Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Pick For The Supreme Court

I say put this guy on the bench. Give the Nigger a run for his money. Frankly I'd rather have Maul running the country than the nigger that's doing it at the moment. At least he's organized and doesnt pretend he's a nice guy. Plus he ain't a nigger. That alone is a big plus.

Supreme Court

One of the supreme Court idiots is going to retire so the "conservatives" are all tense because the nigger will likely appoint a Marxist. Relax, fellas, you have to be a Marxist to get on the Supreme Court no matter who the fuck you are. It just don't matter. George Patton could appoint all 9 of the fuckers and in a month they would all be Marxists. There's just too much pressure not to be. Anyone who ain't a Marxist gets devoured. It's over, conservative dudes, America's gone. It will all come down to a hand-to-hand, gun-to-gun street fight. That's how fucking bad it is. The Nigger will probably just shut down the Supreme Court altogether. You gut bigger worries comin' down the road than what particular faggot in a black dress is gonna sit on a 300 year old chair and fart all afternoon.

A Brief Time Out For An Important Matter

Dear Carefully Selected Participant: Now that i have decided to throw out my fifteen years of recorded, collected, and unlabeled, Howard Stern audio cassettes - probably the greatest collected OCD evidence of mental instability in the history of mankind - i keep thinking of ways to at least memorialize this "clattering monument to pathological illness," as someone I do not care to name, called it. I keep thinking of the best way to record the event photographically. You're asking, "What Howard Stern audio tapes. What are you talking about." Well, I'll get to that. Just be assured that this is a fantastic breakthrough I have achieved psychologically and emotionally - deciding to throw them away. But how. How to do it in a significant and meaningful manner, that is my problem. And one for which I am asking for your suggestions. What i keep coming up with is taking them to a dry salt bed and dumping them all into a pile...or more properly described, into a
vastly expanding, circular, translucent, charcoal-hued plastic puddle...and then standing next to them, or in the middle of them, while the pictures are taken. Preferably with a medium format camera, or a digital camera of of least 25 mega pixels capacity. In case I want to make posters. And then leave them there as a sort of...let's call it art. Art of the mind. In the desert. Preferably at a National Park. Or a National Monument. Like White Sands. Or "the racetrack" at Death Valley. You know, where the mysterious rocks move? A place like that. Dump them; take the pictures; and then move on with my life. And leave the tapes there. Forever. For all to see. It would be a visual depiction of a mental state. In the wilderness. For all to come across and admire and wonder at. A physical representation in the stark sunlight. With no distractions. With emptyness all around. And it would be depicting - let's see: it would be depicting "what happens when an
individual human brain attempts to function in a collectivist-mentality society." This has a lot better cachet than saying "This is what fucking happens when someone, A: has no life, and B: tries to construct one out of nothing. You get ten trillion audio cassettes of the Howard Stern radio program for 15 years: for which he got nothing and Howard Stern got 3 billion dollars. Good job, asshole." So you see, saying "this is a physical representation of an individual mind trying to cope in a herd society" sounds a lot more wondrous and profound and a lot less...what would be the word: loony. One never wants to depict oneself as "loony." It is always better to depict oneself as "an artist." People will endure, to some extent, "artistry." They have no sort of favorable disposition to "loony." Or in my own case, "serious mental and emotional impairment." Being thought of as an artist is much better and less threatening to people. You see, my own mental and
emotional state is no problem at all for ME! It's other people that get all antsy. I'm quite fine with it myself. In fact, most insane people are quite fine with themselves. Because they can never get a graphic depiction of their insanity right before their eyes. I seem however to have overcome that barrier. Yes, in my case, the matter is a little different. My mental state can be actually pointed at with the index finger. There are all these cassettes, you see. There can be no denying their existence. Especially when you rattle them around. Or slide your foot through them. It's pretty clear to the eyes AND THE EARS that they are really there. And they are not empty tapes, no. They weren't just bought and opened and then put into a banana box, no. Howard Stern's voice is on every single one of them. Saying something different from moment to moment. This means that someone went to the trouble to procure all the tapes. With money. To put them into the
recording slot one by one. To turn them over every 45 minutes. To take them out and replace them with others. Once every hour and a half. Five hours a day. Five days a week. For 15 years. With no thought or plan or intention to ever listen to them. With added complications i won't even tell you about. YOU would go insane were I to tell them to you. There's enough crazy people. And I am most of them. We don't need more. So there you have it. To some extent. I am looking for feedback. Something I seldom seek. But this seems worthwhile. This seems like something important enough to solicit the opinions of others about. But of course to me it WOULD seem important. Even though it clearly isn't. I mean, OF COURSE i would go around asking others "What do you think i should do of a MEANINGFUL nature with ten trillion audio cassettes of the Howard Stern radio show compiled over a 15 year continuing fit and obsession and compulsion of MEANINGLESS monomania? Any
ideas? Anybody? You? You in the back: any ideas? Mr. Simmons? - could you put your legs together please? - Anybody else? Anybody else have any thoughts on how I should dispose of these? Preferably in a way involving expense, time, hopefully travel to a distant, barren location, and perhaps involving the breaking of one or more environmental edicts and even better, the extinction of a species?" So, yes, OF COURSE I would be seeking advise on how to BEST accomplish this idiotic task of no significance at all. And it goes without question that I would want to drag others into the matter. So, in addition to the salt-flat notion, which seems very chi-chi to me and very high-fashion, art-director-wise, I have also pondered taking them to the Grand Canyon and video-recording the continual cascading of them for a period of however much time it would take for them all to go over the side. The Grand Canyon has many "cuts" where the slots slice into the rim such
that you can just drive over to the other side of the slice and still get a clear depiction of the rest of the Grand Canyon whilst spilling the tapes over the side of a particular "cut." Rather than, you know, going over to the fucking North Rim with a fucking Hubble telescope and trying to capture the moment from 18 miles away. That would be nuts. So from this location across a "slice" of the Canyon, you could easily video the few moments, or the one or two hours, or however long it would take... to dump 15 years of the Howard Stern show into the Grand Canyon. As you can see even in their demise and destruction and departure I am being pretty obsessive; I am looking at all the particulars very closely. You never really get RID of OCD. You only find new paths for it to take. And so there you have it. I am sending this to only a select few people who I know will appreciate the scope and drama; the awe and mystery; that reaches from the inner mind, to the
outer limits of this therapeutic decision of mine, and who will be able to offer cogent and meaningful suggestions, or even words of discouragement, if those seem in order, to what is now my main goal and sole motivating impulse in my existence and the primary direction and purpose in my life: disgarding 20 banana boxes full of carefully stacked and columned and unlabeled Howard Stern cassettes. I look forward to your thoughts!!! Thank you!!! For those of you still reading, some of my selected advisors have already come up with some ideas. One has said to dump them at Bonneville. He said that even if they were dumped miles away from any speed-test areas, over time certainly one or more of them would be blown here and there in the high winds and the day would come when someone, traveling 300 miles per hour across the flats, would have his tire roll over a Howard Stern Show cassette just under the powder and immediately shoot into the air, end over
slow-rolling end, to crash and erupt and burn and yet still race down the salt at hundreds of miles an hour, only now in flaming shards and pieces and bits. People would gather, first running, and then walking in sadness and desolation toward the wreckage. And then, after a prolonged search, someone would bend down and retrieve from the white dust a Howard Stern cassette that drifted in from miles away and from long ago. And they would wonder. And be amazed. I have to admit, I like this scenario. Another, somewhat less understanding, "advisor," said, basically, "Why don't you take them to Burning Man. Every year in the desert there is a gathering of imbeciles and lunatics and people who talk to inanimate objects and to invisible beings on other planets, and they take off their clothes and arouse themselves like monkeys in public while contructing a piece of shit out of trash and calling it "sculpture" or "art" and then they urinate on it and throw their
own feces at it and have a very fine time for themselves, out in the desert and far away from normal humanity. You could haul the things out there and people would worship you as a god, because, like you, they are all insane to the absolute total possible maximum." Parts of his suggestion I liked and parts of it I didn't. The arousal part, for instance, that caught my interest. But I couldn't attach any relevance to it. It wouldn't have helped, it wouldn't have advanced the task at hand. I found it alluring but possibly counter productive. Another well-meaning fellow said I should just blow my own brains out and fall onto the tapes and die. Right there in the garage, where the tapes are at the moment. And don't tell anybody. "You just lay there and rot and eventually the city will drag you and all your crap out of there and bulldoze the place." I am still not sure if he was being sarcastic or if he was actually trying to be honestly helpful. Someone has
suggested that I should take them to Yosemite and dump them over Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in America. I asked him what would be the point of that. He actually had the nerve to ask me "What's the fucking point of dumping them over the Grand Canyon!" He apparently couldn't see the difference. Just for the record, I don't need suggestions like this. If you're thinking of giving one, think again. Don't waste my time. I think that was the extent of the suggestions. Some of them good, some of them questionable. I look forward to your own ideas. And thanks again. Needless to say this is very important to me. jjs

