Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Siths And Jedi compared

Above are two pictures, one is of a Jedi, and one is of a Sith. The Jedi is the top one. The Sith is the other one. Let's start with appearances. Do you see anything even remotely cool about the Jedi? No. Does he - or it - look like anything anyone would want to aspire to? No. He looks like a small chirping denizen of a small stagnant pond system. In fact, this particular Jedi lived out the golden twilight years of his life in a murky swamp inhabited by snakes, bugs, lizards and algae. He coughed up blood with every other breath, and he could not put the words of even the simplest sentence into the proper order. And he's in rags. The sleeves of his garment look like something a bum would balk at putting his arms into. And it's not just rags he's in, it's fucking burlap, for Christ's sakes. And he's not JUST a Jedi, he's the CHIEF KINGPIN KABRONE GRAHNDAY POOTOE of the Jedis. He can hurl a ten ton truck through the air just by wishing, but he can't pick out a costume that doesn't look like a fucking onion bag. Why? Because he's a Jedi, that's why. Jedi have the dress codes and fashion sense of monastery monks in a ninth century asteroid dungeon who drink by sucking water from the moldy walls and who eat by chasing cockroaches around the dank floors on their hands and knees and drooling with the greed of starvation. Why? Because they are lazy, oblivious sloths. Magic Men or no, they just don't give a shit how they look. Now let's take a look at the Sith. That would be the individual below the Jedi Salamander Gay Elf critter. Tell me, does the Sith look like something you would scoop-up from the creek and put into a jar and name Bimpy? No. Does he look like something you would bait a hook with to catch trout? No. Does he look like something that has given no thought to his appearance or that who looks like he eats with his feet? No. On the contrary, he looks like something who would kill you just because he can feel the stupidity seeping off you, like steam off a gay bath house towel. Not only would he kill you, he would do it with wrath, premeditation, deliberation, and a kind of inner-fulfilling enthusiasm the first instant he laid eyes on you, just because your existence is annoying to him. As would I, probably for the same reason. The Sith is also a lot better dressed. And part of him is even machine, and with current, top-end, up to date, technology, which in their part of the universe, is pretty advanced. The Jedi on the other hand, they don't augment their flesh with engines and wires and turbo-blades. They just sluggardly go wherever the slow road of evolution takes them. And at a slow, evolutionary, naturally-selecting pace. No supermetal face plates for them. Nope. Nature's ready-made ugliness is enough for those dolts. Lose a body part? Oh well, it's just a body part. But the Jedi have no problem with that, being chopped up and then left unrepaired, being basically slothful and lazy and unambitious clods. That fucking Yoda, the creepy looking thing in the top picture, walked with a limp most of his life. You think he would go into the repair shop and have his fucking leg fixed? No. He'd rather limp around with a fucking cane. You think he would even select a halfway stylish cane???Fuck no, just snap off a branch from the first dead tree he comes across inthe dump. That'll be fine for him. Why? Because he just don't give a fuck. According to the statistics, two Sith can hunt down and destroy one thousand Jedi, and then leave any remaining Jedi left alive in total disarray, confusion, fear, and despair. And yet the Sith are considered the "bad" guys. Well their badness certainly does not seem to extend to their fighting ability. Or to their knack and aptitude for conquest. Nope. ain't nuthin' too "bad" in those categories of ability. Jedi, however, one of which is at the top of this article, and smiling like he just got caught playing with himself, or looking like he's thinking about asking someone of the same sex if they would like to swim naked together for a while in the pool, these Jedi, they pride themselves on "maintaining order," by using the THREAT of violence, not actual violence, to get their way. The Sith are a lot more honest and efficient. They show up: snuff you; and then leave. "Order" in Jedi language is defined as "what Jedis want." and what Jedis seem to want is "representational government of a vaguely democratic nature that obeys the Jedi." Representatives vote, in other words. What do they vote on? Whatever the Jedis decide is best, or in other cases, whatever the Siths DON'T want. Since the Jedi will kneejerk-vote against Siths' desires without quarter, debate, consideration, or discussion, the Siths have to diguise their existence and work like motherfuckers to get the things THEY want, since the Jedi, who control the universe, will vote the Siths' needs and opinions and wishes, they'll vote them right out the window and into oblivion immediately, without debate or discussion and without hesitation and without mercy. It's no wonder the Siths are always pissed. Other than fuckiing-up Siths' plans, what else are the Jedi working towards? Nothing. They have no ambition, they have no purpose, they have no desires, they have no hopes and they have no dreams, other than to sit around and know that they are feared, and just basically pontificate and have councils among themselves, and try to learn how to achieve greater magical abilities, and how to fuck with the Siths' relentless determination to actually DO something. The Siths on the other hand are already pretty knowledgeable on how to achieve greater magical abilities, and they have no hesitation about running down that path as fast as they can get down it to get to the Pot Of New Tricks just as soon as possible. The Jedi too know how to get more magic powers, but they are very reluctant to go down the path that leads to them because it causes "suffering." It also causes "ambition" and "effort," and "work," and "goals," and a few other things the Jedis are devoid of and apparently fear. You will never see a Jedi contorting his face in effort and determination about anything. They are always in a quandry or in a stupor. Everything puzzles them. They are always in "session" with other Jedis to try and figure things out. They engage each other in dialogue and speculation without end. None of this shit ever occurs with the Siths. If there's any discussion that needs to take place, it's one Sith telling the other Sith what to do. The other Sith, if he says anything at all, it's to agree that the plan is sound. This is not ass-kissing. The plan probably IS sound, if for no other reason than it came from a Sith, and the other Sith probably had the same idea himself. Siths never argue with each other. While Jedi are in a constant confusion, one with the other, each one thinking he knows best, always debating, always tossing suggestions into the pot, always calling each other on flaws. The Sith don't do any of this. They sit in their caves, quietly, next to each other, in their stone-and-metal thrones, in the dim blue light, and keep a telepathic eye on the Jedi to make sure the Jedi are always where the Sith are not. If the Jedis would just wise-up and let the Siths sit-in on their discussions a lot more would get done. Because all discussion would cease. Work would begin. If the universe was a JOB instead of a relaxation arena, all the Jedi would be fired. They never do anything. The Siths do everything. You never see a Sith sitting on the vernada, a drink in his hand, talking about the game or who they like in the World Series. No, The Sith is off somewhere talking to an allied underling about how to defeat as well-defended army of intelligent dinosaurs on some miserable planet a billion miles away. The Jedi meanwhile are sitting in a circle looking up each other's robes trying to see if they can spot some hot, same-sex gonads.

