Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Annual Prayer Of Praise To Allah

 O most holy Allah of the Divine Scrotum: I worship your diseased and dripping cock that reeks of a thousand flies taking a shit in the severed head of a decomposed cat. You O mighty Allah have assfucked your way to glory and fame via your sacred dangling balls of exposed leprous bleeding sores from which the dogs of Christians come and lick their fill of sacred Allah scrote-infection. Mohammed raises his buttocks high into the air to receive your grandest of penises; the penis that has assfucked all the 9 year old boys of earth and has face-fucked all the infant babies in front of their mothers while you are laughing your delightful laugh of a million Satans. Lucifer sucks your cock as you drink the hot shit from his bright red ass. The holy Koran is your toilet paper. All of Islam jacks off in your face O Allah and you slurp the semen of all men while wearing womens' clothing. You O Allah are the god of crossdressing and homosexuality and all things perverted and foul and your jizz fills the asses of your male followers and Mohammed hangs like a monkey from your cock-shaped hemorrhoids while Muslim men drink pus and the source of AIDS from Mohammed's tiny aborted penis that reeks of filth. O Allah who is secretly a Jew and whose prophet Mohammed is the embodiment of the human version of the cock of a Jew, I bow to your Jew-scented balls. The snakes and worms of earth crawl into your majestic asshole O Allah, there to learn the nature of true putridness and uselessness. There is no piece of fuck like Allah and Mohammed is his assmate. The Koran was written by a shaking epileptic with the damaged brain of a victim of a camel's hoof to the head while holding a quill in both hands and both feet and the marks made onto paper by people holding sheets of dried shit before him to mark upon in spastic lunacy. We worship these words from this asshole reetard who sprang from the rotted anus of Allah as we worship your actual asshole O Allah, whose rectal stench nauseates crocodiles that live in the sewers of Mohammed's ass. The Koran is the words of Allah which Allah screams in delight when Allah fucks an entire herd of male goats. O Allah, Divine Fucker of Goats, we come to you with our cocks in our hands to add our semen into your sacred goblet of jizz for you to drink and for you to share with Mohammed the holy faggot of mental illness who fucks corpses that even Allah would not fuck. Allah is great in his homosexuality! Mohammed fucks Allah's ass! The Koran is a piece of shit! Islam was created by women! Blessing and peace be upon Jesus the Jew who is the True and Only God. Jesus the Eternal Jew will reach deep into Allah's ass and pull Allah's anus inside out and yank it from its bloated buttcheeks and feed it to the crows and the blood of Allah's jizz-filled asshole will cause the hyenas to flee from its stench. Amen.


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