Oh, before I go, I am well aware that even though this request for advice is going out to only a very select few of carefully chosen recipients who I have personally judged and decided to be rational, helpful, caring individuals, be assured that I am fully cognizant of the essential monkey nature of earth-dwelling human beings, and I know that at least one of you, in answer to my request for suggestions of what to do with these Howard Stern tapes regarding the manner of their disposal, there is going to be the suggestion, made dryly and blankly and with no expression or hint of emotional tone or demeanor and with no discernable hostility or sense of non-cooperation, one of you, I absolutely know it, is going to respond by saying "Why don't you just stick the fucking things up your goddamn fucking ass." First of all, this isn't helpful. And while you may think it is, it is not. You also no doubt think it is amusing. Again you are wrong, so now that's
twice you have been in error. It is not at all amusing. Second of all, I see it coming. It's not as though this is going to be a surprise answer. Third; if it's any of your business; and I don't think it is; I actually did stick one of them up my ass. I had my reasons, you don't need to know them. And I can tell you, sticking all the rest of them up there would be impossible. Even if it was made of hyper-elastic condom material for blue whales. No way they would fit. So save your breath and save me some boredom. Believe me, I tried it already. And that ain't the answer. But thank you anyway in advance. Dipshit. SORRY EVERYBODY!! Didn't mean to bring this otherwise exciting situation to a "downer" level, but I took care of it. There's always one, right? Ok, off you go! Looking forward to those ideas!!


The 11th Plague of Moses

Swine flu, after a full week of global panic and hysteria fueled by idiotic reporters and retarded "global health" niggers on government payrolls, has been contracted you might want to sit down for this...two hundred and fifty-six people. 256 people, to write it another way, so you don't think I fucked up. 256 as in less than three hundred. Or to put it another way, less than 300. And this is, on the entire earth. Let me try and make it even more clear - the stupidity of all this - if I can. I'm not SURE I can, but maybe I can. On earth, right now, 256 people have the flu. THE FLU!! It gets stupider. The Egyptian government just killed all it's hogs. This is how stupid Muslims are. Nobody knows anything. About anything. So the World Health Organization - an entity that has no credentials for anything at all: it's just some committee of niggers and stupid women that the UN created because they need to do SOMETHING, they figure, so they created this little mini society within themselves, the World Health Organization, or the WHO as the Associated Press likes to refer to it. It ought to be called the WTF. So: less than 300 flu victims: no death toll that anyone has the balls to publish because it is less than the people that just died on the Hollywood Freeway in the past 24 hours: government geniuses are killing everyone's pigs so that they will become unemployed starvation's a handy tip for Obama; the next flu that shows up, have the WHO call it the Caucasian Flu: then you can order the execution of white people and probably get away with it. White people are so fucking stupid by now anyway, I mean, they put you where you are today, you fucking coon, that they would probably, like Idiot Jews, march into the gas chambers willingly, if it was for the good of Our New Negro Man Who We All Adore. Think it over, you fucking spade, it just might work.

Obama The Entertainer

President Obama, in his never ending sense of play and good natured parody, today entertained newsmen with his rendition of "an Ethiopian gangsta." Removing his clothing in the manner of his ancestors and grabbing a "foe-tee" as he laughingly called it, the President sat down and sang some songs, first a few Nigerian work songs, and then some plantation favorites from the Old South, among them "Mammy" and "Swahnee River." His lovely wife "Loueezee," as she decided to call herself during the entertainment, went through the crowd simultaneously handing out mint juleps and picking pockets.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Attention All Third Reich Lovers

This is one GREAT memorabilia and paraphernalia site.

Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted is actually worse than Arrested Development was. I didn't think anything like that was possible. Someone actually gave the green light to this. I want to meet that man. I have some shitty ideas I need to get produced.

Flu Plague Further Update

A fucking baby in Texas died of the Mexican flu. No word of course if it was an American baby in Texas or a Mexican baby who was thrown over the fence. The World Health Organization - an outfit nobody on earth knows who the fuck they are or what the fuck they do - is issuing a "global pandemic" alarm. We may now panic and run amok through the streets. To me this translates "Ok, niggers, you can start stealing tv sets." That seems to be what all the government warnings are all about: code to the niggers to start breaking and entering and looting and nothing will happen to them. EXCEPT where Koreans live. The niggers learned their lesson in the Rodney Nigger King riots: "Yu root Koleans YU DIE, NEEGAA!!!"

Stephanie Abrams' Butterbags

Stephanie Abrams is the weather woman on the weather channel with the hyper personality. She's like a downgraded version of that Barberi chick with the shitty eye makeup who seems hornier than a ten twatted yak. I don't know if Abrams is horny but them tits of hers seem to be getting a lot more airplay than they used to; she seems to be aware that she has them and wants to share. They're kinda luggy but if she was to put some melted glass or some seawater in there she would be porno-quality babe-level. Except that pelvic area of hers looks kinda granny-like. But ya know what?...her mouth is way up at the other end and you would never even have to make eye contact with that pelvic wall of death to have some fun with this bitch.

Arlen Specter Becomes A Democrat

Arlen Specter is apparently the only Republican honest enough to recognize that all the Republicans are Democrats anyway. They should all defect, make it official. Lookit that guy. Can't you see him stickin' his leg under the divider into your section of the crapper? This fucker actually runs YOUR life. You must be pretty fucking helpless to be giving this fucker that job. You must be a fucking idiot. Tell you what, I'll run your life. Gimmee all yer money and I'll tell you what to do. Wait, I have that backwards. I'll tell you what to do: give me all your money. I like this job. No wonder these faggots dread losing office.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Charles Gibson

Charles Gibson is a news guy who must be kneeling before Obama's skinny little-girl dick and licking his tiny little-girl's balls while Obama pisses on his face and throws the shit coming from his ass down Gibson's mouth as fast as it comes spurting out his macaque ass. As far as Charles Gibson is concerned that fucking piece of shit nigger is just the greatest human being alive. White people have always been terrified of niggers and now that one of them is actually President, white "Americans" must be rattling with fear so hard it sounds like coast to coast castenettes. Holy shit. I wonder what the Americcan Indians think of that fucking coon. If they hate him I might have to become an Apache. Redskins might be the only real Americans left in this country, if they hate that moolie as much as I do, and I never thought I'd be sayin' THAT about them dumbass stone-age dog-fuckers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Deadly-Flu Update

Accordiing to the Associated Press headline "US infection rate doubles!" Yeah: it went from 25 to 50. Here's the PROBLEM with this flu as far as the Associated Press is concerned: the Mexicans are dying like flies in Clorox from this flu and nobody else is. They just get sick, stay home from work a day or two and watch porn and masturbate and then go back to work. In Mexico they die. It's that TB complication that does it. The flu PLUS tuberculosis is murder. If those Mexicans could just upgrade their country from Bangladesh level to maybe the level of Bulgaria in the 1300's they might have a chance at survival. What few of them are still there and not here. Now I hear there's an earthquake there. Maybe they need to sacrifice more chickens to Popocateptistachiuahttll. Or Moloch. Or whoever them Aztec savages pray to.

It's About Time


O F N O T A B L E A C H I E V E M E N T &


Dennis The Girl Rodman

Ya know, I've mentioned this whalloping douchebag before but i just seen him on celebrity poker, or some damn thing, i sorta have it on just to have something to look-in on when I aint drowning the kittens, and i'll be fucked in the ass with the aids-filled Obama dick if that fucking stupid gay faggot ain't at it again. He does something you're not supposed to do - naturally - and the referee of the game penalizes him for it, nullifies his hand, and he storms off. Suddenly everyone at the table was in a good mood: the fucking gay psychopath was gone. They start a new hand and the faggot offstage musta picked up the vibe that not only was nobody upset he was no longer there, they were all relieved. So he comes back. Naturally the white producers of the show knuckle under to him and let him back. Everyone at the table is now all scared. They're scared of a girl. There were about 5 white guys at the table, and one nigger. The nigger didn't give a fuck what the other nigger, the Rodman nigger, was doin' but all the white people they were all scared shitless. The fucker wears dresses, fa crise sake. He's a FAAAAG! That's one o' the things they DO. And suck dick, of course. Rodman's so fucked up he pro'bly doesn't even know suckin' dick is gay. "Oh. Da'ts gay?? My bad. Dat mean I cain't drinks de spoim? Ite." Rodman also throws his chips in so they roll all over the place and the chink dealer has to chase after them. Just another fool cleaning up a nigger's mess. That chink would make a good white man. The seven-foot nigger girl Watusi idiot dress wearing faggot with the ugly earrings and the silver bone in his nose just lost. Only the white men and the other nigger now remain. If only things worked out that way in politics. Could be politics and government is a nigger's game. HAHA there's a total piece of ass with tight, short, metallic short-shorts on and with big tits delivering drinks to the table and the Doogie Howser guy, Joel Chandler Harris, did not even glance in her direction.