Time Magazine

As a connoisseur of magazines and dee-voe-tay of the genre, or "jondra" as Dennis Ousley calls it, Time Magazine has to be the closest pile of shit this side of a Mexican Revolutionary publication that there is. How it sells even one issue a week is a mystery I will never live long enough to solve, no matter how long I live. My wife subscribes to it. For some reason. She is a diehard collectivist. She thinks it's great, collectivism. She thinks that there would be total chaos if someone wasn't telling everyone what to do. As long as the someone telling everyone what to do isn't me, of course. That, I guess, would create even more chaos. If there is a fucked-up situation that can be created by fiat, Time Magazine is all for it. In fact, Time Magazine is for a Niagrara Falls-level of constant legislation and fiats of any kind, as long as there is lots and lots of force and corercion involved. EXCEPT when that force and coercion is used against what, a Texan, say, would consider an enemy of America. The articles themselves are mind-numbingly brutal in their lack of compositional skills. If the writer has a shred of logical or observational competance he will not be signing his name to anything in Time Magazine. Weirdness and a resolute hatred for Jesus Christ is what qualifies the aspiring journalist-troglodyte that fits the bill of the Time Magazine staff-requirements for a chance at signing his name to a piece of Time Magazine anti-Christian "news." If it will hasten the demise of White America, and set hordes of illegal Mexicans and even worse hordes of legal Negroes loose through the streets to loot and burn, time Magazine will stay up nights trying to figure out a way to encourage it and to condemn and attempts to prevent it. Being in the time Magazine offices must be like being in a an unventilated male bathouse in a Sumatran jungle. The smell of warm fresh steamy jizz must embed every micron of cloth and every atom of air in the room. Penises must be outside zippers more than they are inside. The staff probably pisses in the sink just so the penises won't be withdrawn from view in a seperate room used just for pissing. Sperm is probably squirted into workmates' coffees just as a matter of course and tradition. You can probably contract Aids just by looking at one of the computer screens in the Time offices. Dead birds probably lie around the building perimeter, like dead canaries in a toxic coal mine; a warning to all in the vicinity that death is emanating from the walls, do not enter unless already contaminated with ass-clog in your pecker.


I have been reading a site brought to my attention called Niggermania. It is EXTREMELY interesting. Whether or not you're a bigot. I should mention, if you are NOT a bigot, after you spend 15 minutes there you will be. Now, there are two possible explanations for why this will happen: one - the site itemizes and demonstrates whopping untruths, lies, exaggerations, and vapid, mean spirited namecalling, and non negroes, being evil-minded monsters, will see all of this as fuel for their souls, or, two: it seems true and obvious, well researched, and not particularly fictional but rather apparent just by looking. Which reaction will you have ? I of course was outraged by the blatantly obvious propaganda.

People Are Great

There are people who find the top picture, the one of the marxist nigger fag muslim president giving a visual demonstration of how he holds his mouth when a penis is sliding in and out of it, unoffensive, and the one underneath it of the hot naked white woman displaying damn near every square inch of the miracle of skin and bone that God gave her, offensive. These are USUALLY not the same people. The people who approve of the top picture are at the moment running the country. And at the moment the country is on a fast downhill slope toward mud huts and the drinking of cattle urine for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nigger Now Runs GM. Tests 2010 Corvette.

Well, the nigger who can't operate a bicycle properly without looking like Mister Douchey Douche has named himself the CEO of General Motors, and probably, tomorrow, Chrysler. What he is riding is also his vision for next year's Corvette. Putting GM into the bicycle business will allow us to appear more vehicle-friendly to the Chinese, who he does not want to offend. He would rather offend Americans. What few are left. In all fairness he can't be accused of appropriation: both companies have been begging the Government to give them operating capital, and ya know what?....when you borrow money from thugs very often they take over your business. So serves 'em right. What's the nigger gonna do with his new companies? Well, now, that one has me kind of stumped. I don't think he's good at much, but HE'S convinced he's brilliant and he seems to have convinced everybody BUT me that he's brilliant, so maybe he can pull off a miracle. Everyone thinks he's a miracle worker. Me?...I think he's just a fucking Marxist nigger. And he's doing what Marxists do, take over, and he's doing what niggers do, loot. Marxism and niggers were made for each other. Once they get the Muslims on board to do the killing on a grand scale, the world will be united: a big pile of corpses with the Marxists and the niggers picking the bones and eating them and the Muslims praying to Mecca. Sounds great. The planet of the future. Anyone but me think America missed a turn somewhere in this road?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Favorite Bruno Tonioli Outburst of Enthusiasm


Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Deweaseling

I was kicked out of the Weasels. The Weasels is a social organization of Harley riders that prides itself on not having rules and not being sober. I managed to break a few too many of the rules they do not have. So I was kicked out. I think the main reason was that I said nigger too much. White people, even wild and wooly, out of control, hard drinkin', hard ridin', hard arteried Weasels, cannot and will not tolerate another white person saying nigger. One of the Weasels, a woman who kept sending pictures of her tits and ass to the Weasel site, and was hated by all the other wild and wooly hard ridin' hard livin' astoundingly insecure Weasel gals, gave me an award for being kicked out of a wild and wooly group for being too wild and wooly. She had it made personally. She might have actually done it herself, she does everything else herself. It's the only award I have ever been given. I have researched awards and the Deweaseled Award seems to be the only award that is actually worth getting.

Your Blogger

Many of you have been asking, "Hey, what the fuck do you look like, we want to kill you!" Most of these inquiries have - in fact all of them - have come from white people infuriated with my constant use of the word nigger when speaking of or referring to niggers. The niggers themselves?...they don't seem to care. On the other hand, they can't read. So unless you white people are telling them, i say let's keep the darkies in the dark, shall we? Shit, I mean niggers. What I look like is here for your enjoyment. I am always in the Zippy shirt so I should be easy to find. If you see someone in a zippy shirt and you are not sure if it's me, kill them anyway, they're pro'bly enough like me that it'll be close enough.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A New Plastic Surgery Need

