Monday, November 30, 2009

One Year Of This Fucking Blog

I started this blog thing the day the nigger in the nigger house won the election. That was a year ago. I started it to have a publicly admitted outlet for my objection to this regurgitated blob of Nature's mutation machine being belched into the Presidency of the United States, a Country I used to like a LOT. Now, basically, Las Vegas is my United States and all the rest of it is just pretty much just Mexicans, trash, and wide open spaces. The nigger has not destroyed what was left of the Country as fast as I anticipated, though he does have a pretty good momentum going. Fortunately a small percentage of the white people who actually make the Country function as America and not as Mexico or Iran or Nigeria are starting to realize that at least ONE nigger in the government is an idiot and are willing to risk the - oh dear - label of racist to say so. Since nobody knows what a racist actually is I don't know why people are so afraid to be called one. Who knows, it could mean "has a ten inch cock." And there's nothing wrong with that. Obama of course is a coke addicted Marxist stupid fucking nigger plain and simple. He has absolutely NO intelligence above the level of a smiling, oily, used car salesman, and is only interested in fucking up the whole planet if necessary because he hates Earth and everyone on it. If this was not a planet in the death throes of stupidity he would not have bobbed to the surface of the slimy pond as fast as he has. He is where he is because Darwin was correct in his understanding of how things happen with living things; non-thinking beings - plants, animals, humans - adapt to whatever conditions favor their proliferation. In the present day human realm, mass stupidity is what is favored. Intelligence is punished. Therefore Obowma and his very ugly wife and his two retarded children are where they are because they Belong there. But I don't have to like it, even though there is nothing I can do about it because this is a "democracy" where the will of the majority of the "average" people - which would be undocumented indians from Mexico and Honduras - have their likes and dislikes attended to at the expense of the above average and the below average. This is called "the best government in history in perfect operation." It doesn't say much for the history of government does it. My job here is to call Obama names. Period. I have not gotten tired of it, and when he is gone, I will stop and the blog will disappear, never to be replaced by another one. Not at these prices at any rate. I'll rail against that nigger piece of shit in public for free but probably not anything else. I'll need to be paid. The only possible exception would be Islam. But I don't see Islam being stopped short of worldwide nuclear eradication. I don't think the disappearance of Obama will require that much effort. And when he goes I will go. This should be a great incentive for EVERYONE to try and get rid of the fucker not just me. And now on to Year Two. Let the nigger-bashing begin. I mean continue.

Jihad Watch

I seem to be unblocked on Jihad Watch. Just reporting.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Best Buy Loves Muslims

This is from Snopes. Best Buy ran an ad wishing the Muslims a.....whatever they have. Long as you don't say Christmas nobody fucks with you. You can wish people Merry Child-Fucking Baby-Eatin! and that's fine. Say merry Christmas and all hell breaks lose. Fuck Islam, fuck Muslims, fuck Jehova's Witnesses, Fuck Mormons, Fuck Jews, Fuck Catholics, fuck anti-Darwin Christians, fuck liberals, fuck atheists, fuck commies and fuck you. except for Woman of the North, Nobody, Mick, Gringo, Cap'n Bob Napier and Ray Hicks of course.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Gwarongo

Woman of the North said there should be an African name for Thanksgiving like there's an African name - Quanza - for Christmas. So I invented the name Gwarongo. Happy Gwarongo everybody!! I told everyone on Facebook that we had Trumpeter Swan instead of turkey and had California sea otter pot pie as a side dish. They all got upset.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Woman of the North calls sandniggers "hamper-heads." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hamper-heads. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fuckin' hamper-heads. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! They gut ten tons of dirty laundry on their fucking noggins and they carry it around that way all day long. Every day. For years. All their lives. All their lives they gut random dirty clothing on their heads. OR THEY GO TO HELL!!! HAHAHAHA!! THAT'S SOME MEAN-ASS DIETY THEY GUT!!! THE FUCKER'S IMAGINATIVE, I'LL SAY THAT!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Hamper-heads.

Jihad Watch

HAHAHAHA I have been blocked from Jihad Watch. I guess I'm too anti Islam even for the anti islamists. HAHAHAHAHA fuckin douchebags. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Negress

The First Nigger has finally done something right. She put on some fucking civilized clothing and doesn't look like a fucking moolie coon crackbitch ghetto whore. She looks like someone from
Western Civilization and not from a Kenyan dumpster. I guess the picture of her klomping down the steps of Nigger One knocked some sense into her idiot moolie head. Good job, Ugly!! Who SAYS I ain't ready to backpedal if necessary. Keep it up if you can, you ferocious faced mandrill.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Commie Jews

This is Chuck Schumer. Or as I call him, Chuck Jewmer. I should just call him Chuck Jewman. Or maybe just Jew. This is Jew. Jew is a Democrat Senator from Jew York, the State that when it got attacked didn't do anything about it. That's because Jew York is full of Jews. Jews wait for other people to solve their problems for them and then never say thanks and in fact usually tell you to stay off their property from now on. Try and date or marry a Jew if you're not a Jew. See how far you get. On the other hand maybe they're doing the right thing there, saving a poor Gentile from a fate worse than death, a Jew date or a Jew spouse. Oy. Where was I. Oh yeah, Chuck Jewmer. Chuck Jewmer says that the non passage of the Free Health Care For Jews Niggers and Mexicans is NOT an option. Jews love communism. Communism says you get everything for free and a Jew hears the word "free" and he's on board. Gentiles are afraid of Jews, just like Gentiles - white Gentiles - are afraid of Mexicans, Muslims and niggers. Jews love to run for office because holding office is like lawyering without having to actually go to court and argue cases and do some work: you just CREATE laws rather than fuck around with them. Jews love the law. Jews invented Law. Jesus nullified the Law and so the Jews don't particularly like Jesus or Christians. The Muslims don't like Christians either but at least the Jews don't go around killing Christians or trying to convert them. Jews know their own and know being a Jew is genetic and so there's no reason to convert people. You're either born a Jew OR ELSE YOU AIN'T A JEW!! This is another thing white Christians insist isn't true. White Christians are convinced being a Jew is a religion. Like you can become a former Jew. This is White Stupid Christian WASP nonsense. Where was I. So Chuck Schumer is getting all threatening - like as though a Jew's threats are ever backed up with anything other than the threat to sue. THAT threat they make good on. Jewmer is all dictatorial about the
Health Care For Jews Niggers and Mexicans to pass because he thinks there will be free health care. Cause this is how Jews, and Gentiles who don't know any better, think. Fuck Chuck Jewmer.

