Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Human-Caused Global Warming

     Unless you are a brainwashed snowflake liberal dunce - as are all brainwashed snowflake liberal dunces - then you realize that humanity has no ability to affect global weather. Only the sun has that ability. Human activity on this planet is so minute compared to "the planet's activity" on this planet that the earth doesn't even know we are here. The forces creating weather on this planet are so immense that human activity is about as important a factor in the weather as is the infection in your left testicle.
     You might ask "what kind of mentality would actually think that humanity affects the weather?" You might ask that. The answer is the kind of mentality that detests human progress. Which is most mentalities. Once "labor saving devices" became commonplace in America the entire world decided, along with most American bureaucrats, that if progress was allowed to continue government would disappear, since it would have no function that could not be better provided by normal people charging a fee. For example, you can, since 1930 or so, wash you clothes a lot easier by paying a fee for a washing machine and another fee for electricity and another fee for soap and another fee for water than can most of the people on earth. And in 1930 America was abut the only place you could get these services. Bureaucrats and the people whose existence is dependent upon bureaucrats immediately realized - being cunning and parasitic and needing hosts - they immediately realized what the normal decent population did not realize: that labor-saving conveniences would render government eventually obsolete.
     The present reach of this realization is the lie that humans - by generating a molecule that plants need to survive - are destroying the planet through overheating and that the only solution to all of this is to live without electricity or oil or gas or atomic fuel or anything else that can be called fuel. Why burning-wood is not on this list of Planet Destroyers, I dunno. Ask a Liberal.  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Myth of Muslims Who "Act Alone"

     The global press, being comprised of cowards and fairies and commies and jews and other cowardly people, insist on calling solitary Muslims who kill a bunch of civilians in a commercial setting "lone terrorists." When in reality - which no journalist is familiar with - they are individuals united in Allah and all of Islam. They are not "acting alone." They are acting in concert with their 1500 year-old Prime Directive which is to murder. Islam is a murder cult. The biggest one in history.
     Today a Muslim in German killed a bunch of children at a Macdonalds. Muslims love killing kids. Allah, like Moloch, likes the blood of the innocent. The guilty?....he can take 'em or leave 'em.
     The press is relieved to be able to report that "he acted alone." Which is not true. He acted in concert with his 1 and a half billion fellow practitioners. He just did not have any of his brethren  around him at the time he decided to obey his deity and murder. So he did not act alone. He acted according to his handbook, the Koran. He was not alone. He had a dead schizophrenic ordering him to kill. He just decided to obey the order in private.
     The press is convinced - for delusional reasons they find comforting - the press is convinced a Muslim needs to be a member in good standing of a declared military force in order to be a "terrorist." The press makes a distinction between "terrorist" and "Muslim" when in fact there isnt any. Islam is terrorism. Their handbook is a litany of horrific consequences to those who do not convert. Or who leave. Islam, like our Constitution, is a list of things you are ordered to do and accept. Otherwise you are punished. The difference is that in Islam everyone is a cop authorized to enforce the law. Here, you have to go through an "academy" first.

White People

   The other day a bureaucrat gave credit for Western Civilization to white people. A female "writer" named Moss has a very very big problem with this. You see, you say "white People" in a media forum then media people push back. Because media people do not like white people. Even though most of them are white. Assuming Jews are white.
     One Jew in particular, Clamidia Moss, I think her name is, went on a complete Masters Thesis about it.
     For someone who thinks all races are indistinct and blurred she seems to have a fix on white people even though she sort of thinks they dont exist as a group.
     She also thinks Jews aren't white people.
     Jew journalists always lie because being a Jew is a lie. The Jews refused to accept their Messiah as their Messiah. Even though he was their Messiah. Being a Jew means "No Jesus for us, thank you."
Even though he came for them. They don't want him. Jesus is Truth. Jews reject Truth. So they go into "reporting." To spread lies. With great energy and determination. No one seems to want to call them on it. But I do. I call everyone on everything.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

God Does Answer Prayer

    Contained herein is a video of Hillary Cunton at the moment all the demons of Hell enter her body. When it's over and they have made themselves at home she seems quite comfortable and at ease about the whole thing.


     They will probably be her advisors for the campaign. I hope they advise her to clean her twat once in a while. That thing's gotta smell like ranch dressing festering inside a hot Dumpster.

