Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I Hate Indians Part 2

A white buffalo was born. Naturally the Indians are in a jizzing fit of euphoria because a white buffalo means that their cocks will grow another 4 inches long and two inches in diameter and that will make a big difference to the 9 year olds on the reservation that they fuck. The 9 year old depressed Indian girls will flock to them for more unwanted fucking if their cocks are bigger. And so will the 400 lb super depressed and listless 20 year olds. Calling an animal sacred is so fucking heathen and primitive Indians should be shipped to islands in the North Sea rather than on plots of land in a Christian country. They have the nerve to complain about their "rights" and meanwhile they pray to animals. And plants. And birds. And celestial objects. And meterology. White people are forever groveling at the feet of these savages and proclaiming them wise and wonderful. I notice they never invite them over for the night. If they do they get rid of all the beer before they get there and bleach the place down after they leave. But of course I am being silly, no one ever has an Indian over. For one thing they would have to drag the fucker in and then drag the fucker out. They aint what you would call balls of fire when it comes to moving from one place to another unless its from the barstool to the fl