I'll have pictures for this eventually but right now I want to get it down on paper first. If there was ever a drastic need for a surgical procedure to make women look better it would have to be a way to get them pieces of exploded tire treads out from between their pussies and to get them clam lips to shut nice and closed, so that when they have their legs together and either up in the air or across themselves sideways you see a nice piece of puffy pastery that loooks like something you would want to pinch and play with, not something that looks like a steer that got hit by a truck on a Texas highway. Now, I'm using Alison Angel's pussy here, starting at the bottom picture, as an opener, just so you can see what a pussy should look like just from a casual head-on greeting type of situation. Which would be the case if you walked into the kitchen and saw a high school cheerleader sitting on the breakfast table with no underwear on. You would want to see just a nice clean straight up and down line. Believe me, this pussy od Angel's looks a LOT hotter from the back with her legs closed and it's pushing out from her thighs But would be almost impossible to get a cheerleader do greet you like that on the kitchen table because it hurts their knees. Now going up from the bottom picture up to the next one, Alison is turned around so that she can show you what her pussy looks like from the back. Now she doesn't really know that that's what she's being used for here. She thinks this picture is being used on some other site or in someone else's bathroom in order for them to to stare at it and slide their grabbing hand up and down their cock in order to squirt jizz all over the place. Which is REALLY the reason she has pictures taken like this at all. Not to demnonstrate to non existant blog readers what pulverized pig-heads dripping out of a fucked-up pussy look like. But I am using her as a reference, as a guidebook, as a chart, so to speak, in order so that you will see what a proper pussy SHOULD look like, especially if you are a woman and you are in severe emergency need of having some pussy, crappage hauled outa yer twat. Now, moving up one picture once more, we see an example of what I am NOT tallking about when I say "a vagina that has shit comin' out of it." what's coming outa THIS twat is pencils. Dennis Ousley sent me this. This is his idea of comedy: sending a picture of a twat stuffed with pencils to an article-posting about "shit comin' outa a vagina." This is not the kind of shit I am talking about. I am talking about shit that is actually a permanent part of the chick and her twat. Not something she fucking stuck in there on her own in order to be cute and in order to give AN ASSHOLE something to contribute with sarcasm and derision and disruption-of-the-class to a serious discussion of cunt-sargasso. Now before I go any further with this, there are some people who are already in a tizzy because of the three pictures I have shown so far. These people are people who do not think pussies should ever be displayed. Anywhere. These people are known as QUEERS. That's right, people with penises who suck other peoples' penises. Queers have BIG problem with showing twats to anyone, in person, via photographs, by film, electronically, you name it, it's ixnay on the ots-tway with these guys. I see no reason to accomodate them, do you? Good, let us continue, then. Fuck: Ousley the Asshole has just informed me that they are not just "pencils." They are "pastel pencils, like Degas used." Ya know what?....I don't care if they were the pencils used by God Almighty to draw the blueprints for the fucking universe! Ok? That ain't what I mean by "shit comin' outa some cunt's twat." Now, let me leave for a minute to see if I can find a good example of what I DO mean by shit comin' outa some cun'ts twat. Ok, well, it looks like Ousley has decided to take this all very seriously and has sent me a perfect example of twat wreckage even before I could find some myself. I mean, who knew there was a site called "girls with large labia and meaty pussy lips." Jesus F. Fucking Bloomberg Christ, is this a great time to be alive or what!! I love the internet. Ok, now, moving upward one picture from that totally useless picture of the chick with 300 pencils coming out her twat like a fucking Arab misssle launch-vehicle aimed toward a playground in Israel, moving up one picture we see what, IF YOU DIDN'T SEE HER TWAT, you would think to yourself, "Man, I would sure like to fuck that." No you wouldn't pal. Because look what you would have to confront, alone in her bedroom, with your clothes somewhere you weren't sure of - making it impossible for you to just scram. You'd have to stay around for a minute or two with this fucking meat locker of rotted beef sides and flounder flippers dangling and flapping all over your line-of-sight before you found your drawers and could scoot. Now unfortunately, you don't get to see this tangled mess of skin and more skin during the introduction and chit chat and dating and idiot-conversation preludes and torture prior to getting your hand under her skirtband and under her underwear. You don't get to know anything about this pile of exploded freeway carnage of a hundred-car-wreck of grotesque nightmare hallucination until your fingers make hellish terrifying physical contact with the thing, or stuff, or whatever the hell it is, and then you have to pretend that you are still in a heterosexual mood even though every cell in your skull is screaming "If this was a penis I would be less freaked!!!!" That's right, Casper, reaching for that nice smooth puff pastery and finding Cthulhu in all his tentacled, oily, writhing horror ain't exactly what you would call a great night of hot rutting pussy fun. You would THINK that chicks would have some sort of awareness that this kind of outpouring of ghastly tissue COULD JUST MAYBE be a PROBLEM for a dude, putting his fingers on that stuff, or fucking worse, being expected to put his fucking FACE in it. You would think that a chick who knew with clear certainty that between her legs, which is where any man she dated would head-for FIRST, you would think that if she knew she had decending curtains of terrifying erratic satchels of dangling skin anomalies drooping down from her dainty little pussy like infected elephant ears, you would think that she would TRY TO GET RID OF THEMJ WOULDN'T YOU? I mean these fucking cunts try to get rid of everything else!! They'll get rid of a microscopic blemish behind their knee, they'll get rid of an atom-sized hair between their first and second toe, they'll spend twh hours putting a $3,000 an ounce anti-melanin solution onto the top curve of their ear to turn a beige skin-cell into a cream cell, none of which things anyone without x-ray vision and an electron microscope could see anyway, but will they even silently debate with themselves even for a moment to maybe do something about the dangling 6-foot-corpse falling out their twathole and looking like the cellar of Freddie Kruger's lakehouse? No. Not for a minute. Never occur to 'em. They need to amend this. And if the fact that some broads have cascading sheets of rawhide handbags pouring out of their twats like Navajo blankets in an earthquake and didn't look vile and putrid enough, look at the dumbass fuckhead idiot bimbo in the next picture up: she not only has a fucking luggage handle between her legs, she has decided this is not revolting enough, no, she needed to add bits and pieces of metal to it so that it looks MORE like a car wreck with not just blood and gore, but pieces of steel as well. It's not enough that she already looks like a gutted yak abandoned by jackels, she had to add the impact, shredding, and demolition of spinning helicopter blades crashing into it. I'm actually surprised she didn't have flashing red emergency lights installed, that would have completed the picture of anticrotch warfare on a muslim battlefield.