The First Neegress Egress

Well, ya know, there's one good thing about having niggers in the white house: it gives everyone a day to day running record of how fucked up niggers are. Look at this fucking pig making her way down the steps of Nigger One. There's a saying I made up once, "niggers ruin everything." I made it up after I observed for years that niggers ruin everything. I never saw one instance of niggers making ANYTHING better than it was before they got there or got ahold of it. Everything they put their hands on falls apart into uselessness so that when they are done with it it doesn't work and is just sitting there rotting away. They oughta let this fucking piece of shit Louisianna nigger fly the fucking plane. Our problems would be over.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steven Seagal

I was in Best Buy yesterday and they have 100 million tv sets going. On some of them was a loop showing the new Steven Seagal tv show with him riding around with cops. It turns out Steven Seagal is an actual Make Believe Cop!! 20 years ago he went into a police station and showed a bunch of adoring Steven Seagal fans who were gay police officers, he showed them how to take a pistol away from someone holding a pistol RIGHT IN YOUR FACE FROM ONE FOOT AWAY!! - which never ever happens ever in real life ever. Well!.....these gay lonely police officers in love with Steven Seagal movies oozed semen all down their legs onto their shoes and said "Can we make you a make believe police officer? that we can be with you and you can be with us?" Steven Seagal of course said yes to this because it would mean that he could play act in real life in addition to in real movies. And he could pretend he was.....whatever it is he is pretending to be. What he IS is a dumbass stupid half Navajo half Jew. At least that's what he looks like to me on my "you can't hide anything from me" detector. What he CLAIMS to be is very likely something else. Probably a Tibetan avatar who really lives on another planet and is just here via "projection" of some sort. Kind of like the old science fiction classic story "Call Me Joe." So anyway Steven Seagal was up there on all the tv sets and he was even bigger than usual. Not "big as life" of course because then he could not have fit inside the Best Buy building. He did a lot of that looking-at-the-camera thing that they do in every tv show when they are advertising the tv show. The stars just stand there and slowly fold their arms or something or just look right at you like they are something really worth contemplating - "Look at me, peon, can you believe your eyes that I am this fantastic?" That's what they all do. And Steven Segal does this too. Unfortunately for Steven Seagal he does not look like the ordinary tv star - who USUALLY looks pretty damn fantastic. Steven Seagal on the other hand, does not look fantastic at all. He looks like a lobotomized manatee. He looks like an infected pudding piled-high on the screen. His face looks like it's going to have its own heart attack, it's so fucking huge. His head is ten times the size of Rush Limbaugh's.
His body is ten times the size of the planet Neptune. There is virtually no intelligence in his eyes at all. He looks like he is seeing his next pile of cookies in his mind's eye when he looks at the camera. You do not see Steven Seagal looking at the camera lens. You see Steven Seagal thinking about taking a nap and eating some fries when he wakes up. He clearly lives to eat. Steven Seagal has effectively convinced the earth population that he is superman. Legends abound that he works for the CIA, the FBI, and is the head of the National Security Council. Legends abound that he is a kung fu master and a brilliant and deadly in-close combat expert. Jesus Fucking Jewboy Christ, Steven Seagal could be picked-off by a cross eyed rifleman with a .22 from 3 miles away he is so fucking huge. His "combat expertise" would not enable him to chase-down a fucking housefly. Not that he would need to, it would just land on him and start laying eggs, he looks so fucking squalid. "Squalid not solid" ought to be his personal motto.
There is no way he would survive any kind of combat. A halfbreed mexican-Philippino 50 lb. street thug from Alhambra could beat the living fucking shit out of him in two seconds and then club him on the ground like a stricken sea-lion for ten minutes with a metal bat. Not that any of that would kill him, that would take Japanese harpoon boats firing sharpened cruise-ship anchors into his hide.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cretin Barrel

Cretin Barrel is what I now call Crate & Barrel.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Crate And Barrel Muslim Bastard Fucks

We put in a floor. this is a big deal for me. I don't do domestic shit. At all. But the carpet looked like a nesting area for absent elephants. So I had the bright idea we could party around here if there was a floor. and I could use to the diversion of a few milfs around here. So we went though that war. Then there was the New Furniture war. I got through that with my skin still on my back. So in this process we have been doing a lot of trade at Crate And Barrel. We went in there for a small rug and they have this fold away table i been fixating on for a month. i asked the idiot girl if i could take a phone picture of it because i been telling a few people about how cool it is and they wanted to know more. she goes all paranoid and scared. she runs off. some coon woman comes back and says no you cant take any pictures in the store its against policy. assholes use "it's against policy" like hitler used poison gas: if it's for a reason fucked up enough then its ok. i said "doing something stupid because it's policy just makes it a stupid policy. I mean something idiotic doesnt suddenly become something brilliant just because it's policy. it's still stupid. it's just that now everybody HAS to do it. Including the fucking CUSTOMERS YOU FUCKING NIGGER CUNT!!!" The staff of the store and 90% of the idiots in there buying things did not like the case I was presenting and there was LOTS of energy suddenly erupting all around me. I mean really bad energy. i have enough retail experience to know that if you run out of the building you will not be chased. everyone will be glad to see you leave. so that's what i did. i waited back at the car. cecily was pissed. she said she had to leave out a side door in case anyone connected her to me and wanted to hold her for ransom. i said "did you think i would pay?" turns out that was the wrong thing to say at that particular time in that particular conversation. but i'm more pissed off at crate and barrel than cecily is at me. so who gives a shit.

You May Begin The Praise

Remember when I said "The nigger is doing damage control so fucking fast on that Texas shooter it can only mean 1 - the guy is a Muslim and 2 - the nigger actually knows the guy personally." Well, it didn't take long to see the fucker not only is an Allah Fucker, it turns out he was on Obama's - get this - homeland "security" advisory board. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that fuckin' nigger. He's a pisser.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Real Email Exchange Between Me And Woman Of The North

Well, here's the dumbest thing you'll be asked today-- maybe all week. My friend with a Mac wants to put those shitty smiley faces on his emails. On Windows, we have a bunch of them but he says on his Mac they're real small and not in color. Do you know if Mac has smiley faces? And how to access them??______WOTN

Can i say something? you need to remove that person from your circle of acquaintances. Anyone who uses emotocons is a shallow - AND PROBABLY PERNICIOUS - individual. i am happy to say i dont know if mac has a program developed to allow mac users - a higher form of life - to descend to the level of emotoconizing their emails regarding upper mathematics and discussions of life in the universe, which is basically all they write about, although ichat i believe allows you to smear these foul and revolting "substitutes for a brain" onto your twitter-like expressions of blandness and iterations of meaninglessness as you tell your ichat pal what you are doing right now: "just pooted - tee hee :) :) :)" (emotocons of red-faced blushes here)_____JJS

