Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Gathering Of Ants

   Today two muslims will address the UN: Abadinijad and Obama. They will speak to the only audience on earth that will be comprised solely of people even worse than they are. Greatness will address greatness. 
   We are all supposed to be in awe of this. The "press" is. This is a very big deal to the journalists of the world. A cross-eyed, cross-dressing, tiny-skulled, unshaven, unbathed serial killer with a modicum of an IQ and a self-deifying imbecile with no IQ at all are going to speak to a roomful of tyrants and child molesters and megacops and tell them how the world should be managed for the coming year. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
   Now, I am laughing, I admit it, and perhaps you could detect it for yourselves, I don't know. But the 
journalists and "political analysts" will see something altogether different: they will see the Forces of History assembling once again on the global arena - a building paid for by US taxpayers and the Loansharking operations in Red China, that's what the global arena is for those of you who just got here - and these two groups of  sternfaced befuddled dopes, most of them even more self-deifying than Obama,  will offer theories and conclusions and suppositions and conjectures and hypotheticals and predictions and analysiseseseses of what it all means and how it all went and what we can assume and expect, and I mean, it will be like the Todderls and Tiara moms discussing what music best suited what untalented 4 year old asshole child monstrosity piece of shit future mental patient living in an alley in the center of a dangerous metropolis but at the moment dressed like a pudgy 18 inch Dallas Cowboy Cheeleader and grinding out "In Da Club."
   This will all happen today. And when it is all over nothing will be better and a few things will be worse. Especially for you personally. But probably not for anyone in the assembly room. They will all have a pretty good year feeding off your stupidity and your conviction that you need them.


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