Thursday, August 30, 2018

exploding kaepernick

hussein kaepernick is eventually going to either strap explosives to his chest and blow up a mall or else he is ging to run through a football stadium machinegunning americans. you can see the indifferent, calm craziness in his eyes that tells me his brain is becoming relaxed with his upcoming suicide/murder adventure. there is no way he is going to live much longer because he is just too flaming fucked up and i see Islam written all over his soul.

facebook jail

well, it's almost sept 2018 and i am in facebook jail again for accusing the nfl of being anti white and anti american. most of the things I used to do here i now do on facebook. but i am in facebook jail. i started this blog the day obama won the election. but now the opposite of obama is in office, thanks to my facebook history. now that a righteous being is in office facebook is getting even with all his fans. when i was critiquing obama facebook didnt care because it was all just throwing rocks at tanks as far as facebook was concerned. not the tanks are being pulverized by starships and facebook is all islamically butthurt. i am tired of being in facebook jail and have had enough. i will be pressing trump to shut it down or else fine them billions to help build the wall.

Monday, April 16, 2018

why this blog has the title it has

I am going to explain now why I hate you. It's because you're a commie. you love government and hate private enterprise. you love evil and hate good. government is evil, business is good. let me explain why you are fucked up and why i'm not.  there are two ways to get people to do what you want: persuasion or compulsion. business uses persuasion and government uses compulsion. business persuades by advertising. government persuades by law. law is evil. advertising is good. business uses persuasion because they are trying to get you to buy something they want you to want. government uses laws because government orders you to obey something you dont want to obey. and yet you love government and hate business. which is why i hate you. thank you. and fuck you.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

the "public lands"

the left liberal commie fuckheads of america and also the bundy family are convinced that there are  such things as "public lands." all "public lands" are DC possessions won by conquest or purchase and there is no such thing as "public lands" that belong to "the public." public lands are all private and are owned by the entity called "the Federal government." in other words all public land in the USA is private land. including the pestholes run by the government know as The National Parks. left wingnuts think the National Parks are their parks. they are not. they are DC's parks. which is why services and attractions there are so shitty. which is why they are dangerous to all who visit them. they are squalid third world terrain that, while scenic, is horrifically dangerous because the national park "system" refuses to install civilized aspects that would make visiting them actually enjoyable. so what you do instead is walk around or drive around and eat shitty food if you can find even that and stay at shitty lodgings unless you get into the cool lodging built by private enterprise in the 30's. like the Awahnee, for instance.

Monday, April 9, 2018

white privilege = white superiority

the problem with the veldt people and the commies is they they are too stupid to see that their accusations of white privilege are actually admissions of white superiority. if you are privileged it is because you are better, smarter, cleverer, more reliable, more honest, more dependable and in demand. So you get to advance and become superior. this is only complicated to a journalist or a marxist or a negro and to some extent mexicans. muslims, god bless the fuckers, are not intimidated by white superiority, they are not intimidated by anything, they have entire sections of brain missing and are operating as defective aberrations that have for some reason been allowed to persist in existence. they are in their own category, a category that deserves extermination without pause and without concern for consequences since they will all be good ones. thank you.

today's catholicism

catholicism as preached and practiced today is basically a mix of islam and marxism. catholic "scholars" insist the islam is simply a heretical version of catholicism. the heretical parts probably have to do with the theological aspects since muslims have no problem with jesus they have a problem with you claiming that jesus is god. because god is allah. and as the koran says over and over god cannot have a son. muslims, being assholes, don't see this as a limitation on god. the christian god however can have a son  and could probably have a litter of kittens if he she or it wanted because they catholic god is omnipotent. the catholic religion, however has little to do with their human deity jesus, it is more concerned with dealing with you. In my christianity dealing with you was jesus' job and he did it because, ya know, he's a fucking deity. he does what he wants. so in my christianity jesus handled you, did shit for you to appease yahweh because Adam. the story is a simple one if you dont believe it, hey, there's people believe the earth is flat, obama is a genius, space-people exist here on earth, humans affect weather and that rain can be produced by dancing badly to even worse music on a mesa in new mexico. the islamic part of catholicism is the long list of rules and regulations and proclamations and decrees and lies twisted into the bible history which catholics are dissuaded from reading. the marxist part is the current war by the vatican against capitalism. like judas the catholic church proclaims concern about "the poor" which is defined as having less money than someone else has. when everyone on earth has the exact amount of spendable cash as everyone else, even if the amount is zero, then there will be no more poor and then the world will be proper, sanctified, at peace, and filled with love. i'm just the fucking messenger. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

the difference between a muslim and a jew

you know what the difference between a muslim and a jew is? a muslim will spend his whole life trying to figure out a way to kill you. a jew will spend his whole life trying to figure out a way to get you to kill him. this observation is not a joke i made up. it's an observation that i realized. however you very likely laughed at it because you recognized it as true. there are some muslim and some jews living here. the muslims are all very low key. they are all very friendly. they are all very quiet. they do nothing at all to make you even notice they are here except for the costuming. these muslims are quietly meditating and contemplating how to kill me, the infidel. the jews on the other hand are all royal pains in the ass. they are being annoying 24 hours a day, doing things they are not supposed to be doing, breaking every technically-ambiguous rule there is in the place, installing things they are not supposed to install, making automatons of noise prominent on their property so they can offend with sound, being generally filthy with the trash and violating ten thousand HOA rules because "their religion commands it" involving, among other things, constructing huge tents like nomadic fucking beouins during their trillion-times-a-week "sacred holidays" and making you think about them 24 hours a day and how you can kill them and get away with it. the muslims?......nice as fuck and so polite and cooperative! meanwhile they are picturing you as red splattered droplets on all the trunks of the trees.