Sunday, January 8, 2017


as you know, who has never read this blog, this blog was started the day - i think - when the monkey man, the upper canopy dweller, Muzzbama, the Islamic piece of shit commie pinko asshole homo fuckhead piece of shit piece of shit won the democratic election in nov 2007. i was in the same state then that the libs are in today: fear and despair. Such like I have never experienced as an American. I hated the flag for at least three years. I wanted to spit on it. I didn't of course, but I wanted to. i started this blog to express my hatred and wrath and to have an outlet for name-calling in a public venue against Muzzbama. Of course, in between attacks I had to write about other things, and so for a while this blog was going strong and then at some point Facebook came along and I could get instant gratification  there so this blog kind of dissipated into vapor and kind of ended. But not officially. But when Trump takes office it might. I will have considered the job over. And yes I take full credit for putting Trump into office. I saw a job that needed doing and I did it. You can thank me of course but fair to say I didn't do it for you. I did it for me. Just for the record.  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Sovereign Citizens"

     There is a group in the USA calling themselves the "Sovereign Citizens Movement," or some such moniker, one of whom made the news today when he was pulled over for driving like the asshole he likely is. He went on and on to the cop at the window about how he was free from the authority of the cop and demanded the cop identify himself, which the cop did, cause, shit, they'll do that much before they fuck up your life, they don't have a problem with identifying themselves, they like it, cause they like to be able to prove they are - like Mr. Sovereign - an asshole. So that all occured and then the cop proceeded with his asshole side of things and ordered the sovereign asshole out of the vehicle at which point the sovereign asshole went for a hidden pistol. Things became less and less sovereign for the sovereign Mr Webb from that point on and he is now reigning in jail.
    The trouble with Right Wing Independent Philosophers is that they are not good at philosophy. For example, calling yourself a "sovereign citizen" is calling yourself a contradiction. And contradictions don't exist. They are by definition non existent except as an abstract logical concept called "contradictions."Already I have lost and confounded any Right Wing Warriors of the Constitution with this. However, to continue, you cannot be a citizen and also be sovereign. In reality - let's say as far as God and Nature are concerned -  yes, you are a sovereign. As far as the cop is concerned you are a citizen. And he is the one you will be dealing with. Not God and Nature. So in other words, you were born sovereign, but you entered, at birth, a governmental control group of a "nation." So you were born a citizen of it. Being a citizen overrides sovereignty because you are outnumbered as a sovereign by the citizenry that doesn't care about sovereignty or anything else other than having you obey people you never met. Which is the nature of being a citizen. Or in other words the nature of citizenry is the exact opposite and contrary of being a sovereign. In Actual Reality you are a sovereign. In Human Social Reality, however, you are a slave. There is no such thing as a sovereign slave. And there is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. Mr. Webb is finding this out, in fact, but he is not capable of admitting to himself that that is what he is finding out. What he may be figuring out, though, is that he did not handle his traffic stop well.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

World Politics 101

Government is defined as "that agency that has a monopoly on the use of force." "Force" is defined as "initiating coercion." Resisting coercion is not force. It is self defense. Absence of government is not "anarchy." Absence of government is liberty. Anarchy cannot exist. Only, either, government or liberty can exist. There is no such thing as anarchy. There is only government or liberty. if you have government you cannot have liberty. if you have liberty you do not have government. You cannot have "limited" government. You cannot have a limit on a monopoly. People who proudly vouchsafe "limited government" are people who are going to lose to those desire unlimited - or normal - government. Because these latter people have the logical high ground. And they are being resisted by blithering idiots. Blithering idiots never win anything. Because they are stupid.
   The entertainment known as "war" can only occur between governments: two entities vying for a monopoly on the use of force. "Liberty and freedom" is never the result of war. Only who will hold the monopoly on the use of force is decided by war. No war in human history has ever resulted in liberty and freedom for the "winning" side. All that has been decided is which party is no longer vying for the title of tyrant.
     All governments are tyrannies. There are no "degrees" of government. There are only degrees on the varying expenditure of tyrannicism the acting government is releasing at any particular moment.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

the NFL douches

We, the douches here at the NFL, we have announced that our players do not have to stand for the National Anthem if they don't want to. You see, we here at the NFL, we only interfere with players' behavior when it occurs off the field and not within the NFL's terrain. Such as in a player's kitchen. If an NFL player does something untoward in his own house the NFL will take immediate action to punish that individual and if possible his entire family and if things go really right we will ruin his life altogether, preferably with jail time on felony charges.


