Friday, September 21, 2012

Americans In Prison

   There are 2.5 million Americans in American prisons. Not one of them ever did anything to me. So if they were all released today I wouldn't give a shit. It would not affect my life. The only people who do things to me that I can't do anything about are appointed and elected officials. They take my shit, they threaten daily to imprison me along with those people already in prison that i don't know, it is only the "authorities" I consider enemies. Anyone else who is an enemy, we work things out. But you cannot work things out with the authorities. There are too many of them and they have a united wall of defense against opposition: which is comprised of all of themselves and most of the community - who are too stupid to realize that their allies are actually the enemy. Most people are not aware of their surroundings. Until the neighbor has a party at 2AM. Then they become motivated and energized. Other than then they are pretty much like Honey Boo Boo's kinfolk most of the time.


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