Monday, May 28, 2012

Grampa Benedetto Sez

as my Italian grandfather Benedetto used to say to me when i was 5 "Giovanni: all public offices and services and authorities are cons. But they are cons of a sophisticated kind, not like ours; we promise money down the road. The authorities?....they promise an emotion. A feeling of pride. Yes! Pride! They say 'you will feel proud that you have helped.' They promise you an emotion. You know who they stole this idea from? The Church!! The Church promises you a delightful life as a corpse if you do what they say. the State offers you something here on earth; a good feeling. Us?....we have to make do with offering money and cash and gold bricks. Hey, whatever works, there's room for us all." I think i heard this speech a thousand times. I loved that old guy. But his breath smelled really bad.

The Twilight Zone

‎"Witness if you will an enigma: a Muslim leading a Christian nation. A negro leading white people. An illegal alien leading citizens. A Communist leading capitalists. A homosexual leading normal people. A world where topsy turvy is the norm; where ass backwards is the way forward. Where in is out and where LSD is what you take to get your bearings. Witness if you will; the America zone."

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Shall Bring Confusion To George Will's Long Run Of Calm

I have decided to target George Will for destruction. Destruction here in this usage is a very general and imprecise word, which is fitting regarding George Will since he is very general and imprecise person, assuming he is a person. He seems to be more of a tendrilled plant He would have not brought this wrath onto himself by me, his intellectual master, if he had not railed against Donald Trump today, calling him a bloviating idiot. Which Donald Trump is actually not. But George Will, it might surprise you, if you ever heard of George Will, actually is. George Will has never spoken or written a clear, understandable sentence that was not either name calling - which I approve of - or was not historical regarding his own life. "I chatted often with Reagan." That sort of thing. In any other context he is never clear and if he comes close to clear he does not hold to that view for very long. He changes it after a short period of time. He does this with everything. He has no opinion that he has ever held for longer than three years. As to things he KNOWS as opposed to opinions, there is nothing in that chamber at all, that room is completely empty. He has no knowledge. He only has opinions and they change. Since writing the above i have written a letter to The Donald. On Mouseketeer stationery. He will of course invite me to New York to thank me for my devotion. And who wouldnt after reading this: Donald Trump The Trump Organization 725 5th Ave. New York City, NY 10022 May 27, 2012 Dear Donald Trump; I hear George Will is calling you "a bloviating ignoramus." Let me tell you something about George Will. Nobody bloviates more, or is more ignorant of everything on earth, than George Will. He has made a pretty good living off of - God knows who's paying the fucker - he has made a pretty good living off of some mysterious boss by never having uttered a sentence that anyone can ever find a subject or a predicate to. He is the guru master of meaningless drivel. He has spent his whole life declaring himself the Master of Political Understanding. Politics is the art of ass-fucking made to look like calculus. And George Will is the overlord of it. He has managed to get both Republicans and Democrats to think he is on their side. In fact, George Will doesn't have a side. He doesn't even know if he believes in God or not. He's an "agnostic." An agnostic is someone who wants everyone to know he is too fucked up to make a decision about something that no one can prove the existence of or not. He can't make a decision about THAT and he is the arbiter of political and sociological and economic thought and theories. He has never uttered a sentence vocally or on paper that anyone has ever been able to make any sense out of. On the rare occasions when he does say something definite, a few months later, "after rethinking this," he has the opposite opinion. Oh, and i do mean opinions. He has never stated anything as true or false, ever. It's all "my opinion." He likely has an opinion about what day of the week we are in and later in the day he will change it. And both opinions will be wrong. The fucker USED to wear a bow tie. Until he figured out that there are a lot of us - me included - who see a bow tie on a public figure as a Marxist flag. which of course it is. Well, he now wears a regular tie and you can just tell it's killing him. The fact that he wants Romney to stop associating with you should be proof to anyone without shit in their heads that he wants another four years of Obama. Because you are the only person Obama fears. You are the only person who can get that Kenyan asshole to jump when ordered to jump. Now Romney is not the brightest bulb on the Mormon Christmas tree, or whatever it is they do in December; Flying Saucer Day, who knows what's up with them. And so Romney might be one of those people who thinks George Will is a Conservative and a Republican. He ain't. He's a fucking Marxist shill. I'm Italian, I can smell a snake in a room full of sewage. And politics is a sewer. Ask George Will if he has ever had a job outside of politics. He'll faint. He would last about ten minutes at a job in the marketplace of products and services instead of the marketplace of fecal matter where he hangs out in Washington. Tell George Will I said for him to go fuck himself. If he wants to call someone names, send him to me, I can handle that imbecile bow-tied fucker. You keep romney by your side. Thank you. Sincerely, J.J. Solari