White Privilege

It never seems to occur to anyone - except me - that maybe white privilege is not the problem. Maybe black incompetence - or even stupidity - or laziness - or something else black-related, is the problem. Maybe the reason Naigars are going nowhere is because of something inherent in Naigraness. Not something inherent in white people. Maybe blacks get nowhere because they're blacks. I know this is revolutionary, this idea, but a lot of things that answer questions and solve mysteries are. Let's dialogue and have a conversation about this topic: black inferiority. Let's see where it takes us along the road to a better all inclusive culturally diversive understanding. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If I Was Trump's Political Ad Writer

Topic - "American Diversity"

TRUMP:   "Ya know, Hillary, along with that asshole in the White House, and all their commie fucking cronies, both in office and in the press corps, and in a lot of the Saudi-owned media......They're always carping that anything they don't agree with "is not what america is all about." I guess to them what America is all about is obeying them.

     "You know another thing these fucks carp about?.....diversity. Godamn fucking diversity. America is not about diversity. America is about diverse elements all agreeing to become Americans. You don't come here and turn America into fucking Mexico. You don't come here and turn America into a fucking Islamic Caliphate. You don't come here and turn America into fucking Somalia. No, you come here and adapt to the American, un-diverse universal code of being an American. If your goddamn culture was all that fucking great you wouldn't be trying to get into our fucking Country. So if you're here, fucking adapt. Have you little cultural get-togethers in your back yard, if you fucking have a backyard, have your little weird wedding events and your bizarre coming-of-age bullshit, but when you are out trying to make a living here, you start acting like you are at least making a concerted effort to adopt American culture. And if you don't know what that is read the Declaration of Independence. It's about becoming an American. Not a Mexican or a fucking Pakistani or a goddamn Bolivian. Have a fucking clue. Thank you."

                              DONALD TRUMP: MAKING AMERICA AMERICA AGAIN. WHY?  
                               BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY.                                                                              

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Negroes On Facebook

Not to change the subject but have you ever read a comment by a negro on Facebook? They are without exception the most disfuckingjointed, all over the place, ass backwards, bad grammared things in the fucking universe. And they are usually almost always on the wrong side of things. And I mean the level of pigeon English among supposedly born-here, supposedly "Americans" which I hesitate to call negroes Americans even if they were born here because they usually are most loyal to the country of Kill Whitey.  Ya see if Whitey was gone they could go back to living in the dirt and the bushes without embarassment. Cause that's all there would be with whitey gone: dirt and bushes.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Why We Have Archers In Today's Movies

Thanks to Orlando Bloom there now cannot be an adventure movie without at least one archer in it.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post has realized that the Constitution has nothing to do with rights. And it has everything to do with "allowances" or "permissions" as I have been harping on in my blog about the Constitution for the past few years. Apparently the Muslims at the Post have been reading this and learning from it.
   Today they published a piece about the 2nd Amendment - the one the NRA alleges to defend but doesn't do a very good job at it so far, although their shitty efforts are making them very rich because apparently Right Wingers do not actually demand a job performance, just speech-making. The Huffington Post has declared something true: the 2nd Amendment is not professing a right. It is declaring, or edicting, a condition. They are not using this language, you understand. They are using their own liberal jargon and sort of blurring things, but in essence they are stating truths.
   When your enemy is declaring truths it's time to figure out why you are taking the position you are if it contrary to the enemy's truths. Right Wingers however are completely incapable of doing this.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Stupid Town In Denmark

    There is a town in Denmark, I forget it's name, but let's call it Stupid Town. In Stupid Town muslim asshole teens were running away to Syria. To join ISIS. This actually upset the police. So you know what they did? They told the parents to somehow reassure their sons and daughters that they would be welcome back into Stupid Town. Once they are trained in mass murder. You know why the police are doing this? To make Muslims into normal people. They are convinced that allowing a newly-trained killer to come back into Europe will be a good thing. It's not enough that the Muslims were there once. No, it was important to let them back a second time after they were trained in suicide skills involving a massive body count. That's Europe for you, final outpost of the stupid.

Black Lives Dont Actually Matter

     If that Muslim in France had run down and then machinegunned a few hundred negro protesters amassed on the highway and stopping traffic so that we could all realize that black lives don't actually matter he would have been - at least by me - declared a benevolent and thoughtful representative of humanity. So, it's not the killing: it's who you kill and why that actually makes the difference. Let this be a lesson to you youngsters.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Star Wars Seven



                                       "Feets don't fails me now!"

