Saturday, March 19, 2011

World Update

Oh, hello nobody. It looks from the date of the last entry that i haven't been here for a while. i have been on facebook installing what amounts to internationally broadcast notebook notes to myself that other people can read. It's a short version of what I do here: waste my time. Since last we bonded the nigger has pretty much guaranteed the rabid-muslim takeover of the reins of government of all the marginally civilized Persian countries left over there and in the middle of a Japanese earthquake and tidal wave calamity he has gone off to South America to fuck some little boys in Rio. The nigger spent all of his campaign vowing to stop participating in the Middle East but the instant it looked like the toppling of governments in Persia was going to be reversed by Kadhafi Obama declared war on Libya in order to "prevent civilian deaths." When his team takes over there will of course be a wholesale slaughter of the population. It's what our foreign policy does: enables maniacs to slaughter millions. We did that in Russia, Korea, Vietnam. Cambodia, Laos, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Central Africa, South Africa, Lebanon, Egypt, and now Libya. Only this time the nigger in chief is taking it personal. He will see to it that Kadhafi is pummeled so that one of his preferred muslims can slaughter the locals. Obama is a one man eradicator of civilization. If this is what the Bible considers "signs and wonders of the antichrist" - some idiot wrecking 6,000 years of slow progress overnight - then Obama actually is the anti christ. and it turns out the wondrous antichrist is a fucking dumbass moolie faggot.