in it last night. I couldn't put it down. "When Bikers Meet Humans" is a godsend to anyone who can wrangle a copy. They will have entertainment and delightfulness for life. Until the day someone pokes their eyes out. Then they will have nothing. Including no eyesight.
     I was reading the story about where the biker club, The Sloths, goes to the Los Angeles County Fair.
     I couldn't believe it. It was relentless and yet majestic. I was up until 3AM. "No one can possibly be this funny for this long" was what I kept saying. But I was wrong. Somebody can be. I can be that funny for that long.
     And yet the few people who have a copy sell their copy. It's like selling a child: it seems wrong. I mean, maybe it really isn't, but, like child-selling, it seems like it is. But, like child-selling, hey, maybe it isn't.
     Anyway, that's today's post. thank you. Oh, and fuck you! Thanks again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I respond to all accusations against me of being a racist with a quick
"You're right." The difference with my racism and everyone else's is that I am very-well-thought-out on the matter. So I can discuss my racism with equal calmness and assurance with Aryan supremacists and Black Panthers. With the Right and the Left. With Nazis and Communists. Republicans and Democrats. Fellow racists and professed No A Racist Bone In My Bodyists. So I'm good! I gut this topic nailed down!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Nukes In Turkey

Barack Hussein, the man who makes Hillary look like George Washington for veracity, has assured us all that the 3 dozen nukes in Turkey that are now under hostile control "cannot be used against us." I guess because he says so. Because he is strong in the Force. And he can contain and prevent fission at an atomic level. Well, as we all can attest, Barry Hussein is a very very wise and intelligent....whatever he is, so we can all sleep safely. Assuming his Black Panther cadres who he has called into action do not burn down your neighborhood in the next 24 hours.

Joe Biden

Biden is going to Turkey. Maybe we'll be rid of him at last. If the Turks are as cunningly corrupt as I think they are they will hold Biden for ransom in exchange for the guy of theirs we have that they want so they can execute him. Biden being a drunken inebriate fool won't see this coming even if its draped in Kleig lights.

Yahoo Science

Yahoo, owned by the Saudis, specializes in lies. Here is some lying declared as science. You will notice the phrase "studies suggest" is utilized soon in the article since those ar ethe two words that guarantee accuracy and truthfulness. In case you don't want to actually read it, studies suggest to scientists at penn state - where jerry sandusky studied little boys' asses and cocks - that alien coviliations are drawing energy from a star for use in their...somethings. civilization, I suppose. Maybe their toasters. I would need to se the details of the studies.

Suckers At War

I think the thing that most astonishes me about world wars one and two is not the body count but the fact that we conquered europe twice and japan once and yet they are not part of the united states. they are still just themselves. americans apparently love to sacrifice their lives for nothing. but that's what sacrifice is, no?......doing something for no other reason than to hurt yourself.

Rioting Niggers

I see the niggers are rioting in Miluakee. The mayor is "pleading for calm." He's pleading with the niggers to not be niggers. The only way you can cajole a nigger into not being a nigger is to kill him. Then his niggerness begins to abate. A nigger can only refrain from burning down civilization for so long. sooner or later they dream up an excuse to make it sound legitimate. Why they go to all that trouble I don't know, that just involves an extra step when they could just burn down the city and say they did it "juffs becaw Ah want to. Ite."

Samuel L. Negro

Sammy Jackson is promising to move to South Africa, a formerly white country before they folded to  DC's insistence that they fold to DC's insistence to let swarms of negroes in to wreck the place. Which they did and are doing. Naturally Sammy wants to go to a place like that. He doesn't want to stay in a place where a man who is not afraid to say "fuck you" to anyone - that would be Donald Trump - Sammy doesn't want to be under that kind of control. You know, normal human civilized control. That's not for him. He wants to be free to wreck the place if the urge hits. And it eventually hits the Negro sooner or later. Negroes are not comfortable around civilization. It makes them nervous and afraid. Because they are rooted in a prehistoric culture where only dirt and shrubs and jumping up and down to affect the weather matters.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Conor McGregor, John Cena

