Saturday, September 22, 2012

Come Smell My Brilliance

   Do you realize that if romney had said 51% of the American population was fucked up rather than 47% that the Democrats would not have had a problem with that?...that they would have sighed a sigh of relief and never mentioned the remark again?...and in fact would have gone out of their way NOT to mention it? And can you put on your thinking cap and figure out why? Because 51% of the population being fucked up would be a simple majority which is all that is necessary for Obama to win - to have 51% of the population worthless and fucked up and on the government dole. But only 47%...holy shit, that means the Obama might lose. So what do you do? You attack the remark relentlessly and declare NO, HALF THE COUNTRY IS NOT FUCKED UP!! WE ARE ONE GREAT AND NOBLE PEOPLE!!  ALL OF US!!! SHAME ON YOU ROMNEY FOR CALLING HALF OF ALL AMERICANS DUMBASS ASSHOLE FUCKS!! But if he had said 51% the Democrats would have sighed a big sigh of relief and said "More than half the country is stupid and worthless: we're a shoo-in!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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