Saturday, February 1, 2014

Las Vegas Visit 3

   Across the street from the Trump are the two brown-glass thin sheets of curving elegance called the Wynn and something called Encore, which is a duplicate of the Wynn only facing the other way. I am saying brown but they are not really brown. They are more of a metallic watery chocolate copperish color that arc and curve against the sky like huge sculptured waves. Donald Trump and Steve Wynn are two of the more interesting men on the planet and seeing their buildings right next to each other gives a good synopsis of the both of them. The Trump building is an upright tall block of gold, like a fucking ingot, that says "I'm rich and I like talking about it." The Wynn buildings say "Won't you join me in an elegant moment on my property that I think you will appreciate?" Of the two men, Wynn, of course, is the more dangerous. I don't think Donald Trump could bring himself to push someone off the roof. I think Wynn would not only push someone off he'd go down and drag the body up to push off a second time if it suited him. And then if the cops asked him about it he'd say "That's none of your fucking business" and tell them to leave. Meanwhile Donald would charm his way out of any such incident, and if that failed he would use hypnosis, which he seems able to manipulate and throw around if it suits him. I think both men are cordial rivals who see in the other a viable partnership as long as Trump stays out of the gambling business. Which he apparently is content to do.
   Where Trump is an in-your-face flaunter of wealth and shiny surfaces, Wynn is an aesthetic maniac. There is an attention to detail that is exhausting: there are uniformed personnel hand-washing the leaves of the plants. There are Mexicans pushing carts with thousands of colored replacement tiles the size of square nickels for the floors when one or more of the millions of mosaic tiles gets punctured or broken. There are women in high heels all over the place and if one of them hooked a shoe in any of the craters that appear constantly there would be all kinds of maneuvering room for a "legitimate" lawsuit, so a lot of time is just spent on damage control keeping the broken mini-tiles in repair. This could all be easily avoided with a normal floor. And that just ain't in the cards. Steve Wynn wants tiled design motifs for people to walk on.
   I have watched Donald Trump and Steve Wynn in one venue or another and have concluded that Donald Trump is the sort of man who wants to get to the bottom of every incident and situation and hear every side and watch every witness before he comes to a fair conclusion about a matter: that's it's important to him to see and hear all he can about something before coming to a decision about another person's fate. Steve Wynn strikes me as someone who could give a flying fuck about the particulars, just do what I say and shut the fuck up about it or you'll find yourself out on your ass and probably with my foot still up it. Steve Wynn also seems oblivious to the horrific facework that is being eternally performed upon him, which makes little sense to me when I see the attention to detail and aesthetics that he puts into everything else. Then when his face is concerned he let's Methy Crackhead The Clown take over and gives him a bonus if he does an especially ridiculous job of things. Carrot Top has to be Steve Wynn's first number in his Rolodex when it comes to rounding-up a drinking buddy for the night so that he will be seen sporting-about with a kindred spirit in the horror department.