HAHA, that's what I figured. Thanks._____WOTN

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soup Plantation Revisited

You would think I would I would learn the truth of the adage that if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get different results each time you're insane. But I haven't. Again I went to the Soup Plantation. Which is perfectly ok if you do not eat there but merely observe. Then it becomes FUN. But I went there to eat. When you eat at the Soup Plantation you are eating saliva. You are eating your own saliva and the saliva of everyone else in the place because everyone else in the place - except me - puts their fingers in their mouths at least a thousand times in the course of dragging your tray along the rows of saliva bins. There were not even a lot of people there and the first creature I laid eyes on was a 13 year old boy with a face like a hyena who was putting his hands into everything and eating at the same time he was tossing shit onto his plate. There are little paper cuplets for dressing and he took one and swirled his tongue into it a few times to moisten the sides and bottom and then took the ladle and placed some dressing with it into his little saliva lake and then put the ladle back. He never once stopped eating with his hands. He was in the line of saliva bins on the other side of the line I was in so I watched him all the while I was selecting my own saliva selections. If you were to go there just to observe it is a pretty good certainty you would see more crimes of filth being committed by the public into the food bins than you would see at a drunken orgy of cannibalism. The Soup Plantation is a testing ground for the auto immune system. It is a menagerie of spit-in-flight. It is a carousel of mucous. If the food was at knee level people would jizz and piss into it. At least the men. The women would hand feed food into their mouths and pussies. It is an ongoing carnival of hygienic catastrophe. There's a website for grotesque Walmart customers, and there should be a website for videoed Soup Plantation felonies committed by - not the staff, God only knows what THEY'RE doing - but the customers. Someone please get that site up and running and do your part to save the planet. Fuck cleaning the air and saving the forests, save the fucking humans: monitor the Soup Plantation and get the truth out. BEFORE WE ALL FUCKING DIE!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Guess I was wrong about the Chinese being smart. They're just as stupid as we are.

Ousley Goes Shopping

HAHAHA Dennis was in the market today. Some Chinese woman in the produce depart kept hitting her cart into Ousley's foot. After about the fifth hit Dennis went over to her cart and methodically laid it down on its side on the floor between the gala and the granny smith apples. He then said to her "Is this what you were trying to do?" Let us stop the story right here for a moment. Even if it was LIKELY that what she was trying to do by bumping Ousley's was was to make a request in code for someone to lay her own cart down on its side on the floor in the store....even if that is what she had actually wanted - wouldn't you at least ask BEFORE you turned her cart over on its side? Just to make sure you were right in your assumption? Of course you would. Dennis, however, turned it over before asking. And let's face it, the chances are pretty much zero that that WAS what she wanted. If for no other reason than a metal shopping cart on its side is damn near impossible to get back upright again. Plus all the groceries in it topple to one edge and then out onto the floor. And people all around the vicinity more or less freak. They get real tense. They know something really fucked up has just occured even though a shopping cart on its side is not really anything to fear. Especially if it was laid down all calmly and carefully. I mean it wasn't as though he fucking
went apefire over it. No: it was all real calm. He put one foot in front of one wheel and pulled it toward him while tilting it past the point where it would have returned upright and then held it while gravity slowly lowered it the rest of the way down. And then finally it was just laying there sideways on the floor in the produce department and Dennis asked the woman who had been repeatedly and cluelessly hitting his foot over and over with her own cart while trying to figure out what an orange was, he inquired, looking at her, with her cart on its side at their feet, "Is this what you were trying to do?" It turns out it was not. In fact she was so fucking scared by this that she just shuffled quickly out of the store without saying a word or uttering a sound and to probably never return. I mean, would you? They should make Dennis a foreign diplomat. Nobody would fuck with America ever again. They'd be too freaked out.

Our Bow-Down Nigger

I see the nigger in chief bowed-down to another of his superiors the other day, the head guy in Nipland. Ya know, it has dawned on me that there is nothing sinister after all about the nigger in chief bowing down to people he thinks are "the boss." It's what niggers do. They instinctively know that they are inferior. That it's their JOB to bow down. So he's just bein' a nigger. I am thinkin' about actually cuttin' the guy some slack. I mean it ain't likely he has the brains to be part of any "big plan" for one world government. I am starting to think he's just a nigger. He ain't even aware that he's president most likely. No wonder he dont salute the flag. HE'S A NIGGER! They don't know what the fuck saluting the flag is. They only know what tv is. I am seriously thinking of backing off on this fool a little bit. He is just SO fucking stupid that I am starting to have to actually ask myself "Is it likely that he is anything more sinister and clandestine than that he is just a dumb fool moolie? He just wants to pick some cotton and fuck some goats. That's all. He's a nigger. It ain't even name-callin' no more. It's just simple, plain-as-day, no big deal, fact. He's a nigger. Period. PS - Dennis just brought it to my attention that the nips in the photo ain't even makin' an effort to bow. They're just standing there trying not to laugh at him. Which is just what the fuckin Saudis did when this stupid fieled nigger bowed down to them. I bet if there's a white guy holding the towels in the bathroom obama bows down to him. LIKE HE SHOULD!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Generic Interoffice Email

It's not difficult to make a woman happy.
A man only needs to be:

1. a friend
2. a companion
3.. a lover
4. a brother
5. a father
6. a master
7. a chef
8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a plumber
11. a mechanic
12. a decorator
13. a stylist
14. a sexologist
15. a gynecologist
16. a psychologist
17. a pest exterminator
18. a psychiatrist
19. a healer
20. a good listener
21. an organizer
22. a good father
23. very clean
24. sympathetic
25. athletic
26. warm
27.. attentive
28. gallant
29. intelligent
30. funny
31. creative
32. tender
33. strong
34. understanding
35. tolerant
36. prudent
37. ambitious
38. capable
39. courageous
40. determined
41. true
42. dependable
43. passionate
44. compassionate


45. give her compliments regularly
46. love shopping
47. be honest
48. be very rich
49. not stress her out
50... not look at other women


51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes


54. Never to forget:
* birthdays
* anniversaries
* arrangements she makes


1. Show up naked
2. Bring Beer

Random Generic Interoffice Email

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dr. Ousley Is In. Drop 'Em.

I've been getting pimples on my penis. What does this mean?

Seriously, I'm scared. I've had like white heads, and just big pimples. What is this..? Please let me know.
8 minutes ago
- 4 days left to answer.
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You must be using a lotion with Paba in it to masturbate or you have Syphilis.
2 minutes ago

The Goddamn Fucking Muslims

This is the sign in the window of a sand-nigger-run store in Texas. I thought Texans had some fucking pride. Well I guess if you want to be a State these days you have to be a pussy or else Washington won't like you. Like Washington even knows there ARE any States other than itself. Anyway these pious abnd patriotic Muslims here in the USA decided to celebrate the death of one of their own who flew a plane into one of the World Trade Buildings by closing. I connot believe this place has not been blown up. You shortchange the fucking Mob 50 cents they blow up your house, your car and your place of employment. But this place still stands. Fuck this Country or pussies. The Muslims are right. No wonder they are celebrating the attack on America in Texas. America is full of sensitive faggots who don't want to offend anybody. Ok: let these sandnigger homos take over. This sign was PROBABLY put up my a Muslim WOMAN: the most beat-up and abused critter on earth. But they still have more balls than Americans. They're not afraid to stand up for themselves. And why should they be: we elected one of their own to lead us, hoping he would make friends with these fierce and worthy opponents - the Muslim females. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Friday, November 13, 2009