should this same player while, not in his kitchen, but on the playing field, fail to stand at the National Anthem of his Country in the arena where he is employed by the NFL and where he likely takes down hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if not millions of them for playing a game from Sept to Jan, and if by refusing to respect the land he is allegedly sworn to defend by scorning the melody that represents that land and the people who died so that he could make millions playing a childish game....well, then the NFL regrets to inform you that we would not deign to interfere in this fellow's desire to make a spectacle of and be an embarrassment to the NFL and the Nation he so clearly detests. No, the NFL, until such time as he acts-up in his own kitchen...... so long as he is on an NFL field of play, he is deserving of his personal opinions and the respect of all who he is offending and insulting. We, the NFL, realize that when he is at home he is only offending maybe one, maybe two people by his private personal actions, but we, the NFL would take brisk and immediate countermeasures regardless. Even though only maybe two people are involved and in a location far removed from NFL property and worldwide tv cameras and thousands and thousands of others all over the globe. We nevertheless will intrude and vigorously to punish his behavior in his own house because it is an outrage!!! However as far as making an embarrassment of the NFL on the playing field by expressing what amounts to a borderline treasonous act against his Country?......we here at the NFL - douchebags all - bow down before him and honor his dignity and courage in expressing his hatred and disgust and lack of appreciation to his Country and for acting like a stupid fucking asshole in front of the NFL and all the rest of us. For this, we have nothing but respect and courtesy. Thank you______Sincerely, all the douchebag worthless classless fuckheads at the NFL.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Types of Government

There is only one. There is only one type. There's only one type of government. It the kind that has people you never met and never had any dealings with and who you never even talked to order you around, take some or all of your stuff and sometimes take even you to 1: prison or 2: to a training ground where you learn to kill people who you will be sent to get within range of and perhaps kill them. They - having their own government - will be trying to kill you. none of you will know each other. None of these people will have done anything personally to the other before the mutual murder attempts.
     Now in COLLEGE you learn that there are many many many many types of government. And you are supposed to try and discover or decide and debate and root around and inquire and find out which variety is the BEST kind. But there's only one kind. The kind described above.
     Now, you are not going to believe this. You are going to believe, well, the college stuff. Because it's, ya know, college, and they are smart there. Cause it's college. So you'll believe the college version of what government is. Or I should say what governments are. You will believe the colleges. Not the Mouseketeer. However the Mouseketeer is the right one. Not the colleges.
     Ok, class dismissed. Thank you and fuck you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Trump is trying to convince negroes that the rising number of negroes not working and on food a bad thing. This is like telling Michael Moore that pizza is a bad thing; it's information that will be met with resistance.
    I don't know why white people think they understand negroes when at the same time they are convinced that there is no difference between whites and negroes. That's like saying "a cat is a dog and so therefore I understand cats because I understand dogs." Make some sense out of that. I know, you can't. That's right, it's crazy.

Gary Dumbsome, Libertarian Candidate

   Gary Johnson, the man who looks like Jerry Sandusky, and who is the hahaha Libertarian candidate for  President, says that Trump is a "fascist." Libertarians pride themselves on their "intellectualism." They are above the common fray, you see, because they are thinkers. They are not constrained by religion or ideology or tracts, they are mentalities set free to roam and wander the stars and the vast secrets of the universe, there to feast and to grown and become wise. One of the secrets of the universe is where the dictionaries are hidden because Johnson does not know the definition of fascist.

    Gary also has a problem with seeing differences: one of the signs of insanity. He equates Trump's philosophical desire to have only legal citizens living within the Country's borders with Hitler's actual focused efforts to exterminate Judaites. He sees these two things - the opinion of an individual: and the extermination of millions of them - as the same thing. He's insane, in other words. If that isn't enough to convince you he's insane, he looks like he never bathes. His skin color is the color of unripened tobacco leaves. He looks like he reeks of dried Pakistani feces. I mean, he is - as far as I am concerned - asylum fodder on the loose. and not only on the loose, but having eyes on the Presidency. I mean, if Gary Johnson can become President just be accumulating X's on a the Presidency really a job we actually need to have? What kind of a job is that that you get it because  people yu never met and who themselves never held the job, decide you get to have the job. That's not a job. That's lunacy. Which only bolsters my point that Johnson is nuts: he's anxious to have a meaningless job. And he's willing to throw his dictionary away to do it.