Quote Of The Day

"You can put lipstick on Michelle Obama but you'd still have a nigger." _____Dennis Ousley

Aids And The Pig Flu

We got aids because niggers fuck monkeys. We got the pig-chicken flu because Mexicans fuck pigs, and they drink raw chicken blood in their Santaria voodoo rituals. But according to the Associated Press we have these diseases because white people are bigoted. Well I don't know of any bigoted white people these days, they all seem to be sprawling as far down on their faces to have niggers and Mexicans shit all over them as possible. They made a nigger President. They love illegals. Maybe chicken blood really tastes good, I don't know. Does Obama have the flu yet?....he just parted company with a whole ton o Mexicans the other day. Including Chavez, the Venezuelan Mexican. Maybe they'll both die. The nigger that called Sarah Palin a pig des from pig flu. HAHAHAHAHA. Hope that happens, I can use the good vibes. The reason only spics are dying from this is because everyone in Mexico is crawling with TB, and if you have TB and you get the flu, you're gonna die. Especially if you have this bad luck in Mexico. They are a communist country, you know; free medical care means no medical care. HAHAHAHA And Americans go there for "special cancer treatment." HAAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, there's tons of medical progress goin' on in Mexican research labs. HAHAHAHAHA they all drink chicken blood in Mexico, people! Mexicans are barely a step above niggers!! WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT NEED NIGGERS AND WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT NEED MEXICANS AND WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT NEED CHINKS AND JAPS AND GOOKS AND WHITE PEOPLE ESPECIALLY DO NOT NEED MUSLIMS!! ALL THESE ASSHOLES NEED WHITE PEOPLE!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ALL YOU FUCKING CAUCASIAN FUCKHEADS!! Watch, a bunch of white people will get pissed at this. The niggers and Mexicans and japs and gooks, they won't care. they'll just laugh. They'll agree with me too, in fact. That's why Mexicans call white youths "stupid white boy." White people deserve what's happening to them. They strayed, and they got lost. That's what always happens when you stray. You get fucking lost.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Speakin' O' Jesus...

Above are pictures of Gene Scott, the world's funniest preacher, dead or alive, and his wife Melissa, who used to be Barbie Bridges, porn actress. She now does the preaching because the old man died. No surprise there, she looks like she can do more with a cock than a monkey can do with thirty feet of rope. She also does the singing. It's real hard to say which one she does worse. Her preaching would put starving hyenas to sleep right atop the zebra they were eating. And her singing would wake them all up again and chase them off the kill. What she really needs to do is strip from the fucking pulpit. I mean, here we see God's work plainly made manifest and she's too fucking stupid to get it. And she's supposed to have a 200 IQ. Ain't buyin' it anymore than I'm buyin Hillary Clinton knows her ass from a hole in the ground or a real cock from a candy bar. Hey, Stupid!! You, preacher idiot!!!...there's a reason God put you in charge of the most renegade church in history: to continue the renegade work started by yer dead ol' man. Now if yer gonna fucking persist in reading the bible like it's a chinese phone book printed upside down, at least read it naked, toots. Have a fucking clue, you dumbass bitch. Thank you.

Two Beautiful Emails Between Friends

Dennis to me: "He just got back from Mexico let's pray he got the pig flu."
JJ to Dennis: "I see that in times of need even you, Dennis Ousley, often called - I think by God himself "the biggest asshole i ever made" - even you turn to God at moments of desperation. And I would call this a time of desperation. I will lead the prayer: Dear holy Lord, who sent his son down to earth to become a jew bastard to save the other jew bastards and look what it got him - we pray that you will work your miracle of infection and disease and afflict our new nigger in chief with the shit-spraying ailment that carries the same name as he called sarah palin....who i might add really likes you, and i think if you played your cards right you might have a shot at that vagina of hers that everybody wants to take a gander at. Oh wait, you created the fucking thing. never mind. Oh, yeah, so, ok, we pray that you slay the half breed nigger muslim mother fucker with the pig disease, and if you do, so help me You, i will post this prayer on my blog that nobody reads. ya know what?....I'll do it in advance. I
guarantee you if you kill that fucker with swine flu you'll have a lotta guys laughin their asses off for the rest of their lives and talkin'-ya-up to the muslims just before they blow their fuckin allah-assfuckin' heads off. If vengeance is truly yours like you say it is,hey, really, i think its time you fucking hauled it outa the fucking bin you gut it buried in before it fucking rusts away to nothing. Then vengence will be nobody's. And who the fuck needs that. If vengeance is really yours you gut an infinite amount of it so unload a little on that nigger muslim Christ-hating fuck in the Black House. I hate to say it, but don't be so Jewish with the vengeance, spend a little already. Thank you O Lord. Amen. Hope it works. that is one mother fucking sincere prayer if you ask me. and ya know what? the worst that can happen is He'll say no. And He does that anyway, usually. So whatdafuck. Thank you Jesus." And now let us all reflect on President Onigger contracting the flu and dying. And You O Lord won't even get the credit. It'll be blamed on Bush. THAT'S gotta be the pisser right there, Lord.

This Just In

The Nigger-in-Chief has started calling it the Sarah Palin Without Lipstick flu.

Thought For The Day

Muslims are God's way of getting everyone to like Jews. If that's really His plan, as plans go, it's a damn good one.


Above is a picture of Elizabeth Berkley in a scene from Showgirls, the most ridiculed movie in history. And yet it's in my top ten. Twice. Once at number one and again at number five. Just sharing.

Great News

I have great news. I just read in the Associated Press that "world governments are racing to contain swine flu." That is one big relief. We're safe. I guess that means the whole world is gonna start doing what Mexico's doing: arrest everybody. Some people have the flu and the whole world is rattled. There's thirty niggers living in the White House and that doesn't bother anybody.

Public Enemy Number One

I can't wait for the episode of Slowing Things Down where they fire a .50 caliber bullet from a 20 lb rifle into the side of this fucking trollop's head while she is looking at the camera and that fucking annoying ugly face with its piercing shrill voice and that watery transparent brain that cannot read shitty dialogue and her glass skull all slowly enlarge and balloon and uniformly shear and fracture and shattter and disrupt and dissolve and disappear, all like an enlarging puffy cloud that then expands beyond the view of the camera in a fine mist and is gone. They can charge $300 dollars for a one-time viewing and I will pay.

The Associated Press Flu

They ought to just call it that, the Associated Press Flu because it's a lot worse in print than it is in reality, and the Associated Press does all the print when it comes to news. Here's the actual situation. There's a flu going around. What the fuck is new. The Mexicans are in a panic. The Mexican government put them in a panic in order to steal their shit. Because things ain't going too good in Mexico, all the people there that came here ain't sending money back because they all lost their houses and their jobs and are going back themselves. So THAT'S the fucking panic. And since they're panicking anyway Calderon is gonna take advantage of the situation and haul some extra 14 year old girls and some 9 year old boys to his dungeons to fuck them. Eleven people in the USA got the flu. Eleven people in the USA got over the flu. Good thing Bush ain't President, he'd be gettin' blamed for this by the Associated Press. But the nigger's President so you won't hear shit-word-one that it's somehow his fault.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am speaking now as an Italian. In some areas we are experts. Sharpshooting ain't one of 'em. But take it from me, the bigger the charity is...the more crooked it is. And if it's big enough to be advertising on network television: with a slew of movie stars; it don't get more crooked than that. Except for them Christian ones with the kids crying. Those Christian ones ain't just crooked: they're also just plain wrong. HAHAHAHAAHAHA

Harry Potter

I just watched a Harry Potter movie tonight on ABC. I ain't never seen a Harry Potter movie and I never read a Harry Potter book. But I saw immediately why it is so popular. For the same reason the Titanic was so popular. No niggers. Just white kids in an English boarding school. Ain't no niggers in an English boarding school. Can't afford it. Aint no niggers on the Titanic. Couldn't afford it. So therefore, no niggers. At all. Guess the niggers couldn't figure out a way to claim foul. But now that I've brought it to their attention, maybe they will. Ok, relax, relax, that won't actually happen: this is MY blog, remember? There ain't no niggers here. Or anyone else. I ain't here half the time myself.