Fair Warning

If I hear one more time that Tom Cruise is hosting a new show called The Cock Whisperer I will use use psychic force grade level Twenty Three of the Elron Superpowers Rekindled Energy Abillity of the Past Lives Archival Soul-Pummeler on that person and then they will be sorry. Do not even THINK homosexual references regarding Tom Cruise. I WILL FIND YOU AND STRIKE YOU DOWN. TOM CRUISE'S HETEROSEXUALITY MUST BE AFFIRMED IMMEDIATELY. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT PEOPLE DO NOT ENTERTAIN EVEN A CURIOSITY ABOUT TOM CRUISE'S BELOW-THE-WAIST-LEVEL..........STUFF.....THAT HE MAY OR MAY NOT.....DO. OR NOT. I WILL DESTROY THE UNIVERSE IF YOU MAKE ME!!! Ok, thanks. Ok, now, on a more serious note, really, I think it is time that we start to accept Tom Cruise's sexuality as being totally within the range of what falls inside the category of "perfectly, unsuspiciously, normal." I think it's time that we all started doing that right now. Really. Ok, I am getting angry again because someone is quietly and sniggeringly muffling caustic laughter because they think they have thought of yet another demeaning innuendo designed to imply that Tom Cruise's libido is not precicely what this person over here thinks it should be, or what that person over there thinks it should be. YOU WILL ALL COME-AROUND TO ONE WAY OF THINKING ABOUT THIS: YOU WILL ALL COME-AROUND TO GETTING IT THROUGH YOUR THICK CALCIFIED HEADS THAT TOM CRUISE IS NOT GAY! THIS ISN'T ROMPER ROOM FOLKS! THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS! IF YOU THINK I AM JUST GOING TO IGNORE ALL OF THIS OR JUST LET IT GO YOU ARE MISTAKEN! I HAVE LAWYERS GODDAMNIT! I WILL CRUSH YOU IN THE COURT SYSTEM! ASSUMING I WIN THE CASE! WHICH I WILL! I HAVE SUPERPOWERS! I WILL USE THEM IN COURT! I would use them, just, ya know, right here, right now, to kill or maim you, which would involve a lot less expense, but then no one would know about my powers but you. Using the court system my powers become known to all via the press. So use your head. Repeat after me: Tom Cruise is in all respects normal. Including that respect that, you know, we were talking about earlier. Ok, thank you. Really; I think we finally have an understanding about this, you and me. You think the Muslims are vindictive sociopaths? You ain't seen nuthin' pal. We can behead you without swords, fucker. Don't make us prove it. I mean don't make ME prove it. Ok, thank you. Aren't things a lot calmer and more peaceful when you just have positive, interactive, two-way dialogue? And the answer to that is yes, because I can see that you're just sitting there and not saying anything. Which is good. Because I know what it is you would be saying if you did start saying something. AND HE'S NOT!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Niggers And Pitbulls

The American Nigger will eventually be responsible for the eradication of the American Pitbull. Pitbulls are already routinely seized and killed by the State. This is because niggers like to aquire pitbulls and then set them loose upon the neighborhood. It's just another thing niggers do. Because they wreck everything. And niggers never police niggers. I mean it's not as though one nigger is ever gonna say to another nigger, "Hey, you shouldn't be releasing pitbulls all over town." It's against the nigger code for a nigger to inform another nigger what's right and what's wrong. Just like cops never police cops. Another example of cop and nigger similarity. So if you like pitbulls, think about having yours stuffed. Because if you have a live one, a cop is gonna come by and take it and kill it, eventually. Thanks to niggers.

Niggers Scare Entire Police Department

The Dallas police department is falling all over themselves apologizing to the niggers of the world because some niggers who refused to yield to the cop behind them just continued driving and then got out of their car and tried to scurry off to the hospital. When the siren is behind you you pull over. Talk about it then. Not just keep driving to your fucking destination. So now the white police chief is all nervous and scared and threw his own guy under the bus VERY fast. I never saw a cop boss turn on his underling so fast, though here in LA they do it pretty much as a matter of policy. HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obammy's Mammy

The only reaason this is here is becauase I just wanted to write "Obammy's Mammy." But whatdafuck, here's a picture of her. She had a PhD in anthropolgy. That's the study of primitive man. She was so into it, she married one. He's the nearly maroon-looking object standing next to the white woman. These two critters created the current President of the United States. Makes you realize real quick that you don't really NEED a President of the United States if that Bundolo on the left can create one just by fuckin' a white woman. It makes you see pretty clear that a President of the US probly ain't all that important. That in fact maybe he's just some guy that takes everyone's property in the name of necessity. Which is what ALL niggers do anyway. It could be that politics is a job designed especially FOR niggers and that we should have niggers-only as congressmen and senators and bureaucrats. They're born-ready to steal.

Nigger Stupidity Alert

The Black House nigger has decided he is going to supply the Mexican military with Blackhawk helicopters. This nigger might actually be DUMBER than a nigger. HAHAHAHA I can hear all the niggers sayin' "Yeah, well, don' fahgit, he be half WHITE!" HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, well we don't know exactly WHAT the fuck he is, he don't have a birth certificate. He might not even have a navel, judging from the halo around his ass.

Hillary The Lez vs The Mexican Cartels.

that dumbass nigger and his lezbian lapdog who won't ever be fucking him, Hillary, have decided to make an all out effort to shut down the one functioning enterprise in America, one that will never need bailing out, one that will never be running to the Feds for assistance, and one that will be making a total tax-free profit based on volume and demand: the Drug Moguls. Naturally the Feds cannot have this. Only the Feds can operate without regulation and restraint. Only the Feds can run roughshod over more rights than the Drug corporations would ever dream of doing. Even if they had the time, which they don't, they have a successful business to run. She's telling the most successful enterprise in the Western Hemisphere that it "will fail." Yeah: they sure look like they are close to going under. The cartels own the Mexican government. Only the USA is interested in shutting down the Mexican Drug Trade. And shutting down the Mexican Drug Trade is the last thing Mexico wants. I think we are about to see the first solid failure of the Obama "administration." I hope he has a long Secretary of State understudies list.

Inexplicably Famous People cont.

Seth MacFarland. Seth MacFarland, yet anothre "comedian" is the driving force of horror behind the cartoons Family Guy and that other things that comes on after it, what the fuck is it, American Dad. Jesus F. Fucking Christ. Not only is he awful, he is convinced he is fantastically cool and talented and cute. I can only assume with that kind of deluded ego that he is either a blood relative of the nigger president, or else he is a former disk jockey.

Mourning Dove Update

I killed the two doves. I read that pigeon is called "squab" in fancy restaurants. I am surrounded by chinks here so they had no problem with me shooting what they consider to be "game birds." All the chinks here have pellet pistols because they use them to kill cats. There used to be tons of cats here when a few white people lived here, but all the white people moved out except me because they were all shunned by the chinks for all being assholes. What can I say, white Americans are assholes. The foreigners are right. Well at least the civilized foreigners are right. Anyway all the white people left but me. i get along with the chinks because they all play the violin. Violin players are never dangerous. So they all have pellet pistols. For one reason or another. I asked to borrow two of them and the doves are so tame with all the cats gone that i was able to shoot them both simultaeously from a short distance. They are always together and I wanted to kill them both at the same time so that one or the other wouldn't suffer from the grief of seeing his or her loved one getting shot to death. I can aim a pistol without using the sights, just by holding the muzzle in the right direction. A pellet pistol is almost overkill for doves at 15 feet so there was certainly no suffering or sloppy death experienced by either one of them. One of the neighbor chinks watched and encouraged me, not that I needed it, and was very excited to see both doves fall to the walkway. "We have good meal with soup!!" He then prepared the birds in a flash while I watched, and when his two daughters came home we ate a small chinese meal of bird pieces fried in some kind of oil and a few other things, and of course hot-sour soup, which his wife had made from scratch. The two daughters were very impressed with my shooting skills when they heard their father bragging on me, which I guess is no big deal for chinks, dad talking-up grown men to the daughters. Not at all like here where daughters are off limits to everyone, grown men or not. I don't know what their customs are but I have a hunch they are real different from what goes on here in this anal, sphincter-seized country. If those two dead mourning doves get me a simultaneous "blow job for you, joe," from those two chink girls, their lives will not have been tragically lost in vain.


