Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Trump is trying to convince negroes that the rising number of negroes not working and on food a bad thing. This is like telling Michael Moore that pizza is a bad thing; it's information that will be met with resistance.
    I don't know why white people think they understand negroes when at the same time they are convinced that there is no difference between whites and negroes. That's like saying "a cat is a dog and so therefore I understand cats because I understand dogs." Make some sense out of that. I know, you can't. That's right, it's crazy.

Gary Dumbsome, Libertarian Candidate

   Gary Johnson, the man who looks like Jerry Sandusky, and who is the hahaha Libertarian candidate for  President, says that Trump is a "fascist." Libertarians pride themselves on their "intellectualism." They are above the common fray, you see, because they are thinkers. They are not constrained by religion or ideology or tracts, they are mentalities set free to roam and wander the stars and the vast secrets of the universe, there to feast and to grown and become wise. One of the secrets of the universe is where the dictionaries are hidden because Johnson does not know the definition of fascist.

    Gary also has a problem with seeing differences: one of the signs of insanity. He equates Trump's philosophical desire to have only legal citizens living within the Country's borders with Hitler's actual focused efforts to exterminate Judaites. He sees these two things - the opinion of an individual: and the extermination of millions of them - as the same thing. He's insane, in other words. If that isn't enough to convince you he's insane, he looks like he never bathes. His skin color is the color of unripened tobacco leaves. He looks like he reeks of dried Pakistani feces. I mean, he is - as far as I am concerned - asylum fodder on the loose. and not only on the loose, but having eyes on the Presidency. I mean, if Gary Johnson can become President just be accumulating X's on a the Presidency really a job we actually need to have? What kind of a job is that that you get it because  people yu never met and who themselves never held the job, decide you get to have the job. That's not a job. That's lunacy. Which only bolsters my point that Johnson is nuts: he's anxious to have a meaningless job. And he's willing to throw his dictionary away to do it.

The Container Park

The guy that has the pawn shop show apparently "built" a strip mall made out of shipping containers and is now wondering why the tenants are all going bust. Apparently he has not ever taken a gander at his strip mall made out of shipping containers. It looks like a Phillipine landfill if someone decided to enclose a Phillipine landfill. It is without question the ugliest apparition in history. It looks like a crazed, sloppy, metal clothesline in a Rio De Janiero slum. He ought to sell it to the Hells Angles to make a fortified clubhouse out of it. Most of the fortification work will be already done, unless he used really crappy shipping containers.And I don't think there are any of those.

When Bikers Meet Humans

"When Bikers Meet Humans" is a book I wrote and self-published. Self-publishing is something I had to learn. Over and above learning to write. This is all a story, or stories, in itself, or in themselves.
    But what I want to talk about is the finished product. 500 of the finished product were created.
   Copies are being resold on the internet for far more than the cover price of thirteen dollars and thirteen cents.
    Here is the problem with this: if you sell it then you don't have it anymore. It doesn't bother me that people can make a big profit from this book. What bothers me is that they would consider a monetary profit superior to the profit of reading it over and over again.
     I read one of the stories in it last night. I couldn't put it down. "When Bikers Meet Humans" is a godsend to anyone who can wrangle a copy. They will have entertainment and delightfulness for life. Until the day someone pokes their eyes out. Then they will have nothing. Including no eyesight.
     I was reading the story about where the biker club, The Sloths, goes to the Los Angeles County Fair.
     I couldn't believe it. It was relentless and yet majestic. I was up until 3AM. "No one can possibly be this funny for this long" was what I kept saying. But I was wrong. Somebody can be. I can be that funny for that long.
     And yet the few people who have a copy sell their copy. It's like selling a child: it seems wrong. I mean, maybe it really isn't, but, like child-selling, it seems like it is. But, like child-selling, hey, maybe it isn't.
     Anyway, that's today's post. thank you. Oh, and fuck you! Thanks again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I respond to all accusations against me of being a racist with a quick
"You're right." The difference with my racism and everyone else's is that I am very-well-thought-out on the matter. So I can discuss my racism with equal calmness and assurance with Aryan supremacists and Black Panthers. With the Right and the Left. With Nazis and Communists. Republicans and Democrats. Fellow racists and professed No A Racist Bone In My Bodyists. So I'm good! I gut this topic nailed down!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Nukes In Turkey

Barack Hussein, the man who makes Hillary look like George Washington for veracity, has assured us all that the 3 dozen nukes in Turkey that are now under hostile control "cannot be used against us." I guess because he says so. Because he is strong in the Force. And he can contain and prevent fission at an atomic level. Well, as we all can attest, Barry Hussein is a very very wise and intelligent....whatever he is, so we can all sleep safely. Assuming his Black Panther cadres who he has called into action do not burn down your neighborhood in the next 24 hours.

Joe Biden

Biden is going to Turkey. Maybe we'll be rid of him at last. If the Turks are as cunningly corrupt as I think they are they will hold Biden for ransom in exchange for the guy of theirs we have that they want so they can execute him. Biden being a drunken inebriate fool won't see this coming even if its draped in Kleig lights.