The Goodwill

I was throwing out some clothes and I came across a warm coat that I will never wear because it's animal skin and has a small rip. It's a million years old and needs cleaning and repair but its warm. If you saw it in the street you'd take it. I was gonna give it to the Goodwill or the Salvation Army or one of those places and I said "If I hand this over, someone there is just gonna fuckin' take it, and not someone who actually needs it." So I went down to LA and gave it to a bum. One who looked halfway sane. He fuckin' freaked. In a good way. Well, in as good a way as you CAN freak when you're a bum and are pro'bly gonna be one for a while. If you have good coats you're gonna give to the Goodwill, go give them to the freezing bums personally. That way they'll actually get them. Same with wool shirts. Otherwise they'll just get stolen by some Mexican.

Spic's New Powers

The spic in charge of Mexico "assumed new powers" as the AP put it, "to isolate suspected flu carriers." What this means is that the Mexican guy in charge of the government has authorized his armed police to jail anyone they want and take the property of anyone they want. I guess Calderon is feeling the pinch of the tight economy and is running out of stuff. So he came up with this plan to get more. The tough part is going to be getting the cops to poney-up Calderon's percentage. But then that's always been the main problem in Mexico.

Bea Arthur Remembered

I had the tv on with the sound down and I saw Bea Arthur in a taped news interview and I said "This is great! There's going to be a Bea Arthur revival!" Turns out it's just the opposite. Bea Arthur: 1592-2009.

Mexican Flu

There's a flu in Mexico that has everybody freaking out. Relax, just stay away from Mexicans and avoid them at all costs. Oh, wait: we live in the USA; that's impossible. Never mind. See you in the graveyard.

The Day After Apartheid Ended

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Dirty Cops

I hear this was edited at lot at another site. Unfortunately a lot more people are going to read the version someone else thought I should have written and then rewrote it themselves and put my name on it - hey, this is what editors do - than are going to read this one. Maybe five more.


“Dirty” cops is a term used by police departments to describe cops who augment their
tax-derived income, paid for by citizens who have not hired them, with money earned by an actual job performance paid for by people who have hired them. such as for bribery, kickbacks, payoffs, or other services expressly forbidden by their “official”job, which is, basically, leaning-on strangers, robbing them, kidnapping them and holding them for ransom, or “bail” as it’s called. As an added affront against decency-in-commerce the freedom granted by bail, or, the ransom payment, is only temporary. Ironically the only time a cop does “clean” work is when he becomes a “dirty” cop. Only then is he doing a specific job for a specific non-tax-financed paymaster, for a specific reason and within strict and narrowly defined parameters.concerning specific individuals, with, usually, total agreement by everybody. When a cop is operating within the parameters of his tax-paid job however, he usually only deals with strangers, and against the strangers’ wills. All this mess could be called a basic perversion of right and wrong. I know, “who’s to say what’s right.” Well, the “law” says what’s right. “Laws” are completely arbitrary rules created by a particularly evil species of human called “lawyers.” Specifially,”elected” lawyers,- a particularly foul level of lawyer hierarchy that all lawyers yearn to attain to. Therefore there are no “clean” cops in reality. They’re all “dirty.” Ok, that’s all, you may go home now. Drive carefully to stay out of jail. And check for your license and registration before you get in. And make sure all the lights work. And make sure no forbidden-to-own property is inside. A clean cop you never met and didn’t hire may be watching you to confiscate you, and your car, and your property. Oh, and if one stops you merely to advise you of a problem up ahead….don’t be rude or curt. He may confiscate erything just for that. Unless he’s a dirty cop. Dirty cops often ignore a lot of lawbreaking a clean cop won’t, ‘Cause, well, they’re dirty. So there’s a better chance he just might let you go. Good luck, citizen.