The Force Awakens is such a load that I have been tempted to write to Rober Iger, the head of Disney, about it. I figure I have some sort of cachet with the dude having actually worked for the guy that's now dead that created the place. On the other hand I might not have cachet with the dude worth shit.
     Anyway someone needs to talk to the fellow. Even though Star Wars Seven made I think 2 billion dollars. It still sucks. I mean at some point you have to realize you are serving a shitty product that people are gobbling up. You have to say "I am serving Count Chocula to people rather than Porterhouse steak. But I am getting rich at it." Is that a good kind of person to be? That's what I will ask Iger.
      Now, it's easy to call someone names. But if you are going to call someone names you should at least do them the courtesy of offering suggestions of how they can make things better. Both for themselves as decent human beings and for the ignorant masses who don't and never will know any better. You don't go down to where they are. You bring them up to where you are. This advice from the guy who wrote When Bikers Meet Humans. Right.
   So, what, then, is my problem with The Force Awakens. Well, where to begin. First of all, you will never again badmouth the first 6 Star Wars movies, made by Lucas, ever again, did I say ever again? ever again after you see Star Wars 7. It's like wandering from a mahogany, calmly-lit museum room carefully displaying Gerome' paintings and stepping into a first-grade classroom for challenged children illuminated by the noonday sun through isenglass.  It's a disparity of aesthetics.
     You don't really realize how wonderful the first 6 movies are until you see the 7th. The first six are panoramas of beauty and lush imaginative scenes, meticulously inventive costumes, characters, devices, to some extent dialogue, and the creation of a mythos, a storyline, a fable, all thought out. PLUS it had a few English actors to give the whole thing at least an impression that even all of this needed an upgrade from the non English actors. Excluding, interestingly enough, Carrie Fisher. Who is the only good actor in Star Wars 7. You go back to the first 6 and it eventually dawns on you that she pretty much was the only competent non-British actor in those.
    Star Wars 7 not only is a dreary sand dune of dust and raggy clothes, it is monopolized by a sweating negro who really has no business even being there. Really? A disenchanted Stormtrooper? Wearing his armor under his sweating face for 2 hours and fifteen minutes? To lead the battle against a Pseudo-Sith wearing a breathing plate even though he doesn't have need of one? And who whines and complains and has hissy-fit temper tantrums? With messy hair? Who God only knows who he even is? And he snivelingly takes orders from a gigantic hologram in a cave? Somewhere? From a mastermind who hires idiots to do his bidding?
    Oh, and the "awakening Force:" when did that occur? Not during Star Wars 7. Virtually nothing occurred during Star Wars 7.
     And then this ragamuffinly attired female trash-picker, who has spent the entire movie in hand-built sets made by union tradesmen in Hollywood rather than in CGI wonderlands...she's the daughter of Luke Skywalker? Also in rags?
     You ever notice all the Jedi Super Gods always end up in rags? And now they are being harried by a whining snot wearing a face-breather who doesn't need one? And who is about as cleverly evil as a bottom-rung heroin pusher?
     African American please. No wonder Palpatine had so much contempt for the Jedi. Who wouldn't?
     And speaking of good and evil.....there isn't any.
     There is a man who writes Star Wars books named James Luceno. One of his several excellent SW books is about Lord Plagueis and his training of Palpatine from his youth. Not a lot happens and when it does it is violent and brutal and merciless. The rest of the book is filled with long discussions about the virtues of the Dark Side. Very convincing ones. There are also long sections involving galactic politics and how Plagueis and Palpatine - cunning enemies of each other throughout - delude an entire island universe through lies and deception and not ever even needing superpowers of visible warfare but only using theier superior powers of cunning and treachery and duplicity.
     None of this is addressed in Star Wars 7. It is as empty and barren a movie as the shithole desert Little Miss Wonderful called home.
     Good luck finding a review anywhere of this movie equalling in accuracy and disgust the levels of them you just read here.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Great American Nigger

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just A Reminder?.....If I May?......