I encountered my first professional-grade soccer ball the other day. It came over the tall fence I was walking by. By the police station there is a playing field, fully maintained for, apparently, league games. One was going on and a soccer ball came bouncing across my path. I got it and hurled it over the fence, but before I did I examined it and learned everyuthing I could about it. I do not like soccer or anything about it. It is a game for third world countries, which America is becoming, I admit, and it is a game for people who live in squalid conditions and have no indistry and have no anything except rats and disease and poverty and death. Kind of like what we will have here when America is full of Mexicans and indians from the jungles of Peru. A soccer ball, if you are not familiar with one, is about as light as one hydrogen atom. If you took a soccer ball to bonneville and put your back to a 40 mile an hour wind blowing across the flats and kicked a soccer ball with enough loft to get it 20 feet up and 20 feet out, it would probably never again touch the earth. It would just sail away in a straight line. my first, and hopefully last, encounter with a soccer ball revealed to me why they can be curved in flight to such a degree by foot contact. They are so light that any kind of intense contact, not dead center, will hurl the gravity-free sphere in a curve that could probably be made circular by an experienced professional. A soccer ball is about the shittiest piece of sports equipment ever conceived and manufactured. Until last week I was always astounded by seeing soccer players hitting the ball with their concrete heads. It seemed like any brains they had in there would be pounded to mush in the course of even one game. That was before I got my hands on one of these things. It is like hitting your head against a balloon. There is an absolute limit to how fast a soccer ball will travel through the atmosphere at ground level, due to it's almost complete lack of mass, and I would estimate that speed at perhaps one mile an hour. So an object weighing nothing strinking the human third world head at one mile an hour is not going to do any damage to anything. And this piece of shit ball is the solitary piece of equipment used for the whole game, on the whole playing field, by all ten or whatever men in gay shorts for the entertainment of all the earth's third world imbeciles. You get five or six poverty stricken aborigines over here and you get another five or six
dirt-dwellers over there, and you toss this piece of shit ball into their midst and they kick it with their feet and hit it with their stupid fucking heads, the end. It's a game for Apaches and Zulus and Muslims. Not for real people.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise hates this picture.

Meheekan Teebee

There's one, and only one, good thing about the glut of illegal spics in the country. And that's Mexican tv. Thre is more pussy and twat and ass and tits and pussy than you can possibly believe on the Mexican channels. The FCC never says anything because Mexicans have Special Privileges, and the government has strict orders not to fuck with the illegals. Because they are fueling this so called "economy." they are fueling it by keeping prices escalating. At least until the bust, where things are starting to calm down and cost what they should cost, to some extent. Of course the nigger and his fag accomplises in DC are workiing fast to start a credit frenzy all over again, because niggers love credit-buying. Hey, they're niggers. It's what they do. It's a form of looting. Which is also what they do. So anyway, the FCC leave the Mexican channels alone because the Mexicans don't give a shit about the American government. Some of the shows I cant even talk about because of internet monitoring by the feds. EYE would get in trouble just by saying I liked them. In fact I think the shows are sponsored by the US Govt. just to entrap Americans. And you know that I talk about everything here. But I'm steering clear of describing some of these Mexican shows in the kind of detail I would like to describe them in. The fucking boner police would be all over me. Mexicans of course are immune to American government action, unless it's handouts or favors, of course. So all I can say is happy channel surfing. You wont't find shit on Gringo tv but these fucking beaners, they gut a real clear idea of what tv is all about. I'll say that.

The Fucking Mourning Doves

There's mourning doves that live here. They like the trees outside our place. They're redwoods. Mourning doves don't inhabit redwood environments, but the redwoods here ain't in their own normal environment so the redwoods and the mourning doves have found each other and bonded. In the spring mourning doves build nests. This involves a lot of flying around. Mourning doves are not like other birds, they don't need to scour the outer limits of the universe to find suitable nesting material, apparently they can fashion nests out of slag, trash, freeway debris, lava flows: whatever is in abundance in the vicinity that they live in, apparently they can make nests out of it. So here, I guess, the mourning doves probably make nests out of plant-devouring snails. Since a mourning dove can apparently make a nest out of anything within reach, that means that they do not fly far from the nest site in order to get more stuff. That means that they fly around the immediate, and I do mean immediate, vicinity a LOT. This creates a problem for the human nervous system, at least mine. Because, you see doves do not fly silently. For some reason, when a dove makes a flight from this branch here over to that bush over there, its wings produce a noise like the three year old, with a blue-whale's lung capacity, who has just discovered a roomful party whistles, and now needs to blow them all. A mourning dove makes more party-time racket with its wings while just doing its morning stretching than a drunk with a roll-down whistle on New Years. And apparently mourning doves do not transport nest material in large qualtities. That is, what I am saying is, that they do not haul the stuff to the site in bulk. In order to make fewer trips. Apparently they are uncooncerned about how many trips it will take to gather the nesting crap. time management and efficiancy do not seem to be part of their job performance requirements. They do not really, from what I can see, carry even what I would consider a reasonable amount of stuff from the ground to the work-area per trip. In fact, from what I can see, when a mourning dove alights on the ground to select a beam or girder, if he can't find one, he is content to pick up a piece of microscopically-sized straw and fly it, and it alone, all the way back to the construction site. In fact, judging from the constant noise of Quuanza at Midnight that is passing to and fro past the window as both parents-to-be make their ten-per-minute trips from the nest to the ground, from the ground to the nest, from the nest to the ground, from the ground to the nest, neithr one of these home buiders is in any hurry to haul a load that any other bird or animal would consider "an honest amount." In other words, it sounds like an airport for retards with whistles around here. sometimes they just fly around and do nothing. Mourning doves apparently would just as soon peck at samples on the groound to make it LOOK like they're working and then return to the nest with nothing, if they feel like it. But whether they do any actual hauling or whether they just make endless reconnaisance flights, the bizarre sound like a siren shuddering from the cold, or a rat seized by the legs in the jaws of a vibrating trap that is flapping it about while it screeches, this sound of mourning doves in flight never abates. It is like a traffic jam of clowns upon donkeys in Mexico at a narrow street with each clown raising holy hell at each other using only whistles and bleeter toys. Which would be funny if that was what was actually going on out here. But in fact it's just two mourning doves flying around. Two small birds going from branch to branch and from limb to limb are making more racket with their wings while flying than the wings of an F-16 make in a low altitude pass across a salt flat. I just had an idea. I am going to kill them. Ok, never mind, problem's over.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dancing With Maxsim Chmerkovskiy

