Saturday, March 24, 2012

Burning the American Flag

I am pushing for the creation of a separate flag for Washington DC so that when people in other countries want to burn the American flag they make sure they burn the right one: the one that represents the only trouble-maker of all the 50 States, and that would be the State that is not actually a State but a "district." A district that is the focus of world hatred. And of domestic hatred. None of the people who burn the American flag hate California. Or Nebraska. Or New Mexico. They hate the District of Columbia. And yet they burn the flag of the United States. Washington DC is not a part of the United States. It is a divisive cancer that for some reason orders the actual States around like a plantation owner ordering the field niggers to bring in more product for the slave owner to confiscate. The Washington DC flag should - and this is just a suggestion - represent Islam, since every Senator and half the Representatives who represent Washington DC against the 50 States is in the employ of Saudi Arabia. It is not an accident that the Democrats ran a Sunni Muslim and not a Shiite when they ran the sock monkey in chief. It was because the Saudis are Sunnis. The Sunnis and the Shiites are mortal enemies. Muslims are quite capable of killing each other for Allah when they have no Christians and Jews to kill for Allah. So the Washington flag whould perhaps be a Muslim derivative. Something that combines perhaps the testicles of Allah with the nouth of Mohammed, or perhaps involves the cock of Mohammed with the anus of Allah. And the 50 States could keep the Stars and Stripes since everyone seems to like that one anyway. Everyone except Washington DC and the rest of the world. But that's because the 50 States are being thrown under the bus by Washington DC and until TODAY - and right here - nobody has noticed this little piece of chicanery. I say end it. Give DC its own flag for the world to hate and keep the USA out of all this nonsense. We have Mexicans to eject and would like to be left alone to do it.