How Things Are Going For Us In Pakistan

Pakistan, the country we are counting on to solve our Afghanistan problems for us, had it's anti-terrorist-intelligence building destroyed by a car bomb today. The Pakisatanis are people with degrees in Advanced Moronics. They make the idiot Iraqis and the deranged Iranians look like quiet Buddhists sitting in peaceful yoga positions beneath the Bodhi Tree, whatever that is. They should be nuked even if they weren't a problem just for existing. It is like a neutron star of Islamic Madness. And Obama and Co - and Bush and Co, fair to say, are counting on them to fix things up over there for us in that region. Obama has a special fondness for them because they are even dumber than he is and he recognizes that and appreciates it. It means to him that he ain't on the bottom of the Without A Brain In His Head pile. There's a hundred million Pakistanis underneath him. He could fall through that pile for a thousand years at a terminal velocity and keep meeting people stupider than him. That's got to be a good feeling.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Obama's War Strategy

The Right is criticizing the nigger in chief because he has no strategy for the war and he is rejecting everyone's suggestions for Afghanistan. It's being said he has no clue how to run a war. Not to cut the nigger any slack but no President has had a clue how to run a war since WW1. In that war America won it and did not annex Germany, the country it conquered. It gave it back. We sent a million Americans over there to die for nothing. In WW2 we conquered Germany and Japan and did not annex them. We gave them back. We sent ten trillion Americans over there to die for nothing. We fought a war in Korea and didn't even bother to win it. It was a draw. Then we fought another one in Viet Nam and just out and out lost that one. Then we conquered Granada, and then gave it back. Then we conquered Iraq and then gave it back. Then we conquered Afghanistan and now we are giving it back. Without even leaving. We are giving it back while staying there to kill some of them and while they kill some of us. Even a fucking Apache knows that when you conquer another tribe you own them and everything they have. Otherwise what are you fighting them for. I guarantee you if Mexico attacks the US and wins they are not going to then go home and give us our country back. If Mexicico defeats us in a war they will take over. Like you are supposed to when you win a war. Even the Mexicans can get that right. How come the USA can't fucking figure it out.

Other Blogs

You can get "Blogger" to randomly maroon you onto another person's blog if you click the "next blog" sign. Jesus Christ. I thought this blog was bad. At least it ain't boring. Which is not the case with all the other blogs out there. Holy fucking shit. I never got to even one that wasn't about some infant. Who the fuck cares about your goddamn fucking idiot offspring, asshole! Jesus Fucking Christ, can't you fond something INTERESTING in your whole idiot life to write about than your fucking CHILD? Like you fucking built it from scratch, dude! All you did was cum, ok? You fucking ejaculated. That's all you did. And if it's YOU, lady, writing the more-boring-than-sand blog?..... All YOU did was NOTHING if the blog is about your fucking kid. You didnt even have to cum. All you did was show up to the fuckfest. You showed up with an egg. You got laid and now I have to look at 200 crappy photographs of your child. Like I say, my blog is foul and wrong - but at least it ain't boring. You don't see my goddamn relatives in here. Or yours. Unless your relative is that fucking nigger Balack Obama. You'll see THAT monkey faced coon in here a LOT.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I dont know why there's a site making fun of Walmart customers. The Walmart employees are even more grotesque. At least the monstrosities shopping there, if for some reason, God forbid, that you need to actually TALK to them, fucked-up as they are, they WILL likely know what you are talking about. And they WILL likely make AT LEAST SOME EFFORT to accomodate you. They won't just fucking stare at you like you just told them their infant son looks like a centipede. Even though he probably does. No, they will think about your problem and after a while offer some suggestions. And maybe even ask a few questions in clarification. Even if they are wearing strips of bacon over their ears and have a ten foot pitch black turd dangling out their ass. The Walmart EMPLOYEE, however, will just look at you. He will CONTINUE to look at you until you leave. If you DON'T leave he will just keep looking at you. It is VERY unnerving. It's like being looked at by a stupid mutant from a Hitlerian propaganda movie attempting to show the opposite of a Perfect Aryan: like something Goebbels dug-up personally for it's revolting, imbecilic qualities to palm-off as the "essence of the Jew."

Ten States Down - 40 To Go

Ten States are facing "catastrophe" economically, as their leaders are proclaiming. It's always a "catastrophe" when the government is in debt. A catastrophe for you. Not for the government employees. This means that they are going to be "bailed out" by Washington. Or in other words dissolved. Eventually there will only be the United Federal District of Capitol City. You heard it here first.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nigger Sniper Muslim Dead

Above is a picture of John Muhammad. Why, yes, he IS a Muslim, very observant. What gave it away, his Muslim name? He looks like Presidential material, don't he? I am frankly surprised he was executed today and not selected by the Democratic Nominating Committee to run for office. I mean, he looks even MORE
charismatic than the nigger in chief, don't he? This guy did not handle his post-arrest situation at all. He should have said he was a community reorganizer and that he was simply reorganizing the community by killing ten of the community's members. I mean, it's flimsy but it can't be more flimsy that the present nigger president's activity-roster: Muslim; Kenyan citizen; devoted Marxist; community agitator. I mean organizer. Homosexual. Drug addict. True, he hasn't sniped anyone. He probably can't bear to get near a weapon he seems to douchey. I consider his not having a body count a non-essential. He has certainly accumulated one since he took office. And John Muhammed is a lot better looking. I say dig the fucker up and run him anyway. It's the next logical step to what we gut in there now.

Good Site

Google Newsbusters............... very anti obama. good enough for me. professionally run operation. except they want money. fuck 'em. dont give 'em any. just read for free. that's what i do. fuck donations. that's for commies.

The Ass Assiated Press

Some fuck named Ben Feller - probably a Jew - wrote an article in the AP and carried by Yahoo, a lackey of the AP, that described the nigger in chief, talking at Ft. Hood, as the "consoler-in-chief" going on to say that when Presidents, niggers or otherwise, become consolers it can help to "define their Presidency." Now....there is no way in hell this sort of tripe can be called "unbiased journalism." I don't have a problem with biased journalism. It is not possible not to have biased journalism it unless you are discussing a math problem. And politics is not a math problem. What I have a problem with is the AP claiming throughout its history that it is not partial. It is MASTERFULLY partial. They hire only the most dedicated practitioners of rhetoric. An AP or a Time-Life writer can argue either side of a political issue with lawyer-like prose and conviction and persuasiveness. They historically choose to argue the Marxist side. Because that's what their bosses tell them to do. If they worked for National Review they would write the Catholic side. It don't matter to these guys. They can take either side. They are Word Mercenaries. They'll fight with whoever pays them the most. The consoler-in-chief. HAHA I prefer nigger in chief. HAHAHAHAHAHA! And look at the picture they ran: the Muslim In Chief majestically framed next to a mystical apparition of an American combat helmet and rifle, as though he is the King Compatant. He probably has not ever shot a gun. Even in his Muslim Campouts in the Sudan or Egypt or Lybia or Saudi Arabia or Iraq or Iran. Because he is a douche. The only people who fear him are the Congreemen and Senators who have sucked his dick while his nigger frioends took pictures from the curtains.

