Saturday, September 15, 2012

Morgue And Freeman: His Holier-Than-Thou Voice Finally Quiet

   The only thing bad about Morgan Freeman dying is that I will have to be subject to tributes to his Negro Superiority by white people for the next month or so. I am not done shaking the carnage from the o-so-surprising death of Whitney Houston out of my ears yet. On the plus side his accusatory, mournful shame-on-you-whitey droning litany of crap will cease to drip and gurgle like a froth of algae-filled foam from his Obama  bluelips and his flyspecked face and I can crawl from the pit of shame he kept pushing me into and i can once more stand proud and superior in my whiteness because my accuser has departed this life and is now boring the denizens of eternity with his lazzyass speech cadence and his empty-headed conclusions about how things should be. How about this, Morgan, now that you're dead things are finally as they should be.


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