Monday, September 17, 2012

Why We Are Doomed

   Here are the "protesters" in Afghanistan, the country we have been "saving" for ten years. They are 8 years old. It's the latest generation of suicide bombers. They are already up and at 'em. This is why you cannot leave any of them alive. Because they are born nuts. It's in the DNA after 1500 years of breeding-out the sanity and breeding-in the insanity. They are now born nuts. They don't have to be brainwashed. Muslims are now a new species. A killing, self-destructive, everything-else-destructive species of death-dealing stupidity that reeks of BO and a need to fuck goats and kill women.
   Notice that the reporter, some dumbass muslim bitch, doesnt even make a sarcastic remark at the fact that 2nd graders are the "protesters." Nope, to her this is a legitimate expression of social dissatisfaction with the West.


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