The Nigger

The nigger spoke at the memorial to the dead Ft. Hood people. If he was speaking at any kinfolk o' mine's funeral I woulda dragged the body outa there.

The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. The Julian calendar, the one we use, ends every Dec 31. Then a new calendar starts. In 2012 on Dec 22 a new Mayan calendar, of 5,000-or-so-plus-years, starts. When the Julian calendar ends nobody panics. Instead they get drunk and fuck someone other than their wives or girlfriends in a drunken orgy of puke and sloppy love making. But for some reason these same people are convinced that when the Mayan calendar - a calendar they never use - ends, so will the EARTH!!!
Why do they believe this? That's real hard to say. A lot of people believe Barak Obama is intelligent. And a Christian. And a citizen. And a heterosexual. It never seems to dawn on any of these people that the Mayans were not even bright enough to stay in existence. And they don't seem to ever consider that the only thing the Mayans used their real long calendar for was to set the dates for mass human sacrifices of children who they fucked beforehand, being, like the Muslims, savage rapists, murderers and cannibals. Unlike the Muslims, however, they ate pork. So they weren't COMPLETELY stupid.

Monday, November 9, 2009

From Walid Shoebat, Former Muslim Assassin

"As our media and President trip over themselves, rushing to take the politically correct line that Radical Islam is the problem and most Muslims are peaceful; we should chalk this massacre up as just another isolated example of a religious madman gone nuts.

This is the second time this has happened in less than six months; in June another Islamic nut job murdered a soldier in Arkansas. Last year a Muslim Naval officer was convicted of passing information to terrorists. In the war in Iraq in 2003 a Muslim serving in our military turned his gun on his own compatriots. The FBI can confirm that they are watching hundreds of Mosques around the country yet we continue to protect the great peaceful religion of Islam in our midst.

As a Western country we cherish freedom of speech and freedom of religion. However, in countries where Islam is in the majority, the opposite is true. Millions of Christians have been persecuted with death, rape and the vandalizing of their churches. There are virtually no Jews living in Muslim countries as they have already been ethnically cleansed after Israel, the Jewish state, was founded in 1948. Why should western cultures offer tolerance of Islam when that tolerance is not reciprocated in Muslim countries toward Jews and Christians?

The argument that most Muslims are peaceful is irrelevant. In Germany, most Germans were not Nazis but that did not stop the Nazis from taking control and terrorizing its non-Nazi population. Even if the majority of Muslims are not terrorists or do not support terror, they have shown neither the ability nor the desire to reign in the terrorist element. Because Islam is classified by ignorant people as just a religion, they cannot wrap their minds around the fact that Islam is also a movement that is political, ideological, and all-encompassing. It is the same as Nazism but worse because in this politically correct culture, we focus only on its religious component but fail to study its political and aggressive militaristic nature in history as well as what is happening today. We also deny or ignore the atrocities and genocides committed by Islam in order to dominate its empire as well as spreading itself through its military plunder.

Any scholar of Islam recognizes the legalized deception allowed and encouraged by Islamic Shariah law to spread its faith. For example, CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) has been exposed as a covert terror organization and the FBI has broken its ties with them because of their terror connections. CAIR just denounced the Fort Hood Massacre as not becoming of the Islamic faith, yet there is overwhelming evidence that privately they support such atrocities.

What might you say we should do to combat this threat? We at the Shoebat Foundation are not afraid to speak the truth and it is obvious what we should do.

First we must discharge all Muslims who work for the Military, the FBI, the CIA, DHS or other counter-terror organizations. While Muslims who might be loyal to the USA will suffer, we must at the same time recognize that we cannot judge whether a Muslim is loyal or not, but based on the ideology of a true Muslim and based on the teachings of the Quran and Hadith we know that the objective of Islam is to subjugate all under its yoke. Since deception and lying are allowed under Shariah law, these are facts that we must face and deal with head on.

Offending Muslims!? Please! As an American I am offended that Muslims - radical or not - think they can kill and maim Americans because their book says it is ok to do so. Aren’t you? I am offended that the “peaceful” Muslims are not reigning in the “radicals”. I am offended that Muslims openly show hostility toward Jews and have an anti-Semitic bent that is embedded in their faith. I am offended as an American that a Muslim took about $500,000 worth of free education provided by the American tax payer to become a doctor and then preached hatred of the country that gave him that opportunity. A Muslim was given a better life and then turned his gun on his fellow American soldiers because Allah said that it was a good thing to do.

Wake up America or else the next time 9/11 might look like a very small man-made disaster compared to what might come our way if we continue to enable our President's ideological suicide pact with the American people."______ Walid Shoebat

Reader Response

One of my th.....FOUR readers said you KNOW what the press and the Congress and the crackerbarrel potentates sitting in gay and dyke bars and the halls of Berkeley and every other college in America would have done if a white Christian had been the shooter at Ft. Hood and he shot a bunch of niggers rather than a Muslim theocrat shooting a bunch of Christian infidels. There would have been calls for a lynching. The fort would have been invaded by the entire population in an armed assault seeking vengeance.

The United States Army Chief Of Staff

This is General George Casey. He is the Army Chief of Staff. He is also a total douche. It is his opinion - following the shootout at Ft. Hood - it is his opinion that not having enough "diversity" in the US Army is "worse than jihad." In other words, according to the fuckhead protecting us, it is better to have an entrenched sworn enemy within our ranks shooting the shit out of American soldiers than to not have a proper head-count of Muslims in the Service. In other words, it is better to have the enemy in the Army than not. In other words The U.S. Army Chief is working for the enemy. In other words General George Casey is a traitor. In other words this blowhard idiot dumbass cowardly fuck is afraid of the enemy. In other words he should be court martialed and executed as an enemy combatant giving comfort and aid to Islam. In other words he is scared to death of his nigger boss not liking him. In other words he is a fucking pussy. In other words he is PROBABLY sucking Obama's half-white nigger cock and pretending it's all white so he can tell his cronies "Well it ain't as though I'm sucking a total 100% nigger cock." In other words he's a fucking queerass sellout piece of weak-kneed shit. In other words I know faggy mincing queerbait faggots on American Odol with more combat and patriotism in their veins than THIS fucking loser piece of ass-kissing shit.


Islam is a religion of fear, terror, obligation, duty, crime, obedience, murder, cruelty, death, legalism, perfectionism, torture, terror, hopelessness, obsessive-compulsive superstition, despair, depression, debilitating ritual, and deception begun by a hallucinating outcast Jew child molester, serial killing woman hater, and plagiarising despiser of Chrstianity. But, hey, it's a religion, so it's ok. All religions are good by definition.