Black lives actually don't matter. It turns out. They ran it through a computer at JPL. They asked it to ascertain the consequences if black lives all vanished and there were no black lives at all whatsoever all of a sudden. The computer ran for they think one trillionth of a nanosecond before it churned out the answer, well the negative answer, that is the unfortunate consequences and they came to zero. Zee Eee Arr Oh. Zero. The positive consequences took a bit longer, about two days of constant output at 300,000 words per second. So, black lives actually don't matter. It's not just politics anymore it's hard cold science. Thank you.

Black Lives Mattering

So far none of the black lives lost at the hands of the police have actually mattered. So apparently the Black Lives Matter movement must not have anything to do with those particular deceased. And, also, so far, the Black Lives Matter people have not produced a list of the names of the black lives still current that actually matter. It would be helpful if they did so. Because the assumption at the moment is that they think all black lives that are in existence actually matter. Where in fact science has shown that if all black lives disappeared right this instant, nothing that actually matters in the real world would be affected. There would be changes as a result. But not any that made a difference, except, perhaps on positive levels. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. 

The Negro Panthers

    The Black Panthers, headed by Barack Obama, are back in the news and organizing for war. They should be met with war. It would be the shortest war in history. It would make the war against the Apaches look like an intricate machiavelian global conflict.
     These apes are going to attack the GOP convention in Cleveland. Hopefully they will be met by angry children with machineguns who will send the Black Panthers scurrying back into the jungle where they can furtively look about within the brush and eventually go back to their normal lifestyle of eating leaves and insects.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Texas Sniper Incident

    One thing you would think negroes would take away from the Dallas sniper incident would be not to demonstrate anymore. Because there might be snipers. This in fact has not happened. For this to have happened would have required intelligence. And I think it has been pretty well confirmed after 50 million years that negroes have no intelligence.  Otherwise they would not demonstrate after this.
    I personally believe all demonstrators, no matter what they are demonstrating about, if they block traffic in any way they should be executed where they stand, or sit, or fuck, whatever it is they are doing while blocking auto and pedestrian traffic, they should be shot. shot dead. I am sure the people whose ways were being blocked would imediately all assist in moving the bodies off to the side and then continuing on their way with a smile and a whistle and a spring in their step.

Asshole Judicial Decision Of The Day

I'm not a lawyer. But I can see a million reasons why this story is totally bogus.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Solution To The Race Problems In America

DC should round up all the white people and ship them to Africa and then leave us all alone there forever. America can keep all the moolies and wetbacks and sandniggers..... and the white people from america will make-do in Africa. All the negroes we don't kill we can make slaves out of because apparently they make pretty good ones and we'll manage pretty well with our own continent. And once we get the Negro problem handled we'll get back to raising our own standard of living and fucking Negro slaves and exploring the solar system. Like normal white people.

A Gay Moment

Trader Joe's brought out a cookie that looks lust like a Milano. Except it's a thousand times better than a Milano. It's all crisp while Milanos are pasty, limp, loose, wads of crap. So Pepperidge Farms threatened to sue Trader Joe's if they didn't take the pretend-but-superior Milanos off the shelf. So Trader Joe's did. And as a result it will be a cold day in hell before I buy a fucking Pepperidge Farms product again. They can't even make their own shit right, someone else has to show them how to do it? Fuck them. Fucking losers.

Noah's Ark Park

     Someone built a replica of Noah's Ark and is charging admission to tour it. This is causing a lot of consternation with journalists. Journalists, you may remember, are people who are born retarded but insist on working in the "trying to make a difference" category. Now, the ark has a pair of dinosaurs on it. This is creating quite a stir with the aforementioned journalists. Islam is not. This ark is. Islam to these writers is not a problem. A wooden boat that probably does not actually float with pretend dinosaurs in it......this is creating a tear in the fabric of society. This is eventually going to destroy our civilization. Islam will not. This boat will.

Travon Lives Dont Matter

"The victims were identified as 25-year-old Samathy Mahan, 26-year-old Travon Lamar Williams and his son, 9-year-old Travon Williams."_______part of a news story regarding a shooting of three negroes in San Bernardino yesterday. If you are named Travon you apparently have a bullseye on your clothing. Someone named "Samathy" was also shot to death. Hopefully the name "Samathy" will die with him. Or her.

Turns Out - Black Lives Actually Don't Matter!