Friday, May 25, 2012

Three Hours More Of Facebook Prison

In three hours I will be out of Fuckface Jail. I wonder if people on their Harleys will be waiting for me outside the walls. While I have been gone my wall or whatever the fuck it is has been festooned with a tidal wave of cats, kittens, babies, love, prayers, illness, sadness, prayers for "America," and no hatred or anger or frustration and if there is frustration there is forgiveness and hope for the future. it all makes me want to kill myself twice.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facebook Ban Update

Now that I am not on facebook, it's pretty evident why the stock is tanking: I am the only good thing about the whole company. And I have been banned. It has taught me something though, this ordeal: a lot of my "friends" - most of whom i never met and do not know - are VERY boring people, at least in a social arena. Look at my cat, look at my son, look at my grandchild, do you think this dress makes me look fat? went to the park today, did you see the eclipse? hey, how ya doin'? went to the river, talked to grandad today, he's feeling better, lookit what the cat did to my sock, isn't this just the cutest doll ev-AHRRRRRRR????? Jesus. It's embarassing as hell. Wouldn't you think that if you were going to install something onto an internet site that was the most accessed internet site on the planet that you would take a little bit of time and if what you are SAYING isnt' remotely interesting, wouldn't you take some time to make the WAY that you are saying it interesting? "I went to the river today. I kept my dick out the whole time. got two boners. jacked one of them off. squirted TONS of sperm. Ok, gotta go, cops are comin'. and they look aroused." Something. Anything. And the men are actually worse than the women. "Love ya bro! Hugs!!" Jesus. Muslim assassins and allah-fucking suicide bombers likely have more interesting facebook conversations.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Public Company Facebook

Facebook was bad before it went into the hands, lock, stock and barrel, of the government. But now that it is an investment scam, it is now basically worthless. At least to me. Apparently the new corporate management is systematically removing a;; "objectionable" postings from your history. Which is great if you dont want the neighbors to ever find out what you posted about them when drunk. But not so good when you are me and have been using facebook basically as an electronic notebook that other people can read. Every day I get a new list of objectionable posts that they have been removing. Then they tell me that they would appreciate it if I would take-over and get rid of them myself. Only a Jew would come up with that as a negotiating angle. Only an Italian would tell him to go fuck himself in response.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A New Theory About Niggers

A new theory about niggers has come into my head. A theory explaining why "the environment" and "global warming" has come into use as a means to stop production in America: so that no one will have a job and then the niggers will be equal to everyone else. You see, trying to elevate the negro into White World didn't work: we got them to the front and middle of the bus and white people quit taking the bus. We got them into white schools and white people started home schooling, cause white people and negroes cannot live and work and be together. Because negroes cannot keep up. They hold everyone else back. So you flee them. Which is not what the State and County and Feds and Municipalities want. You give them a house in a white neighborhood all the white people leave because they know that the entire neighborhood is going to fill up with forced-entry negroes. Negroes take things because they cant produce things. They do not understand....well, anything. And they don't want to try and understand anything because it's not part of negro culture to learn about Western Civilization. So nothing worked. Well, why not impoverish whitey? Maybe THAT will fix things. So there is now a concerted effort to keep whitey from working. Everything hurts the earth. Everything pollutes the atmosphere. Everything causes physical illness. Money creates immorality. The niggers like this idea. That means they can just sit back and wait for whitey to become totally negrofied and then....well, I dont know what will happen then: whitey will likely eradicate the negroes in tribal warfare. So maybe it's a good thing after all. Never mind! I am now entirely in favor of environmentalism, welfare, socialism, communism and collectivism. When everyone has nothing whitey will kill all the non whites. It's what we do. The only reason we stopped is because we invented progress and that preoccupied us from our normal inclinations to just conquer and slaughter non whites. So maybe there is a silver lining here after all.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Still In Facebook Jail

