Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Conservatives Are Stupid

   Conservatives want "limited government." That's what they want. Limited government. They never define it, they never give an example of it, then never explain what it should be limited to, they just want limited government.
   The liberals on the other hand want unlimited government. Which means they can actually define and explain and demonstrate and show you what it is they want: unlimited government. Government does everything, you do nothing. Because you are in a cell. It may or may not have bars. But usually it does.
   Liberals in other words know what they are talking about. Conservatives on the other hand have no idea what they are talking about.
   This is why liberals can always walk all over conservatives in a "debate." Because liberals know what they want. Conservatives have no idea what they want. Conservatives want "limited" government. That's a pretty wide range. It ranges from almost liberty to almost imprisonment.
   Liberals have the range of government strongly delineated: it shall be omnipotent. Omnipotent, that is, as defined by bureaucracy, which would be completely impotent. Except to kill people which even an idiot can do, which is hardly a power, it is a power-removal, and a removal of someone else's power at that.
   If you ask a Conservative what he wants to limit government to...they get mad. This is not a question even one of them is prepared to give an answer to. Because the answer to that question is not covered in the Conservatives Handbook. Only the words "limited government" are there. And Conservatives are not "scientists:" they don't observe and take notes and compare data and form conclusions and test theories, or any of that. No, what they do is read handbooks. Handbooks of Conservatism. And in the handbooks is says that "Conservatives believe in limited government." They believe in limited government. And who knows what the fuck that means. So the position of Conservatism is not only weak it is weak times 2: they can't explain what limited government is and in fact it is only a belief, or an article of faith that it can exist at all. So Conservatives are stupid. Thank you. Fuck you.


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