Friday, September 14, 2012

Creationists Are Actually Satanic

  Creationists are the only group alive that make Islam and Scientology look intelligent and well-thought-out.
   Creationists are inherently anti-Christian even though they use their unabating, vaulting, exponentially expanding stupidity to proclaim Jesus is....whatever they say Jesus is. Which no one knows because all that Creationists talk about is Darwin: a writer they have never read and the co-discoverer of a natural mechanism that they do not understand.
   Creationists - were you to talk to one - make heroin-crazed and opium-fueled Muslims look meditative and reasoned in persuasiveness, calm and polite in discourse, courteous and self-effacing in discussion; submissive to reason and worshipful of facts. That's how fucked-up Creationists are.
   Creationists have as their motivating energy the bringing of Christianity down to the level of themselves - namely, self-proclaimed divinities and noble beings, dropped from the stars like diamonds within stellar raindrops, landing upon the snows of the cosmic mind and spreading out their roots and branches of wisdom and purity and beauty, like Lucifer reborn into his former glory, a light unto the world, a beacon unto the galaxies, a harbor of safe haven for the entire Universe.
   Creationists are convinced that they are far far far too wondrous and beauteous a race of beings ever to have come from something so base and vile as a jungle primate, even though a sleeping macaque has more intelligent life energy and awareness of what's going on in the room at the moment than a wide awake Creationist.
   Creationists, in an effort to divert worldwide attention from the main body of the Bible, concentrate all of their Satanic efforts on making God obey them just as God goes out the gate. God no sooner gets things into existence - forget about the rest of biblical human history -  when the Creationists pop up and tell God that "Ok, this is how you did this, God, 'cause we are wise and pure beings like Lucifer - we know everything, even how You create, and we say that when Moses uses the word "day" that You obeyed him and made the "day" before there was the sun and planets into 24 terrestrial hours as measured from Greenwich, England."
   Creationists place themselves above God and proclaim that God has limits and that these limits are defined by the minds of people living in trailers in Phoenix who have no teeth, fuck their own daughters, shit their own pants, sleep with their own dogs, and jack them off besides if they are male dogs.
   To the ant-infested mind of a Creationist, if the Bible says "day" then it is the day that is defined 5000 years after the fact of the writing, and defined, yes, that's right,  by that man there in the second row chewing Red Man with no teeth, ladies and gentlemen, STAND UP THERE CREATIONIST RUFUS AND TAKE A BOW!!!
   I don't have a problem with Creationists. What I have a problem with is that they are calling themselves Christians when they are clearly Satanists. Satanists have parties to declare that God obeys them, and have them on a regular basis, usually with a few body parts of the newly born, or the forcibly-extracted-into-birth babies, which parts are eventually tossed into a fire and then eaten or maybe just eaten raw.
   The mark of a Satanist is that he fumingly rejects Jesus. If Jesus is God and God created Man and science and simple observation declares that Man evolved upward - I call it downward - from monkeys...then the Bible is wrong and God is right.
   But to a Creationist, you see, the Bible is God. You see. The Bible takes precedence over reality, over truth, over science, over God Himself. And if the Bible becomes God then Jesus becomes just another man. Which is the true goal of the Creationist: to declare Jesus ordinary and the Bible, and especially their version of it, to be God. And if the Bible is God and only they can understand it then they become God.
   And that is called Satanism: humans becoming God.
   Ok, thank you. And fuck you.


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