Friday, September 14, 2012

Walmart, Making America Safe From Christian Children Enemies of Islam

   A Florida Walmart kicked some kids out of the store who gathered on 9-11 to sing God Bless America. Walmart told the kids the manager who gave them permission to do so had been fired. So they went out into the parking lot to sing God Bless America and the manager called the cops on them.
   Now if the children had climbed up onto the roof of Walmart and started wailing and caterwauling for Muslims and Christian and Buddhists and Scientologists to fall down onto their knees and stick their asses into the air to receive the mighty goatcock of Allah deep into their rectums and had permitted the Jizz of Allah to slather the insides of their anuses of slippery brown soup with the Holy Goatseed of Mohammed's Semen Slop...they would have been feted by Obama and given the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian efforts by the UN on behalf of all mankind.


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