News Roundup

Big Muslim day today. The fucking Islamic boyfucker that went on a killing spree is getting better. The guy that runs the fort, some piece of shit named Casey, he says that everyone and everything is to blame EXCEPT THE SHOOTER!! Yeah, THAT'S the guy I want leading American troops into battle. The guy that says the enemy are the people worth saving and that the army he is leading into battle needs to die. What a motherfucker. I bet he was hand-picked by the nigger in chief because he's anti American, probably a faggot, and most likely is a fucking Muslim himself. You would think that the woman who shot this fuck would be hailed on Oprah and the View a on Ellen as a fine representative of the liberated woman: the new warrior class ready to defend America against its enemies. Don't wait for Obama to stop sucking boydick OR for this to happen any time soon. Some Jew at The Daily Beast

named Lee Siegel says that AMERICA is at fault because some Muslim shitball went Islamic. At least he has the balls to put his name on his shit. I hope me and that Jew meet, I would LOVE to have a dialogue with him. With tons of recording equipment present. Fucking Jew bastard mother fucker. Sometimes it's real hard to say what's worse, a Muslim or a Jew. I guess I ain't the FIRST person to find himself wandering around in the middle of that dilemma.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

One of these people is Haddas Hassan Habbib Harrar Allah Akbar Mohammed Adis Ababa, the shooter of a bunch of soldiers at Fort Hood. The other is Peter Boyle. TRY TO QUIT MIXING THEM UP!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!

Pelosi Gets JUngle Fever

Lookit this picture of Nacy Pelosi, the skankiest piece of pussy on earth slyly checkin' out the kenyan in chief's nigger meat. She's got that Mandingo look in her eye. It's almost like she has seen what's down there already. It would NOT surprise me if the nigger's Masonic worshipful masters told him "Look, you promised to do anything we asked. And we want you to fuck Nancy. Now it ain't all that bad, it ain't as though we're askin' you to fucking kill somebody. We just want you to make that thing between her legs go off. It shouldn't take much, we're pretty sure she ain't been fucked by a dude for 50 years, not since Dad when she was 5. Besides, she prefers niggers. All dykes do, at least in theory. And they all let one nigger fuck them just before they make the all-pussy commitment. And some of 'em actually take a liking to bein' nigger-fucked and they stay with the dude. Now we know that's the last thing you want, we knw that you and Declan Kuclan Patrick or whatever the fuck the Boston Governor's name is, we know that you two are swatting bath towels at each others' asses in the sauna and we have no problem with that. As you know. HAHAHAHA AS EVERY MASON KNOWS!!! And we don't want anything to interfere with that beautiful man-love that you two monkeys share. No offense. But we need you to fuck Pelosi. The only reason she has any thoughts about anything at all is because she thinks that your cock in her mouth is at the end of the road. If she finds out different she'll probably start saying nice things about Palin fa crise sakes. She'd do it too, she don't know her ass from a hole in the ground. And thanks in advance. I mean, whatdafuck, she's white, ain't she? Just keep telling yourself that while your sperm is squirting into her chard-shaped pussy. And don't worry, all her eggs are lizard eggs, you can't get the fucking bitch pregnant."

Another Great Anti Islam Site- Jihad Watch

Friday, November 6, 2009

The American Gay Beret Faggot Queerbait Army Uniform

Those faggy-ass berets on the heads of US Army personnel really have to go. The guy that made that changeover happen needs to be found and executed. And everyone who voted for it needs to be found and executed. The American Army now looks like gay faggot French Ecuadoran Mexican burro fondlers. No wonder we're losing ground in every military theater. fucking French berets. Jesus Christ. The Army looks like a bunch of gondolier pushers and Parisian flower peddlers. "Oh-ho, my lee-til Moosleem friend, you would lak to shoot me, eh? Ho-ho but you see I am PIERRE!! AN AMAIRICAIN SOL-DEEYAIR!! I WEEL SHOOT YOU FURST, UH????" Jesus. Why not dress the American Army soldiers and officers in Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. At least they'll look hot.

My Halloween Experience

Once again I went to the mall on Halloween and had my happy fun with all the children, taking their candy and giving it to gang members. Some of the children put up a bit of a fight but most of them took their change in fortune with philosophical resignation. I was very proud of them. Of course most of these children were Chinese. Before they become Americanized Chinese children are very introspective about misfortune. Oh, yes, of course they cry when their candy is snatched away but it is only a brief cry of surprise. Once they see that pursuit is futile they become very meditative. I can see their little intelligent Chinese minds trying to understand their sudden change of fortune within a larger, more cosmic perspective. I can see their internal struggle: "Is the universe malevolent?...or is it merely indifferent and it is I who must decide the final outcome of things...." It's very beautiful to see. The Mexican children are far less intellectually inclined. They merely cry or become belligerent. The negroes are usually just stupefied. The white children turn to their parents for some sort of explanation. There is such diversity among them all!! I love it. One little boy, a crippled child with leg braces, he actually made a valiant attempt at pursuit. Of course he did not get far before he fell on his face. He fell pretty hard and I expected a long wail of pain and frustration. But I guess he was used to falling and he just peered up at me from floor level. I was almost moved to feeling an actual emotion of empathy. Fortunately this passed very quickly and a good thing for I later discovered that his little bag of candy was filled with especially tasty treats which I later greatly enjoyed. I love Halloween.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Nigger Spoke Today

The nigger spoke in a very official manner about the Ft. Hood Muslim attack. He had about as much sincerity as Hannibal Lecter saying he is a vegetarian. The slow measured meaningless droning cadence to his blathering lying concern was the same measured tone that he uses when EVER he looks left to right to left to right and never in between, from one teleprompter to the other and says nothing in particular. Anyone whose skin doesn't crawl watching him talk needs to be killed because they ain't human. They're lizard people.

Ft. Hood Muslim Fuck

This email is from a former Islamic terrorist who now is a Christian Anti Muslim Alarmist who I like. A LOT. Aparently I have as clear an understanding of Islam as this guy. And I used to be a Catholic.

Shoebat contends that the US Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI, CIA, Dept. of Homeland Security are all infiltrated with Muslim Extremists.

“America needs to awaken from its sleep and its unwillingness to face the issue of fundamentalist Islam in our midst which undoubtedly is the cause of the tragedy in Ft Hood” says Mr. Shoebat, adding, “Some very serious decisions need to made when it comes to having Muslims protecting our country, as it is impossible to know whether they maybe honorable or foxes in the hen house.”

Walid is the author of the book “Why We Want To Kill You, The Jihad Mindset and How to Defeat it."

By Walid Shoebat:

-- Nidal Malik Hasan is NOT a convert but Jordanian Muslim SINCE BIRTH! Infiltration by Islamists in the military is a fact My own brother served in the United States Air Force and his loyalty was to his ideology, yet allowing him to guard nuclear facilities should be on check. Religion is a sensitive issue but we should not undermine our security from fear of ‘Islamophobia.’

-- Muslims by Sharia Law are mandated never to fight Muslims. Muslim soldiers need to be questioned whether this is an issue, yet we virtually never question them.

