Thursday, March 28, 2013

Karen Black, Scientology's Shocking Failure

   Karen Black has some disease. So she is begging for money. Karen Black is also a Scientologist. A Scientologist getting a disease is mysterious enough, a Scientologist reduced to asking for alms sort of throws a rock through the window of magical powers through which Scientologists observe the universe. You would think that the Church of Scientology would give back - just for starters - all the money she has given them in order to become a superbeing, since either she was a bad student or she had a bad teacher. Either way something went wrong in the pan-determinism machine that is supposed to be the enlarged soul of Karen Black, now that she has "gone up the bridge" to whatever it is that is at the top of the bridge. The Scientology bridge goes up, incidentally, in case you were not aware of that. All other bridges go across but the Scientology bridge goes up. You go up the bridge in Scientology. And your money goes up up and away in Scientology. And your life goes constricted constricted constricted because eventually Scientology is the only thing inside your head, meaning you can only communicate with other Scientologists without being considered a retarded imbecilic moron fuckhead boring zombie from sci-fi comic con, the hell division.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Irish

the british israelite theory holds that britain became the home of the ten tribes after israel was scattered. but i think it was ireland. only the irish have a boasting pride in themselves totally unmerited by fact that is the equal of Jew Nerveyness. the irish are jews that lost their way and made a culture out of NOT having money. they are also convinced they are god's gift to good looks. this from a race of people with black teeth, rosacea faces, sunken eyes, a blind devotion and dedication to being dead-wrong about virtually everything, muscle-free skeletons, and a religious loyalty to alcohol only matched by the Hopi Indians.