Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fuckers Of Allah's Asshole Threaten Facebook

   The child molesters of Allah have threatened Facebook. Fortunately I have been banned from Facebook - by the Facebook Jew, and not by Allah, ironically - so when the Muslims kill Facebook I will not be on it and will live another day to insult the mighty and sacred testicles of Allah's scrotum ballsack pusbags with impunity and delight. I just hope Facebook is willing to die. Because if Facebook is not willing to die then I guess the Muslims will not kill it. Or maybe the Muslims are saying they will kill Facebook only if Facebook is willing not to die. It's hard to say what it is the Muslims want Facebook to do.
   I am personally curious to know how it was that Facebook insulted holy Muhammad the child molesting camelfucker in the first place. Facebook rarely makes pronouncements other than to say how great Facebook is and how troublesome I am. I think this is the 4th time I have been banned.
   I have to admit that being banned from Facebook repeatedly does instill within me a certain personal animosity toward Facebook and the fact that holy Muhammad is thinking about making Facebook die does not bother me at all. I know that if I was the one displaying that banner I would be in jail now. But then I am not a Muslim. Apparently only Muslims and niggers and illegal Mexicans have any - let's call them rights - in this country anymore. In fact I should not even be saying nigger. I think that is a violation of the Obama Constitutional Koran that he has declared to be the new law of the land.
   The point I am trying to make if I am trying to make a point is - I can completely understand holy Muhammad's exasperation with Facebook and if Muhammad kills Facebook I will not be attending the funeral. I will be buying Muhammed a drink.
   Congratulations, Facebook, Like the Nigger in Chief, you have managed to piss off everybody. But then you are a Jew and he is a nigger. And both you groups do have a reputation for pissing everyone off, every time and all the time. I guess what makes the Muslims different is that they are determined to do something about it if it kills them. Which hopefully it will. Then you all will be gone and whitey can get back to doing what he does best, create a civilization with lots and lots of toys.


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