-- Converts to Islam are susceptible to Islamization, the case of Sgt. Hassan Akbar from Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait killed two Americans and was influenced by the MSU (Muslim Student Association), also Ali Muhammad a double agent that worked for the FBI and collaborated with Al-Qaeda

-- Speaking at the Air Force Academy in Colorado to expose the infiltration of Islamist. Not only were over a hundred of Middle Eastern Muslims allowed to infiltrate, but were also allowed to threaten us with death with no repercussions whatsoever -- Omar Khalifa, a student, got away with the threats and while Khalifa was related to Osama Bin Laden's son-in-law, he was largely ignored!

-- At the Marines, our event was cancelled as to ‘not to offend Saudi visitors. At Camp Bullis was a Muslim in the U.S army who said he was ‘offended’ that I spoke on the issue of terrorism. Has ‘Political correctness’ seeped into our military apparatus to the point where no one can say anything lest they risk we offend someone? When Americans are being killed,all issues should be on the table.

-- The big question: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or Terrorism?
Nidal never served in Iraq or Afghanistan to qualify as a candidate for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Obama Freaks Over Ft. Hood Slaughter

No sooner had the smoke cleared at Ft. Hood, with the shooter dead, the nigger in chief was all over the press reports saying he would be all over THIS one to make sure that....and then that part was real unclear, what he was going to do. But I'll tell you what he is going to do. Even before the press knew that the shooter was Malik Nadal Hasan, Obama knew. How did he know? My first guess is that Malik Nadal Hasan was a personal pal of Obamaa. Obama doesn't HAVE any pro-American pals. He only has Muslim terrorist pals. this guy was about to be sent to Iraq and I suspect he figured that he would not be able to live in an environment where his Muslim pals were being dragged-in dead by the hundreds every day at the hands of American soldiers, so he figured he would just go out in a martyr's bloodbath, killing the Infidels, like the guys in the planes at the World Trade Center buildings.
Obama's gotta be fucking freaking. He probably heard via the Muslim pipeline that the "Hasan Cell" was being activated. He probably paid no attention thinking that "Naaaa, even my own guys ain't THAT fucked up." That's how stupid this nigger in the White Hut is. So Hasan does in fact activate and and kill a bunch of soldiers and IMMEDIATELY Obama is on red alert and making sure that he appears to be all upset. Now I am certain that Bush did not know about 9-11. But I am sure Obama did, and I am sure he knew about this too. If anyone needs to be waterboarded it's Obama. No wonder he wants torturing stopped; eventually he knows he is going to qualify for it. Shit, I can't believe I'm just realizing this this instant! I'm slowin' down. I need a teen age high school cheerleader to fuck to guard against Alzheimers. It's a fact, by the way, fucking teenagers stops Alzheimers in its tracks. You heard it - along with most things - here first.

Clam Bumpers

It has been suggested to me that Michelle Obama and Maria Shriver are clam bumpers. And now ever since i heard that I have spent every other hour vomitting. I figured the only way to get rid of that image was to replace it with a worse one. Eventually my brain and body would get tired and bored with the disgusting overload of disgust. So I conjured up Michelle Obama and Nancy Pelosi clam bumping. Then Michelle Obama and Dr. Laura clam bumping. Then I pictured Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin clam bumping and I started to get a boner so that wasn't working. I immediately substituted Sarah Palin for Greta Van Susteren but for some reason I have a feeling Greta Van Susteren has a really nice lookin' twat. Don't ask me where that idea comes from but I gut the feeelin' no babies have ever come out of it and that no dildoes ever go into it. LIke she only pisses out of it and even then doesn't really know what the piss is coming out of because I don't think she is aware she has a crotch that has a fuck mechanism on it. So Greta's pussy JUST MIGHT BE REALLY NICE. I seem to have lost my train of thought here. OH! - I guess it worked! I'm no longer thinking about Michelle Obama and Maria Shriver clam bumping, I am now thinking about Greta Ven Susteren's twat! Which I have a hunch is pretty nice lookin'! And you know what? No matter WHAT Greta Van Susteren's pussy looks like, even if it looks like an exploded Arab, it's gonna be better lookin' than her face, right? I bet all her dates IMMEDIATELY start eating her pussy. Keeps their own mugs far away from hers, and that's all that matters. She GOTTA love that. Everyone she meets just starts eatin' her pussy!! So that's the blessing of being butt ugly. You get lotsa cunnilingus. Ugly chicks usually have GREAT twats. It's just God's way of trying to apologize I guess. Works for me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Nigger And The Fags And Dykes

Gay marriage in Maine got voted down. The fags and dykes are blaming the nigger in chief. They are saying he didnt "stump" enough for the fags and dykes. Stump is political jargon for "publicly speak in favor of." They don't seem to understand - even though fags and dykes are convinced they understand everything - that Obama can't come out publically for fags and dykes to get married because he's a Muslim. He would be beheaded. So he has to keep his purple cock sucking lips shut about it. Muslims don't like fags. privately of course fags are the only things they fuck when donkeys aren't available. And as for Muslim dykes - all women are scum according to Muslims, dykes, regulars, it don't matter, they all get treated the same: beaten and then killed. You ever see women in the crown photos of people in Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan? No. They ain't out on the street. They are unconscious inside the mud hut, recovering from the last beating. So the nigger in chief can't come out and promote faggotism because even though he himself IS a fag - which all these pissed off fags and dykes will probably start spilling the beans about - he's is also a Muslim. And Muslims can't promote faggotism. So the nigger now has a problem. One of many that are starting to come his way.

Chinese Disneyrand

China is going to have a Disneyland. Woman of the North said...

"Disney is opening a park in China. Let's see-- they could have the Mandatory Abortion ride, and the Machine-gun Your Own Relatives ride, and the How Many People Can Fit in a Cubic Yard ride, and the Eat Your Cat ride, and the Coolie Railroad ride, and the Chinese Laundry ride, and the Zap a Zip ride, and the . . . . ."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nigger Setbacks

Thre's been some elections somewhere besides Afghanistan - a couple of USA States, somewhere. The Republican Socialists won over the Democrat Socialists. So the nigger's glow is probably going to fade and the real piece of angry vindictive shit muslim Black Panther commie punk is gonna appear. Maybe some white guy will just walk up and coldcock the dumbass fuck. Like what should have happened the day he was made the nominee.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa has lost 85% of the glacial ice that it had in 1912, meteorologists and geologists say. The reason given is because the world is busy making life better for people through industry. NOBODY is saying that it is caused because it is heating up from it's own internal volcanic activity. Mt. Kilimanjaro, in case no one has noticed, is a volcano. "It's a volcano, people. Could be it's just doing it's thing inside of itself. Just throwing that out there, folks." Jesus this is a dumb race, these humans.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Nigger In Chief Nods Off

The nigger in chief, forgetting for a moment that he is half white, nods off into a brief nap while some younglings from a nearby training compound for Obama Youth shout very loudly to try and rouse him from his slumber. It was to no avail, as anyone who has ever hired a negro well knows. On the job is when they sleep the soundest.

Jihad Watch

This is a good site. It's about how fucked up Islam and Allah and Mohammed and all them sandniggers are. The site has a comments section but good luck trying to crack the fort knox coded system for gaining entry to actually comment. i wonder if half the people with sites every try to operate their own site. It's like store owners who never call their own store to see how the phone is being answered.

