Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We went to Oregon from Los Angels and took two weeks to get back. There are only white people in Oregon. Most of them are fat. A lot of them are mean but only if provoked. Otherwise they ignore you. They ignore you because they are all busy. Usually doing something strenuous. There is not one Mexican in Oregon above ground that I saw. And I am always looking around where ever I am. I saw two articulates. And I don't even recall where. It was LIKELY at the gay parade in Portland that we stumbled into. The only smog in Oregon is caused by the 20 volcanoes that dot the area and then its infrequent, every 500 years or so lasting a couple weeks and then just clean air for another 500 years. A great deal of river water flows through Oregon. The toilets there flush your shit and your toilet paper and your car too if you could get it in there because they laugh at water conservation. If the elected and appointed child molesters in California could figure or bargain a way to retrieve the water that Oregon lets flow to the sea California could hold another 30 million illegal mexicans with ease. But child molesters are only concerned with molesting children so that will never happen. On the plus side the lack of water in California will put a natural limit on illegal immigration. The trees in Oregon are so thick in places that is is like traveling through miles of billowing green smoke frozen in place. From the southern border to Bend is a hundred miles of straight road on either side of which is endless pine trees by the trillions that stretch left and right to no purpose other than to house the worlds stray cats and enough field mice and gophers to fill the stomachs of the world's stray cats. The stray dogs could live there to and kill the stray cats. The beauty of the desert is you can see on both sides of the car what you are passing through. Forestry could thrive for a billion years just cutting down the trees on either side of highway 97. Oregon is the abandoned mechanical trash capitol of America. Entering Klamath Falls is like entering the Transformers' planet after it goes extinct. Oregonians do not like to clean things up. They let them lay in the "yard" like Mexicans do. The DIFFERENCE is, the stuff in an Oregonian's yard is interesting. An Edsel made of rust. A Corvair made of holes. A train engine from the Union Pacific. 3,000 washing machines with wringers laying on their sides. A 50 foot high pile of rebar. A Tiger tank from a Rommel campaign. The trash in an Oregon yard is more interesting than the most pristine room of the Smithsonian. And by "yard" I mean 5 acre parcels fenced with '60 Pontiac engines. The whole State is an outdoor antique store you are not allowed to examine. There are not a lot of cute girls in Oregon. They are either killed or they freak out at the homliness of their peers and flee to Los Angels where ugly girls are treated like aberrations of nature. There are a lot of what are called "tweakers" in Oregon, mostly toward the east. Meth is the State bird. They do not make it westward very often because
they are noticed. They are not comfortable being stared at so they make appearances west of Bend in a fleeting manner and then zip back to the plains and the trailer hovels in the wilds.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Weiner the emaling Jew Congressman has announced he wants "treatment." I guess treatment for being a heterosexual. Faggots never request "treatments." Because in the eyes of politics and I guess America being a cocksucker is not an aberration. having a penis and wanting to stick it into vaginas however is something that needs to be treated. It needs fixing. Liking women is something that needs to be stopped.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Republican Nigger

The Republican Party is contemplating running a nigger of their own against the nigger in office. Talk about lost. Talk about scared. There apparently isn't a white man in the Republican cesspool who has the balls or the ability to take on that fucking ghettoblaster on legs presently fucking up the planet and shitting in the bushes outside the White House. So some nigger shows up who sort of sounds not-too-communistic and they go hide behind him and let him take on the nigger by himself. I really think we've had enough niggers in the white house, boys. It's time to wean them back to the planatations where they more or less can stay out of trouble and where they felt at least secure in knowing where their next meal was coming from and got to fuck all the best teenagers if they had the right muscle structure for farming.