Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Nigger Counts The Days

I feel so secure in the sensation that the nigger in chief is going to lose the election that i am almost sad about it. I will not have the opportunity to rail against him once he is gone. Frankly I am totally astounded he has lasted this long without being lynched. If ever a nigger deserved it he does. It just goes to show you - pay attention to this, niggers, - it just goes to show you what a nigger CAN accomplish in this country: he can be just as uppitty as he wants and be lynching free and tell whitey to go fuck himself and OH MY!....lando'goshen my lordy halleluia. How it is anyone can take politics seriously in America after the fiasco of Muslim third world lunacy that has been the sock monkey's time on the job, i dunno. I mean whether or not you interpret the Constitution the way this guy or that guy thinks you should interpret it - which is really not that tough to comprehend - you have to know by now that no matter HOW you interpret it, it's a socialist manifesto for exactly what we gut right now: Washington DC ordering the 50 United States around. THANKS, FOUNDING FATHERS!!! YOU ASSHOLES!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Negro Genius Speaks Interminably Again

Obama has declared that "legalizing drugs is not the answer." There could be no greater proof and guarantee that it IS the answer than for Obama to have said something like this. He has a gift for error. He could turn a ten foot sphere of shining steel into chalky rubble in ten minutes, he is that destructive. Leave him alone in a zone to be demolished and send all the other workers home, that son of a bitch will have every building down and every rat on a starvation diet within a week. As for his "ideas"? - he has never been right once not even ACCIDENTALLY! This defies natural law. He must be superhuman stupid.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nigger In Chief Meltdown

The incidents of today will demonstrate the folly of surrounding yourself in the workplace with people stupider than you are. Obama being stupid, and having been elected to the highest office in the land by the stupidest people in the land (the fact that that is at all possible would - among intelligent people - be a clear indication that the Office of the President is one that is not really necessary for anything worthwhile, since an idiot can occupy the position), having run for office against someone also stupider than he is....the sock monkey has been having a pretty nonchalant time of it. But now that Romney is through with the primaries and has won, he is wasting no time in attacking the Idiot In Chief. IN FACT HIS WIFE......opened the first salvo and IMMEDIATELY the entire Obama army of democrats went staggering back in blithering amazement at this accomplishment and have been quick - like stupid people will - to make things immediately WORSE for themselves by DEFENDING ROMNEY'S WIFE!!! Yes, this is how stupidity works. You can actually orchestrate the stupidity of others to create a symphony of imbecilic delight IF you have INTELLIGENCE. And I guess compared to the entire Democratic war machine, Ann romney does.


Facebook has blocked me for another three days for something i posted - I guess - during the present three days I have been blocked. I notice I am actually looking for things to do now that I am not on Facebook. I read; I go places; I talk to people in three dimensions. It's kinda weird. Maybe when I go into a home I will be allowed back on Facebook. I ought to do one of those robot-cartoon-people Xtranorml things again, a new Facebook one. Maybe the Facebook people saw the first one and are pissed. Though I doubt it. When you have billions of dollars you are on a yacht fucking Brazilians. Not trolling You Tube.

Chevy Chase And Community

Chevy Chase is on the verge of being thrown off Community because he is feuding with the "creator" of the show and insisting that the show isnt funny. And he's right, of course. It's gayer than five maypoles dangling from Rupaul's ass; something he likely would not have a problem with. In fact if he reads this he will likely contact me and ask if I have ever seen this happen and how does one go about the insertions. I have totally lost my place. And who wouldn't. So Chevy Chase is actually right. Community is now a surreal exercise in a negro and a strange man who looks like something that fell out of jar jar bink's uterus saying silly things to each other at hight speed and being basically GAY. Which is fine but in that case get rid of the community college premise. You see when the show started it actually had a premise: community colleges are worthless; and a genius attorney get disbarred and he has to go to a shitty college to get a bogus certification in order to become a licensed lawyer again. or something like that. so no one knows he's a genius lawyer and is smarter than anyone else in school. And thus he basically controls the school even though no one realizes it and he solves all the problems of all the students to their amazement and to the despair of the school administration. This premise was discarded early on and became a showcase for wackily idiosyncratic actors. It's now just basically a high school vanity production that has no actual comedy or storylines in it. Chevy Chase is very likely having some trouble participating in this sillyness because he wants to make people laugh: not jack each other off in leather bars while watching the show and admiring all the gayness. So Chevy Chase is right. PLUS he can play the piano and the other people can't.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ron artest

there is a NEE GROW named ron artest. he plays some sport. he has changed his name - officially - to Metta World Peace. This fucker must be a master of self-defense. And if he isnt now, he might want to become one. Not even someone with the mentality of an Occupoo person is going to not laugh at this.