The Afghan Elections

The AP transmits daily columns to "the press" about the Afghan "elections." These are always very murky, astoundingly weird, badly written, and impossible to decipher. But here's what I think is going on there. Two guys were running for president, like we do here, because we are so advanced. One of the guys is a Muslim terrorist. The other guy is not. They had an election a few months ago and the Muslim terrorist took all the other guys votes and threw them into a hole filled with human shit and then filled in the hole. The nigger in chief said "That ain't right." So the Muslim guy said "Ok, we'll have another election, but if the other guy runs we'll kill thousands of people via suicide bombs. The nigger in chief said "Oh, alright. Whatever's fair." So they had another election and the second guy didn't run so the terrorist won, and the nigger in chief said "Very good. Now we can give you money because you have a democratic government just like us." Don't you wish I worked for the AP? You would actually understand world events.

Brief Announcement

I won't be seeing "Precious."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life On The Veldt

Woman of the North sent me this and said "Lookit those fuckin' arms! They're ten feet long! Better to lope along the savannah with." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't think the advanced australopithcines, which is the extinct primate tribal species that this female she-creature, razor-toothed clam-bumping dyke freak of Nature is a throwback to, allowed the dug-sporting females along on the hunt, although when it was a raiding - or shoplifting - party escaping from a rival tribe's compound it is very likely that the females were part of the ploy by using their high-waisted, fence-toothed charms to lure the male australopithecines out of the compound with their wiles and coy and erotic features. Such as a pelvic architecture wide-enough to show movies on. HAHAHAHA in the comments section to this post Dennis said "well i guess we know who will be putting the shrunken head on top of the Kwanza tree this year." HAHAHAHAHAHA

Mr. Helpful

Dennis says this wasn't him answering this guy but I ain't buyin' it.

Some trick or treating help please?

My friend is a douche bag give me some burns and mean things to say.
40 minutes ago
- 4 days left to answer.
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Suck my cock, you dick.

And no, that wasn't a recommended insult for your friend. That was directed at you prick. What kind of dumbass, twat-licking idiot dog fucker like you posts this question in current events. Try holidays or religion and spirituality, or even wikipedia, but not here, cunt.

Also, I think you are going to hell because you celebrate halloween. jesus never celebrated halloween, you ungodly whore. dress up as the devil, youll see him soon, dicklicker mother fucker

Time Magazine And Soupy Sales

Time Magazine is a publication convinced that only Time Magazine has the answers to ALL the world's problems and dillemas. Not just the political ones. But the social ones and the religious ones and the self-improvement ones and the scientific ones and the economic ones and the entertainment ones. The Time Magazine staff of World Geniuses is convinced that people really give a shit about Time Magazine's solutions to things. "How To Fix Wall Street." "What Jesus Really Means." "A Simple Answer to Hatred."
"Solving Marriage." "The Real Mohammed." "Why Obama Will Prevail." "Making Our Schools Work." I mean, these fuckers at Time Magazine should really be sitting on the Cabinet. Probably a lot of them are, judging from the Cabinet. And Nobody every doubts Time Magazine's pronoucements and solutions and observations and musings and meditations and intricacies of idiotic thought. If you really believe what you are saying other people will believe it too. And the writers and editors at Time really believe they are wise. They must hire these people from mental institutions. There is a variety of marginally capable lunatics that are mad as mercury drinkers who excell at "theorizing" and "finding solutions." And big city central area have these people by the hundreds wandering around. They usually have thick, blackened, unbound sheaves of lined paper filled to capacity with handwritten tiny writing. "Writer madness" seems to afflict a large portion of the populace. Look at all the blogs for christ sake. It's the easiest form of self expression after pictographing. So everyone does it. Time Magazine does not hire the writers down in the heart of the city who carry tons of written-on dirty filthy sheets under their arms, they do the next best thing, Time Magazine hires only the worst writers with the best state-approved educations. By best state-approved educations I mean that they attended the state-monitored-and-edicted schools that you need to attend in order to have a resume that Time Magazine will look at. Time Magazine writers are hired by resume. Not by writing ability. And when I say Time Magazine writers are bad writers I do not mean just because they have a philosophical agenda and political imperative. I mean they are bad writers. They write bad sentences. This is over and above their idiotic thought processes and pompous attitudes of superiority based on....God only knows what it's based on. They're bad fucking writers. You have NO idea what the fuck they are talking about most of the time other than the topic. These people must write all of their articles stone dead falling down drunk. You know what started this whole thing about Time Magazine that I'm doing?....the eulogy for Soupy Sales. Time Magazine has a front section of every horrible weekly issue called "Milestones." It eulogizes the newly dead. To Time Magazine death is a milestone. To anyone else it's a tombstone. In real life a milestone is a line crossed of accomplishment and it is accomplished by the living. To Time Magazine when you have died you have accomplished something. It's time to write about you. Richard Corliss did the eulogy of Soupy Sales. Richard Corliss is one of the permanent shitty writers on-board the Time Magazine Shit Train. Richard Corliss is considered the premier critic of show business on earth because he is the Time Magazine Shitty Writer assigned to entertainment. Richard Corliss did the eulogy for Soupy Sales.
Richard Corliss has as clear an idea about Soupy Sales as I do about the workings of the human female twat. Which would be - none. Here are two of Richard Corliss's masterful sentences regarding Soupy Sales. " A pie wasn't just deserts for Soupy. It was just...dessert." I bet he hauled these two sentences around the entire Times Building to show everyone what a clever fellow he was in thinking of this idiotic, not-germaine-to-anything mess. This fucked-up pun not only makes little sense as a pun it makes even less sense as a Soupy Sales explanation. What the fuck did he say???? Huh???? The eulogy - or obituary item I guess is more closely what it is, because Milestones is basically an obituary page - the obituary totally misses and with astounding cluelessness any actual reason why Soupy Sales is even on the obituary page.According to Corliss he is there because he died and because his name has been heard of by probably everyone. Even if they don't know why. And certainly Richard Corliss doesn't know why. Corliss thinks it was because Soupy Sales was a second rate Jew Comic and thus deserves an obituary in Time. The real reason Soupy Sales deserves an obituary in Time and any REAL publication is because Soupy Sales was a major anarchistic rebel against the American Corporate Slash Federal Slash State Slash Municipal Hammer of the State.
I have never found out why the Soupy Sales show disappeared literally overnight and without warning. I have not even heard of an "official" explanation. But the real reason was because it was so dangerous to the continued existence of the State. And no State every likes this. It is not my intention here to go into a complete thesis on the nature and importance of Soupy Sales. I would have to get paid to put in that much effort in a monograph. A LOT more than I am getting paid here. Which is zero. But I DID want to say a few words about how shitty a publication Time Magazine is. It will NEVER have the following that the Soupy Sales Show did. And this is something all Times writers and editors realize and think about and scowl over 24 hours of every single day.