Maxsim Chmerkovskiy is a Russian product of the Marxist Revolution wherin everyone with any intelligence was executed and the stupid people were all elevated to positions of power. This actually resulted, over a period of about 100 years, in the third generation, of which Maxsim is a product, of this form of Darwinism In Reverse, this mad science resulted in a creature named Maxsim Chmerkovskiy. Max, who I will now call Maxine for convenience, having no ability to interact with other humans other than on the level of a chimpanzee interacting with a stick, he took up dancing. Ballroom dancing, which, in its competition variety, does not looks like dancing so much as it looks like two hyperactive epileptics on meth being constantly electrocuted with wires attached to the plasma particle collider in Switzerland.
Some men enter this sport and as a result are turned into very interesting-to-watch dance partners of scantily clad, serpent-like women with long bare legs and really great asses and pussies. Other men are turned into preening, self-centered, mean-streaked assholes who are pissed because they never get to dance alone or with other men but with something with a vagina. Maxine is one of these men. Maxine was given as his partner Denise Richards, of the two people whose tits are showing in the above pictures, she is the one, of the two, Barak Obama would not want to fuck. Barak would have eyes for Maxine. If Barak could of course wear the dress. That would end the relationship before it even began: Maxine does not like people who wear dresses, no matter what they might have underneath. Maxine was born in a peculiar corner of russia called the Ukraine. The Ukranians, you may recently remember, got attacked by Russia and the Ukranians got all pissed because we didn't come to their rescue and begin WW3. What can we learn from this???? THAT UKRANIANS ARE PROBABLY JEWS!!!!! Why??? Because as we have learned from previous posts, Jews do nothing for themselves. They whine and nag and gripe and complain and weep and wail and mourn and lament that everybody hates them. And this is true: they turn on anyone who tries to help them. They turned on Yahweh, the creator of the universe and told him to go fuck himself. I guess he did cause he created Jesus, an exact duplicate, only in the physical universe, just like us named Jesus and God sent Jesus to the Jews to rescue them and they turned on Jesus, the superbeing with magic powers who wanted to rescue them, and make them rulers of the earth, they turned on his help and executed him in the most agonizing manner known at the time. Faced with extermination by the Nazis the rest of the world rescued them and gave them their own country and they keep complaining because they want their own country but they dont want their own country and they want to be liked but they dont want to be liked and they want everyone to send them money but they dont want to pay it back and even the Arabs, the - by far - the shittiest race of people ever to crawl the earth, even THEY hate the Jews. And nobody even knows why. Nobody even ever thinks to ask. I guess because everyone else hates the Jews too and so they figure Welcome Aboard to the Arabs. So, what I'm saying is, the Jews are fucked up, and have been for 5,000 years!!! And they are still here and stilll the fucking historical center of attention. How do they do it? Beats the shit outa me. So Maxine is probably one of these people. Of all the Jews, as bad as they all are, the Russian-Baltic-Slavic Jews are by far the worst. And by worst I mean the most annoying. Or "Jewy" in other words. Maxine is one of these people. He had this hot piece of ass dance partner, who is worth ten million times what he is and who actually is POPULAR, and has made more money for Hollywood than Maxine has made for Asshole Dance Studios, or wherever the fuck he works when he isn't emotionally browbeatiing actresses on national tv. You know, you would THINK, that Charlie Sheen, he's so fucking tough and macho and virile and with gonads a-plenty, would have at some point, just because Denise Richards is HIS TWO DAUGHTERS' MOTHER, that he would have dropped by and kicked Maxine in the vagina. Just to set him straight that nobody fucks with Denise Richards and makes her life miserable unless they're married to her. So Charlie the whoremonger has gone even farther down in my estimation than Maxine. Maxine's a fuckiing Bolshevik Jew. He can't fucking HELP himself. Charlie Sheen had some upbringing in a modern country. On the other hand, in Charlie's defense, Maxine does look genuinely deranged. Believe me, we know our own. This guy is a fucking keg of U-238 waiting to go critical. He's got so many issues they're hangin' out his asshole and draggin' on the ground farther than the gelatinized boy-jizz trailing out Obama's ass.

The Nigger

The nigger yesterday had a big problem with the AIG bonuses: probably the smallest part of the taxpayer-assfucking. Today he's pretty much ok with it. The Casino on Wall St. went up. So they can have their bonuses now. Let me tell you, the best thing that could happen to America is that it collapses. Then with the government gone the normal people could rebuild the country again. A country without some Muslim nigger Marxist ordering everyone around and prancing about like Caesar. At least Caesar could beat the crap out of someone on horseback. This fucking fairy would run from a horse, crying that the boogeyman was after him. Jesus, I have never seen a gayer, prancinger little douche. I want to make two huge lampsahdes, or tents, out his ears. And 2 Grand Canyon rafts out of his lips. Semen must make your lips bigger.

The Fargo Floods

They're expecting flooding in Fargo and points east. For the past week they've been showing whiter people PREPARING FOR THIS. Something there was a noticeable shortage of film footage of when the hurricane hit New Niggereans. and I bet if there's a big mess there you won't hear one white person blaming whatever the fuck FEMA is. You see, it's like this: white people don't need government. Only niggers and Jews do.

Brief Discussion With A Sandnigger

Some Palestinian fuck intercepted me outside some store with some anti Israel stuff and had a Queeran on the table. I said have you actually read that? He assured me piously that he had. I said you know what's so great about reading the Queeran? He said there are endless advantages. I said but do you know what the main one is? I said it has a miraculous nature. He got all happy and agreed and was almost overcome with delerium. I said Yes, it has a miraculous nature to it: once you read it, for some reason and by some wonderful mysterious means you show up ten times brighter on the infared targeting mechanism of an overhead gunship. He started yelling. HAHAHAHA That's what they do you know. HAHAHAHAHA He also got a little scared because I think he believed me. They believe everything.

Jesus Hussein Obama

This just in. Look at this brand new picture of the Nigger in Chief being played across the AP. You KNOW the nigger cooked this up himself. "Ok, now, look, if I stand here and you position yourself over there, I will look like I have the great seal of the Niggernited States encircling my head like a halo. This will give at least an APPROXIMATION of my inner holiness and my closeness to Allah. I mean god. Whatever god aint Allah." This is Niggerness Gone Wild. Niggers are gonna look at this and actually believe he is the Messiah. He'll just say the word and they will start burning down the whole country. Get your guns ready and loaded, white people, The New Nigger is rallying his voodoo army.