The Nigger So Far

Now that i am off Facebook again - I have one chance remaining. In three days. That means in three days someone can complain to Facebook about me hurting their feelings by saying nigger - that's usually the word that gets whitey riled up - that means in thre days, whether or not i ever go back onto Facebook someone can inform Facebook that they are mad at me and Facebook - like an employer - will listen to everyone except the accused and the fire the accused. Think of Facebook as a JOB. A job that you dont get paid at. If you think of Facebook in this way you wont CARE if you get kicked off. Plus you dont have to look at Facebook ads anymore or hear third hand how Facebook informed all your "friends" that you "like" something you actually dont like at all. And now about the nigger: I am fairly at ease in thinking the Kenyan commie muslim faggot will be beaten by Romney in the election. Which means that this blog - like the recently departed Kinkade blog - will have no more entires. Having been kicked off of Facebook I will now simply put all the things I would have said on Facebook into one posting here, from day to day. Just for the hell of it. Unless I actually get a life. Then I will not be on the internet at all. Since it creates more enemies than it does friends. Most of these enemies being in law enforcement. As to why I am sure the nigger will lose the election? for one thing he is not running against McCain. Who is almost more commie than Obama. He will not be running against a fellow democrat in other words. He will be running against a more or less sane republican. I say sane because clearly McCain is completely nuts. And I mean that in the clinical sense, not in the name-calling sense. He probably actually does put his head up his ass, he physically grabs ahold of it and wrenches it up and into his anal canal. He is that level of fucked up. For another thing Obama is now a known quantity among the rather dull witted "americans" who thought Obama was some sort of magical negro man of wisdom from Uncle Remus's Wisdom Garden. Whereas now they know that he is a muslim communist illegal lying piece of black panther white hating shit. With no sense of honesty and a fervor to destroy Christian America, the first and last Christian nation on earth. Third, he can see that white people are not afraid of niggers calling them racists anymore. Because white people are slowly starting to realize that niggers are going to call them racists no matter what they do. Which is why I go out of my way to say nigger a LOT. just to prove my point: I will be just as chastised for even accidentally saying nigger ONCE: might as well say it a million times on purpose, make the abuse worth something to myself. "Why are you being pilloried, Jay?" "I accidentally said nigger once as a joke in private." "Why are you being pilloried, Jay?" "I said nigger ten trillion times on purpose on a global venue in public." Which one do you thinnk makes it almost worthwhile, the first response?....or the second. That's correct, the second one.
Santorum threw in the towel today with a measured, orated, dramatically-paused announcement that sounded like pompous
gasbag gas. Meanwhile Obama's speech cadences are revealing more and more nervousness. He used to be able to lie with determination and wrath. Now he is lying with smiles and curtsies and little giggles. He's scared. He's BEEN scared since childhood of course but now his fear is leaking to the surface. He has always been able to deny it to himself before now. He probably still can do that except the fear isn't paying attention and is now visible on his outer surface of shitness. he is crying loudly that the rich need to be taxed. niggers always think that someone else's stuff is actually their stuff. They are born thieves. Like Arabs and Mexicans. So he is shouting about his enthusiasm to take rich people's money and property. In truth he will take ANYONE'S money and stuff. He just limits his announcement to raiding the rich so the non rich will support him in that since a democracy needs numbers, the cooperation of the mindless masses to operate "properly."

Negro Thinking

a professional basketball player named ron artest has changed his name to metta world peace. only a muslim could be that stupid. and deceptive. so artest must be a muslim. you heard it here first.

Kicked Off Facebook

I have been forcibly removed from facebook for - according to facebook - calling obama a nigger. The real reason is because i pissed off some nigger lover who then called me italian slang names to see how I like it. I just - not to change the subject - I just heard rush limpet say that social darwinism only exists in communist countries. he is actually stupider than his enemies realize HAHAHAHAHAHA Really. He has the thinking power of a Victrola. So anyway I was kicked off of facebook. One day after my mother died. Does the grief and tragedy ever stop?? What this means is that I will be returning here. Because it is all part of God's divine plan for the manifestation of manifests. Unfortunately, now that the nigger is going to be removed from office, the impetus for this blog is fading fading fading away. It is probably time to tend to my own garden, as Voltaire said. Not being on facebook means i will not be able to see ten million advertisements and not be able to annoy the sensitive. which is probably a good thing on both counts. sensitive people should not be exposed to me. in reality - if you know how my brain works - facebook was primarily a public notebook where i could jot down insights of my usual awesome level without having to store them on paper. i just let zuckerberg do it. and the idea that someone could read over my shoulder was appealing to me because writers are very self absorbed about what they write. it's part of the nature of "being a writer." we all are convinced that only we have the inside track on how things operate. so now i am going to have to actually find something to DO. i sure hope it turns out to be sexual intercourse with high school girls.