   Sometimes you can just see blood flowing in the future. The future just comes before your eyes like a hi def projection on a really expensive screen and you can see blood, bone, pain, and even the identity of the blood and bone and pain donor, and recipient, donating blood and bone, receiving pain.
    I see Conor  McGregor in this particular tableau I am seeing, I can see his blood, his bone and i can hear his reaction to his pain, Which is screaming.
     Sometimes you can  just see a fool asking for it.
    For some reason some wizened little bantam weight who does real actual brawling, apparently, has decided to start calling names to John Cena, a very large man who does make believe fighting involving a lot of acrobatics and stunt work and rehearsal. Just because a man does fake fighting for a living doesn't mean he can't do real fighting for fun. Or when provoked.
    Large men are often goaded into slaughtering some little loudmouth who goads them into losing their temper and beating the crap out of them. The more sensible men of this ilk pay a dominatrix to fuck them up on a controlled environment. the stupider ones have some behemouth with a short fuse perform this service.
    If Conor McGregor would call some woman trained in not only inflicting pain and humiliation upon a man but granting him semen release at the same time, he would go home in a lot better shape than he will be going home in after a run in with either John Cena or some thug Vince MacMahon hires to split McGregor's head open.
    None of this even includes the millions of bruiser fans that John Cena has in the wrestling world. One of them can just as easily get the job done.
    Here's the deal: not everyone fights fair. Ambush and bushwhack are in the language for a reason. And if you piss off a million hardheads all at once, you are being really stupid. And you cause me to have visions.

The August 11th Facebook Jailing

One of the positives of being in facebook jail again at this time is that i can devote a steady month to keeping donald trump on the path to victory. i like to think that i am the only thing making the difference between whether he wins or loses the white house. i fight the fight like i'm the only one in it. The reason this blog exists at all is because the muslim won the election in november of some dark year i dont remember the number of. The next day this blog began. It took a while for the negro muslim to take office and in that period i warmed up my pen in the fires of comedy and sarcasm which is now called hatred by journalists and bureaucrats and socialists and homosexuals and muslims and a few mexicans and a LOT of white people who do not identify with white people but with some lesser species, such as the american indian, probably the sorryest herd of lost wildebeest there is. or are.
     So, once trump wins the present election i would suspect all the energy for this blog will have vanished into vapor. So thanks, facebook, for allowing me to wrap up this blog with a really nice bang.

The Dreaded Right Wing Takeover

Business Insider is so fearful of a right wing takeover - even though all riots so far have been conducted by the Left - that they have printed a reassuring play by play of how the American military - becoming basically American cops, who routinely and for a living do war with American citizens - the American military would defeat this Right Wing takeover, because right wingers are all gun-happy lunatics, and not intellectual giants of understanding like Liberals. Read and learn your fate, Right Winger Gun Nut Person!

facebook jail

aug 11 - i have been kicked off facebook again, this time by "american" indians. naturally they are babies and cannot stand to be critiqued for being the losers of history. facebook, of course, owned by muslims, can identify with the indians because tribalist savages recognize each other as spiritual if not actual allies.
   the indians have a problem with a pipeline because being indians they do not understand the industrial "thing." they only understand bad music and bad choreography and really terrible war strategies. so a pipeline going through "their" land, well, being Natural Communists they have a big problem with this. but dont worry, being indians they will lose this war like they lose every war. because they are losers. which is why i was kicked off facebook. for saying "indians are losers." which they are. which, being a truth, gets you kicked off facebook. facebook only recognizes lies as proper forms of communication. when the facebook bubble bursts it will be a bigger bust than the dot-com whatever that even was. i just hope my history on facebook will not be lost as well because it is an awesomely fantastic collection of awesome fantasticness. believe me.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

socialism and nations

you cant have a country and have it not be socialist. socialism is - to use the word of the day - unsustainable. so countries cannot actually work. but everyone seems to think you just gotta have 'em. and the reason for that is because everyone is basically a tribal entity, living for the group and not for themselves. countries are just really large tribes with international seating at the UN. tribes only last until the last of the loot from the looted other tribes is gone. then the remaining tribe loots itself. because tribes have no PRODUCT. tribes dont really DO anything. just like congressmen and presidents and senators and mayors and assemblymen and counselmen. and cops. none of these people produce anything. they leech. once the host is dead the leech dies. welcome to human civilization.
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Jj Solari capitalism - the opposite of countries - can be sustained for eternity. that's its nature. thats why countries refuse to allow capitalism to flourish. because capitalism does away with countries. they dont teach you this in school. because school is created by senators and congressmen etc. and they want to remain in existence. so school teaches socialism. not capitalism. but i teach capitalism. because i'm an individual. sworn to fun and loyal to none. so, hey, fuck you. and thank you!