Las Vegas Visit 2

   Staying at Treasure Island, now called TI in an effort to change the name without actually changing the name, if you are facing west and are on the 18th floor what you see is a listless industrial expanse that goes from horizon to horizon, and the Trump building. Trump chose his lot of land with care, the Strip curves suddenly about 45 degrees to the east. If Trump had built his building along the Strip road itself instead of placing it way to the east of the highway - you never would be able to see the Trump letters that cross the top edge of the building if you were ten miles out in the desert to the south where the approach to Las Vegas exists. As it is, however, the word TRUMP is all you can see as you approach the Strip, it's the only word you can clearly see in the whole town and it gives you the distinct impression that you are actually entering the city of Trump. But it's not the city of Trump it's the city of Wynn. The only reason Trump is there at all - in my opinion - is because Wynn made him agree to never open a casino in any building he built or had built by the mob-run construction industry. Apparently - in my opinion - Trump is not good at running casinos. Or - in my opinion - at least someone thinks he is no good at it.
   Well, some accord was - in my opinion - reached and there the Trump building sets, the most noticeable thing in town from out of town.
   I have never entered the Trump because, like they did the Duck Dynasty dude, I would likely get kicked out. Unless I was in disguise, which means, unless I was in a suit. And I would have to make my entrance immediately after putting the suit on because I tend to look like I just wrestled a steer in an arena made of manure after I am dressed up for five minutes or more. I have been this way since childhood. I just cannot stay clean. It's like dressing a leopard in clothing: two minutes later the clothing is either hanging in the branch of a tree in shreds or still on the leopard and looking like the leopard took a machete to it. The first time Cecily stopped me from going into someplace - about 30 years ago - and started fixing how I looked she uttered "I swear, you need a valet." I responded - in all truthfulness - "My mother started saying that to me when I was eight!" Which is in fact factual. My mother could not believe what I would look like when I would come home from school or from play. I was also at that age and those years surrounding that age, in lots and lots of shows and recitals and this that and the other thing in which i had to perform, alone, and on stage and there were lots and lots of auditions for another pile of these those and other things. I had to be "in costume" for these performances, which usually consisted of some outfit cesar romero might wear at the club or desi arnaz might don while "hosteeng de cho." These duds had to be put on me mere instants before I was to perform or else they would look like the leopard's clothes up in the tree. If dressing me long-prior to the performance was the only alternative I had to be watched and monitored and ordered to sit and stay put. Otherwise I would come out on stage in the spotlights looking like Emmett Kelly when I was supposed to look like Cary Grant.
   This is why I didn't attempt to enter the Trump. Also I was approaching on foot from Industrial Blvd. Industrial Blvd is the next street to the west of the Strip. It is lined with strip joints. High end ones too, at least as high end as these things get: Deja Vue and Sapphire and a few others of renown. They are only high end by reputation, however, and not by real estate appearance. Especially during the day. You would be afraid to enter any of the places during the day: they look like vampire retreats from the sunlight. They look like buildings the apocalypse devastated first before moving on to more posh places to obliterate.
   To the immediate east of this industrial glut of wooden warehouses is a vast vacant lot, another vast lot on which something is being started made of steel and rising above it all is the Trump. The Trump reflects a golden light onto the huge mall immediately south of it because the Trump has golden glass all up and down it. The entrance, which I peeked at, is all golden with golden chandeliers and golden people and the usual thug wannabes and trainees in uniforms greeting the people and opening the doors of the cars and taxis and limos and moving racks on wheels around because god forbid you should have to lug your own luggage.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Las Vegas Visit

   I just spent 4 days at Treasure Island. Or the TI as they are now mysteriously calling it. Turning a product name into its initials is always a sign of an impending apocalypse of the entire enterprise. Not that the place is falling apart. Though they are apparently dismantling the pirate ship performance that used to occur on the sidewalk. Down at the south end of the Strip there is even more ruinous destruction happening where the foul stench of sewage used to roil through the streets.
   Making accommodations for pedestrians is at the very bottom of the priority list on the Strip. High on the priority list is wedging still another heinously "high end" fashion into a sprawling indoor walkway inside a hotel-casino combo or one of the proliferating mall environments.
   Having been born into a carnival family it is immediately apparent to me but probably not to anyone else that all of Las Vegas is basically an evolved carnival. I see the same scams in operation there that were in operation in the Checcini & Leveggi "Kraft's 20 Big Shows" that used to meander up and down Central California from Fresno to Bakersfield to Willows to San Fernando, wherever white trash and illegal Mexicans gathered together and near whatever railroad tracks harbored the most plush and lavish hobo jungles that my father worked in. As I walk down the Strip and look up at all the flashing lights I can still feel the dirt under my bare feet that I felt in the fields and empty lots that the carnival would set-up for a week or whatever to provide some surcease from the ennui caused by the exhaustion and meaninglessness of the United States entry onto WW2, the war that if left alone would have resulted in Europe becoming Advanced. Certainly at least more advanced than they are now as they sink into the oblivion of fruit stands and pastry shops on the cobbled 500 year old sidewalks of the cobbled 500 year old alleyways they call streets.
   Las Vegas is the only city where "liberty" has any actual existence at all in America. And the Mob created the city. The people who according to Law Enforcement are devoted to curtailing peoples' liberties. Law Enforcement I would remind you is in the business of kidnapping strangers into slave labor camps and looting all their property. The Good Citizenry calls this "maintaining order." I call it rampant anarchy. You can understand why I have such a low opinion of the good citizenry: they have everything 180 degrees 100% backwards.
   The members of "organized crime" or as I call it "the free market" created the happiest place on earth and didn't bat an eye when Walt Disney dared to use that expression for his silly little childrens' playground. His spirit did however inhabit Las Vegas during the bleak period when Whoever Was In Charge decided that "creating a family atmosphere" was a good idea. Even today the place is rife with children, but fortunately most of them are Chinese children who are very well behaved and seem to have a distinct yen for a carnival atmosphere which they all seem to quietly observe with interest.
   By about 8 PM all the casinos are alive with noise and drunks, none of whom I have ever seen become disorderly. I think all the racket keeps them in a stupor that can only be expressed properly by yelling at a craps table. Apparently my long-time insistence that the things you want to do the most when drunk is take off your clothes and or drive was not completely thorough. Apparently the urge to gamble is right up there with the other two because it's only after a few drinks have been guzzled that the conviction that losing all of one's money wagering is a good idea hits the brain hard. The fact that every casino and gambling hall encourages drinking would be enough - if you were raised in a carnival and automatically see-through veneers as a result - to show even a moron that something was afoot with gambling in general if the proprietors will get you drunk for free. But most people unlike myself were not raised in a carnival. A carnival owned and operated by Italians, I might add. Most people think that what's there is always what's actually there. In Las Vegas this is never the case. In Las Vegas what you think is there is actually hiding a pickpocket.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Government Is Anarchy, pt 2