The Trillion Dollar Cosmetics Industry

I just listened to a 30 minute talk from my wife about her day at the makeup counter, the results of her day at the makeup counter, some previous days at the makeup counter that she was making an effort to rectify, what it is she expected from her makeup, the effects of makeup, the various theories of making up, what is the optimum makeup, how it is that some makeups succeed with her whilst others fall short of the mark, and at about the 20 minute point i asked, after having said not one damn thing so far, but just staring at her, I said, "Why are you telling ME this?" And the answer was "BECAUSE YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE HERE!!!" Instead of me then saying to her "Well it's clear to me that women need two husbands, not one. They need one to fuck and one just to talk to. The one they would talk to would be of course the queer. So basically women need a queer husband plus a non queer husband." But what I did instead, as she continued, was actually think about makeup. And I thought that if women only knew that men do not care about what their face looks like. We just want to see your tits, your ass, and your pussy. Those are the things you should be showing us, not your fucking goddamn face, and those are the things you should be pampering and taking care of and spending billions of dollars on at the cosmetic counter. Not your fucking face. And those fags at Nordstrom's and Macy's and Penny's working on your face in the chair, they SHOULD be working on your tits and on your ass and on your pussy in the chair and explaining to you how this shade brings out your areolas and this tint here does SO much to accentuate your nipples, and OH you MUST let me brush just a SMIDGEON of this very subtle glitter on your clit. OH MY GAWD that is SO much better, and your clit hood is just a TAD wrinkled, because, as you know, as we get on a bit in the YEARS department, that skin around our clits can start to, you know, bunch up like our panties OH MY GOD LISTEN TO ME but this emollient will smoooooooth out that clit hood like silk, and those labs my dear??....Lookit how this creme applies so evenly and puffs up those clams, making them fuller and sponjier. Don't you just want to bounce a quarter off them? OH LISTEN TO ME LIKE I MAKE BEDS!!! Actually I do because i can't STAND "Mr Crumpled Bed"!!! And are our "inners" starting to do that peek-a-boo thing, hon? MY GAWD!! Oh I can fix that SO FAST with this. What is it? It's a new product called Lab-No-More. Does your pussy look like it has the tire-wreckage from an 18-wheeler spilling out of it? This pulls all that debris right back inside. Ok, I think you get the fuckin' point here. We ain't interested in your FUCKING FACE!!! PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION TO WHAT WE ARE INTERESTED IN AND YOUR LIFE WILL SUDDENLY BECOME A LOT LESS ANNOYING AND AGGRAVATING FROM US. PUT YER TITS, PUSSY AND ASS ON PUBLIC DISPLAY NOT YOUR FACE. IF WE ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR FACE AT ALL IT'S THAT PART OF IT INSIDE YOUR JAWS. WHICH IN CASE YOU ARE MORE RETARDED THAN MOST WOMEN THAT WOULD BE YOUR INSIDE CHEEKS, YOUR TONGUE, AND THE SUCTION MECHANISM, WHEREVER THE FUCK THAT IS LOCATED, OK?????? Jesus Fucking Jewboy Christ.

More Reasons To Like Skating

Stupid me, I thought Sasha Cohen was the only reason to like skating. Dennis reminded me of some others.

Why Men Watch Ice Skating

I think the pictures of Sasha Cohen pretty much explain the story.

Why Men Don't Ice Skate

I think the picture of Johnny Weir pretty much explains the story.

The Economic "Catastrophe"

The economic "catastrophe" that the nigger and the democrats and the republicans are talking about is that if you-the-sucker don't bail out the lending institutions that were ordered by congress to give money to 20 million illegal Mexicans to buy houses with, that these lending institutions and the 500 senators and congressmen who were living off the pyramid scheme they themselves created, all these people would be forced to get jobs in Macy's, where they could only steal handfulls of shirts and ties at a time instead of handfulls of thousand dollar bills from you. See how easy things are and how much sense they make when you hear them from me? If you vote me into office though I'm going to fleece the fuck out of you just like those other guys because I'll figure you're stupid enopugh to think you need me ORDER you what to do, I'll take full advantage of it. Starting with your teenage cheerleader daughter. Or your 9-year-old son if he's fair and soft like a Grecian angel, or tawney and russet like a Spaniard lad. We'll just have to see. The above photo is supposed to be the Nigger in Chief but they didn't have any photos of a species of monkey with ears like a molasses jug.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nigger Economics

The Nigger in Chief is in the process of "explaining" his "economic recovery" plan. It is a lot like Dennis Rodman's "Everyone sucks but me" plan. There is nothing easier for a nigger to do than to "explain things" to white people. White people are afraid of niggers. So any explanation will fly with these listeners. So over the course of a hundred years of "freedom from responsibility" for these people, talking lies and doubletalk is just second nature to niggers. Basically The Nigger in Chief's "plan" is this: taxpayers are going to buy-up 2 trillion dollars in worthless IOU's. Why? Because that will make the stock market go up. The taxpayers, or suckers, even though they are "buying" worthless IOU's, they do not actually get anything. They don't get any new properties or anyrhing. They just get jailed if they don't pay. If it is decreed that the suckers will pay for the bad mortgages of illegal aliens - which is who bought all these houses they can't pay for - the stock market will go up. Why? Because it is operated by emotion. Two emotions, actually: panic, and deluded optimism. Forcing the suckers to foot the bill will create a deluded optimism. The stock market will rise. The stock market is a casino. Who runs casinoes on this planet: that's right, the Italian Mafia. The Mafia considers casino "customers" as "suckers." That's the working-term in Mafia Society for gamblers. Suckers. The suckers in this case are the voters. The taxes needed to "finance" the purchase of worthless IOU's will rise. But people know a million ways to avoid paying taxes. So the government, never actually getting the taxes they are levying will simply PRINT the "dollars." Dollars are paper sheets that come off printing presses. If the amount of dollars exceeds what a bum under a bridge with a hangover and a first grade education considers a proper relation to "whatever the value of the dollar is based on" - which is "nothing in particular" prices will rise. Really fast. When prices rise really fast people go shopping every day. To stay ahead of the next price rise. Politicians consider this "good." In reality - which is something politicians, like niggers' explanations, decide that it is - in reality, this is bad: it means that the worthless IOU's the suckers are paying for are becoming more worthless everyday. That means the 2 trillion dollar debt the suckers have to pay for becopmes aa 4 trillion dollar debt overnight. Which will cause a total collapse of the Federal Money System. Which will probably be good. Especially for people with actual gold metal in their possession. Reality is a variable to government employees and niggers - most of whom are government employees. It's whatever will keep politicians in office and niggers out of jail. And so far the reality is, for the moment at least, manipulating suckers. Which would be you.