There's no item here, I just wanted to title something "homosexualis." Oh, the accent is on the AL. HomosexuALis. Not homoSEXualis. Guess that's it. Maybe the next item will be more interesting. But I wouldn't count on it. Besides, what the fuck do you care, you're not even here. So go fuck yourself.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Cops are “soldiers” that governments use to combat their own citizens. Cops operate under the bogus assertion that they are protecting the citizens of their own country from other citizens of their own country. However the “protection” never occurs until after the crime has been committed. Or in other words when no one needs protecting. The victim’s already been mugged, robbed, beat up, shot, or butchered to pieces in a cellar. So Protection Time is, as a rule, tardy. So there is never any actual protecting being done. The Los Angeles PD has as its motto “To Protect And Serve.” Well, if there’s no protection, which is their primary claim to usefulness, how deluded would you have to be to think that any of these clowns would actually serve anyone. What would they serve? Who would they serve? When would the serving occur? Who in history has ever gotten a cop to serve them. Nobody. It has never, ever, happened.They won’t even sweep the glass and metal shards off the street after an accident. It’s not laziness, and cops are astoundingly lazy, it just wouldn’t occur to them. Cops do not protect and serve. They endanger and order-around. That’s what should be on the sides of the cars.”To Endanger And Order-Around.” There is no protecting and there is no serving. There are only invasions, fights, and pursuits. Mostly cops pursue. Sometimes the pursuit is immediately after the fact of the crime; sometimes the pursuit is ongoing in a slow, researching sort of way for years after the crime; and sometimes the pursuit is explosively sudden, for no apparent reason, right now, on the spot, whether or not a crime was committed, just because the person being pursued was attempting to, in many cases, avoid being pursued. Cops cannot get it through their extraordinarily dense skulls that if their fellow citizens fear they are being pursued by cops, that they might want to evade this pursuit, since capture could result in imprisonment. People seem to fear imprisonment. This fear tempts them to flee pursuit. Very often the pursuit results in injury and death to completely uninvolved citizens who have the misfortune to be in the vicinity of a pursuit in progress. These people are not protected by the protectors and servers at the time of the impact - into their faces - of the fleeing “suspect’s” car, or the cop’s car. Or some random third car forced into them by the pursued car and/or the pursuing car. In other words, sometimes the police will turn a completely uneventful, quiet afternoon into a sprawling, mangling wreckage of blood, carnage, and death, from completely out of the blue and for no discernable reason that anyone can justifiably explain “in the interests of public safety and in the pursuit of justice.” “It just fucking happens, goddamnit and may Jesus help and have mercy on anyone in our way.” Burma Shave.
The citizens being protected never seem to notice any of this surrealism, for some reason. I have my own theory for why this is. People are idiots. The “citizens being protected” from their fellow citizens never seem to notice that the cops never actually do jack fucking diddly shit in the way of protecting anybody. The cops always appear later. When protection is no longer needed. Unless the call is for a party disturbance. Then things are different: the cops will show up to stop this crime and protect the other citizens from the party while the crime of the party is still in progress. They’ll put an end to Party Crime right away.
Citizens believe that cops protect them from crime because they are told this by Police Associations from the day they are born. Cops have a pretty good thing going: stupid as they are they still manage to convince the citizenry that the citizenry needs the cops to protect them. Who appointed the cops to protect you? Well, it wasn’t you. You can’t be trusted with a decision that huge. Someone who doesn’t really give a shit whether you live or die needs to be the one to make that call for you. Which you agree to, most likely because, most likely, you’re kind of dense. The cops then roll out the image-making machine they created and remind you at pay-raise time that you need cops or else you will be invaded by bad guys. This is the same thing the Mob says when you don’t pay the guy who comes to your place of business and asks for some money so that you don’t get hurt. On those rare occasions when the citizens call the cops’ bluff and the cops do go on strike, crime, confusion, unrest, hostilities and fear go down dramatically. When the cops go on strike everyone relaxes, crime goes down, people band together in a mutual common-goal need to ward-off the mutants, and a genuine sense of community erupts throughout all the communities. When there are no cops, everyone is happier. Except the cops. When cops go on strike and nobody cares, cops get pissed. And go back to work. In order to make things normal again. And “normal” to cops is “cops are happy: citizens are pissed.”
Governments use “police,” or “cops,” because they could never get an actual soldier to bully his fellow citizens the way a cop would, and does, on a daily basis, and with no compunction or remorse of conscience. A soldier couldn’t do this. Even though a soldier is a professional killer. To ask a soldier to perform the normal crapload of “duties” in a cop’s average day, the soldier would become comatose with bewilderment. He would become confused, disoriented, dismayed. He would go to his commander, his weapon in hand, a million other deadly devices hanging from his body and inquire, “You want me to WHAT to my fellow Americans?” A soldier would actually have qualms, doubts, confusion, disgust, ambivalence, second thoughts, hesitation, unsureness, sleeplessness, objections, questions, follow-up cooborative inquiries about what his commanding officer was expecting out of him in the course of a normal “work” day. A cop, however, would not be troubled by any of these things. A cop would barrel right on through his workday, kicking down doors, wrecking homes, businesses, and places of amusement, pushing everyone around, manacling people until further notice, taking their stuff, hauling them to medieval confinement in cement rooms, no problem, bring it on, Captain, let me at ‘em.
Let’s play a game right now, may we? Let’s call it “ A Soldier Is Ordered To Do A Cop’s Job .” As Rod Serling might have put it, witness if you will a soldier named Jack; an American warrior who comes out of the desert, back from a mission, dirty, dusty, relieved to be alive, alert, fit, no big belly, no fat anywhere, surrounded by the rubble and emptiness of his base and ready for some time alone, just to lean against a wall and get some sleep. Another soldier suddenly runs up to him “Captain wants to see you.” The soldier gets up, goes to the Captain’s location. He asks what the problem is. Captain says, “I need you to enter this house at this location on this map. Take whatever and whoever you need for backup. We think there’s 8 people inside.” Soldier says “Right away, Sir. Is it defended?” Captain says “We won’t know that till you get there.” The soldier inquires “Are there enemy combatants inside?” Captain says, “We don’t know.” Soldier says, “Then why am I going?” Captain says “They have ten pounds of marijuana inside.” Soldier says “So?” Captain says “They also have 100 pounds of pure heroin.” Soldier says “So?” Captain says “They also have a meth lab, counterfeit money lying around, Cuban cigars, homemade whiskey which they are selling for ten dollars an ounce and it’s not even any good, there’s three prostitutes performing their jobs in the back yard with the neighborhood boys, all of them under 18 – including the prostitutes, there’s ten guys sticking their dicks up each others’ asses out on the lawn, there’s a strip club in the garage with the strippers performing oral sex with the customers right there on stage, and several of the people in the house have twenty to thirty outstanding traffic warrants. Some of the traffic warrants are for speeding.” Soldier says “So?”
You see, so far in this conversation the Captain hasn’t said one fucking thing that the soldier considers worthy even of a knock on the door, much less a fucking armed assault on the premises and a search and destroy mission on the neighbors, or worth any justification to even fire one shot in that direction or even throw a fucking rock at the back window. As far as the soldier is concerned there is nothing dangerous happening to anyone, especially to the safety of his fellow soldiers, and/or the citizens of the nation he is defending. As far as he is concerned, they are not a threat. He would be totally baffled why he was being sent there inside that house that would merit him risking his life to pursue and or kill and or invade and or arrest and or confine and or incarcerate and or execute, and or even reprimand the people he has just heard about. So far the soldier would be in a complete and total bewilderment as to why he would be needed at all to stop this non threat to anyone. He just would not get it at all. He has not heard as yet from the Captain even one report of even one incident the soldier would consider an evil menace. He has heard the itemization and inventory of a property collection and a report of some delinquencies regarding traffic safety and some reports of copulation – an act which he learned at an early age was rampant in the entire animal kingdom and unstoppable and who would want to anyway?. You can understand why a soldier would be confused.
Not so with a cop. A cop called-in to the same meeting would be slowly infused, the more he heard, with an ever-rising level of wrath and fury. With every new item on the list of crimes brought to his attention, his anger and disgust would multiply. The veins would start bursting on his forhead and his eyes would start to glow with vengeance. He would have a rising and urgent desire to be on his way with as many men as possible to that location described and make it his personal responsibility to make sure that anything he had heard so far as coming from that house would never be done by any of these people ever again. Not only are these people not doing anything to him or anyone else, they are complete and total strangers in a neighborhood he has never even visited. Why would he feel this way? 1) Because cops are idiots. And 2) because cops are also bullies. Most soldiers are not bullies. They might be cruel. They might be merciless. But they are not bullies. They respect the dangers they are facing. The dangers are legion, immense, and horrifying on every level. And they are motivated: because they actually are protecting and serving. Cops face no danger they haven’t usually personally provoked. They just insist to you that they face danger. They insist on it over and over and over. That’s all they talk about: how much fucking danger they are facing. If they would just fucking back off their danger level would deflate dramatically. They would be astonished at it. The only danger cops actually face is the danger of the public realizing they are a menace and completely unnecessary. That would scare all the living, blowhard, shit right out of them.

Government Conspiracies

Government Conspiracies

There is not a government in existence on this planet with the initiative, brainpower, or work ethic necessary to even think up a conspiracy much less roll one into operation and then make it go. Let’s concentrate, here, solely on the current U.S. political emphasis on “saving the planet.” Which conspiracists, right wing theocrats, Bible-waving guilt mongers, and the certified paranoid, see as a cloaked disguise to usurp the national sovereignty of the USA. It ain’t. It’s a cloaked disguise to keep you from realizing that governments cannot provide services and products. The way “they” will “save the earth” is for you to cut back on shit. Lights, food, fuel, vehicles, traveling through dense traffic - or using any road in other words - garbage, utilities, clothes, air conditioning, cigarettes, drugs, enthusiasm, free-time, travel… The government is not promoting this in the interests of some super secret plan to “control” everybody. It’s a lot simpler, and a whopping lot lazier, than that. It’s because 99% of these things are under government ownership and regulation and fiat and rulership and, lately, management. And the government is not designed, equipped, capable, or even interested in actually getting these things to market or getting them built or getting them to function. Elected officials are notoriously inept and slothful and unambitious. They are not producers, they are predators disguising themselves as magicians and deities. So they do the only thing they can do: they proclaim that you are the problem. You are doing something wrong. And you, probably being stupid, say, “Oh, really??” And your mincing, Masonic, elected, lazy, snake-oil-selling “representatives” say, one hand on their hip and the other one waggling at you sassily, “Yes, mm-hmm, you brat, you are just so bad to be using all this stuff, you greedy little bastard.” And so you say “Ok!” like a little douchebag to this piece of shit, and then you simply learn to adjust to less stuff. Eventually you will be adjusting to just long walks in the woods. Which of course the government is promoting as the best thing a human being can possibly do in this life; take long walks in the fucking woods. So there’s no conspiracy. There’s just you, believing lazy people who lie to you – who you think you need, like a battered female thinks she needs her batterer - who you think will keep you supplied in all the things you think they can, like Santa Claus, keep you supplied with. But lazy, tax-fed, bureaucrat Public Masters are not suppliers. They just go around and gather-up stuff like voracious human army- ants, like boy-loving baleen whales sucking up krill. They gather up your stuff. Why? I guess because you let them. And if I ever get elected to office I’m going to do exactly the same thing with absolutely no compunction because I will figure that’s what you elected me to do: take your stuff. And I will, believe me. Every law in America will be in my favor, because the laws are designed to protect the lawmakers and the law enforcers. I mean, obviously, if a law can be passed to levy a fine on everything you buy, everything you make, and everything you do, someone is going to have to collect the fine and will not be prosecuted for trespassing and theft. He’ll be protected. Because the law is not against the collector. It’s against the provider. Which is you. Sucker. I will enjoy my stint in office. Especially if you have a Maseratti. Believe me, I will find a way to get it and there won’t be a goddamned thing you will be able to do about it, I’ll see to that. And it won’t be conspiratorial in the slightest. I’ll just go and get it! You’ll even know I am coming because I will have sent you a letter first, probably. Well, I won’t send it. I’ll have someone else whose salary you are paying send it. And it wont be the Shadow Government dropping by for the car either. It’ll be me. There won’t be nuthin’ shadowy about it. I’ll bring a big light if I need to. I might even leave you my card with my name and phone number on it and say, “Call me if you need me,” and you will probably be so excited that a US Senator shook your hand while he took your car you’ll tell your grandkids you shook Senator Solari’s hand the day he drove off in your Maseratti, and you’ll be so proud you’ll think you just met God. You won’t even get a receipt. You’ll just, maybe eventually - if your grandkid calls you an imbecile - get pissed. HAHA. Be a little late for that, chump.
These dopes can barely manage to have gay sex in a public toilet successfully or keep their prancing interns from ruining their lives with high-school level hijinx. How could they manipulate a conspiracy?
Only manic or extremely tense private individuals with sky-high IQ's and way too much free time have the intellectual capacity to dream up conspiracies. And nobody could carry the things out. There would just be no point. Everyone in government is getting everything he needs already. What the hell does he need to conspire to get? He’s got it already.
The government - any government - is incapable of "conspiring." Conspiring takes effort. And I am saying that the conspiracy theorists are granting governments way too much competence to ever be able to accomplish the goal of creating and fulfilling a conspiracy. Elected officials and appointed officials, except in the cases of extremely rare, drug fuelled, outstandingly deranged, psychotically motivated exceptions, like Obama, are nowhere near energetic or imaginative enough to even comprehend what a conspiracy would even be, much less actually keep one in operation without totally botching things five minutes into the operation. There are only two conspiracies bureaucrats would be capable of understanding and cooperating together towards: hiding their dalliances with the male staffers from their wives, and keeping you convinced that without their existence you would perish. And they are a lot better at the second one than they are at the first one. They’re battin’ a thousand with that second one. In fact, regarding the second one, just the reverse is true, for the record: that until government employees are extinct as a species you will never flourish. You can never produce more than they can take. There’s just too many of ‘em. There’s only one of you.


