Thursday, April 2, 2015

If There Were No Negroes There Would Be No Racism

   Negroes - the only race claiming a free ride in life at the expense of all the other races - are the only reason racism even exists. If there were no negroes there would be no racism. Negroes are the only reason there's racism. Negroes are the only race all the other races agree don't really belong here. All the other races - and even ethnicities - are content to tough it out as best they can without blaming some other race for "keeping them down." The Chinese, the Hindu Indians, the Hispanics....all these cultures and races are content to roll up their sleeves and  try and get with the program: the program being live your life and try and extract some measure of enjoyment and satisfaction from your existence. The Chinese?....they come to America, they establish an enclave, they fill it with businesses and they slowly assimilate into the culture and they open up tutoring centers for SAT's. Negroes don't do this. They wreck their own community and then they demand to be moved into non negro communities to wreck those.
   The reason for all this "world against the negro" business is because negroes, of all the races, never had a civilization. Even the Mexicans come from a civilization. The lowly Peruvian indiginate, yes even he came from a civilization. One with buildings. One with thousand of people. One with order and facilities and a written language and STONE. Negroes only came from dirt and stick cultures. isolated tribes about as akin to a civilization as the Apaches. The Chinese came from a civilization. The fucking Cambodians had a civilization. The Japs, the Mexicans, the snake charmers of the Indian pesthole of monkeys and cattle in the streets.....they once had a civilization. Negroes only had at best stick huts. They cant adapt as a race to civilization because there was never one in their dna to draw from. Negroes fear civilization. It frightens them. If you give them one they destroy it.  They are more comfortable in junk and debris. They are why we have racism. And they have somehow managed to convince whitey that he is the problem.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What Negroes Are

   The species known as "negro" is actually a unique creation called "racial Islam." If you are a negro and try to act civilized or sane or sensible or logical or what might be called "white" you will be declared an infidel by the other members of the racial tribe of negroes, or "natural Muslims." The biggest difference between Islam and racial islam is that Islam has a book that teaches arabs how to be Muslims whereas negroes are born into racial islam. They do not have a book to follow and don't actually need one. For one thing a book would have to be written. And negroes, what few can read or write, could do neither until probably brought forcibly to America. But they don't need a Koran. They have it inside them at birth.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Muslims

At some point i am going to give a synopsis of the muslims, mohammed, the koran and islam. It will be the only cogent and concise and easy to read and accurate-to-the-max explanation and exposition of islam on the internet or in the library or up your ass. I will be doing this as a fucking public service for which I will not be thanked. But that is the lot of Genius and Saintliness. It is what we accept, Even though we would prefer to shove the whole world and everything in it up your ass. Thank you.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Screen Actors Guild

   The Screen Actors Guild - in which I am a member - has what can only be described as a bewitching, almost blackly magical power to render its card carrying members imbeciles. Now it could be that they are imbeciles to begin with since the members of the Screen Actors Guild have as their means of employment reading words and ideas composed by others. The witchery is so strong that when one of them - a member of the Screen Actors Guild - attempts to speak on his own……imbecility is the result.
   The most recent example of this is Keira Knightly who today announced that because photography - her means of employment - degrades women….she will pose for a naked picture and make it public.
   Now, I told you members of the Screen Actors guild are idiots. Read ten more times Keira Knightly's - who gets photographed for a living - read her  announcement and concern and her method of combating this - I guess crime - and tell me I am wrong about the Screen Actors Guild's members. She's just today's representative. There will be a new one tomorrow just as there were thousands in the days and years before today. Thank you.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Nigger In Chief After The Election of Nov. 2014

   It's now just a matter of days or months before Obama straps a ton of explosives to himself and runs into a Catholic school and blows everyone up while screaming allahu akbar. you heard it here first. navy log.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thought For The Day

   The Jehova's Witnessess' refusal to allow transfusions sounds a little less less like criminal negligence and a little more like sensible thinking when you realize that they don't tell you what race the blood you are getting came out of. You think about that for a while and then you start to think "Ya know what?…..I can't fault them Jovies all that much, maybe…."

Henry Waxman

   This….thing… Henry Waxman. He has been a congressman from california since 1975. SINCE NINETEEN SEVENTY-FIVE!!!!  For FORTY FUCKING YEARS voters have decided that this fucking abominable apparition is just the guy to solve their problems for them. And of course congressmen - in the minds of Americans - are magical elves and wizards capable of doing what normal people - people who don't look this ugly and inhumanly disgusting, in other words - cannot possibly do for themselves. What kind of even-uglier, even-stupider-looking freaks of nature do you suppose this grotesquerie has been running-against in order for him to become the victor time and time again? Oh, and thank God he is not a fucking SENATOR! People would be bowing before him in reverence and thanksgiving for his almost godlike potential on their behalf. Would you even hire this fuck to change a tire? I wouldn't The car would puke as soon as he got near it.