Facebook has informed me that they have tacked on another three days to my sentence. they did not explain why. In fact if it wasnt that i am a whiz at first grade math i would not have known about it at all. I guess Facebook has a lot of members who think that Facebook is a form of employment. And that being thrown off it is akin to getting fired and losing a paycheck. I suppose then that this would upset such people. I however am aware that Facebook is not a job and that in fact it is an arena of annoyance. But I like being annoying myself so I in fact actually belong on Facebook. Unfortunately for me Facebook does not want annoying people on Facebook even though that is the only ilk that congregates there. So I would conclude that facebook would have even more members if the people who have been thrown off it were counted. I was thrown off because I posted a comment criticizing all branches of the Amerikan Politburo and the Nigger In Chief specifically. As anyone knows who has been reading about the Nigger In Chief altering all the Presidents' bios on the DC Presidents site....this Obama fucker is a raging psycho commie narcissist faggot hottentot potentate. He is batshit crazy and a sociopath of Manson proportions. He does not like people saying so, either. And now that Facebook is a "public corporation" the nigger in chief has total access to it. Not that he didnt before but now he can shout out loud about it because Facebook now being a corporation is it an entity deserving of suspicion. Because corporations are evil and government is good. I like that "hottentot potentate" thing by the way. Pretty funny shit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hottentot potentate. Kenya dig it??

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Andrew Galambos Theory of Society

I got a book that apparently nobody can get called Sic Itur Ad Astra, a book called a "crank book" by a lot, if not most, people who have ever heard of it. The title means this way to the stars. it's some famous Latin expression, which gives some credence to the "it's a crank book" theory. He could have just called it "This Way To The Stars." This book weighs more than the old fashioned Yellow Pages for Los Angeles and is the same dimensions. It's a transcription of personal courses he gave while standing in front of a class of students in his personal school. You have to be a certain kind of person to even be interested in this thing at all and you almost have to have had a lifetime of frustration with the public sector, and were of a philosophical bent to begin with, to even be remotely interested in a book like this. I had been trying to score a copy for ABOUT 40 years. I am nothing if not persistent. The publishers of this book are - in my opinion - insane. In fact the author of this book is a bit nuts in my opinion. He is also dead. in everybody's opinion. The publishers are members of the Galambos "estate." The publishers have what i consider some really admirable whallopingly intense OCD issues about "getting what is coming to them." I am not sure what is coming to them but they almost dont want anyone to have a copy of the thing but they want everyone to have a copy of the thing. There is no way in hell anyone outside of a mental institution could make a lick of sense out of any of it. It has a cult aura all around it. When shit like this happens it means cult mentality all over the place. But ya know what?....i can deal with cults. Be a cult, that's fine with me, I can slip in and out with ease because the cult aspects of cults are always stupid, and while I ain't bright, I am brighter than cults, so I slip in, I slip out, I get along with the members, I attack the members with impunity, I dance a jig in their midst while calling them names and I spin like a dervish with one arm in the air above my head and the other arm pushing my fist into my hip as I should "hoolah!" That's me. Where was I. So, yeah, ok, this here book. Galambos taught this theory of his about, well, basically, a planet without "public institutions." And that includes "the authorities." The class is about how without "the authorities" progress would burst humanity into the galaxy and beyond in (and this is my timeline now) probably a few generations. Galambos himself never ventured to put a date on it. But I would because I am good at estimating things. Hey, I'm not bragging or boasting, I'm good at estimating things. I am not good at getting laid. Once I am GETTING laid I do fine, but getting to the point of getting laid, I am not good at. But I am good at estimating things. I estimate the chances of my getting laid to Jaimie Pressly at zero. I estimate the chances of her having the orgasm of her life were I actually to get Jaime Pressly in a naked skin-to-skin scenario at 100%. It may interest you to know that none of the other people who have discussed Galambos' theory of society and human progress have ever interspersed the discussion with liklihood rates of meeting and fucking Jaimie Pressly. this is why I am immune to cultimania. Because I am too interested in pussy. I should also mention the only reason you are reading this entry at all about Galambos is because I have once again been suspended from Facebook. For critiquing the Obama Trainride Into Oblivion that he is conducting in relentless Marxist determination.