Separate section

Conspiracy theories are things thought up sometimes by sane people who don’t really believe them in order to have fun with extremely stressed, justifiably confused, probably very diligent, people, just to have fun with them at their own expense. I dream up conspiracy theories all the time. Some are good, some are lame. You might be saying “if they’re all untrue, aren’t they all lame?” No. A lame one is one that is not plausible and will not ignite a calorie of heat in a stressed individual. Or put them into a mental state of fear and paralysis at the consequences. Which is the fun of conspiracy theories: watching the effect they have on people who believe them. And it is major, the effect. Only intelligent people believe conspiracy theories, incidentally. You have to actually have an IQ to be hysterically paranoid over a plausible complexity. So conspiracy nuts actually are nuts. But they are far from stupid. I once upset a whole bunch of people at JPL during an open house they had once. First of all, I have no business being at JPL. Having me at JPL is like having Satan in the nursery; there’s going to be
occurrences. So me and the people I was with – all of them a lot brighter than me – we’re walkin’ along, and off to the side of the path, there, at that place right over there, right on the grounds, is a small, unobtrusive little “thing.” It could be a sculpture, but it isn’t. It could be a housing for valves or something, but it isn’t. It could be a memorial sculpture for an event or an accomplishment, of some sort, but it isn’t. It could be a religious icon, or a deity, or a mystical construct, but it isn’t. It’s just some totally unidentifiable little geometrical, stone, waist-high piece of stuff. It’s probably a vent. Spotting this, which no one else of the thousand or so people on the ground even noticed: spotting this, because that’s what I do, I spot things: (I only spotted it at all because we had stopped and everyone had engaged in a brief conversation about something I had no clue about and I was bored.) Spotting this, during a lull in the discussion I pointed it out to my wife. Who is an extremely bright woman. I said you see that? She said yeah. I said, know what that is? She looked at it for a while and then said No, I don’t. I said you ever see anything like that before? Keep in mind I am assuming a very “knowledgeable” tone during all of this. She was now a little more concerned, based on my energy that I was transmitting. I said, You really just think JPL – this completely unassuming place, a place with no grand constructs, no monuments flung about, no preening bureaucrats being all officious with their briefcases, and their toadies in tow, you really believe that this innocuous, almost campground-like informality and ordinary, bland, almost boring buildings, this world famous icon, with no gates, no bars, no guards, no barbed wire, you really believe this place would be this drab if this was really the most cram-packed with super geniuses place in the world? Which of course it is?? She was now actually concerned. Because JPL actually is the most densely-packed-with-super-geniuses place on earth. And they never even concern themselves with earth. They only concern themselves with non-earth matters. And JPL really does look like a
worn out, ages old, infirmary for orphans with motor-skill impairment or a government hospital for kids with heads the size of car engines due to water accretion inside their supersoft skulls. It looks like the grounds of an old folks home, or something. It really does. And it really is crawling with the apex of human cerebral evolution. And – just for the record – there isn’t an asshole in sight. Except for this day. I was there. I said to her, very cautiously-but-not-quietly, if you can imagine that at all, I said, “That’s where the babies are laid.” About 20 passers-by stopped in their tracks; many of them wearing Star Trek uniforms. I am not lying. No, they were not employees. It was open house. And this was JPL. I pointed to the trees. Mercifully there was a circular space in the clustering branches. “It comes down through the trees: the exchange is made: they get the baby: we get the carefully rationed secrets: it’s win win. Except for the baby, of course. And who knows what happens to it. Maybe it gets to live a great life on another world. HAHA. But I doubt it.” Sulu, standing near, was visibly rattled. Spock looked thoughtful. The lizard-man from “The Arena” episode hissed. Cecily was stone dead quiet. Another fine day for me, fucking with people. I really should be in government: I’m a total flake.

The Jury System

The Jury System
In a trial there are 13 people who are so closely allied it is astounding that anyone is ever convicted. The thirteen allied people are the twelve jurors and the defendant. The jurors and the defendant are the only ones there against their wills. How do ya like this system so far? The jury and the defendant are the only ones there not earning a living from the trial. In other words, they are the thirteen fools in the room. All the others, the judge, the court officers, the cops, the janitors, the court reporters, the clerks, they are all earning salaries while dealing with the case that is helping provide them with a car, a house, and a livlihood: only the jury and the fellow the jury is going to “decide” about are there, basically, at gunpoint. The jury however gets to leave everyday. As long as they come back. The defendant gets to leave too, if he has paid a small fortune in bail, as long as he comes back. But if he doesn’t have bail and doesn’t return home at night but rather to his cell, at least, unlike you, he does not have to arrange for his own transportation. It is provided by you. Via one or more of the million varieties of taxes you are required to pay against your will. However your taxes do not pay for your own transportation to and from the courthouse. Just the defendant’s. So in some respects it could be argued that the jury is actually even more reamed in the ass than the defendant is.
The jury system is a wonderful example of how anxious Americans are to “be a part of something bigger than themselves” against their wills. This impulse has apparently no limits. Americans will quite literally put up with anything as long as it is compulsory. I guess it tests and exercises their Yankee spirit of endurance, their virtues of patience, their sense of honor, their commitment to sacrifice, and their willingness to suffer in hopes of building whatever the legendarily-undefined quality “character” is.
While most Americans groan when the jury summons comes in the mail, at their very core they are convinced that they are doing something truly grand and noble when they report, namely, to probably send a total stranger to prison. Jurors think this is extremely patriotic. Jurors have never been to prison. Because felons do not get jury duty notices. Only people who have never been to prison get jury duty notices. So, hey, prison is no big deal to the average American. To the average American prison is where people who break a law belong. To a juror immune from the Dark Side of Democracy prison is some place people who deserve to go there go. In fact, nobody deserves to go to prison. Death is better. And cheaper. But jurors would not serve if every guilty verdict that warrants prison warranted death instead. Not that any guilty verdict warrants either. Jurors kind of know what death is. They have an inkling of it on some personal level. But they have no inkling or experience of prison. It’s designed that way. Otherwise they would never convict. That’s how bad prison is. And they would know. And they would never send anyone there. So jurors have no fucking clue what prison is. It’s worse than death. It is actually possible to justify killing people. With one clever and facile argument or another. Or even with one actually rational argument or another. But it is virtually impossible to justify imprisoning anyone. The new ( I am going to say President just because this is not my site.) … the new President, a few days into office, one of his most intense bloviating decrees, uttered with a fuming rage and the usual looking-left-and- right, and looking-left-and right, turns of the head, and the words pronounced righteously, and in his usual Black Panther-like cadence of droning house-music-like rhythms and cadences, he said, “The…United…States…does…not…torture.” He said it really decree-like. Like he was layin’ down the law. The new law of new change. He really needed to be more specific, though. What he should have said was “The United States does not a torture enemy combatants, who I have a certain empathy with. We will, however, continue to torture American citizens, since I am an American in an extremely marginal sense, both in spirit, and maybe even in fact, since we can’t find the paperwork.” He should have actually defined what he means by torture because prison is torture. Jail is torture. Handcuffs are torture. Arrest is torture. Having your property confiscated is torture. Having your life suddenly become confined to a small cement room, maybe for its duration, is torture. At least to anyone but an idiot. Or to a fucking Sith, maybe.The United States does torture, and even forces unarrested citizens to assist and participate in the torture via the jury summons. Obama decreed that the United States does not torture, and he probably actually believes it, because even though everyone says Obama is not stupid, believe me, he is. He’s a marginally-articulate zombie. Just like everyone in office. He’s no dumber or smarter than anyone else whose been “elected” to anything. In any office. In any government. Where was I.
Oh yeah, your complicity in torture via the jury system. The chances are usually 99% that anyone on trial is guilty as charged. That doesn’t mean they did anything wrong. It just means they broke a law. Usually the law they broke is one of the many laws that forbid people to own some of things that they own. Another fat percent of the laws involve the restricting of normal human-being behavior: a guy butts in line; you clock him. That’s illegal. So now everybody butts in line. A guy does anything to you of an asshole-nature and you clock him. That’s illegal. So everybody now does shit to you. ‘Cause nuthin’s gonna happen. And especially the assholes who don’t care if they go to jail: the psycho-assholes; they’ll do more shit to you than just the regular assholes. Resulting eventually in two segments of society out in public: the thugs and the douchebags. The heroes dare not show themselves. It just ain’t worth it, The heroes are all in hiding. ‘Cause they may be heroes, but they ain’t idiots. The thugs and the laws and the douchebags are against them.
If a juror speaks his mind and displays judgement he will not be selected for a jury. He still has to obey the summons however. If a juror has any sense of right and wrong and displays it in court, he will not be selected for a jury. He too still has to show up for the at least one-lost-day in his life, however. If a juror can immediately tell that the piece of shit shitting over there in the defendant’s chair is a piece of shit and is clearly guilty, just by looking at him, he will not be selected for a jury. If you have an opinion on anything you will not be selected for a jury. Unless you have been isolated in a sanitarium from the moment the crime occurred to the moment you showed up at court, you will not be selected for a jury. You still, in all these cases, have to respond to the jury summons. In order that the court can have a chance to determine for itself that you are smarter than a dead maggot, and thus be unsuitable to be on an actual jury. If you are so dull and non responsive and inert and lifeless that you actually do get selected for a jury, you will then basically hold the future of someone you never met and never had anything to do with and have never been involved with in any way and who has never done anything to you personally - you will hold command, literally, over his life. And you will feel that you are doing your duty to be doing this. And that is precisely why you were selected by the lawyers to be on the jury. Because you are a total fuckhead. Really. I’m not kidding. If you are on a jury, you are most likely, on more than one level, a completely unaware, completely irresponsible idiot. Who feels proud about it too, most likely. Whether you render a verdict of guilty or innocent – of the charges, remember, created by lawyers, not guilty or innocent, probably, of anything real – now matter how you render your verdict, you will likely leave the courthouse on your final day with a tear of civic pride in your eye and a good feeling in your heart. Because you’re stupid. Don’t feel bad, a lot of people are proud of being stupid. It seems to be the norm. See you in court.