   I sometimes think there is a chain of command that has gone down through the ages, from Assyria and before to the present time when "the government entities" have systematically seduced the non governmental population, which would be everyone who was not one of "the government entities" into believing devoutly that government was necessary to their safety and well being even though government daily tormented them all, one way or another. But this would be far too gracious to the general population which i resolutely despise to a hearty degree. Methinks in reality that the general population likes government because it's evil, existing as it does, in the form of a parasite with the power not only to loot and drain the host but able actually order the host around and even demand it come close enough to be infected. Which the host immediately does. The Fondling Fathers could not install a parasitical government on the newly-free Americans fast enough to suit either themselves or the newly-free Americans. Not that the newly-free Americans were involved in the actual creation of the USA, don't get me wrong. But apparently they had no objections to it. the Fondling Fathers could have probably created a Babylonian government and the newly-free Americans would have cheered, so long as King George wasn't a part of it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Government Is Anarchy

   Pay attention.
   Throughout history, as if by some malevolent insistence from some other planet or sphere of existence, "government" has been touted as the opposite of anarchy. I say government and anarchy are identical. Or in other words, government is anarchy. Government routinely does as a matter of policy all the things that anarchy allegedly does: it creates chaos, it foments unhappiness, it takes everyone's stuff, it hauls people away and torments them in holding centers, it proclaims itself wondrous and pious and without blame or fault, it orders people around it does not know, it makes them do things, it disrupts their lives and well being, and it does all this in gleeful enthusiasm. Which is what anarchists are alleged to do: create mayhem amid peals of howling laughter and delight.
   How the people in government managed to convinced their victims - which would be all the people not in government - that all this chaos was not anarchy but order…..I don't know. I don't know how that has been accomplished throughout human history. I suspect it's because humans are perverted anomalies in complete violation of the Natural Order of things, either by natural - or unnatural - inclination or else by intentional choice. Just to be pricks, in other words. I don't have that answer. The answer I do have is that government is anarchy. Government is all the things it claims it prevents. I would proclaim this pronouncement as diabolical, and something only a lawyer could dream up. Turns out - at least in America - most office holders, and certainly all the Federal  esconsed-representatives - are bar-approved lawyers. Which would explain why Jesus cursed lawyers and not any other profession: because lawyers are the architects of governments throughout history. And Jesus and the State and certainly the Church are, all three of them, natural enemies. Although the State and the Church usually fight to a draw and hold power by mutual agreement or by mutual exasperation. Both the Church and the State however are allied against Jesus. Even though the Church would vehemently deny this amid all manner of bluster and "Excuse me?"'s. Just like the State does when you suggest to them that they are the authors of anarchy not the inhibitors of it. "(bluster bluster……..) Harrumph!….Preposterous!! Why I have devoted my ENTIRE LIFE to selfless service to the community and am the avowed enemy of lawlessness and chaos (harrumph bluster gasp looks of opprobrium forever into eternity.)"