Bad Advertising: Mutual of Omaha

HAHAHA Mutual of Omaha has an ad running on tv that the execs must have been drunk when they gave it the go ahead. Some woman is talking to me and telling me that, sure, she lost her ouse and her car and her belongings and her property and her possessions and everything else she owns, but she has her life and her family. Then the Mutual of Omaha symbol comes on with some meaningfuol music playing plaintively. I'm supposed to be inspired to buy a policy from these people from this. Will I lose everything except my family if I insure with them? I dunno. Why gamble. I'll go with Allstate, I guess. It ain't what I would call a real hopeful and optimistic ad, in other words. It's pretty dismal. Maybe even a warning. After all, she was insured with Mutual of Omaha. And she lost everything. Except her family. Which I guess now lives under a bridge. Good job, M. of O.!! I'm sold!! Sell me a policy and hold on to your hat! Ooops, there it goes anyway!!!

Orgasm Video How-to

No, this is not a video on how to make orgasm videos. It's a video on how to administer them to females. The best part is, they're the only ones who have to take off their clothes. This is going to amaze you and probably alter your love life, not that you have one if you come here, so it can only alter your love life in a positive direction. You won't believe any of this instructional demo probably and so you will feel the compulsion to test it as soon as possible, which is a great excuse to show and watch this video with a female companion because since it is "a lecture and demonstration" type of video she won't be 100% convinced that you are a sleazebag. She will think it's 50-50. Which is fantastic for your chances, believe me. Ok, enough talk, watch and be amazed.



Me, bein' a writer of foul, racist-strewn, vile-packed, obscenity-laden gutter talk I can tell you without qualification, William Shakespeare is not only the best writer in English who ever lived, it's a pretty good bet he's the best writer in any language who ever lived. Now I know the Muslims - and ain't it always the Muslims or the niggers or the Jews in any situation?...now I know the Muslims insist that that second-rate piece of blathering plagiarism of the Bible, the Koran or Q'uran or Core Fuck or however the fuck the Muslims are insisting that it be spelled this week, I know that the Queeran HAHAHAHAHA I LIKE THAT!! THE QUEERAN!!!! (excuse me while i pray a moment silently: thank you jesus my lord and personal saavior from the perditions of hell, thank you for this wondrous inspiration. and i will thank you also senyore shakespeare since i have always considered you and jesus to be the same person, amen. thank you for this gift of vocabulary substitution, the Queeran. Amen. Oh, and Jesus, lookin' forawrd real anxious to that Muslim Eradication Plan foretold in the fucking Bible book o' yours. We're on the same page there, fucker. you are one badass jew bastard as far as I'm concerned. If you were running Isreal them palaestinians would be under fire and brimstone by now. where the fuck was I) I know that the Queeran is claimed by the sandniggers, most of whom CANNOT ACTUALLY READ that the Queeran is "the most subtle and beautiful language and wordsthat can be ever put onto the stuff that you put words onto." Which I think is the way they express it. Arabs. What a wonderful race of people. They make Jews look enjoyable. When I have more time than this second I will give a brief example of how funny Shakespeare is. Just for starters. That's ok, don't thank me: this column is JUST racist name calling, you know. 99% if it, sure. But once in a while, Shakespeare.

Is Donald Trump "Mobbed-Up."

Some dumbass fuck asked me today if Donald Trump was "mobbed-up." Like I would know. HAHA actually I do know. And I said to him, "If I say yes, or if I say no, will that be enough for you? Will you consider that the real answer?" He said he didn't know. So I didn't tell him.

Today's Additional Nigger Message

The new nigger is also trying to talk the "lenders" into lending money to the illegal mexicans and the drunken crackhead niggers who had their houses forclosed on. Hey, niggerboy: who the fuck would lend money to someone who already didn't pay their debts? To a nigger, though, this is not a consideration. You can learn a lot about niggers by watching the current issuance of Celebrity Apprentice. Nigger Logic, as I call it, is in full bloom. Rodman has a justification for every single piece of
counter-productive activity he can churn out of his stupid nigger mechanism. It don't matter that it's all being recorded forever, he will set fire to a baby in a carriage and then explain for two hours why, ONE - he didn't set the fire and, TWO, it was the baby who set it and it was the baby's way of trying to get Rodman in trouble. Fuckbama Nigger Hussein Fagboy Leroy Motherfucker Coon should be on Celebrity Apprentice just to watch him in behind-the-scenes action kneeling down and grabbing stiff peckers and sliding his face, very fast, against mens' bellies and then getting up and swallowing the jizz and licking the remnants off his face and fingers, explain to Trump and America why he wasn't sucking dick and drinking cum, which he would do. No problem. He's a nigger queer. Like Rodman. They pro'bly shop together at the same boutiques. Fuckin' nigger bastard motherfucker. This "democracy" crap ain't workin'. I gut a fuckin queer muslim nigger tellin ME what ta do. Fuck that, you moolie idiot.

Today's Nigger Message

Today the new nigger informed the "business sector" whatever the fuck that is, that "they" need to become innovative and figure out a way to stop using petroleum. Not one of these "moguls of industry" said "And why is that, nigger?" I guess the new nigger is now the official CEO of corporate America. EVeryone's afraid to say "Fuck you, you stupid coon, you want 'alternative' energy, tell us what it is, how we can get it, what we will do with it, who the fuck we will sell it to, everyone seems pretty content with oil, and basically give us the business plan, or in other words, what the fuck are you talking about, you fucking blathering Dennis Rodman Jr." Fucking dumbass coon. It's bad enough having to listen to this dictatorial bull from white guys who think they are actually "President" of something when they take charge of the Oval Office. But it really brings the nonsense into the full glare of a thermonuclear spotlight when it's a fucking dumbass nigger up there fulminating like some retarded Ging George in the throes of syphillis madness telling everyone else what THEY need to do to make themselves accomodating to HIS fits and demands and pouts and temper tantrums and brattiness. Fuck you, Hussein, you fucking cock licking faggot, you want "renewable energy" go start your own company and make a fortune on this new idea if it's so fucking workable. Whatever the fuck your idea is. Which you never mention, I notice. But then you never say ANYTHING specific. And the niggers and wannabe niggers of America slurp it up like you slurp jizz of a dripping young boy's trembling penis. Can't you just see this prissy little fairy in the Priesthood? I bet him and that fucker Mahoni or Mahoney or Majoni or however he's spelling his name today, I bet those two can't wait to blow each other in a dark confessional.

Bitchinest Thing

Some months back I said the bitchinest thing there is is the Clansman formation in Carlsbad Caverns which is not part of the "normal tours." I didn't have a picture of it, and I didn't know how to install them anyway but now that I know how to install them I can only find one black and white one done by a government official. A human being would be about the size of the illuminated portion of the thing in front of the other thing on the left. In China, a backward communist country, they install
cool lighting in their caves. Here in America the idiot Park Service doesn't do shit. Ok, I found another one taken byu a private non government citizen. Of India, I think.