V-50 Lectures: Volitional Science Explained

A lotta you people who ain't here think that the only thing that I am all abouot is sayin' nigger, showin' pussy, makin' fun o' fags, killin' dogs ( I never could figure out what the fuss was with that Michael Vick guy or whatever that nigger's name was that was killin pitbulls. He is one hero nigger as far as I'm concerned. All the other niggers that have pit bulls just make 'em hateful and then turn 'em loose onto the neighborhood. This Vick guy was actin' responsibly. OH! HAHAHAHA! MY BAD! NO WONDER HE GOT IN TROUBLE! HE'S A NIGGER AND HE'S ACTIN' RESPONSIBLY! I FUCKED UP, I SEE THE PROBLEM NOW!! ) and you all think that I just obssess about the Nigger-in-Chief. But I do other things too, like try and save humanity. V-50 is how I try and do that. So othere's this guy who's selling the V-50 Lectures and he wanted me to write some stuff about it. So I did, but it all goes into his bl;ack hole and I nevger see it again. Well, as long as it's goin' into his black hole it can go into my black hole too, so here's my synopsis of the Volitional Sciences.


Here is what Volitional Science is. The following is not a line of reasoning. It is a series of factual statements designed to instill a gestalt. Hopefully, if I succeed, you will know what Volitional Science is.
Darwin did not create evolution. Darwin only observed what evolution has been doing for 6 billion years and revealed it to everyone else. What Darwin revealed is what actually happens. Darwin explained what actually takes place. As far as living things are concerned.
Humans evolved. Humans are different from the other life forms on earth. Humans have volition. Period. Volition is the survival mechanism for humans. That means they can act or not act on their decisions. Humans also create. Some create more than others. Those who create more are in constant threat from those who create less. Because humans are also apes. Apes steal. In fact, most mammals steal. Even reptiles steal. Ants steal. Everything steals. But usually not as a way of life.
Galambos recognized that humans violate evolution and exist as a species by stealing. Not just when convenient, as animals often do, but relentlessly. Exclusively. There is not a civilization that did not exist except via theft. Theft necessitates war. War is theft on a grand scale.
Galambos explained what should take place in the global human community for theft to become extinct. Rendering theft extinct would also render government extinct, since governments exist via theft. Rendering governments extinct would render war extinct since only governments create war, or theft on a grand scale. With theft an imposibility, human progress would (probably overnight) leave Earth and proceed throughout the galaxy. This is not science fiction.
The V50 Lectures are an introduction and explanation of why Galambos is correct in his theory and conclusions. To Galambos the theory was self evident. Just like relativity was self evident to Einstein. It obviously was not self evident to anyone else. I mean, look at the mess. The theory had to be proven. V50 provides the proof of Volitional Science. Thank you. Order now. If you understood this, you will understand Volitional Science. It is a science. The science of human society. The correct one, not a cult, not a faith, not an edict, not a hope, not a wish, not a good feeling. It is a science. How many sciences of human society are there? Only one. Just like every other science. There are not two sciences of physics. Or biology. Et cetera. Only one of each. Same with this. Period. If science is your thing, then you will get it all very easily. Any questions? If you have any, come see me at Déjà Vu, I’ll be there all night. J.J. Solari

Ok, that's it. Back to the tits and ass and nigger-in-chief bashin'.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Republicans HAHAHAHAHA

The Republicans just cannot handle this uppitty nigger and the uppitty nigger's Democrat fellow-niggers of all colors. The Commie Party, Obama's party, want to make someone "who was mixed up somehow with an abortionist" they want to make her Health Goddess, or some fucking bureaucratic empress of some kind. The Republicans are "demanding" that her "backround" be made manifest. The Democrats told the Republicns "Fuck off, assholes." HAHAHAHA. I didn't hear the Republicans "demanding" that Obama prove his citizenship or his allegiance to America or whether or not he was a fucking Muslim or a member of the Communist Party, or how many officially-dead bodies voted for him in Illinois. Now that the game's over they've decided to step up to the plate, they're all o so demanding. It's a little late, douchebags.The ball park's closed. But you can stay around to pick up the trash if you want. Them niggers left a lot of it lyin' around. As they tend to do. And you're part of it. You're part of the Democrats' left-over trash. Pick yourselves up, boys, and go over to the trash cans and jump in. HAHAHAHAHA. The Republicans are about two steps away from being Whigs. The Whigs is a political party that no longer exists. HAHAHAHAHA.

Nigger in Chief Outsmarts Himself Yet Again

The Nigger in Chief is going to release the detailed reports of the torturings of the Islamic shitheads in Club Gitmo, as Rush Limpdick calls it. I guess he thinks Americans are going to be upset by this. Personally I can't wait to read them and laugh in thanks and appreciation. Good job, torturers. Fuck you Shitbama.

Iraqi Body Count

There's a British company called Iraqi Body Count and it's their job to provide the official tally of dead Iraqis as life proceeds from day to day in that fascinating country. So far it's at about 110,000 of the motherfuckers. This is good but the global estimate of Muslims is, I think, one billion. So in my opinion there is still a LONG way to go. Oh, and this is just them killing each other, basically This isn't us killing them. They don't really need us there, if we leave they will be annihilated overnight. We might really need to support the Niggger in Chief on his plan to pulll outa there. Really. We've done our part, we got rid of the controlling factor, Saddam, and now let us just step back and let the process we have started fulfill itself to completion. And that process would be - Iraqi Body Count 100%. Then lets wreck Iran for a couple of weeks and then pull outa there too. This can all be done very easily, Americans, we can beat all one billion of those Allah-fucking faggot sub-algae vermin real easy. We just go in there and kill who ever is in charge and then they go on a fucking every-man-for-himself rampage trying to be the new leader. It's fucking hilarious. These ain't people. These are idiots. Just like there is not one intelligent Catholic, there is not one intelligent Muslim. They are all retarded mental patients bogged down in rules abut nothing and OCD taken to a sociopathic level. It's not enough they're crazy, they have to order everyone else to be just as crazy or else. Fuck all these mother fuckers. Let's kill again like we did last summer. Let's kill again like we did last year. Let's kill again, killin' time is here.