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014's Main-Blog's Attention Update

    In 2014 this blog will continue because the nigger is still in office and he is the reason this blog exists at all: parenthetically I have another blog that exists only because Thomas Kinkade existed. He no longer exists. That blog can still be accessed but it is no longer added-to. I also have two additional blogs, but this is the one that started all this blogging crap. all because Caniggula became President. I found that way beyond unacceptable. I also have a blog about creating a New Las Vegas and a blog a blog about why the constitution is basically a pile of crap, a bill of goods, and a load of shit.
   Unlike the Kinkade blog, which is no longer being enlarged, this blog will be added-to because the nigger won the election in 2008, he is still in office and he is still not dead. Because he won the election in 2008 I had to vent. I had to fight back. My massive brain and the writing skills it has created are the only weapons I have against the nigger. You might ask "Why keep calling him nigger, Jay? You know that's offensive. At least to white people."
   Well, ya know, I guess that's why I keep using it. To break from the White Herd Instinct toward safety, risklessness, and douchebaggery. I guess that's why I keep doing it. So I say again: nigger. thank you. And thank you for taking my call.
   Returning to the topic at hand, in 2014 this blog will continue railing against the Constitution, almost now as a co-purpose to railing against the nigger. Sort of, you might say, in the same vein as Jesus' mom is now the co-redemptrix in the Catholic Church?…..the constitution is my second nigger.
   Talk about losing your fucking way: speaking of the Catholic Church. Damn. They are the champs.
   Regarding the constitution, so far all the right wingers I know of who have stumbled into my imprecations against the Constitution - which actually have their own blog now -  have been horrified. Because to a right wing republican slash conservative slash Christian slash hunter slash white slash baseball fan American citizen the Constitution is practically a deity. Which is an insult to all deities, even pagan ones. Druidic deities would take offense at the Constitution being held to the same high standards as they are purported to value. Whatever they might be. I don't know, I'm not a Druid.
   Me being me, I am of course monumentally indifferent to the imprecations from the Right. I know the Right to be a bit headstrong in their uneducateability. But someday one of them will breed a normal person. That normal person will read me. They will become understandably fascinated by me. they will come-across my critiques of the Constitution. They will fall down in adoration at my unflagging individuality and my ability to see through voodoo nonsense. Which is what the Constitution is: voodoo nonsense; rambling ridiculous pronouncements claiming to be actual occurrences and declaring you a party to its bogus majesty. Without ever - as with all things pertaining to the Constitution - asking you your permission first. And of course if it were to ask your permission you would likely be tempted to read it first, to see if this was a pretty good deal for you or not. And were you to read it you would either start laughing at the nerve of this person or get pissed at the nerve of this person. There is no way you would have anything to do with its mad ravings and its complete dissolving of your personal sovereignty in exchange for slavery under the Constitution.
   However, as the constitution gradually leaves this blog and ends up on its own blog, the existence of the nigger in chief will continue to be the main excuse for this Blog About Everything. I know you are intruigued by all of this and that is why I am mentioning it. Because I am a river of love and consideration.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Christianity Actually Really Is

   The thing is, there aren't even supposed to be Christians. There are supposed to be Jews. Jesus came to the Jews. He did not come to the pagans or gentiles of heathens. But the Jews have an attitude problem. throughout their history God has offered and actually done it, he has met them 99% of the way, doing shit for them, saving their asses, putting on spectacular visual demonstrations, and the Jews keep saying "you need to come our way the additional 1%, God, because we deserve you full and complete subservience because we are better than you." This attitude culminated in the execution and rejection of this same God come into their midst as a human being to make the Overall God more real to them and to put God's nature into human terms so that people could see what God is really like on a level they could actually SEE: a fellow human.
   The Jews killed this dude.
   So Christianity got handed to the non Jews, the people the Jews detest the most: which wouyd be all non Jews.
   Now, because the gentiles were and are all heathen barbarians when they latched onto what the Jews threw away, they didnt get Actual Jesus. He was executed and allegedly gone from the earth. They got a shadow, muddled, sort of, kind of, idiotic, in the ballpark version of what the Jews were being offered by Jesus in the flesh. Being heathen idiot pagans they naturally fouled things up into a semi superstitious amalgam of crap. But here's the thing: even the fucked up version of what the Jews were supposed to get exclusively propelled the heathen bastards into the conquers and progress-makers of the earth. You would THINK the Jews would notice this. Well the HAVE and they are still not going to rethink their position on where God sits on the heirarchy of gods and jews. Which the Jews are convinced is a lower position from where they are, being "the chosen people" and all. They think God needs to save them no matter how fucked up they act because he SAID he would! So they are tempting God, in other words. Which is what Satan does. So the Jews are Satanic. But then who isn't. But the Jews don't even enjoy being Satanic like most Satanic people do. They just do it to tempt God: not to fuck with humanity like the other ones enjoy doing. Jews only go to war against God. Not other people. Unless it's on a one to one basis and in a courtroom, which is basically Satan's sandbox, not his main fighting arena.