     Being banned from Facebook has one decided advantage: I can return to my Anti-Obama blog Which would be this one. And to welcome myself back may I say this: there is a current myth that is now popular that black lives matter. Some black people invented this announcement after some black lives that didnt matter were ended by police gunfire. Even though "black lives matter" has now been the slogan of the day for months, though it seems like centuries, there never has been even one example given of a black life that made any kind of difference toward the improvement of....well, anything. In other words it has yet to be shown that black lives matter. For my own part it is my opinion that they don't actually matter. But my opinion has never been any indicator of truth to anyone but myself. So I conducted a survey. I asked people "Do you know of any instances when black lives actually mattered?" The only answers I got were more like jokes than actual discoveries of legitimate instances: "The jails would have to close" - that sort of thing. "Crime would disappear." "They make nigger jokes possible." Do you get what I'm saying?....there were no legitimate examples of black lives having mattered presented. "There'd be no Louis Armstrong version of 'What a wonderful world."
     When all of this research was finished I was left with the conclusion that goes something like this:"Black lives actually don't matter." All negroes could vanish overnight and the rest of the world would simply, and with some vague sense of gratitude go "Oh!.......ok!!" and then continue on with their lives without missing a beat and never think about negroes again. It would be like being really sick: when you are really sick you can't even imagine NOT feeling sick. And then when you get better you forget all about what being sick actually felt like. Same with negroes. When you have them you feel sick and when they disappear you never think about them again. Because they don't matter.
     Now is it my fault that black lives don't actually matter? No. Negro matterlessness has absolutely nothing to do with anything I do or don't do or did or didn't do. They made themselves irrelevant and unnecessary on their own.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Banned From Facebook

     I was once again banned from the mighty and powerful Facebook, but this time I suspect it was from what I thought was an ally, Pamela Geller. I apparently ripped into Muslims a little too forcefully for the alleged mighty warrior who spells god g-d without even a capitol letter. Jews do not actually want to solve their problems they just want to have them. If they actually solve their problems they won't have anything to kvetch and whine and complain about. Apparently I said something a little bit too insensitive about the Muslim Menace. Regarding g-d, in case you are wondering, Jews don't write out the word god because they feel it is disrespectful. Actually it's insulting. It's insulting to their own deity. They whined and insisted god tell them his name. So he did and now they refuse to use it. Forget about saying Yahweh, which I guess means I Am - which is pretty cool - Geller won't even write god. Now she could have just deleted my comment. But I suspect she deleted me. I would have to ask her personally and then observe her answer to know for sure. At any rate, if she did complain to Facebook about whatever I said, she complained to the supreme Muslim Sympathizer because Facebook has a glowing respect and delight in Islam. Christianity?....they ain't really too keen on that religion. They have a problem with Jesus. A lotta people do. Including Muslims and Jews.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

    The kindest version of the difference between the two is the Democrats want to increase government programs while raising private taxes. The Republicans want to increase government programs while decreasing private taxes. Or in other words, while both groups are evil the Republicans are also retarded.

How Me And My Wife See Obama

     Me and Cecily each see a completely different person when we see or hear Obama. It's so amazing I really do think scientists of all stripes should study and interview and psychoanalyze each of us in order to try and determine how it is that two people can see the same person and see not-the-same person.
     Cecily sees a kind, caring, determined young man of color who despite all the forces arrayed against him, he persevered and quietly overcame all obstacles, without rancor or bitterness, and parlayed what opportunities that were presented to him into a positive, constructive pathway that lead not only to the Presidency of the United States, the Land of Opportunity, but allowed him to open doors for many others, here and around the world, to more easily pursue their dreams and thereby live a happy and purposeful life in the service of others as well as in the service of themselves.
     I see a cunning, conscience-free sociopath Marxist, Islamic white-hating deranged psychopath who has parlayed all the inherently evil pathways government service allows a sociopath into a position of authority within a tyrannical system that allows him, as head of the most powerful deterrent to Islam in the world, to render it impotent, thus allowing the Islamic, Koranic, takeover of the globe in accordance to the wishes of Allah and the in accordance to the grandest hopes and dreams of Karl Marx, resulting in the obliteration of white christian western civilization and a return to the dirt and sticks of Africa wherein he would be as comfortable a a moolie could be on the porch, dreaming of loose shoes, tight pussy, and a warm place to shit.
     So you see, these two people are not at all the same. Either one of us is wrong or else Obama is both of these people.