Creating The Super Race

Tom Bergeron and Shawn Johnson ought to be put into a breeding chamber and left alone to create the super race. They are about the two most well-adjusted, friendliest, easy to get along with, un fucked up, able-bodied people there are. She's a fucking perfect physical specimen and can move around like a fuckiing jaguar and he's working ten jobs. All of them high paying. This would certainly produce a better super race than what Hitler was thinkin' about, not to bad-mouth Hitler, Our Beloved Furhrer. But, Jesus Christ. Really. He wanted to breed skinny, pastey rib-slatted guys with strapped undershirts who smoked cigarettes by holding their hands upside down and daintily inserting them and extracting them from their mouths, and who wore suspenders, and who liked to shit on their sex partners. Who did he want to breed them to? That was never REALLY made clear. We all had a pretty good idea of the MEN he found attractive. But there was not a lot of attention placed on these prospective moms. It was always kind of vague. The closest you could come to an estimate in your mind was Valkyries. Hey. Breeding skinny white guys with no chins to armored mastadons: that ain't a super race. That's a fuckin' nightmare circus. And you know what? I bet not one person brought any of this to that little half-Jew's attention.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna is naked in Playboy this month. Lisa Rinna's lips are almost as foul and gross and revolting as the Nigger-in-Chief's. All her plastic surgery money has gone into her lips. And that is the last place she needs it. Her body looks exhausted. Her skin has a used-up quality to it. But those lips, man o man, they could take a party of 12 down the Grand Canyon rapids in full flood with not one capsizing incident. Everyone would be dry, too, not one drop of water would have gotten past those dirigibles. Whoever took the pictures ought to be fuckin' fired. Hugh Hefner needs to understand that sometimes you need to go the artistic route. You have to be real creative. When you're dealing with what looks like an Auschwitz survivor you have to use some kind of illusion and erotic suggestion and nuance to get that boner goin' in the reader and not just parade the
spavined nag out into the hot sun, un fed and un blanketed, take your pictures, and then slap the tired horse on the ass and send it dragging itself back into the barn, and then just go home thinking you've accomplished something. Yeah, you've accomplished photojournalism on a war refugee. That's about it. Her fuckin' face looks like she was a burn victim. Hey, Hef, we ain't sleepin' with seven hot blondes, we need some stimulation too, ya know. Who's at bat next month, someone Albert Packer threw up?

The White House Press Corps

The White House press corps is the most powerful entity on earth. this is not a good reflection on earth because the white House press corps is composed of three dozen of the dreariest, stupidest, retarded, uninteresting, boring, blowhards this side of American middle management. These guys are in this job until they fucking die because everyone knows that they are never going to show up with a gun. They are not capable of firing a gun, certainly not accurately. It's a long road to the White House press corps and you dont get there until you have years and years of proving yourself to be an unimaginative, slothful, totally lacking in character and integrity dolt. It also is mandatory that you have absolutely no writing or thinking skils and not one original idea in the history of your preposterous life. the way you stay in the press corps is to never ask an interesting or meaningful question. This makes the President feel safe. Because Presidents are usually not much smarter than press corps reporters. Then you write whatever you want or put a spin on it that is vague enough to where you cannot actually be pinned down to anything but not so vague that it fails to advance the agenda of your particular boss. Press corps bosses are usually frustrated Idi Amins. The "press" is a surreal world of elitists who cannot put an interesting sentence together out of any of the 500,000 words in the English language. EVery newspaper and every news report is exactly the same as they were 75 years ago. Meaningless and maudlin and usually "morally outraged" or "morally disappointed" at something. Press bosses think they are heavenly beings whose job it is to get everyone to behave "in a proper" manner. Which is, to behave like the media boss says. Which is usually some first grade version of a fairy tale. Press moguls are not bright guys. They are usually unwashed, unhealthy guys with one or more STD's. They are all convinced they are geniuses. Very few have an IQ over 100. So they are not geniuses. They're like car salesmen who sell self-righteousness. People must need to buy self righteousness because they sell a lot of it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vanna White

I just stumbled upon Wheel of Fortune. The game show that Vanna White refuses to die from. Which is apparently the only way they can get rid of her. Her contract must say that she stays until she dies or the show dies. Above is what she looks like now. It ain't pretty. Still, it ain't all that bad for someone three thousand fucking years old.


I actually know about 5 bikers. I try and only know bikers who can fix things. Because I can't fix anything. This one can not only fix bikes he can actually bring them into existence. He can turn an empty space in a garage from No Parts At All to Completed Motorcycle. Which seems good enough to me, but he then gets prizes for them sometimes. He got a prize from I guess Arlen Ness for this one. Arlen Ness does the same thing, turns an empty space in a garage into a completed motorcycle. This fellow's name is Buckshot. He writes for Bikernet or something. I would tell you his real name but 1: - there is no "you." I'm the only one here. And 2: - his real name is so ridiculous you would never EVER stop laughing. Why put you through that. If you are going to laugh to death it's going to be because EYE said something funny, not because I told you this guy's name.
Also, he might get pissed, I dunno. I hear these biker fuckers are kinda touch and go, kinda unpredictable. That's why I only know 5. Not 5,000. Five's enough.

Field Nigger-in-Chief's Latest Brainstorm

President Hussein, pictured above, wants every one to volunteer to work for "America." You know, the Country he's not actually a citizen of? He is reinstating a previous brainstorm thought up by Bill Clinton who thought HE was a nigger. That's why he was so fucking stupid. Now an ACTUAL nigger, knowing a stupid idea when he hears one, wants everyone to volunteer to "do stuff." For this volunteer work the taxpayers have to poney-up 50 billion dollars. Volunteer work is expensive when a nigger "community organizer" is organizing it.

Field Nigger of the United States

Well this just goes ta show ya: you can take the field nigger out of the field but you can't take the field out of the field nigger.

Understanding Nigger Talk

Of course this cannot be a complete lesson in understanding niggertalk. Because the methods, means, and vocabulary for saying "I did not do anything wrong" changes from day to day. Even niggers cannot keep up with it all. All I can hope to do is stay current with whatever is used the MOST at any one time. Right now - and all you need to do is monitor the nigger president's chatter - at the moment "I want to look forward on this, not look back" is what President Hussein says when he wants you to forget about some crime he committed. Naturally, since the only people he talks to DIRECTLY - like all Presidents - is the "press corps" - which consists of the same 50 jew men and one jew lady - none of them are going to say, "But I DID look back and what i saw back there was a fuckin train wreck that you caused." No one in the never-changiing press corps is ever going to say anything like that. Because that's a good way to get kicked off the press corps. Which would cause it to change, sure, but just until your permanent replacement got selected. How do you get on the press corps? Well, you have to be an atheist Jew. And you have to be a Marxist. That's about it. You certainly don't need to know how to WRITE at all, that's for sure. Whoever the fuck told you you need to know how to write to be a journalist either can't read or he lied. Another way to ward off interrogation into your crimes if you are learning nigger talk is to say "Now that is just pure racism, what you are saying." That works. And....I guess that's it!! Bein' a nigger's easy, ain't it?

Irish Dancing

Irish dancing has to be the best dancing there is. It's like the Third Reich banging at your door to ask you if your name is Goldstein and then hauling you off to an oven while they skin you alive to get your flesh over to the lampshade factory just as fast as possible. You just want to go out and kill somebody when you are sitting in a theater watching an Irish dance troop banging their heels and toes and slamming their feet down flat, over and over and over, it's like an army of killer zombies on the march. It's a good thing they do not allow the audience to watch Irish dancing while holding fire axes, everyone would rush out of the theater and kill everyone on their hate list first and then march upon the innocent women and children after. I can't even believe Irish dancing is legal. Irish dancing has the same effect on me that summer has on niggers: I just want to tear-up the place. But unlike niggers I don't want to loot tv's I want to smash them. Even NIGGERS ain't THAT outa control. That's why niggers could never win a race war against whites: at some point the niggers would stop. Probably five minutes in. Then they'd take a break. White people would go for days, weeks, years on a killng rampage if they thought at the end of it things would be better. On the other hand, the rampage itself holds a lot of satisfaction for white people. And we would never take a break. Why take a break when you are doing the most wonderful thing a person could possibly do except fuck? In fact, in some ways it's BETTER than fuckin' because in a 24 hour period IT IS POSSIBLE to finally run out of boners and run out of sperm. But you can never run out of fury.