John Travolta Accused Of Faggotry For The Three Thousandth Time

John Travolta is being sued again, or accused of lusting after penises not his own again, this time by two or three people all at once. And of course John Travolta is quick and vehement in his denials. I mean why would anyone even think that John Travolta is a faggot. He was in Saturday Night Fever for Christ sake. He even danced. No, there were no love scenes, and if anything that just proves he is not gay, cause if he was gay he would have not only have had a love scene he would have had one with a man. AND he was also once in a movie with Lily Tomlin who is clearly heterosexual. I mean she is always in the gossip sheets with one hunk or another, fucking her legs off with cock and sucking dick till the cows come home. Plus John Travolta just doesnt LOOK like a queer. He looks like Randolph Scott on steroids and you just don't get any manlier than that. It just seems like he is the go-to boy for fag litigation, is all. Like as though he has been targeted by the heavenly skies above to be involved in this sort of thing over and over again with never a mention of anyone else in hollywood as a closet fag other than Tom Cruise. And people have altogether stopped accusing Tom Cruise of being a homosexual because he legally pounced upon anyone who would even hint of such a thing. Tom Cruise is not a homosexual, ok? If you are thinking about saying that he is, let me give you some advice, think about something else right now, ok? There will be none of that here. As far as this blog is concerned Tom Cruise is not a man who delights in the feel of another man's hand or lips on his cock. Ok? Got it? Good.John Travolta on the other hand?.....the poor fellow just cant catch a break from the homosexual accusations. Why does this happen over and over and over again to him? I can only think of one reason: because he is not gay. He is the only heterosexual in Hollywood and therefore must be destroyed. That is the only theory that makes ANY sense.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


With every passing day it becomes clear to everyone with at least one eye that the Muslim In Chief is going down. What this strange experiment proved is not easy to decipher. The fucking asshole would not have been elected if he had not been running against his white duplicate, John McCain. The only reason McCain got any votes at all was because he had Sarah Palin in the rumble seat.No one actually voted for John McCain because he is clearly a fuckhead, a commie and a muslim sympathizer. It was Sarah Palin the Republicans voted for. Because she said things like Jesus, God, America, free enterprise...all the things John McCain despises. But he was stuck with her and she got all his votes. Then there was the monumental idiot Barack fucking Hussein Obama. The only reason anyone voted for him at all is because he was at least able to string ten words together in a sentence. Unlike McCain. And he was also able to scare the shit out of McCain just by saying boo to him. The people that weren't Muslims and niggers voted for Hussein because he gave the appearance of being a man. However he was up against John McCain and you don't have to be a man to scare the piss out of that particular imbecile. In this election the nigger is up against an actual human being. Mitt whatever that means Romney. Mitt Romney has held a job before, in fact thousands of them, all of them actual jobs and Mitt Romney has an indentifiable and traceable personal history, he has a family that everyone can actually track, he knows who his father is, he believe Jesus is somethig more important than a "prophet" which is what Obama's religion claims Jesus to be, and he comes from a white culture that is not influenced by niggers, Mexicans, indians, Eskimoes, Pigmies, New Guini headhunters, Apaches, Aztecs, Bantus, Zamboozies, Uppinwuffs, Hinkydinks, or duckfuckers. He only knows white American Mormons.Or in other words, the only people left in America who know how to solve problems and live in peace and prosperity. Romney will win this election so spectacularly that hopefully the Nigger in chief will kill himself like a decent Muslim, and take that Harpy wife of his with him and the two "girls," Mombassa and (klik) b'Mbtoombo.

Another Facebook Ban

Once again I have been banned from Facebook. This COULD affect the price of the initial public offering since I am the only interesting thing ON Facebook. Other than the ads for housing loans of course with frantically dancing cartoon people. I said some bad things about the Federal government and used the word fuck a lot. You have to know that I am not taking it well by virtue of the fact that I am back here. I am being banned for seven days. This is the third time this has happened. The first time was for 24 hours. The second time was for 72 hours. this time is for how many hours seven days is. Three million, two hundred thousand, three hundred and fifteen hours. That's a long time. But not in geological years, and those are the years I go by, so seven days is just a few seconds. I should be back on there right now in fact. Oops, I just got banned again, I said fuck again. The last time it was for saying nigger. And the time before that it was for saying nigger too, I believe. They don't tell you in advance what vocabulary you can't use. They would have to ban themselves if they did. I notice that Blogger has changed it's shit. I guess it was working too well before and that had to stop. Well, it has, I now have no idea how to do this.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facebook Goes Berserk

I was going to go into a thing about how facebook is all fucked up and that i would be coming back here but i see that blogger is all fucked up too.